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Felicia: Hey --

Bridget: Hey.

Felicia: Did you get your test results back?

Bridget: Yeah, yeah, I did. Everything's great. The HCG levels came out right on track. What can I say? You're looking at a healthy, pregnant woman.

Felicia: Have you told your mother?

Bridget: I couldn't. So, Nick's doing it. He's telling her as we speak.

Brooke: Nick, you're being so mysterious.

Nick: You know, you mentioned you have a meeting. This might take a while. So --

Brooke: Okay, I'll cancel my meeting. And you lock the door, if that's what you want. And then we can have this discussion.

Donna: Oh, hello, Nick. Brooke, I need your opinion. Oh, sorry, Nick, I thought you were leaving.

Brooke: Can it wait?

Nick: Listen, why don't you just come out to the marlin in a while. How about that?

Brooke: Okay, yeah.

Nick: We'll talk then.

Donna: Okay, I didn't want to say it with Nick here, but you know Ridge better than anyone. So, which one of these do you think he'd like?

Shane: So you want to make a deal?

Stephanie: I think that would be good idea, don't you? Now, you say you saw Taylor's car hit Darla --

Shane: I just didn't say it, I saw that accident.

Stephanie: Well, you can tell the authorities anything you choose --

Shane: No, no, I don't want to tell the authorities anything.

Stephanie: And I don't want to pay taxes, but I do.

Shane: It's not about the money.

Stephanie: Oh, it's not about the money. Well, then what is it about? I'd like to know so we can settle it. Once and for all.

Felicia: I wouldn't want to be Nick right now.

Bridget: Well, I offered to go with him.

Felicia: Oh, honey, if I were in your shoes, I'd be glad to let him handle it.

Bridget: I mean, he's pretty optimistic. I just -- I just want my baby to have a father.

Felicia: Of course you do. It's important for the father to be involved. And don't worry about Nick. He's not the kind of guy to bail on you.

Bridget: I think he just feels like my mom will be really understanding. Because this is, you know, it's an unconventional situation --

Felicia: Yes, it is that.

Bridget: And she's unconventional. She's lived her life that way. So, he thinks that she'll be able to except that he's having a child by me.

Felicia: That's a stretch. I'm sorry to say it, but it is. A big one.

Nick: I need you to take off.

Harry: Need some private time?

Nick: Yeah, I'm going to tell Brooke the truth about everything.

Harry: Oh, all right. Admirable, but dangerous.

Nick: What are you still doing here?

Harry: Okay, okay. Just let me pack some stuff in case it's not safe to come abroad, later. Listen, Nick, I think it's great that you're going to come clean. And my gut instinct tells me that your beautiful wife will forgive you, if you beg her hard enough.

Nick: What I say to you stays here with us, got it?

Harry: Yeah.

Nick: Bridget's pregnant.

Shane: I'm sorry, but you're Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Yes, I'm Phoebe's grandmother.

Shane: Mrs. Forrester, let me tell you exactly what I have been telling phoebe. I don't want anything, I just want to be friends. That's it.

Stephanie: At gunpoint?

Shane: What's that supposed to mean?

Stephanie: Well, people make friends for many, many reasons. But rarely out of fear.

Shane: Wait, wait, wait, I like Taylor. And I really, really, like Phoebe, too.

Stephanie: And what does "really, really" mean?

Shane: Come on, she's beautiful, and she's so sweet. Look, I admit, the night of the accident, I thought she might be stuck-up. Here I am, this guy, trying to offer up my help to her, who has got a flat tire, out in the middle of nowhere, but she gets disgusted and she locks the door on me. What am I supposed to think? And then, here's Taylor, that goes to the police and doesn't tell them exactly what happened. I'm thinking, here's a young girl from this rich family who thinks that they are above the law. And I got a piece of information here that could probably help things out --

Stephanie: Oh, so he finally admits it.

Shane: Yeah, but I didn't want to, not after I got to know them.

Stephanie: So, you've got the hots for my granddaughter, don't you? And tell me, one of these days when Taylor and Phoebe say to you, "Oh gosh, this has just been so real, but we'd like you to leave." You're going to just walk away? No one's ever going to hear from you again? How stupid do I look?

Bridget: What are you thinking?

