The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/21/06


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[Ambulance siren]

Bridget: Christian, why are you stalling? Can I -- can I just see the results, please?

Christian: Hang on one moment. I'm just going over the results. Hemoglobin, fine. WBC, right where we want it.

Bridget: Oh, Christian, please, I don't really care about my white blood cells. I just need to know if I am pregnant.

Hector: Hey, is somebody down here?

Taylor: Over here, Hector. Right here.

Hector: Hi.

Taylor: Hey.

Hector: Yeah, I'm getting pretty good at this thing.

Taylor: Yeah, you don't really need it down here, though, do you?

Hector: No, not so much. Mostly to find the top of the stairs. But I am practicing. I've got to get good with this thing pretty quick.

Taylor: Oh, why?

Hector: Because I'm moving out tomorrow.

Taylor: Well, Hector, you don't have to.

Hector: I know. But you've been very kind. It's the right thing to do.

Taylor: Is this because of Thorne?

Hector: We've been over this.

Taylor: You need friends, Hector.

Hector: I need more than that, Taylor.

Taylor: Okay, where are you going to go?

Hector: You know, a friend of mine offered me his guest house. It's small, but private. Cheers.

Taylor: Okay. I mean, if that's what you need to do, then I guess you should. But I think your period of adjustment would go a lot smoother if you allowed Phoebe and me to --

Phoebe: I'll get the door. I don't want you to hit your hand anywhere. Hey, Mom.

Taylor: Hi.

Phoebe: Hector.

Hector: Hi, Phoebe. You have somebody with you?

Phoebe: Yeah. Shane.

Taylor: Yeah, Phoebe had a little accident with the hedge clippers and Shane's hand is badly hurt, so being the sweet, wonderful girl that she is, he's going to be staying here for a little while. And you know, just until he gets his life sorted out.

Shane: Yeah, I just want to say thank you, guys.

Hector: That could take a while.

Taylor: Well, Phoebe is a very determined young lady. What can I say?

Phoebe: Yes. Where are we going to put him?

Shane: Oh, hey, you can put me anywhere you want. That's fine with me. You can put me in a closet, for all I care.

Taylor: You know, actually, Hector just told me that he's moving out tomorrow, and so Thomas' room will be free. Right? Right, Hector?

[Hector sighs]

Nick: Come on, hurry up! You a lot better in that than I do.

Brooke: I like having you close.


Nick: You know, I have an issue with this whole "making babies" thing.

Brooke: Oh, I know. It makes you think about changing diapers and mashed bananas and staying up all night.

Nick: No, no. That's not it at all. But I think that mother nature tries to confuse us into thinking we should be interested in making babies just to keep the species going.

Brooke: Oh, and it certainly did work, because there are way too many people in the world.

Nick: My point is, I don't ever remember mother nature saying, "oops, there's too many people. Let's not let sex be fun anymore." Do you?

Brooke: You know what? I don't remember that either.

Nick: I surely don't remember that.

Brooke: Well, you know, now that you mention it, I think we better check just to make sure.

Nick: I mean, for the goodness of the human race. We should probably keep going, huh?

Brooke: Yeah, like you said, for the goodness of the human race.

Nick: God, I love mother nature.

Brooke: Oh, me, too.

Felicia: Hi, Lori.

Lori: Felicia, hi. You're a little early for your appointment.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. I thought I'd stop by and say hello to my sister.

Lori: Actually, I think she's in her office with Dr. Ramirez.

Felicia: Great, thank you.

Bridget: Oh, no. I want this run again.

Christian: Bridget, you're a doctor here. You know our lab people. They're not going to screw up a simple, straightforward test.

Bridget: Not now. No, not now. Not this way.

Christian: I know you're not married. That makes things complicated.

Bridget: Christian, you have no idea.

Christian: And of course, this could impact your mission to Africa.

Bridget: It impacts everything. It impacts everything! This just could not possibly be more wrong. The whole night was wrong. It should have never happened in the first place. But now -- for me to end up pregnant --

Felicia: Oh, my God! You're pregnant?

Bridget: Oh, my God, Felicia. You can't just barge in here like this!

Felicia: Honey, look, that was not my intent. I'm sorry, but now that I heard, you have to tell me.

[Pager beeps]

Christian: I gotta go. You two gonna be all right?

Bridget: No, I'm not going to be all right.

