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Felicia: What do you mean, you know what you have to do? Bridget, no. Honey, you love Nick. This baby could bring you two back together.

Bridget: No, no!

Felicia: Listen to me. You cannot get an abortion. That would be a huge mistake.

Hector: I may be blind, punk, but if you think you can weasel your way into this house -- yeah, Jim, I'm still here. Yeah, I got the fax. So tell me what it says. He was booked for theft, huh? In LA? And there's a restraining order against him in Atlanta? What do you mean, no details? All right, look, I really appreciate this. Okay, later. Pack your bags, punk. You are out of here.

Shane: I think she actually likes me here. Yeah, and why not? I think I clean up pretty good, don't I? And to think I was going to take a measly million dollars from her mother. I mean, I could really hit the big, big jackpot here. I mean, look at her. What a babe.

Harry: Hey. Hey!

Phoebe: Harry -- hi.

Harry: You forgot, right?

Phoebe: Oh, my God! We had a date.

Harry: Yeah, you could call it an appointment, I was waiting --

Phoebe: I'm sorry, I completely spaced out. Actually, I cut the gardener's hand with hedge trimmers.

Harry: Seriously?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Harry: That's actually -- that's pretty original. I give that a nine.

Phoebe: It's true. It was really terrifying.

Harry: Oh, you are being serious?

Phoebe: Yes. I actually -- I had to take him to the hospital and everything.

Harry: Yeah, I would imagine so --

Phoebe: It was a big deal, okay? And then I had to take him back here, and get him settled. And the night was just crazy.

Harry: Wait, you -- you moved your gardener in here? To your home?

Nick: That kind of exercise makes me hungry.

Brooke: Yes, well, I have your coffee right here. And I can make you something to eat if you'd like.

Nick: No, no, no, I'll grab something on the way out.

Brooke: Oh, gosh, there's plenty of food here.

Nick: I'll get something when I'm out.

Brooke: Are you trying to get away from me?

Nick: No, never.

Brooke: Well, you told me your schedule was clear today.

Nick: You know what? I just realized something came up I got to take care of.

Brooke: Aren't you going to tell me what it is?

Nick: Well, if you're good, maybe you'll find out.

Brooke: Tell me! Tell me!

[Brooke laughs]

Nick: Easy, honey. I'm a lot stronger than you. Better be careful.

Brooke: Oh, yeah? Come clean, you rat! Come clean!

Nick: Ow! Easy! That hurts, honey. The twist thing. Very painful --

Donna: Hey, you two! My God, are the newlyweds fighting already?


Nick: Well, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Brooke: Sorry.

Nick: Speaking of fighting, how are you and -- what's-his-name doing?

Donna: Actually, he did --

Nick: No, forget about it. I don't really want to know. I gotta head out. Love you. You girls, be good to each other. Enjoy your chat. Just make sure it's about something other than Forrester.

Brooke: So, what really happened with you and Ridge? And you better tell me nothing.

Phoebe: You have a problem with me moving Shane in here to heal?

Harry: You know, it's your home. Do what you want.

Phoebe: It does bother you.

[Cell phone rings] Hello?

Shane: Hey, I don't mean to bother you, but I can't find my pain pills. And my hand is really, really, really killing me right now.

Phoebe: They aren't on the dresser?

Shane: No, no, I looked.

Phoebe: Okay, yeah, I'll be right up.

Shane: Hey, only if it's not too much trouble.

Phoebe: No, no, I'm right downstairs. Okay. I have to go find his medicine for him. Can you stick around? I'll just be a second.

Harry: Yeah, go ahead.

Bridget: I'm not going to have an abortion, Felicia! My God, I could never, ever do that to Nick's child.

Felicia: See, that proves right there, you two are meant to be together.

Bridget: No, no, it doesn't! I will not go after my mother's husband!

Felicia: And when your pregnancy starts showing, are you going to tell everybody it came from Santa Claus?

Bridget: Will you stop! This isn't a joke.

Felicia: I know it's not a joke! That is what I'm trying to get through to you. It's very serious, and you don't seem to have a realistic plan.

