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Bridget: I thought this was already decided, Nick.

Nick: Well, it's not decided. Bridget, you're my ex-wife, and we came together in a moment of comfort. And it was wrong. I cannot keep that from Brooke. I'm sorry, I can't do it. It's not who I am.

Bridget: Okay, fine. But what about me? Do I have no say here anymore? Let's say she does forgive you -- maybe she loves you that much. But me, she'll never be able to look at again.

[Knock at the door] Yeah, she's here.

Nick: She knows you. Say what you want, but she'll see right through you.

Bridget: Hi, Mom.

Brooke: So --

Bridget: So?

Brooke: So, who was that on the phone? You think you can fool your own mother? A little bird told me that you were all happy and bubbly about life. So who's the secret admirer?

Nick: Hey, where you been?

Harry: You know, I don't remember a curfew.

Nick: Ah, so it's gonna be that way. What're you doing?

Harry: Packing.

Nick: For what?

Harry: So that you and your girl on the side can have the place to yourselves.

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah. It sounds like a great idea.

[Shane remembering]

No, I'll just wait in the car. Did the phone wake you up?

Taylor: No. Who was it?

Phoebe: Oh, it was Uncle Thorne. I thought you were taking a nap in the den. He wanted to tell me about dinner. He asked me if I could come, too.

Taylor: Oh. Well, that was nice of him.

Phoebe: You didn't tell me today was aunt Darla's birthday.

Taylor: I know. I forgot, too. I guess it makes sense why Thorne doesn't want to be alone tonight.

Phoebe: He actually -- he asked if we could stay over. Apparently, Aunt Darla promised Ali that she could have friends spend the night on her birthday, and she chose us.

Taylor: He didn't tell me about that part. I guess he didn't want to pressure me or anything. I guess we can do that for Ali, right? Listen, sweetheart, there's something I really want to talk to you about since we're all going to be together tonight. I'm sure you've already noticed, but something's been developing between Thorne and me. I mean, I don't know where it will go, but I just want to know how you feel about that.

Phoebe: Well first of all, I want you both to be happy, obviously. I just -- it worries me, because I know how hard it must for you not to -- your feelings have to be all over the place. I mean, mine are.

Taylor: Yes.

Phoebe: And I just -- I know you care about Thorne --

Taylor: I do. I do care about Thorne. And that's exactly why I want to talk to you about this. Because my feelings are all over the place, and I just want to make sure I'm not coming from a place of guilt or obligation. I really do -- I really do care about Thorne. I just want to know how you feel about it.

Phoebe: Like I said, I just want you to be happy.

Taylor: Okay. So why don't you take your car, because you have school early in the morning, and I'll just meet you there.

Phoebe: Okay, yeah. And Thorne said he was on his way to get you.

Taylor: Oh. Okay. Well, then I better go get ready.

Shane: Dr. Forrester.

Phoebe: Oh, Mom, this is Steve. He's working temporarily with Jorge and the landscapers.

Shane: Actually, it's Shane.

Phoebe: Oh, sorry. Shane.

Shane: That's okay.

Taylor: You really are working late tonight.

Shane: Yeah, well, your house happened to be the last one today. Anyway, you got some spider mites that are out here on your terrace, so I thought it might be a good idea if I came and check your house.

Taylor: Oh, fine, yeah, whatever. You know this job better than I do.

Shane: Wow. Did I say something wrong?

Phoebe: No, no, no, it wasn't you. Go ahead.

Shane: Thanks.

Phoebe: It's just been a really weird day, actually.

Shane: Yeah?

Phoebe: Yeah. My Aunt Darla died not too long ago, and today was her birthday.

Shane: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

Phoebe: Thanks. It was pretty bad, actually. A car accident.

Shane: You don't say.

Taylor: So, we're not going to be home tonight. Alexandria asked us to stay over.

Hector: Alexandria, huh?

Taylor: Yeah. Maria will be here, so if you need anything, you know how to buzz her.

Hector: Thorne's going to make his move.

Taylor: We're not having this discussion.

Hector: You know, I -- he's going to get you alone, he's going to tell you how much he loves you and trusts you, and you're going to say, "you know, this is a great guy. He deserves to know the truth."

Taylor: Hector, today is Darla's birthday, all right? I seriously doubt that he'll be wanting to have a discussion like -- I don't even know why I'm explaining myself to you.

Hector: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Taylor: That's all you do is warn me. We used to talk about other things.

Shane: You know, you can never really get rid of these mites, but at least this stuff, it'll at least keep them down for a while. I swear, sometimes killing bugs is harder than killing people. Wow. Did I just say that? I'm sorry, I didn't -- I wasn't even thinking. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Phoebe: You know, actually, my Uncle Thorne is going to get here really soon. You should probably not bring up the accident.

Shane: Right, right. So that was his wife?

Phoebe: Yeah, and a really wonderful person.

Shane: Oh. Man, that must've been really hard. I mean on you, too.

Phoebe: I was there when it happened.

Shane: You were there?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Shane: Wow. That's a lot to carry around.

Phoebe: Maybe you read about it in the papers or saw it on the news or something.

Shane: No, I really don't read the paper that much, and I definitely don't watch the news.

Phoebe: Okay. So yesterday, how did you know my name?

Nick: Son, you got something to say to me, just say it.

Harry: You know, if you want to marry the mother and still sleep with the daughter -- hey, I'm sure you got your reasons. I'm not gonna tell anybody.

