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Stephanie: You know, everyone's life is on hold waiting for you to make this decision.

Brooke: Everyone? Why should you be involved?

Stephanie: Nick is a philanderer. You know that marriage is over.

Brooke: Oh, and I have too much class to be with him, is that it?

Stephanie: Yes.

Brooke: Coming from you, that's hilarious.

Stephanie: Just remember one thing -- if you start feeling sorry for Nick, and you start remembering the good old days with him, remember the reality -- those good old days weren't that good.

Brooke: Thank you, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Ridge is R.J.'s father. He loves Hope just as though she were his own.

Brooke: I'm hanging up now.

Ridge: Mother, you don't need to pitch me to Brooke. She told me she made up her mind.

Stephanie: Well, she didn't mention a word of that on the phone just now.

Ridge: Well, she probably couldn't get a word in edgewise is my guess. Look, don't look so worried. She invited me over to spend the evening with her, tonight.

Stephanie: Excellent.

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Hello?

Jackie: Oh, Brooke, I'm glad you're home.

Brooke: Oh, Jackie, hi. I'm really kind of busy right now.

Jackie: I won't keep you. Oh, Brooke, dear, I know it was bad, what happened with Bridget. But Nicky, he loves you so much. And your children. He loves your children as if they were his own. He wants nothing more in this world than to make you happy.

Brooke: I know that.

Jackie: I bet you've had Stephanie Forrester just blabbing in your ear, "Ridge, Ridge, Ridge." Don't listen to her, Brooke. The only reason that she's pushing you toward ridge is because you own a fat lot of shares in Forrester Creations and she wants them back in the family vault. She's all business. There's not a romantic bone in her body. It will be so tragic if you let anything that woman said influence your decision.

Brooke: I'm not going to. I've already made up my mind.

Jackie: Oh, well, that is good.

Brooke: And I'm not going to tell you what I decided, either.

Jackie: Well, no, of course not. But I know you, Brooke. And it's obvious that you and Nicky belong together.

[Door opens]

Hope: Mommy!

Brooke: I've got to go. I'll see you soon.

Jackie: Promise?

Brooke: Yes, I promise.

Nick: Mother? How are you?

Jackie: That was Brooke. She's made up her mind, but she won't tell me a thing.

Nick: Well, I've been invited over tonight.

Jackie: Oh, that's wonderful. Oh, I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

Brooke: How was the beach, honey?

Hope: I got sand in my shoes.

Brooke: Sand in your shoes?

Donna: You got sand everywhere, little one. So does your brother. Come on, let's get you guys cleaned up.

Brooke: Thank you, Donna.

Donna: This one brought at least two pounds of the beach home with him.

Brooke: Oh, no!

[Brooke laughs] Better clean that up. Donna?

Donna: Yeah?

Brooke: Just be sure to bring them back soon. I need to talk to them about Nick and Ridge.

Donna: You made a decision?

Brooke: My future and my children's future, it all comes down to right now.

Donna: Okay. Let's go.

Hope: We're all clean now, Mommy.

Brooke: Oh, yes, you are. And you smell so good.

Donna: You had something to say to the children?

Brooke: Yes. Come here. I want to talk to you. Let's sit down, right here. Up. I know it's been a very confusing time. And you both miss having nick and ridge around.

Hope: When are they coming back?

Brooke: Well, I just want you to know that they're always going to be a part of your life. And they love you so much. Everything's gonna be much better now, from now on. I promise you that.

Donna: That's all you're gonna say?

Brooke: Yeah, for now.

Donna: That's really not fair, Brooke.

Brooke: I've already had a lot of input from Jackie and Stephanie. I don't need it from you, Donna.

Donna: This affects me, too.

Brooke: You put yourself in that position. I never wanted to see you get hurt. I've got to go change.

[Phone rings]

Donna: Hello?

Stephanie: Donna?

Donna: Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hi. Are Hope and R.J. there with you?

Donna: Yeah.

Stephanie: Could I talk you into bringing them over here so they could visit with me? 'Cause I'd like to see them.

Donna: Stephanie, do you know something I don't know?

Stephanie: No, I just thought I'd like to see my grandchildren.