Bridget: I do. I know that I told nick that he could not tell my mother the truth, but now I feel like -- that's what I have to do. She deserves to know.

Felicia: What? That's realistic? You don't think that'll destroy your mom's marriage?

Bridget: I don't know. All I know is that I will not do what she did when she was pregnant with deacon's baby. I absolutely refuse to hide the truth.

Brooke: Ridge isn't with you?

Donna: He's sill in Europe. He wanted to spend some extra time with Steffy. I have a question. Are you and Nick okay?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we're wonderful. You have no idea.

Donna: Good, good. Because the reason I'm here -- I want you to tell me that you're done with Ridge. Forever.

Phoebe: Oh, here they are. I guess they fell off the nightstand.

Shane: Thank you, Phoebe. You know, I would have looked down there, but every time I put my arm down low, it really --

Phoebe: Yeah, it must throb or something --

Shane: Yeah, it really does. It hurts.

Phoebe: Well, take one of these. And get some rest.

Shane: Okay. Hey, hey, Phoebe? Do you mind hanging out for a little while? I mean, I could really use your company.

Harry: Excuse me, do you --

Hector: McGrath!

Harry: No, no, listen --

Hector: Save it! I know who you are. So, why don't you save yourself a hell of a lot of trouble and clear out of here before I throw you out myself?

Shane: Oh, oh, thank you.

Phoebe: That should take the edge off.

Shane: You know something? It still makes you a little bit lightheaded.

Phoebe: Yeah, well. That's okay, actually. Your body is using all of its energy to heal. So what you need most probably now is rest.

Shane: Yeah, you know something? You are really, really such a very kind person. No, really. And I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you have the most beautiful smile. And your eyes --

Phoebe: Stop it, stop it.

Shane: No, no, no, Phoebe, your eyes. Every time I look into your eyes, I see this girl with such a big heart.

Phoebe: You should get out more.

Shane: No, Phoebe! I'm not kidding. I mean it.

Phoebe: Thank you. Thank you for saying that. But I want you to get some rest. It's what you need right now. And I'll come back later and check on you.

Shane: Please?

Phoebe: I mean it. And stop calling me Phoebs.

Shane: It's all true. I mean it!

Phoebe: Bye.

Shane: Bye. That went pretty good. Well, it's not going to happen overnight. But it's gonna happen. Oh, great. What are these two knuckleheads talking about?

Hector: I apologize. I just lost my eyesight.

Harry: It must be hard. I'm sorry. There's a chair right behind you. If you want to sit.

Hector: Thank you. Yeah, I'm still not real good at recognizing voices.

Harry: It's not a problem.

Hector: Harry, you're a friend of Phoebe's?

Harry: Yeah, actually, we don't really know each other that well. I was introduced by Nick Marone. He's an old friend. I'm saying on his boat. So what's the deal with this Shane guy? He's the gardener who messed up his hand, right?

Phoebe: Okay, how about I make this up to you? We can go somewhere close by.

Hector: Phoebe, you and I need to talk.

Phoebe: Can it wait?

Hector: No.

Harry: Your friend Hector here doesn't seem to think too highly of your live-in gardener.

Phoebe: He's paranoid, that's what.

Hector: Harry, would you do me a favor and let phoebe and I have a minute to ourselves? There's a family matter gotta discuss.

Phoebe: Hector! Are you kidding --

Harry: No, you know what? It's fine. I've got places to be anyway. I just made sure to come by and check if Phoebe had fallen in a hole. Next time, call when you're supposed to meet me and you can't make it, okay?

Phoebe: Yeah. Bye.

Harry: Take it easy, Hector.

Hector: Thanks.

Harry: See ya.

Phoebe: Bye. Thanks a lot.

Hector: You are going to thank me, young lady. And you're going to mean it. Now, about your friend, McGrath --

Phoebe: Don't even go there, okay? It's ridiculous.

Hector: Phoebe, I know you feel guilty. I mean, you almost chopped the guy's hand off, but I'm telling you, he's trouble.

