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Brooke: My daughter -- tell me it isn't true. Tell me you didn't sleep with Bridget. She is not pregnant with your child. Tell me!

Nick: Brooke, please, try to under

Bridget: Nick is telling my mother right now that I'm pregnant with his child. If I'm not, I have to stop him.

Dr. Caspary: We don't know anything for certain.

Bridget: If there's even a chance, I have to go!

Dr. Caspary: Let's wait until the ultrasound.

Bridget: Then we really need to do it now.

Dr. Caspary: I will. But Bridget, I need you to calm down. And maybe you're right. Maybe you haven't been pregnant very long. But your hcg levels lead me to believe that you're much farther along than you thought. And with your history, any undue stress could be extremely dangerous for this pregnancy. No matter who the father is.

Dante: I don't get it. You know, he keeps listening to the same song over and over again, and he still likes it. I memorized the whole thing.

Felicia: Thanks. So, did you sing him his favorite song to get him to sleep?

Dante: Yup. Are you okay?

Felicia: Fine.

Dante: Are you sure? You seem a little bit preoccupied.

Felicia: I was just thinking.

Dante: About? What, you're not gonna tell me?

Felicia: It's not my place to tell you.

Dante: What is it, a secret?

Felicia: I can't break this confidence --

Dante: Uh-oh. Yeah, you can. Tell me.

Felicia: I shouldn't break this confidence, but we also shouldn't have secrets between us.

Dante: Right.

Felicia: And you care about Bridget as much as I do. And everybody is gonna know soon enough, I guess.

Dante: Bridget, what?

Felicia: Is pregnant.

Dante: Is pregnant?

Felicia: She just found out.

Dante: Now, look, she took that test months ago. It came out negative --

Felicia: No, no, no, she took another test. It's positive.

Dante: She didn't want me to know?

Felicia: She didn't want anybody to know, not yet.

Dante: Look, Felicia, wait. Wait a second, listen to me. I didn't know about this, and if I did, you'd be the first one to know. You know, I love you, okay? I don't want anything to come between us, what we have with Dino, everything.

Felicia: It's not -- it's not yours.

Dante: It's not mine?

Felicia: You're not the father.

Dante: Then who's the father? She's not even involved with anyone.

Felicia: That depends how you define "involved."

Dante: Felicia, just tell me who the father is.

Felicia: It's Nick.

Dr. Caspary: This may be a bit uncomfortable.

Bridget: It's okay. I want to see my baby.

Dr. Caspary: If this baby is Nick's, there won't be much to see.

Bridget: It's his. It has to be his.

Dr. Caspary: Do you want your mother's husband to be the father?

Bridget: I just don't want to be wrong. I don't want him to have destroyed his marriage over nothing. 'Cause in spite of everything, he's excited. He wants this child. Wow!

Dr. Caspary: Both hemispheres of the brain are symmetrical.

Bridget: That's really good.

Dr. Caspary: Yes, that's very good. Now, let me take a few measurements and try to estimate how long you've been pregnant.

Bridget: Doctor, look right there. Is that what I think it is?

Brooke: You slept with Bridget? How could you?

Nick: I'm sorry. Would you give me a chance to explain, please?

Brooke: How could you do this to me, Nick?! To your wife, the woman you vowed to be faithful to?! And with Bridget? After everything she's been through this year. With losing a child, her divorce, trying to get over you and move on with Dante. But she couldn't, Nick, because she still loves you. And you knew that! But you slept with her anyway. And now she's pregnant with your child. Why? Why, Nick? Because I ran off to Ridge? Because you were jealous? Because you were angry? What? I mean, do you have any idea what you've done?! Do you?! God, you make me sick!

Dante: Nick was drunk. And that's his excuse?

Felicia: Yeah, well, Brooke left him. She went back to Ridge, again. He thought his marriage was over. And Bridget was -- comforting him.

Dante: She thought he left Brooke?

