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Ridge: Tell me this is what you want for the rest of our lives. Tell me.

[Door opening]

Nurse: Excuse me! This is for hospital staff only.

Ridge: Oh, just tell me what you need here. Or better yet, I'll grab it for you.

Nurse: And you are doctor --

Ridge: I'm Dr. I-need-a-few-minutes, if you don't mind.

Nurse: I do. You have to leave.

Brooke: Ridge, I can't do this. Not here. Not now.

Stephanie: Oh, where's Ridge? You were just with him?

Brooke: I'm concerned about Jackie right now. She has a hemorrhage in her brain and she could die.

Stephanie: I think Jackie's going to be fine, and so is nick. So there's no reason for you and Ridge not to get on with your life.

Dr. Hillman: Mrs. Marone?

Brooke: Yes.

Dr. Hillman: My name is Dr. Hillman, I'm your mother-in-law's neurologist.

Brooke: Are those her test results?

Dr. Hillman: Yes, they are. Would you like to present when I discuss them with your husband?

Brooke: Yes, of course.

Shane: Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong?

Phoebe: I -- maybe we should go inside.

Shane: What? You want to ruin a beautiful evening like this? Come on.

Phoebe: It's kind of cold, isn't it?

Shane: Cold? Well, here, here.

Phoebe: No.

Shane: Yeah, please, please --

Phoebe: No, no, I'm fine --

Shane: Wait, wait, I insist. Let me give you this. It'll keep you warm. There. Is that better?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Shane: You still want to go in, or --

Phoebe: It's just been a really long day.

Shane: Phoebe, please. Will you just sit here just for a few minutes with me? Please?

Stephanie: Nick is devastated right now. And naturally, Brooke is going to stand by him. But when his mother recovers--  

Ridge: If she recovers.

Stephanie: When his mother recovers, you and Brooke are going to be free to continue with your lives.

Eric: Ridge, Stephanie, how's Jackie?

Ridge: The neurologist is in with her right now.

Eric: Neurologist? What happened?

Stephanie: She fell.

Eric: Fell? Oh, my God. How did that happen?

Dr. Hillman: Well, there is good news. X-rays indicate no injury to your mother's spine.

Nick: What's the bad news?

Dr. Hillman: Well, as we suspected, her subdural hematoma appears to be acute. Blood is building up between her brain and the lining that protects her brain. It's causing her intracranial pressure to rise.

Nick: Pressure on the brain?

Dr. Hillman: And that's very dangerous. It could lead to paralysis, seizures, heart failure.

Nick: Well, we've got to find some way to relieve the pressure.

Dr. Hillman: This is an operation we can do.

Nick: What kind of operation?

Dr. Hillman: As long as we act quickly, before the hematoma grows any larger, we can relieve the pressure by drilling a hole in the skull to drain the blood.

Nick: Drilling a hole? I just didn't realize it was this serious. I mean, what are we talking about here?

Dr. Hillman: Well, yeah, Mr. Marone, it's very serious. This is very serious. And if we wait any longer, we'll have to do what's called a craniotomy. Now, that's a more involved procedure where we remove a portion of the skull -- temporarily. But for now, we just to monitor her progress, observe her. The bleeding could just stop on its own.

Nick: What about -- will she ever regain consciousness?

Dr. Hillman: I can't say. Mr. Marone, I'm sorry, I can't give you any guarantees. It's just simply too soon to tell if there's been any kind of permanent brain damage. But we're monitoring her very closely. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know. All right?

Brooke: She's going to be okay.

Nick: Or she may not. She may never be okay again.

Stephanie: Jackie and I argued, I asked her to leave, and instead she followed me up the staircase. We got into an altercation.

Eric: Was there a physical struggle?

Stephanie: She fell.

Ridge: It was an accident, Dad.

Eric: How bad?

Ridge: The neurologist just gave nick some test results. We don't know what they said.

Eric: Well, whatever the doctor told Nick, he's very upset.

Stephanie: Well, of course he is, his mother's been seriously injured.