Felicia: Just -- if Brooke had stayed married to Ridge, the man she loves more than anything in the world, and left you alone to be with Nick, the love of your life, everything would be so simple right now. But it isn't. Look, honey, I know you hope that she will be understanding, but Brooke is very self-aware. She's going to feel betrayed. And she's not going to let anyone off easy.

Brooke: You are asking me to help you pick an outfit so you can seduce Ridge?

Donna: Brooke, please, he's coming home tonight.

Brooke: Really? I thought --

Donna: Well, it got cut short. He might have another trip in a month, but now, he's coming home. Brooke, I mean, please, we're not even sleeping together. We're getting to know one another. We're becoming friends. The way a healthy relationship should be.

Brooke: Why are we talking about this?

Donna: Because Ridge and I could be something to one another, but there's something standing in the way. And it's you.

Harry: Wow. Pregnant. That does ramp things up a notch or two.

Nick: Yes, it does.

Harry: I mean, how do you present this to your wife? I don't even know where I would start.

Nick: Join the crew.

Harry: I mean, it's there some way you could -- I don't know, keep this quiet?

Nick: Keep it quiet? So honesty's okay, as long as the stakes aren't too high, then.

Harry: Oh, come on. You put me in front of a firing squad, then yeah, I might be inclined to lie a bit, wouldn't you? Nick, you're a good man who made a mistake. You just have to hope to god that Brooke sees it that way.


Bridget: So, you just don't think there's any hope? My mother's marriage is going to break up no matter what Nick says?

Felicia: Just look at the facts, Bridget. When your mother chose Nick over Ridge, it was by a nose. And only because he seemed to be more dependable. Yes, Ridge was always messing up, letting her down. But once she finds out that you're pregnant and Nick's the father -- look, I'm just saying, she turned her back on Ridge for a whole lot less.

Bridget: Now, Ridge is still available.

Felicia: Bingo. So it could happen. The big Ridge and Brooke reunion could happen for real. And not a moment too soon. Before Donna stakes her claim on him.

Donna: What do you think of this one?

Brooke: You know, I really don't care. Just dress up all sexy and see where it gets you.

Donna: You say that, but I don't think you mean it.

Brooke: I'm a married woman. I really have no claim on Ridge. So, just leave me out of it, okay?

Donna: Brooke, I'm so afraid that this isn't going to work --

Brooke: I said, just leave me out of it, sis!

Nick: Maybe she can be open-minded somehow.

Harry: Open-minded, huh? You think she'll be okay with the idea of being, let's see, the step-mother to her own grandchild?

Nick: Stranger things have happened in this family.

Harry: Yeah, well you know, all I have to say is good luck, compadre. I'm really glad I'm single.

Nick: Will you get outta here?

Harry: You know, Nick, I mean it. I don't want to see you unhappy.

Nick: That makes two of us.

Shane: I admit when I first came here, yeah, I had some ideas.

Stephanie: Blackmail.

Shane: Have I ever asked for one dime?

Stephanie: No, but you think you can, Shane.

Shane: Yeah, I think I could. Now, when are you going to get off my back about this whole thing?

Stephanie: Or what, you are going to go to the police?

Shane: Is that what you want? You want me to go to the police? Is that really what you want?

Stephanie: Yes, I do.

Shane: Yeah, right. Sure you do.

Stephanie: May I ask you a question? I'm curious about something. How close were you when you saw the car hit Darla?

Shane: I was in the bushes.

Stephanie: Oh, what kind of bushes?

Shane: How should I know?

Stephanie: Well, you're a gardener, aren't you? Phoebe and Taylor couldn't see you?

Shane: Wait a second, look --

Stephanie: But you could see them very clearly.

Shane: Yeah, I could see them clearly.

Stephanie: How far away were you?

Shane: I don't know, I was 15-20 feet, maybe.

Stephanie: Was it dark?

Shane: There were headlights going by. What are you, some expert on this whole thing?

Stephanie: Were they going constantly by?

Shane: Off and on --

Stephanie: So, it was dark some of the time?

Shane: I saw Darla get hit by a car. That's what I saw.

Stephanie: How fast was the car going?

Shane: How should I know that?

Stephanie: Did you hear tires screech?

Shane: Yeah, I think I did. Yeah.

Stephanie: You think you did?

Shane: Look, I'm not real sure --

Stephanie: But you're so sure about everything else.

Shane: Look, I know what I'm sure about. I saw a woman lose her life out there. It was a horrible accident.

Stephanie: From over in the bushes.

Shane: That's what I just said. That's what I saw.