Felicia: Yeah, but he didn't.

Dante: And now she's pregnant. She never stopped loving him.

Felicia: That's what I've been thinking about. She really still loves him. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing.

Dante: Look, Felicia, it's gonna tear that family apart.

Felicia: Or just shuffle around the players. Bridget will be with the man she loves. They're having a baby, which is something that they both always wanted. Brooke will go back to Ridge, which is how this whole thing started anyway. And if that's what Brooke really wants, maybe they'll all be better off.

Dr. Caspary: You want the good news or the bad news?

Bridget: Just tell me I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing.

Dr. Caspary: That's your baby's heartbeat.

Bridget: But that doesn't mean anything for sure. There can be cardiac activity very early on, before the heart's fully formed.

Dr. Caspary: True, but this heart is fully formed. You can see the four chambers. Everything is working the way it should.

Bridget: So that means my baby is okay?

Dr. Caspary: Yes, from what I'm seeing. This fetus is healthy and developing normally. And that's the good news.

Bridget: Oh, I don't think I want the bad news.

Dr. Caspary: You're a doctor, Bridget. You're looking at the same thing I am. You know what I'm going to say.

Nick: Yes, I slept with Bridget, and she's pregnant. I was angry. I'd been drinking.

Brooke: Are you saying you didn't know what you were doing?

Nick: I thought our marriage was over. I thought that you'd gone back to Ridge.

Brooke: Oh, don't you dare blame this on me.

Nick: I'm not! It's just my fault. And I hate what it's doing to you and what it's doing to Bridget.

Brooke: You betrayed us, Nick. You poisoned our marriage, and her friendship!

Nick: That is why Bridget was here. She was here as a friend.

Brooke: Because she cares about you, and you took advantage of that!

Nick: I came to this boat to be alone. Bridget just showed up.

Brooke: Did you get her drunk, too?

Nick: No! No. We talked. We were just talking.

Brooke: So she was here when you took off your ring?

Nick: She thought it was the right thing to do, because of your history with Forrester, because of how you feel about him.

Brooke: My god, now you're blaming this on her?! You sick son of a bitch!

Nick: No, no, you listen to me!

Brooke: Stop it! I've heard enough! I trusted you, Nick! I trusted you, and I really thought I knew the kind of person that you were!

Nick: I made a mistake -- a terrible mistake.

Brooke: Just bring some kind of floozy home from the bar. You weren't even drunk. You weren't even out of control! You deliberately turned to my daughter. You took off your ring, and you took her to bed. And there's only one reason why you would do that. There's no misunderstanding. There's no mistake. You just wanted to hurt me. You wanted to make me suffer in the worst way possible.

Dante: So you think this pregnancy's a good thing?

Felicia: It could be.

Dante: But how?

Felicia: Bridget said to me when this whole thing started that she thinks eventually, we all end up with the people that we're supposed to be with. At the time she said that, I thought she was talking about us. But now, I think she was talking about herself and Nick. Ridge and her mom.

Dante: If Brooke wanted to be with Ridge, she wouldn't have married Nick.

Felicia: No, if Brooke wanted to be married to Nick, she wouldn't have gone to Ridge that night.

Dante: Isn't Ridge dating Donna?

Felicia: Trust me, I know my brother, Dante. He's in love with Brooke. He always will be.

Dante: How is this helping Bridget?

Felicia: Well, if things turn out the way I think they will, Brooke could forgive her.

Dante: For sleeping with her husband and having this baby?

Felicia: Hell, she may even be grateful. Dante, an unexpected child isn't always a disaster. Look at what Dominic's done for us. Okay, yeah, it was a bumpy road getting there, but everything has turned out really well in the end. And maybe it will for Bridget, too.

Dante: I hope so.

Felicia: Who knows? She could end up as happy as we are.

Dr. Caspary: Bridget, I know you don't want to hear what I have to say.

Bridget: No, I don't.