Brooke: Jackie's a strong woman. She has a lot to live for. Especially her son. She's a fighter. And so are you.

Nick: But I can't help her.

Brooke: Nick, she needs you. She needs your strength. She needs your support, your hope. You can give that to her. You can.

Nurse: I have to check the patient's vitals.

Brooke: All right. Do you want to go get something to eat?

Nick: No, I'm not hungry.

Brooke: Well, how about some coffee? You may be here awhile.

Nick: I'm glad you're here.

Shane: Hey, Phoebe. What's the matter, you seem nervous?

Phoebe: I do?

Shane: Yeah, you do. Listen, I -- I don't blame you. I mean, the last time we were out here all alone, things got a little dangerous out here.

Phoebe: Dangerous?

Shane: Yeah. Last time we were out here alone --

[In silly voice] You almost cut my hand off! Look at that! My hand!

Phoebe: I know, all right, I'm sorry.

[Phoebe laughs] You know it -- stop, stop. I'm sorry.

Shane: That's what I get, though, for playing gardener, right?

Phoebe: Well, I understand why you couldn't be honest with us. I mean, you didn't know us. It's not like you could just show up at our door and tell us you knew who hit Darla.

Shane: Yeah, but I didn't even think you guys would even trust me. I mean, Hector -- that guy, I don't think he'll ever trust me.

Phoebe: Well, we didn't trust you at first, but you proved yourself at mom's hearing. If it weren't for you, she'd be going to jail for ten years.

Shane: I guess that makes me a pretty important guy around here then, huh?

Phoebe: Yeah, it does.

Shane: I mean, just think, some other guy might have just showed up and used all that information to his advantage, right?

Phoebe: And you didn't.

Shane: I've got to tell you something. I got to be honest here. I did -- I did think about doing that. But that was before I even got to know you, or your family. You are a really, really generous person, and you're completely unselfish. And you're decent.

Phoebe: Well, it takes one to know one.

Shane: Me? No, no, no, no. I'm not unselfish, not at all. Listen, hey, there's something that I want from you. Something I want from you right now, okay?

Eric: May I -- sit with her for a few minutes?

Nurse: Go ahead.

Eric: Thanks.

Eric: It's Eric. I know you can hear me. I wouldn't have believed it a couple of years ago, but with Felicia's illness and ridge's heart attack, I know that you're aware of my presence here. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals lately, standing vigil and sitting with those I love, hoping that they'll get better. Willing them to get better, praying for them. And so, I pray for you now. Jackie -- come back to us. You come back.

Hector: Thomas?

Harry: No, it's Harry. Thomas is in the kitchen cleaning up.

Hector: Hey, listen, I wanted to thank you for taking me to Taylor's hearing.

Harry: Oh, that's all right, man. I'm just glad I know what's going on now. You know, when we chased him down on PCH, I was a little confused.

Hector: I know, and I apologize. I couldn't explain it to you that night.

Harry: No, it's fine. I mean, you figure that Shane knew what Taylor had done and was up to no good.

Hector: Yeah, and I'm still not sure that he isn't.

Harry: Well, he's going to testify on Taylor's behalf, right?

Hector: The other question is -- why, you know? I mean, I know he's got motive. I just have to find out what it is.

Phoebe: You want something from me?

Shane: Yeah. I want you to like me, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Oh, of course I like you, Shane. You practically saved my mother's life.

Shane: I really haven't done anything yet.

Phoebe: Well, you will, when you testify at her trial.

Shane: You know, it's kind of funny. I mean, here I am, this guy that you barely even know, and yet I hold the key to your family's entire future.

Phoebe: Oh, you don't think I know you?

Shane: I just wish that you would know me better. I mean, Phoebe -- there's so many things that I want to show you. There's so many things that I want to share with you.

Phoebe: Like, the accident, what we saw?