Jackie: Oh, take your guitar with you. Brooke loves it when you sing.

Nick: Actually, I've been working on something.

Jackie: Oh, then she is gonna love it.

Nick: No, no. It's not for her. It's for you.

Jackie: Me?

Nick: Yeah, sit down.

Jackie: A song?

Nick: Mm-hmm, yeah. There's part of it I don't have yet. This would be the verse. It's kind of like --

[Nick humming]

'Cause you're the story behind my peace of mind and one thing I know you'll never let go

'cause you're the story behind my peace of mind

Nick: I don't have the verse, like I said.

Jackie: That is beautiful.

Nick: But I can get it, it's just gonna take a little time.

Jackie: No, not now. No, no, no, no, no. You don't want to be late. You're dressed up and looking --

Nick: Looking what? How do I look, by the way?

Jackie: Good.

Nick: Really?

Jackie: You look good. You look really handsome.

Nick: Thanks. How are you, hmm?

Jackie: Worried.

Nick: You're worried about Stephanie, aren't you? Don't worry about her, mother, please.

Jackie: Yes, she has been campaigning day and night for "Ridge, Ridge, Ridge." She's going to stop at nothing.

Nick: It doesn't matter what she says, mother, because it's not gonna effect who I am or what's gonna be decided. I love you.

Jackie: I love you, too.

Nick: Hold this for me.

Jackie: Okay.

Nick: I'll see you.

Stephanie: Oh, you are so big, I can hardly pick you up anymore.

Hope: He's still littler than me.

Stephanie: Oh, you're right, he is still littler than you. You know what I was hoping? That you guys would make a birthday card for your sister, Phoebe.

Hope: Is it really her birthday, grandma?

Stephanie: It sure is. She's 18. Can you believe it? 18! She's old!

Donna: You look cheerful and relaxed.

Stephanie: Why shouldn't I be?

Donna: Do you know something, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I know that Ridge and Brooke are getting back together again. I know that she invited him over there to her house, and I would imagine it's going to be quite a reunion.

Ridge: Look at you. What a vision you are.

Brooke: Thank you. This is just some old thing that I found laying around.

Ridge: Right. You have any idea how long I've waited for this moment, thought about it, imagined it? And now, finally, here it is -- you and me not looking back, just a beautiful future ahead of us.

Nick: Sorry to interrupt. What's he doing here?

Stephanie: Hope, that's beautiful. Phoebe's going to love it.

Hope: I think R.J. needs some help.

Stephanie: You do? Why? That looks like a really good rainforest to me. Are those trees?

Donna: Could we talk, please?

Stephanie: What about?

Donna: It's a fantasy, Stephanie. Two people living in some supposedly golden past they're trying to recapture? It's ridiculous.

Stephanie: What it is, Donna, is something that just doesn't work for you. Look, I've told you -- not once, not twice, but at least four or five times. You are not going to get Ridge. Why don't you understand that?

[Knocking at door] Would you answer the door for me, please? Please? Thanks.

Jackie: Donna --

Donna: Jackie.

Jackie: Good, you're here.

Stephanie: Yes, I'm spending some time with my grandchildren.

Jackie: They're every bit as much my grandchildren.

Stephanie: Since when?

Jackie: Since Nicky is moving home to be with his wife, their mother.

Stephanie: Really?

Hope: Grandma said Ridge was moving back with us.

Jackie: You told them that?

Stephanie: I told them the truth.

Jackie: It is not!

Stephanie: Oh, Jacqueline, you're losing it.

Jackie: It's propaganda!

Stephanie: Propaganda?

Donna: Okay, I am in the mood for some ice cream, but I don't want to get it all by myself.

Hope: We'll go with.

Donna: Exactly what I was hoping you'd say. We'll be back in 30. I don't know about you guys, but I am in the mood for pistachio.

Jackie: What rubbish have you been filling their heads with?

Stephanie: Well, propaganda, of course. Jackie, Nick and Brooke are not going to get back together again, not after what he did!

Ridge: What I'm doing is talking to Brooke, so butt out, Popeye.

Nick: I was invited here.

Ridge: Consider yourself uninvited.

Nick: By whom, you?