Nick: You don't know the situation.

Harry: You've been decent to me, better than that, so I don't know what I'm complaining about. You go on living your life the way you want, and I'll go on living the way you taught me.

Bridget: Well, that would have to be Felicia, your little bird. Yeah, of course it was, because she's an authority on everything -- especially me. I didn't say there was a secret admirer, because there's not.

Brooke: Well, she never really did say that.

Bridget: What I told her was that things are going well, because they are. What? Sometimes, I think of Nicole.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart --

Bridget: No, Mom, I'm all right.

Brooke: Losing a child is never something you get over.

Bridget: No, that's not entirely the case. I think I'm beginning to understand. You know, the way it affected my thinking, my relationships, and really, the way that I looked at my life.

Brooke: I was wondering when you'd be able to talk about this.

Bridget: So you knew?

Brooke: I don't miss much when it comes to you. So tell me. Tell me everything.

Bridget: There's just some things that I did --

Brooke: That you see differently now? Or that you regret?

Bridget: Yes.

Brooke: Such as? Or do I already know?

Bridget: Maybe -- maybe you do. I'm still in love with Nick.

Shane: The company that I work for, I guess they want us to know a little bit about the families just so we don't let the wrong person in by mistake. I guess.

Phoebe: Yeah, but I have a twin sister. How did you know it was me?

Shane: Jorge told me that you had a twin sister and that she was in Europe somewhere.

Phoebe: At school.

Shane: Yeah. Hey, you know what, I had this friend one time that won this all-expense-paid trip to Europe. So lucky.

Phoebe: Really?

Shane: Yeah.

Phoebe: Yeah, it's fun, I guess, if you like old architecture and stuff.

Shane: Well, I mean, this is what I like. I mean, this is not too old, it's not too new. I mean, this is just like -- wow. I mean, it does seem a little big for two people, though.

Phoebe: Yeah, I guess it's what you're used to.

Shane: Try and get used to a 6' by 10' cell. I mean my room. My room is a little small.

Phoebe: We actually have company staying with us. I should probably go bring him dinner.

Shane: Okay, all right. Hey, it was nice talking to you.

Phoebe: Yeah.

Brooke: You're still in love with my husband?

Bridget: The day that I set Nick free to go and break up your wedding, I never thought that that would happen. I thought you would tell him no because you had what you really wanted.

Brooke: And then Nick would come back to you.

Bridget: That wasn't even the worst part of it. When that didn't happen and you went on and married Nick, I thought I had seen that before, too, with dad and Thorne and Grant and Whip, so I knew exactly what that meant. They had to learn the hard way, and so Nick would, too. I have been waiting for your marriage to end so that mine could begin again.

Shane: Hi.

Thorne: Hi. Isn't the garden outside?

Shane: Yeah. We're a full service outfit. We do houseplants and office plants. I think I got a card somewhere.

Thorne: No, that's okay, I'm kosher.

Shane: You sure? You must be the uncle. I'm really sorry about what happened to your wife.

Thorne: Thank you.

Shane: You know, I hope they threw the book at whoever was driving.

Taylor: Oh, have you been here long?

Thorne: No, I just walked in. Wow, you look nice.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. So Phoebe will be down in a minute, and she's going to take her own car.

Thorne: Okay, well then, we're ready. Here.

Taylor: Okay. Are you about done here?

Shane: Actually, Mrs. Forrester, I was just getting started.

Taylor: Oh, well, because we're about to leave, and my daughter's coming down, and she's gotta go, so she needs to lock up. Could you not leave that there?

Shane: Yeah, sorry.

Taylor: Okay, thanks. Thank you. Ready?

Thorne: Yeah.

Taylor: Let's go.

Shane: Yeah. Bye-bye to you, too, Taylor.

Shane: Hey, hey, Phoebe? Can you tell your mother something for me? I need to talk to her tomorrow.

Phoebe: About what?

Shane: I have an idea.

Phoebe: Well, she trusts Jorge.

Shane: Yeah, I know. But this is my idea.

Phoebe: Okay, yeah, I'll tell her.

Shane: Okay, good. Hey, hey, hey -- drive safely.

Phoebe: I will.

Bridget: Whatever you're thinking, it's all right. I deserve it.

Brooke: I'm not really one to cast the first stone. You know all about my failings and my life more than anybody else.

Bridget: Mom, did you just hear what I said?

Brooke: So we're in love with the same man. Hasn't it been that way? I mean, nothing has changed, really. Except maybe now, we can look at it head-on. Honey, there's nothing that you could do to make me hate you.

Bridget: No, Mom, there is.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

[Shane sighs]

[Shane remembering]

Shane: I can help.

Phoebe: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine!

Phoebe: Darla! Darla!

Taylor: For the love of God, no! No, no!

Phoebe: She fell into the road --

[Sirens wailing]

Hector: Taylor?

Taylor: Thank God!

Hector: Step aside, we'll take care of her. We were right down PCH. Darla! Darla, it's hector, can you hear me? How did this happen? Where's the driver?

Thorne: Phoebe? Hey, what is going -- are you okay?

Phoebe: I'm fine.

Thorne: Taylor?

Shane: Yeah, it's a terrible thing, Mr. Forrester. It's a terrible thing that one man's loss should be another man's gain. But I tell you something -- come tomorrow, it's payday for me.

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