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Taylor: I am so -- so sorry, Thorne.

Thorne: You? You were driving the car that killed my wife?!

Taylor: I didn't mean to.

Phoebe: Grandma, thank God.

Stephanie: Honey, where's your mother?

Phoebe: She's not here.

Stephanie: Oh, when you called said that's what this was about.

Phoebe: I know, I just -- I needed to talk to someone. I'm going crazy here by myself.

Stephanie: Is she out with Thorne?

Phoebe: Yeah, they're spending the day together.

Stephanie: Is that what's upsetting you?

Phoebe: I'm worried.

Stephanie: Well, honey, I think that's perfectly natural. If you see your mother's becoming involved with someone -- someone other than your father --

Phoebe: No, no, no, grandma. It's not about dad. I'm happy that mom and Thorne together -- planning their future.

Stephanie: Is that what your mother said?

Phoebe: Well, they were talking about it, but she says that it's not possible if they can't be honest with each other that you can't love someone and continue to lie to them.

Stephanie: Oh, God, you mean -- you think she's going to tell him the truth?

Phoebe: She's telling him, Grandma. She's telling him right now.

Taylor: Thorne --

Thorne: You were driving? The woman that I proposed to. The woman who has been supporting me and my daughter. Counseling us. The woman that I have fallen -- please, please, Taylor, for God's sake, tell me that you're making this up. Please, tell me that you're lying.

Taylor: The only lie is the lie I've been living. I tried -- I tried telling myself it was that right thing not to tell you, Thorne, but I knew that it wasn't. God, I wanted to tell you! I tried to tell you so many times!

Thorne: It was you. It was you. You -- you hit Darla. You murdered my wife.

Stephanie: If your mother tells him the truth, he'll never forgive her.

Phoebe: Mom's gonna try to explain to him that it was an accident.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. Once he finds out the truth, he won't hear anything else that she has to say.

Hector: What's going on in here?

Stephanie: Hector, did you know about this?

Hector: Did I know about what, Stephanie?

Phoebe: Mom's telling Thorne about Darla.

Hector: What? And you didn't stop her?

Stephanie: I didn't know about it until just a few moments ago.

Hector: Damn it! I knew -- I knew this was gonna happen. She can't handle the guilt, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh, please, the guilt. The mistake was that -- that she agreed to this lie in the first place.

Phoebe: Would you just stop arguing? It's not gonna make a difference, she's telling him right now.

Hector: Well, if that's true, then their relationship is over.

Stephanie: No, it isn't. What we have to figure out is how we keep the police out of this. Where are they?

Phoebe: Mom wants to do this on her own.

Stephanie: Phoebe, you didn't call me up and ask me to come over here because you thought I wasn't going to do something about this. Now, where are they?

Thorne: You helped me tell Alexandria that her mother was dead. You lied to her. That little girl wanted to know what happened to her mother. Who did this to our family. It was you! You did it Taylor! You killed the woman that I love -- the mother of my child!

Taylor: You wanted to confront the person responsible, here I am. Here I am. Thorne, please, I need you to understand how this happened. Please, listen to me. I told you it was dark and it was foggy. I couldn't see. I was driving down the PCH. I was searching for her car. And I had been drinking. All I could think of was that my baby was in trouble and I just had to get there. I needed to help her. Maybe I could've swerved. Maybe if my reaction time wouldn't have been slow, maybe I could've swerved when Darla fell.

Thorne: When Darla fell?

Taylor: Yes.

Thorne: When Darla fell?

Taylor: Yes, that's what happened.

Thorne: You tried to blame this on Darla?

Stephanie: Please tell me where they are. If I can talk to Thorne face to face, maybe I can do something.

Phoebe: Mom wants to handle it on her own, okay?

Stephanie: Why -- why now after all the months of lying?

Phoebe: We all have. She's just the only one brave enough to admit it.

Stephanie: Oh, she's decided to be brave? Well, that's good. I hope she's gonna be brave when she goes to prison.

Phoebe: Are you trying to scare me or something?

Stephanie: Yes, I am because I want you to understand the gravity of this situation.

Phoebe: Thorne loves my mother.

Stephanie: Then tell me where they are. Phoebe!

Phoebe: Big Bear.

Stephanie: Thank you. Stay here with Hector. I'll try and do something about this.

[Door bell rings] Lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, forgive me, I'm just on my way out.

Lt. Baker: Well, don't let me stop you. I'm just here to see Taylor. Phoebe and Hector.

Phoebe: My mother's not here.

Stephanie: Perhaps you could come back later.