Nick: I really appreciate you doing this on such short notice. No, no, she's doesn't know anything about it, and I'd like to keep it that way. That's fantastic. Great, thank you so much. I'll see you in a bit then.

Brooke: Am I done with Ridge? Why?

Donna: Isn't it obvious?

Brooke: Well, I know that you followed him around Europe. And that you probably have thrown yourself at him. And knowing Ridge, he probably responded.

Donna: For your information, we're not sleeping together. Not that I wouldn't love to. That's why I'm here. I need to know where you stand.

Brooke: I love Ridge, and I always will.

Donna: And he'll always love you. Don't you think I know that? We can be standing arm-in-arm, overlooking the harbor of Monte Carlo, and suddenly his smile just fades, and I can feel him slip away.

Brooke: Monte Carlo --

Donna: Or Portofino, or Barcelona -- Brooke, I want to make my own memories with Ridge. And I truly feel that the road of my life -- why I've never been married, why I've always felt like something was missing -- that it led me here to Ridge.

Brooke: Oh, wait a minute. I am the one that has the cosmic love story with Ridge, not you.

Donna: Okay, but you are married to nick now. Please, Brooke, I just -- I just need to know that you let him go.

Brooke: Nick and I have worked through our issues. And our relationship is stronger than ever. And Nick would never let me down the way Ridge has.

Donna: And you'll have a long, happy marriage.

Brooke: Yes, we will.

Donna: So that means you won't stand in the way of Ridge and me? That means so much to me. Thank you. I know it's hard for you to think of Ridge and me. But with Nick, I feel like you've found somebody who won't ever let you down. I truly believe that.

Shane: She is so beautiful. So captivating. Phoebe, you are something else.

Hector: I did a background check on your friend, Shane McGrath.

Phoebe: Hector, I already know about him. He moved from Atlanta to come work in the movies, but he kind of ran into some bad luck --

Hector: He moved from Atlanta because there was a restraining order against him there. Plus, he was arrested for theft right here in LA a couple of months ago, and he never showed up for his court appearance.

Phoebe: You're not making this up?

Hector: It's all right here. A friend of mine faxed this over to me.

Phoebe: Hector, Shane is a nice guy. I can tell.

Hector: Just look at this. Now, tell me what a nice guy he is.

Donna: If you don't mind, I'm going to call Ridge and let him know I arrived safely. Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, Aunt Donna. You look extraordinarily happy.

Donna: I am. Thank you. Excuse me.

Brooke: She's ready to start her life with Ridge, if she can.

Bridget: Well, that has got to hurt you.

Brooke: Well, Nick and I are married. We said our vows to each other. And our marriage is stronger than ever right now. So -- Bridget, what's wrong?

Bridget: Oh, Mother --

Brooke: Honey, look, I know you don't like to hear it when Nick and I are doing well. But we've been talking about you, and you going to Africa. And it seems to make sense. You're going to have a good time there. You're going to be able to practice your skills. You'll be in a new country, meet new people, and who knows? Maybe you'll meet a wonderful person, a doctor --

Bridget: Mom, Mom, I'm not going to Africa.

Brooke: You're not?

Bridget: No, I can't. I've done something.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

Bridget: Mom, you know how much I love you. How much I rely on you. You're the only person that I've shared my whole life with. You are my best friend. We've had a lot of problems. But we've always made it through.

Brooke: Of course we have.

Bridget: Mom, there's just -- there was a time, you know, that I secretly judged you -- and I thought -- I really thought that I could be a better person than you were. I criticized your choices. And I pointed out the lives that you had affected. And not only was that just totally unfair, but very, very naive. Things just don't always turn out the way that you expect. You know, you make one bad choice in one tiny moment of weakness that -- well, you just have the rest of your life with the ramifications.

Brooke: What are you trying to say to me, Bridget?

Bridget: You know, people say that you are given challenges in life to overcome -- God, I hope we can overcome this one. Mom, I'm just -- I'm terrified of losing you. And I -- you deserve to know something now, and I just pray that you can forgive me.

Brooke: What is it, Bridget? What have you done?

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