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Bridget: Nick, don't do this. You cannot tell my mother.

Nick: I know this isn't what you wanted to hear --

Bridget: But, Nick, she's never going to make you happy. You know that. That's why you ended up in my arms last night. That's why we made love. You can't go down that road again. Don't go back to her. Come back to me.

Thorne: Are you asking me to leave?

Hector: I think that would be wise. Don't you, Taylor?

Nick: I believe she'll stay with me.

Bridget: Okay, well, for how long? How long are you going to just stand there with an ax hanging over your head?

Nick: Bridget, please stop this. Please?

Bridget: Well, I -- I can't. Nick, you said the same things this morning -- this morning! Are you just going to ignore and forget what happened to you last night?

Nick: I haven't forgotten anything. What I said today, what I did last night -- I forgot nothing. Your mother wants the marriage to work. And the truth is, so do I.

Nick: Bridget, I'm sorry. You've been hurt so many times. I wish there was something I could say -- to make it better. But there isn't. I don't know what's going to happen when I tell your mother.

Bridget: You can't tell her, Nick.

Nick: We're starting over.

Bridget: If you care about me at all, you will never say a word. Not one. Not ever.

Brooke: Nick forgave me for running to you last night. What else could I ask in a husband? Forgiveness, loyalty, understanding.

Ridge: Nick is not perfect, Logan. You go on and on about how you've let him down. But he's going to eventually do the same thing to you. He will let you down.

Brooke: No, he won't.

Ridge: For your sake, I hope you're right.

Brooke: Really?

Ridge: Would I rather you came back to me, put our family back together? You bet I would. But I meant what I said. I've got to move on, Brooke. I'm going to Europe with Donna. We're going to have the time of our lives.

Brooke: Well, then, I guess there's nothing left to say, but good-bye.

Ridge: I'm going to miss you.

Brooke: I'll miss you, too.

Thorne: Hector, I sympathize with you, okay? I do.

Hector: And I sympathize with you, too, Thorne. You have been through hell. You've lost a wife, you're trying to raise a daughter by yourself. I know how hard it is being a single father.

Thorne: Sounds like we have a lot in common.

Taylor: Which is why the two of you need to find a way to get along.

Hector: Well, maybe we could, if he would be open to a little advice from someone who knows.

Thorne: What would that be?

Hector: You need to focus on your daughter, Thorne. Not Taylor. And don't you think it's inappropriate to begin a new relationship with another woman so soon after Darla's death?

Taylor: Hector -- Hector!

Thorne: If you have a problem with me, that's fine. But you leave ally out of it.

Hector: How do you plan on explaining this -- this new relationship, this new woman, to a little girl who's still grieving for the loss of her mother?

Thorne: Who the hell do you think you are?

Hector: Ironically, I think I'm the only one in this room who sees this situation clearly.

Thorne: Hmm. You know what I see, Hector? I see a jealous man.

Taylor: Thorne, Thorne -- let's not argue.

Hector: There's nothing to argue about, Taylor. You and I have talked about this before. You two should not be seeing each other.

Thorne: All right, you know what? That is enough! Taylor and I do not need your approval. Now, when I come over here -- and I will be coming over here -- you are going to respect our relationship, hector, and our privacy.

Hector: You're not going to have a relationship.

Thorne: Oh, really?

Hector: You're going to leave this house, and leave Taylor alone.

Thorne: Or what, Hector? What, are you gonna have some of the guys from the fire station come over and rough me up a little?

Hector: I'll do it myself.

Taylor: Oh, my God -- Hector! Are you okay?

Hector: Yes!

Taylor: Thorne, why don't you go ahead and go? Just go.

Taylor: Don't you ever do anything like that again!

Hector: You are putting yourself in danger every second that you spend with him.

Taylor: We've been through this before.

Hector: But no matter how many times I say it, you still refuse to listen.

Taylor: Well, I'm not going to stop seeing him, Hector.

Hector: Does he mean that much to you? That you would risk everything -- your freedom, mine, your daughter's well-being -- Stephanie convinced you not to tell him that you were driving the car that night. And I know that you are battling with this every day to keep that secret. I can't imagine, I mean, seeing Darla's face over and over, and over again. The guilt, it must be eating you alive. But you can work through this, Taylor. I can help you. But the closer you get to him, the harder it's going to be.

Taylor: Hector, I want to be your friend, and I want to help you, but my involvement with Thorne is not open for discussion.

Hector: He will send you to jail! Whatever love he has for you now is going to disappear, okay? The minute that he finds out that you killed his wife. It's a no-win situation, Taylor. The best thing that you can do is to stay away from him. Cut the ties. Get Thorne out of your life.

Brooke: Great things can happen when you and I work together.

Brooke: Is this all right?

Ridge: Perfect. Nick is not perfect, Logan. You go on and on about how you've let him down. But he's going to eventually do the same thing to you. He will let you down.

Brooke: No, Ridge. He never has. And he never will.

Nick: I betrayed your mother. I'm not going to betray her again by lying about this.

Bridget: I'm not asking you to lie, Nick.

Nick: It would be a lie by keeping this a secret after we swore to be honest with each other.

Bridget: Do you want a life with her or not?

Nick: She deserves to know the truth.

Bridget: What about me, Nick? What do you think I deserve? I opened my heart to you last night, only to lose you again today. Well, I really don't want to lose my relationship with my mother or my family. And don't you think they're going to wonder why my mother doesn't want anything to do with me, why the sight of her daughter makes her sick? Look, you can have everything else, just please give me this. At least let me hold on to my dignity.

Nick: All right. Bridget, I'm sorry.

Bridget: I really want you to go. If you have to have a life with my mother, then you should go and have a life with her. But remember this, if you tell her that we slept together, we all lose. This is a secret that we need to keep forever.

Bridget: Oh, my God. What have I done?

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