Dr. Caspary: But you have to face it. The ultrasound leaves no doubt.

Bridget: Please, just don't say it.

Dr. Caspary: This fetus is not a few weeks old. I estimate you're about nine weeks pregnant.

Bridget: It's just not possible. I had a period.

Dr. Caspary: Spotting. The embryo implanting in the uterine wall.

Bridget: But I would have felt something, wouldn't I?

Dr. Caspary: Have you been anxious? More worried or tired than usual?

Bridget: I guess I've been dealing with a lot.

Dr. Caspary: Hormones probably aren't making it any easier.

Bridget: I just cannot believe that this is happening.

Dr. Caspary: Bridget, look at the ultrasound. Be objective. Tell me, what do you see?

Bridget: My god, how was I so wrong? There is just no way that this baby is Nick's.

Nick: Brooke, my god, I didn't do anything deliberately. I wasn't trying to hurt you.

Brooke: Well, you did, Nick. You hurt me more than I ever imagined you could.

Nick: Well, we've both made our mistakes, haven't we?

Brooke: Don't turn this around on me.

Nick: I'm not. I'm trying to explain the situation, what I thought.

Brooke: You thought wrong.

Nick: Well, I was confused. You were kissing your ex-husband.

Brooke: So confused, you slept with my daughter?

Nick: Oh, my god! For months, I've tried to get you to let go that man. For some way for you to break that tie with him, but you can't.

Brooke: I chose you, Nick. I married you, because I love you. And I really believed that you wouldn't do to me what Ridge did!

Nick: Well, I failed you. And I have let you down. And I can't justify it, and I can't undo it. But I can be the man that I promised to be, the man that I said I would be in those vows. I want to make this up to you. I want to somehow make this right.

Brooke: So you think I can just forgive you?

Nick: How many times have you said that we can overcome anything?

Brooke: Well, if it was an infidelity, maybe I could stay married to you. I would just push it out of my mind and not think about it. But not this. Not this. Not when there's a baby, your baby, growing inside my daughter's belly.

Bridget: My mom and Nick are on the boat. I just -- I'll never get to them in time.

Dr. Caspary: You're sure he's going to tell her the baby's his?

Bridget: Well, yes, he thinks it is! And this is totally gonna destroy their marriage. Oh, god. Nick? No, not the voice mail! Come on, just answer your phone. Nick, it's me. Don't tell mom that you're the father. This is not your child, do you understand? The test was wrong. It's not yours. It's not yours.

Nick: You've got every reason to be angry. You can say whatever you want to me. You can hate me. Just don't give up on us.

Brooke: There is no more "us," Nick.

Nick: You don't mean that.

Brooke: I can't get over this.

Nick: But you will. I will do whatever it takes, because I know you. I know your heart. I know the forgiveness that you have inside of you.

Brooke: Not this.

Nick: I'm sure Bridget felt the same way when she found out about Hope, but she forgave you, didn't she?

Brooke: Don't you dare throw that in my face!

Nick: I'm just saying that there's a way out of this, and we've got to find it.

Brooke: I want you out of my house, out of my life, away from my children.

Nick: Don't say that. Please, don't --

Brooke: Just stop it! You think I can just wake up tomorrow morning, and everything's gonna be just fine?! No, Nick. No, it's not fine. I can't be with you. I can't even look at you!

Nick: Brooke --

Brooke: Ridge begged me to come back to him, and I couldn't, because I didn't trust him. And now I'm with you, 'cause I thought there was security there, and safety.

Nick: Stop talking crazy like this.

Brooke: Let go of me!

Nick: Ah! Brooke! Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!

Brooke: Bastard.

Nick: Brooke! Brooke!

Brooke: Harbor patrol, this is the "Shady Marlin." I have a man overboard somewhere outside of the Marina Del Ray harbor.

Harbor patrol: Roger, "Shady Marlin." Are you going back?

Brooke: No. No, I'm never going back again, not ever.

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