Hector: Lieutenant, we've had enough of your questions.

Lt. Baker: I don't have any questions, Hector. And I don't have anymore patience for the games you people have been playing. Your mother was driving the car that hit Darla Forrester. That's the truth and we all know it. Now you people fess up right now or when I get my proof, and I will, your mother's going down for a very long time.

Thorne: You're telling me that this was Darla's fault? That she fell into the car? That this was an accident?

Taylor: It was. But I -- I had been drinking and driving. It's my fault. It's my fault.

Thorne: You killed her, Taylor!

Taylor: And I didn't own up to it. It's unforgivable. I keep seeing Darla's face in my windshield. I just -- I just see her eyes looking at me in utter shock and confusion and all she was trying to do was help my daughter. For that -- for that to happen to her --

Thorne: Happen? Happen? Oh, this didn't just happen, Taylor. You're responsible.

Taylor: I'm sorry.

Thorne: Sorry? I wanted to marry you. Raise my daughter with -- with the woman who killed her mother? How could you let me love you? How, Taylor? How could you let me plan a future with you? I can't even stand to look at you.

Taylor: You hate me -- I hate myself. But at least you know the truth. And it's time for everybody to know, I -- I'm turning myself in. I've been so lost and you were the only person that reached out to me. And you helped me. You took me to AA and you let me be a part of your life. And you loved me. I love you, Thorne. I do. And I love Ally. I love both of you. When Ally asks why I don't come around anymore, will you please tell her that I miss her, please? Because I will. I'll miss you -- I'll miss you both. May I speak to lt. Baker, please? This is Taylor Hayes calling. Yeah, he'll know why. Oh, he's not there? Okay, then, please just patch me through to his cell. It's urgent. Please, I have to speak with him right now.

Lt. Baker: I may not have enough evidence to close this case, but I do know who did it.

Hector: It's theory, Lieutenant. It's not enough to arrest her.

Stephanie: You've just got to stop these baseless accusations, please?

Lt. Baker: No, I'm tired of wasting my time and the taxpayer’s money doing this dance with you people.

Phoebe: You're giving up?

Lt. Baker: No, I'm giving notice. You had a chance to level with me. If your mother had come forward earlier, I might have let her plead out. Or asked the D.A. to make a sentencing recommendation. I could have made this a whole situation a whole lot simpler -- a whole lot less difficult. You could've done the same for me, but you didn't. So I say it again -- when I get proof that Taylor was driving the car that hit Darla, I'm gonna have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Baker. A call from who? Yeah. All right, go ahead. Put her through.

Taylor: Lt. Baker. This is Taylor Hayes.

Lt. Baker: Yes, ma'am. What can I do for you?

Taylor: I have to talk to you. I think you know what it's about.

Lt. Baker: Go ahead.

Taylor: I'm the one responsible for Darla Forrester's death.

Lt. Baker: That's very interesting, Dr. Hayes. Would you care to say that again for the record?

Taylor: This is Taylor Hayes and I'm making an official statement that I was driving the car that hit Darla Forrester. I killed her.

Lt. Baker: Thank you, Dr. Hayes. Would you tell me where you are right now please? Stay there. I'm coming to bring you in.

Taylor: I'm not going anywhere.

Lt. Baker: Orbach, this is Baker, I need you to call Big Bear PD. I want them to arrest Dr. Taylor Hayes. Gross, vehicular manslaughter. Obstruction of justice. Driving under the influence. Leaving the scene of a crime.

Taylor: I know confessing won't bring Darla back. When I go to prison, that will give you the closure you need. But if it's any sense of retribution, I will never have closure, Thorne. You know, you said to me so many times that you hoped that bastard who did this would rot in hell? Well, I want you to know, that I have been. I am now, and I will always be in hell. Her death haunts me every day. I don't sleep. I don't eat. I'm sick every day. But most of all, I know -- I know I'm never going to forget that I took a little girl's mommy away from her. And I know what that does to a child. My God, I killed her mommy on her birthday. And I know what else I did. I know I stole the joy from Darla of ever watching her grow up. I took that away from her! She will never see her daughter go to school on the first day. She won't be at her graduation or her wedding. She won't have grandchildren. And I know I'm never going to get over what I did to you. God, Thorne you gotta know it was an accident. I would have never destroyed your family. Never. I really did fall in love with you. I did. I love you. Wherever I go, I will be praying for you. I pray that you find -- you will find real love. Somebody who deserves you and you will be able to trust again. That you will be -- you'll be in my heart. Forever.

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