The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06


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Eric: "Dr. Taylor hayes turned herself in to authorities last night in big bear."

Felicia: "According to authorities inside the district attorney's office, dr. Taylor hayes gave a full confession. Will plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter charges in the death of darla forrester."

Jackie: "Phoebe forrester's statement to the police now suggest a cover-up. The D.A.'S officer has not ruled out additional arrests in this case."

Sally: Taylor? Driving the car?

Dante: Phoebe spent the night here?

Eric: Yeah, she did. It's taken a big toll on her. She's exhausted.

Felicia: What thorne must be feeling --

Eric: I'm trying to get in touch with him. Thorne? Thorne, it's your father. Look, we're all here at the house. We're hoping to hear from you. Just call as soon as you can, will you?

Felicia: It's unbelievable. Taylor?

Jackie: The one police have been hunting --

Eric: The one person that thorne has wanted to get a hold of, to tear apart with his bare hands.

Dante: She kept a secret from all of us.

Sally: From thorne. How could she?

Phoebe: I'll answer your question. I'll answer all of them. You deserve to know the truth.

Ridge: I'm so sorry.

Thorne: I guess you heard.

Ridge: I talked to phoebe last night.

Thorne: Well, I guess I wasn't the only in the dark, huh? Ridge, it seems like everybody knew. Phoebe. Hector. Mother. And can you believe it? All this time, the killer was right here. In my house, holding my daughter. Taylor was -- she meant the world to me. She gave me a reason to smile again, ridge. To laugh. She saved alexandria. I fell in love with her. And she was the killer. She killed darla. How do I forgive her? Tell me.

Stephanie: Taylor? Honey, you can't plead guilty.

Taylor: Nothing's going to happen to any of you. I made it really clear that I confessed on my own volition.

Stephanie: But, that's not what this is about. I'm not worried about that.

Taylor: I signed the confession.

Stephanie: Oh, taylor. For god's sakes, you're not guilty of pre-meditated murder. It was an accident. If you're guilty of anything, it's lying. Leaving the scene, yes. But we all lied as well. Taylor, this does not require you to become a martyr. Do you understand what I'm saying? Darla does not want you to do something like this --

Taylor: It does not -- no, stephanie that is not why I'm doing this.

Stephanie: You have a good defense. There are witnesses to the accident.

Taylor: I'm doing this because thorne needs this.

Stephanie: Thorne needs you.

Taylor: No, thorne needs real peace. And he isn't going to get that from me.

Stephanie: He loves you, honey --

Taylor: No, he hates my guts!

Stephanie: No, it's just --

Taylor: No, I'm a liar! I stole his daughter's mother, okay? I am serving my sentence. And no one is changing my mind.

Sally: You were there? You knew?

Eric: Look, sally --

Phoebe: It's okay. Sally's right.

Felicia: Phoebe, we just want to try to understand what happened. How your mother and you could have --

Phoebe: Kept it a secret. I know, it was wrong.

Eric: But, you must've had some kind of a reason, honey. We just want to understand.

Phoebe: The only thing you need to understand is it wasn't my mother's fault.

Eric: Phoebe --

Phoebe: It wasn't! My god, why is that so hard for everyone to understand? I was there. It was my flat. Okay, I pulled over as far as I could -- but there was no shoulder. And it was really foggy. None of the cars passing could even see me.

Felicia: Phoebe, you are not to blame.

Phoebe: The last lug nut was stuck. And she was trying really hard to get it off. But the force -- I swear to god -- this is true -- the force just threw her back into the road. There was nothing my mother could do. It was completely and totally unavoidable. It wasn't her fault.

Tartaro: Dr. Hayes' confession -- her plan to plead guilty. The prelim should take no time at all. You're not happy?

Lt. Baker: All the bad advice -- everyone begging her to keep what happened a secret. I don't know, maybe it was an accident. But the confession's signed. So, now we'll never know.

Stephanie: Taylor, please think about what you're doing. You're throwing your life away.

Taylor: No more excuses. No more justification, stephanie. I've accepted my fate.

Stephanie: Fine. I can see you have accepted the responsibility of having been involved in a terrible accident!