Shane: Yeah, I mean, those things, too. But, you know -- I just want you to know how I feel about you. I mean, I really, really like you, and I really admire your generosity and your goodness as a person. And how beautiful you are. I mean it. You are probably one of the most beautiful girls I think I've ever seen in my -- what am I saying? You're not even a girl anymore. You're 18 years old today, Phoebe. You're a woman.

Stephanie: Oh, Jackie -- Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. This didn't have to happen. It shouldn't have happened. Why are we always fighting? Why didn't you just leave when I asked you to? I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry Nick is going through this, too. He's frightened. So, you really -- you got to pull through for him. For yourself as well, but for him. Because he's gonna need you, gonna need you now more than he ever has in his life.

[Machines beeping]

[Jackie groaning]

Dr. Hillman: Grab her arms, keep her on the bed. Keep her on the bed. Keep her on the bed. Grab her arms. Keep her down, keep her down.

Nick: What's going on?

Dr. Hillman: She's seizing.

Nick: My God, do something!

Dr. Hillman: I need 25 milligrams of diazepam now. Nurse, could you please clear the room? Clear the room!

Nurse: Mr. Marone, you have to leave! The doctor is doing everything he can. He has to work, please.

Nick: What did you do?

Stephanie: Huh?

Brooke: Nick, please --

Nick: What did you do to her?

Stephanie: I didn't -- I was just standing there.

Nick: What were you doing in there?

Stephanie: Well, I'm concerned for your mother!

Nick: Well, if you're so concerned, I suggest you go down to that chapel and pray for her. Because if anything happens, you're gonna pay for it!

Phoebe: I'm 18. It's not a big deal.

Shane: What are you talking about? It is a big, big deal. I mean, you're legal now. You get to vote. I mean, you get to do anything, you get to make all the decisions you want.

Phoebe: As long as I'm living here, I have to follow my parents' rules.

Shane: But your parents, they're not even here. Look, let me tell you something. I'm gonna bring your mom home, and I promise you that. Okay?

Phoebe: I appreciate that.

Shane: You do? How much?

Phoebe: A lot.

Shane: Well, how about you show me?

Phoebe: Shane -- Shane, what -- stop! What are you doing?

Brooke: Nick is just worried about his mother.

Stephanie: Oh, I understand. It's just his temper's a little out of control.

Brooke: Well, it did look bad. I mean, Jackie was having a seizure and you were standing right over here.

Stephanie: Brooke, I had nothing to do with that.

Brooke: I don't -- look, Stephanie, you're not helping here. Maybe you should just go home.

Ridge: What's going on?

Stephanie: Oh, understandably, Nick's angry and he's frightened.

Brooke: Jackie had a seizure.

Ridge: What does that have to do with mother?

Brooke: Well, Stephanie was in the room with her.

Stephanie: Well, I didn't cause the seizure.

Ridge: Mother, can I talk to Brooke alone, please, for a minute?

Stephanie: Sure.

Brooke: I know this isn't her fault.

Ridge: I don't really want to talk about mother. Look, I know nick is scared for his mother, that's he in a lot of pain right now, but I also know what you're feeling, Brooke. Look, I -- I did a lot of stupid things that caused you to grab onto Nick like a life raft. And I don't blame you at all for that. But you and I have a future together. I've seen it, Brooke, I know you have to. That's what you were going to tell me at the house, wasn't it?

Brooke: Ridge, I can't really talk about this right now while Nick's mother is lying in a hospital room.

Ridge: I know it's going to be hard for you to walk away from him now.

Brooke: No, you don't know. You don't have any idea.

Ridge: But I know you. And I know you love me. I just need to hear you confirm it. Tell me, Brooke. Tell me that I'm the one. Tell me I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Brooke: There's Jackie. Doctor, where are they taking her?

Dr. Hillman: We're taking her to surgery. I was just about to explain the situation to your husband.

Brooke: I'll be right in.

Dr. Hillman: Okay.

Stephanie: What's going on?

Ridge: As tragic as this situation is, mother, I think Nick's gonna try and use this to lure her back. I am not losing Brooke over this. I'm telling you right now, I won't do it.

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