Christian: Bridget, please, try to stay calm. We'll talk some more. Felicia, I'll see you soon for your check-up.

Felicia: Bridget, I need to know.

Bridget: You cannot come in my office demanding to know my business.

Felicia: No, no, don't make this about me. You're pregnant. Who's the father?

[Bridget sighs]

Felicia: Oh, my God. It's Dante.

Bridget: No, no. It's not Dante, I promise.

Felicia: As if you'd tell me.

Bridget: I would, Felicia. I would. That was a while ago. Before you two got back together.

Felicia: Still, it could be his, right?

Bridget: You don't know how much I wish it was.

Felicia: So can you tell me? A one-night stand?

Bridget: No, no! I mean, yes! Kind of, in a sense. Just not some guy at a bar or at the hospital.

Felicia: Of course not. That's not your style.

Bridget: I'd be so much better off if it was. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know how this happened.

Felicia: Bridget, who is it?

Bridget: I wish I could tell you. I just -- I can't. God, that sounds ridiculous. Obviously, you're going to know. It's just a matter of time.

Felicia: Honey, I'm your sister. You can tell me.

Bridget: It's Nick.

Felicia: What?

Bridget: You heard me. It's Nick.

Brooke: You are such an incredible lover.

Nick: "It's true, it's true," he said humbly. What?

Brooke: What?

Nick: Well, that look. What is it?

Brooke: Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking about how happy I am.

Nick: No, you weren't. That's not the look that I just saw.

Brooke: Okay, I'm a mom. I was just thinking about Bridget.

Nick: I think part of you would be very proud of her.

Brooke: I am! My gosh, I am proud of her. She's going to do wonderful work over there. I just can't help feeling that she's trying to get as far away from us as possible.

Nick: Maybe.

Brooke: I just -- I just wish she could find somebody that she could have a special bond with. You know? Kind of like the bond that you and I share.

Taylor: Okay, here we go. I'm glad you're okay. You're lucky you didn't lose your hand.

Shane: Thank you.

Hector: Yeah, lucky.

Shane: So, Hector, you're moving out?

Hector: Shane, do you have family here in town?

Shane: No. Actually, they're -- they're all back in Atlanta. Me and my family, we really don't -- we don't talk that much.

Hector: But you do have a place here?

Shane: Yeah, kind of. I mean, I'm renting a studio. Week to week.

Taylor: Hector -- Hector?

Hector: I'm just thinking that this is all pretty convenient, you know?

Phoebe: Mom -- what's his deal?

Hector: You're a landscaper. Right, Shane? I mean, you know about hedge clippers.

Phoebe: No, actually he's a studio carpenter. What are you trying to say, man?

Hector: I'm saying it was pretty careless, don't you think?

Shane: Careless? Look, I don't want to be rude here or anything, but what's with this guy? I mean, what do you think, I deliberately cut my hand on purpose?

Hector: You know, whatever did happen, you're using it to your advantage.

Phoebe: Hector, aren't you being a little hypocritical? I mean, when mom asked you to stay here, you couldn't say yes fast enough.

Taylor: Phoebe --

Hector: No, it's okay, Taylor. Phoebe, this isn't the same thing.

Phoebe: Really? Talk about convenient.

Taylor: Okay, that's enough. Phoebe, I said Shane can stay here for a f days. And now it looks like Hector is going to stay a little bit longer, so why don't you show Shane up to the guest room? Listen, if you need anything, just let me know.

Shane: Hey, Mrs. Forrester, I just want to say that you are a very kind person. Thank you for everything.

Taylor: Okay, okay, I get it. I get it. I know why you're concerned, okay, Hector?

Hector: I cannot believe that you are doing this.

Taylor: It's for Phoebe, all right? She feels responsible. The guy was hurt on our property and she wants to handle this, you know, the right way this time.

Hector: I know, Taylor. I know. But she is overcompensating.

Taylor: No, she's just trying to do the right thing.

Hector: I would not let this guy get too comfortable here.

Taylor: Well, then it'll be a good thing if you stay, to make sure we're safe.

Hector: Maybe I will. Just for the time being. Is that a fax machine up in Thomas' room?

Taylor: Yes, it is.

Hector: Okay, because there's something about this guy that I don't like and I'm going to find out what it is.

Phoebe: The room's kind of small.

Shane: Yeah.

Phoebe: But, do you think you could be comfortable here?

Shane: Uh, yeah.