Taylor: Thorne needs retribution. He needs to see that I am paying for what I've done, all right? I get this, emotionally. This is what I do for a living.

Stephanie: God almighty, what's the matter with you? Spending ten years in prison is not what thorne needs or wants. When you love someone, you forgive them. Fight for his forgiveness. Look, we've called storm. Ridge has spoken to him. He's flying down from san francisco. He's going to represent you.

Taylor: You want to take this to trial?

Stephanie: Of course.

Taylor: Do you even begin to get how painful that will be for everybody? What, my defense would be darla just somehow fell into the road? How invalidating do you think that would be for thorne? How insulting to darla's memory? Darla was a saint. Your son is right. I should rot in hell. I don't deserve his forgiveness.

Ridge: It's in your heart to forgive.

Thorne: They covered it up, ridge. All of them. Even mother.

Ridge: I'm not happy about any of that, either. But it happened. Everybody's devastated. Taylor most of all.

Thorne: Devastation? Is that what played me for the fool?

Ridge: Look, hector found out that taylor had a dui. And he convinced her, no matter what the circumstances that she was gonna go to prison if she came out with the truth. Mistakes were made. Taylor used bad judgment. But thorne, you got to look at things for how they really are here. You know how narrow that shoulder along the road on pacific coast highway is.

Thorne: Ridge, don'T. Okay, don'T.

Ridge: Phoebe saw the whole thing. Darla fell --

Thorne: You know what? I am tired of people telling me that. Saying it was darla's fault. This was my wife, alexandria's mother, ridge. She wouldn't be careless. Phoebe was in trouble and darla went to help. And now she's gone. Now, she can't defend herself against what anybody says, but i can. And I will never make this darla's fault! Not ever!

Tartaro: We had an agreement, lieutenant. Storm logan is in the building on his way to meet with dr. Hayes right now.

Lt. Baker: Well, you don't need a high-powered attorney if you're pleading guilty.

Tartaro: That guilty plea is the only thing stopping me from pressing charges against her daughter, phoebe, hector ramirez, and stephanie forrester. I don't want any surprises in front of the judge.

Lt. Baker: Neither do I.

Phoebe: It's not true. My mother is not a murderer. She wanted to tell everyone everything that night, but hector told her that she would go to jail. And I begged her not to because I told her that I didn't want lose her again. I mean, she did it for me. It's not her fault. She can't go to jail. She can'T.

Stephanie: Taylor, please, your thinking here is all wrong. Darla is dead. Her death was an accident. And it does not require you to sacrifice your life. Storm, thank god you're here. Maybe you can talk some sense into her. I can'T.

Storm: Yeah, well ridge filled me in on the phone. Taylor, I don't want you to worry about a thing, okay? We're gonna get you through this despite your confession. Given all the circumstances -- where the car was parked -- no field sobriety test, getting the charges reduced is a real possibility.

Taylor: Storm --

Storm: But, taylor, taylor -- you can't plead guilty.

Taylor: Listen, I appreciate you coming here, but I don't need an attorney.

Stephanie: Oh, taylor, please --

Taylor: Stephanie, please. Listen to me. Thorne has already been through enough hell because of me. He lost his family. He lost his wife. I haven't handled one thing about this right. This is the only thing I've done so far that's right. I'm not gonna be victim. You know, everybody's already seen the worst in me. But I know I am better than that. And if it takes going to prison, to prove that I have an ounce of integrity, that's what I'm going to do.

Stephanie: Honey, I love you. But you're the most pigheaded person. Here you are, finally, with your self respect and your dignity back. And look -- taylor, please -- taylor, you're an honorable person, I know that. You're a kind and loving and generous human being. And the world needs people like you. Thorne needs you.

Lt. Baker: Time to go.

Storm: Excuse me, but I haven't even had time to meet with my client.

Lt. Baker: I don't see there's much to discuss. Dr. Hayes is pleading guilty. She's given her word.

Thorne: Taylor confessed. She called lt. Baker and she told him that she killed darla.