Ridge: You just don't get it, do you?

Nick: When it comes to you, I sure don't.

Brooke: Stop it, both of you! This is exactly why I asked the two of you to come over here tonight. You have to learn how to tolerate each other, otherwise neither one of you will set foot through that door ever again.

Donna: Will you please stop squirming, R.J.? I'm trying to get this buckled. Oh, great. Nice park job, Jackie.

Jackie: I cannot even begin to list the ways that Ridge has hurt Brooke, disappointed her, made her miserable. And you, you fought forever to make her feel unsuitable, unworthy to be a Forrester. And because she has stock in your company now, you are all sweetness and light. Well! You may have turned Brooke's head a little bit, but there's no way, no way she's going to walk away from a sane, healthy marriage to be with that lunatic playboy son of yours!

Stephanie: Finished? Why do you think that she invited Ridge over to her house tonight? Oh, you didn't know about that? Jackie, please. Nick's marriage is over. It's over!

Stephanie: You know, it's finally occurred to me that there is nothing that I can say or do, or nothing that you could say or do that is going to have one iota of influence on Brooke.

Jackie: Don't make me laugh. You've been selling your son to Brooke as if he were the cure for the common cold.

Stephanie: Oh, and you haven't done that on Nick's behalf?

Jackie: Because he's her husband, you bloody woman! Can't you see the difference? You're trying to tear a marriage apart, and I'm trying to keep a marriage together! There's a big difference!

Stephanie: Oh, go home, Jackie! Nick'll be there shortly, and you can hold his hand.

Jackie: Why did Brooke ask nick and ridge to her house tonight? Is it some kind of fantasy scenario of yours?

Stephanie: What are you talking about? Everybody knows your son doesn't behave very well around woman. She's probably afraid when she gives him the bad news. That's why she's had Ridge there, to protect her.

Jackie: You know what? There is literally no end to your ability for self-delusion.

Stephanie: Stay here. Just stay, okay? I'm going to go to my room. And then, when you're tired of standing around with no one to talk to, maybe you'll be kind enough to show yourself out.

Jackie: Stephanie

Donna: You two sit right here. I'll be back in two seconds.

Hope: Where are you going?

Donna: I'm going to get the keys to move Grandma Jackie's car. Okay? Will you watch your brother for me?

Hope: Okay.

Donna: Okay.

Brooke: Do I have your word, both of you? Ridge is R.J.'s father, and Hope loves you both. We need you in our lives.

Ridge: Look, if he wants to come around from time to time and he's willing to mind his manners, I've got no issue with it.

Nick: Well, you certainly do have issues, Forrester.

Brooke: Oh, stop it. This is what I mean. You need to find a common ground. Otherwise, I'm not going to expose my children to this kind of hostility.

Ridge: I can do that.

Brooke: Thank you. Now, this is extremely difficult, because both of you are men that any woman would be lucky to spend the rest of her life with. I just can't be a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between the two of you.

Ridge: No, of course you can't.

Nick: Let her talk.

Brooke: You have brought many wonderful things into my life. And you have given me many treasures as well. I can't live with two men. I can't cut my heart in two. As nice as it would be to live these two separate lives, it's just not possible. So, I came up with a decision that I think is going to be right for me and for my children and hopefully for everyone.

Donna: I'll go around.

Jackie: Don't you dare walk away from me!

Stephanie: I asked you to leave.

Jackie: Not until you understand --

Stephanie: Oh, for God's sake, dear, this is called trespassing.

Jackie: Oh, like you trespass into people's lives, tear their marriages apart! I'm not putting up with it anymore. You leave Brooke alone. You don't want her, you never have!

Stephanie: Let go of me, Jacqueline.

Jackie: Hope thinks of Nicky as her father. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Stephanie: He destroyed that marriage all on his own.

Jackie: -- Money, money, power to you. Well, there's more in life than your precious Forrester Creations, like children, like decency.

Stephanie: Oh, shut up, Jackie!

Jackie: That means nothing to you, nothing, because you are the most despicable, disgusting woman I've ever met!

Stephanie: Let go of me, Jackie!

Jackie: Shame on you!

[Jackie screams]

Stephanie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Jackie!

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