Phoebe: You're sure?

Shane: Yeah. No, this is a -- this is a major improvement, believe me.

Phoebe: Good, good. How's your hand doing?

Shane: It's still throbbing a little bit, but I think after those pain pills --

Phoebe: We should keep it elevated at all times. That's what the doctor said.

Shane: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Phoebe: Do you think we should change the bandage?

Shane: I don't know. I mean, they've only been on there for a little while. What do you think?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, well, just let me know if it gets weird, because we don't want it to get an infection.

Shane: Okay.

Phoebe: I'm going to check the bed.

Shane: Okay.

Phoebe: Yeah, it's made up. I'm going to get some pillows for your hand.

Shane: Okay.

Phoebe: Keep it elevated.

Brooke: You know kids. As long as they're safe and fed and warm.

Nick: And you buy them absolutely everything that they see on TV. I know the deal.

Brooke: Well, exactly, and then they're happy. But then they grow up and they have grownup complications and then you just wish they were little kids again.

Nick: Well, if you believe that, then don't worry about Bridget. She's allowed her complications. She's doing what she has to do. She's setting a new course in her life.

Brooke: Aye, aye, captain.

Nick: Are you making fun of me?

Brooke: What're you going to do about it?

Nick: I am going to punish you the way a good captain should.

[Brooke giggles]

Brooke: Yes, you should.

Felicia: Your mom and Nick are so in love. He worships the ground she walks on.

Bridget: Are you trying to make me feel awful?

Felicia: No. No, honey. I'm just trying to understand how it could happen.

Bridget: It was just another night that my mom left nick to go to Ridge. He just couldn't handle it anymore. He had been drinking and he'd had enough. And he meant it this time. He took off his ring and I was there, just -- I was there. I was there to be his friend. And one thing led to another. God help me. Felicia, I really -- I really don't want to break up this marriage.

Felicia: If Nick let that happen, maybe it's falling apart on its own.

Bridget: No, because the next day, they got back together and they're better than they've ever been. You know, I -- I know my mother just cross for sleeping with Deacon and having his child. And I criticized her for hurting people and years of selfishness and thoughtlessness, and I swore up and down I would never ever be like her. I'm exactly like her.

Hector: That's all the information I could get from the landscaping company without them asking too many questions. Shane McGrath from Atlanta. Is that enough to run a check? Did you get the fax number? Okay, I'll be waiting. If there's anything to know about you, kid, I'm going to find out what it is.

Phoebe: Hey, where's Hector?

Taylor: Upstairs.

Phoebe: He is so annoying.

Taylor: He just wants to make sure we're okay.

Phoebe: Oh, please, it's the whole fireman "I'm going to save everyone" syndrome.

Taylor: No, be happy there are people like that.

Phoebe: He just doesn't know where to stop. Anyway, thank you so much for letting Shane stay here. I know it's the right thing to do.

Taylor: That's fine. Just make sure you remember, it's only for a few days.

Phoebe: I know.

[Shane groans]

Shane: Yeah, this works. Oh, this feels so good. Now the trick is, I try to make this thing last.

Hector: Yeah, Jim, it's coming through. Well, don't worry, I'll show it to somebody who can see. So what's the story with this guy, anyway? He does have a record? Here in LA? Now why doesn't that surprise me? Yeah, I'll hold. Well, whoever you are, punk, don't get too comfortable here, because you're going to be on the road again, real soon.

Brooke: It feels so good, Nick.

Nick: Same here.

Brooke: Actually, I didn't mean that.

Nick: Well, what did you mean?

Brooke: I mean, it feels so good to be with a man that I trust completely. It's like a safe harbor.

Nick: You're starting to sound very nautical, do you know that?

Brooke: I know. I know, but I'm serious.

Nick: Well, don't be.

Brooke: I know you would never betray me, and that makes me feel so safe. I love you. I love you so much.

Felicia: You and Nick. Whoa.

Bridget: I cursed my mother for sleeping with Deacon and then having a baby with my husband. And I would tell anyone who would listen what a horrible, horrible person she was. And now, I am pregnant by her husband.

Felicia: It's different.

Bridget: Yeah, you're right. It's different because I judged her. You know what else is different? I'm not going to handle it the way that she handled it. I will not create the same mess that she created.

Felicia: Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?

Bridget: Felicia, I know what I have to do! As much as I hate -- hate the thought of this, I know what has to be done.

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