Ridge: That's right. And despite everything -- despite everybody pleading with her to stay silent -- she came out with the truth anyway, thorne. Do you know why? You know why? Did she tell you?

Thorne: She couldn't stand to see me suffer anymore.

Ridge: Because she loves you. That's why.

Thorne: How can I believe that, ridge?

Ridge: Taylor is confused about a lot of things right now, but her feelings for you are very real. She would spend an eternity in hell if she thought it would bring darla back. Do you question that at all?

Thorne: I question everything.

Ridge: If taylor goes to prison, the suffering's not gonna stop there. In many ways, it's just gonna be beginning. Look, I asked storm logan to come down for the preliminary hearing. He's here now. He's helping us out with this. But none of it's gonna matter if taylor continues this march to the gallows. If she pleads guilty, it's gonna be a mandatory ten years. Are you willing to just stand there and watch that happen? Hi, jay bush and cousin drew

Ridge: Thorne, you and taylor could have a life together.

Thorne: A life with the woman who killed my wife, and then lied about it. How?

Ridge: She was racing to help phoebe. Come on, you were out that night. You know how dark and foggy it was. Thorne, taylor is ready to fall on the sword here. She's willing to go to prison because she thinks that's what you want her to do. But you can'T. We all need taylor. Including you. Thorne, you're the one person in the world that change her mind at this point. You can't let her do this.

Jackie: Phoebe, we all know your mother didn't intend to hit darla.

Eric: Of course not, honey.

Felicia: But after it happened, taylor spent so much time with thorne and alexandria. Let them get so close. She had to think it would all come out.

Phoebe: I know. I mean, she thought about them all the time. How she could help ease their pain that they were going through.

Sally: They fell in love with your mother.

Phoebe: Well, she loves them, too. She wants to be with uncle thorne, but -- I think they could work things out, but if she goes to prison -- he has to forgive her.

Bailiff: All rise for the honorable judge owens. The case of los angeles county versus taylor hayes.

Judge owens: Mrs. Forrester, this is a closed proceeding.

Stephanie: I appreciate that, your honor. Dr. Hayes is my daughter-in-law and I wondered if you would be kind enough to let me stay just for moral support.

Judge owens: Very well.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Judge owens: Ms. Tartaro, it's my understanding that dr. Hayes was to be represented by court-appointed lawyer.

Storm: Your honor, I'm stephen logan, jr. I'll be representing dr. Hayes. Having arrived in los angeles only this morning, I respectfully request a continuance.

Judge owens: Denied.

Storm: Your honor, I really --

Judge owens: Mr. Logan, the prosecution tells me they have a signed confession -- a plea arrangement settled. Your late arrival and my full docket make a continuance impossible. Excuse me, mr. Forrester, this is a closed proceeding. You'll have to wait outside.

Thorne: Please, your honor.

Judge owens: Being that you're the husband of the deceased, you may observe. But there'll be no testimony. Read the charges against dr. Hayes.

Tartaro: Count one, driving with a suspended license.

Storm: Your honor, dr. Hayes was only driving because she believed her daughter was in grave danger.

Taylor: I plead guilty, your honor.

Stephanie: Taylor --

Judge owens: Second count.

Tartaro: Obstruction of justice --

Storm: Obstruction of justice can hardly be applicable to my client, your honor.

Taylor: I plead guilty, your honor.

Judge owens: And the third count.

Tartaro: The final count is gross vehicular manslaughter. With the accused's prior dui, the charge carries a mandatory sentence of ten years.

Judge owens: Dr. Hayes, this is a very serious charge. I urge you to take a moment before entering your plea.

Storm: This is exactly the reason why I need a continuance, your honor. Dr. Hayes was brought into custody only last night. She's barely had time to consider the ramifications of her actions.

Taylor: I'm ready to answer your question, your honor.

Judge owens: Dr. Taylor hayes, to the charge of vehicular manslaughter, how do you plead?

Storm: We're talking a mandatory prison sentence of ten years. The judge has no discretion. Please, let me help you fight this.

Stephanie: Taylor, don't do it. Don't plead guilty. Please.

Storm: Be smart about this.

Taylor: Guilty. I plead guilty, your honor.

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