Stephanie: Tall, thick bushes that concealed you, even though there were lights going by --

Shane: What are you trying to say? I couldn't see what I saw?

Stephanie: I don't know, what am I saying? Am I saying, "Shane, I think you've concocted this whole story." Who's out there to prove me a liar?

Shane: Nobody. This is the truth.

Stephanie: This is your version of the truth. Tell me, because you don't have to tell the judge. Why didn't you come out from the bushes? Why didn't you walk right over to a policeman and tell him exactly what happened?

Shane: Wait a second, the judge, please --

Stephanie: It's a crime to withhold material evidence in something like this. But you see easy money here, don't you?

Shane: That's not what I want. I don't --

Stephanie: Then, how come you went and got a job at a very particular landscape company, so that you could end up working on this property? I think you did that because you want to blackmail Taylor.

Shane: Nobody's going to blackmail anybody.

Stephanie: Really? Why? Because all of a sudden, you have a revelation? You've realized that you've let this time pass by and you haven't gone to the police? You haven't been forthright with evidence? Do you realize what that does? It makes you an accessory after the fact.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Harry: I'm sorry, I just want to grab my music. Uh-oh. Too late.

Nick: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Harry: We didn't order pizza, did we?

Nick: This is Harry. This is my wife, Brooke.

Brooke: Oh Harry, yes, Nick has told me so much about you.

Harry: It's nice to meet you.

Brooke: Nice to meet you.

Harry: I was just leaving.

Nick: Please.

Brooke: Nick --

Harry: We'll chat another time.

Brooke: Yes, fine. Come by and meet the family soon.

Harry: That would be great.

Brooke: Okay.

Nick: Cast off the dock lines for me.

Harry: Will do.

Brooke: Are we going somewhere? Nick, where are we going?

Thorne: Mother, what's going on? Is everything all right?

Stephanie: Yes, it's fine. This is Shane, he's the gardener. This is my son, Thorne.

Thorne: Yeah, we've met briefly.

Shane: Good to see you.

Stephanie: Well, you're obviously here to see Taylor.

Thorne: Yes, is she upstairs? I wanted to give her these flowers.

Stephanie: They are so beautiful. No, honey, she's not. She took Hector to the doctor, I'm sorry. But if you want to leave the flowers with me, I'll give them to her as soon as she comes home.

Thorne: Are you sure?

Stephanie: Absolutely.

Thorne: Okay. All right, you sure you don't need me to stay?

Stephanie: No. I'll tell her to call you the moment she walks through the door.

Thorne: Okay.

Stephanie: I'm very happy for you and Taylor.

Thorne: Me too. Thank you. I'll see you later.

Stephanie: Yes.

Shane: I can see that you are the kind of mother that would do anything for her son. Now, you want to see Taylor and Thorne together, right? I swear to you. I will not say a word.

Stephanie: No, you won't.

Shane: No, Mrs. Forrester, I'm serious here. I found something really great here. There's nice people that live here. I mean, there's warmth and there's acceptance. Those are things that I never had before in my life.

Stephanie: Well, that's so touching. Phoebe is my granddaughter.

Shane: Yes, ma'am.

Stephanie: She's a sweet, innocent girl in many ways. You stay away from her. If you lay one finger on her, and I find out about it, you'll never know what hit you.

Shane: No, ma'am. I promise you I would never do anything to upset Phoebe. I promise. You don't scare me, old lady. I ain't going to lay a hand on your precious Phoebe -- don't you worry. I'm going to give her a whole lot more than that.

Brooke: We're stopping -- out in the middle of the bay?

Nick: We're only a few miles out.

Brooke: Nick, you told me that you had something to tell me. Something wonderful, right? You're really scaring me. I mean, what could be so important that --

Nick: Sit down with me, will ya? You know, I always thought I knew myself pretty well. I had a personal code of ethics that I tried to live up to, and I thought I did a pretty good job of living up to them.

Brooke: That's what I love about you, is your integrity.

Nick: And I promised you over and over, I'd never let you down. But I have. I let you down in a big way. I've done something I'm not proud of. Something you're going to have a hard time dealing with. And I hope and pray that you can find some sort of understanding. Because I believe that's the kind of woman that you are. If anyone can find a miracle in something, it's you. And I'm going to need you to do that. I'm going to need you to find that miracle inside. Because if you don't, we're not going to make it together.

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