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Bridget: We don't need to say anything. We don't even need to talk at all.

Nick: What happened last night?

Bridget: It was because of my mom. And Ridge.

Nick: And I meant what I said. It's over. But this -- you and me, happening so fast.

Bridget: Wait, Nick. Look, it's okay. Really, I understand.

Nick: This is just -- so fast.

Bridget: We don't have to talk about it.

Nick: We're gonna have to deal with it somehow.

Brooke: What have I done to you, Nick? What have I done to us?

Donna: Hey, you and Captain Bligh coming down for breakfast? I already fed the kids. Where is he, anyway?

Brooke: Nick didn't come home last night.

Donna: What?

Brooke: Well, I can't say that I blame him after everything I put him through.

Donna: I don't understand. I spoke to Ridge when you left. He said you're still committed to your marriage to nNick. I just assumed you came home and the two of you made up.

Brooke: Well, that's what I was hoping. But when I got home, Catherine said that Nick went to the Marlin, so he must have spent the night there alone.

Bridget: I know that you're struggling with the right words to say right now. You really don't need to do that. We're beyond just tiptoeing around each other with what we say or how we feel. You know that.

Nick: What I know is what happened last night with your mother, with you -- none of it's okay.

Bridget: Last night can just -- mean whatever we want it to mean, need it to mean. And nothing more, nothing less. You know, what happened --

Nick: What happened happened because your mother's still in love with Forrester and she always will be. I tried, but I can't live my life that way. I can't and I won't.

Nick: You said that you let me go because I had to learn for myself. I learned that you can't let go of what she feels for this man.

Bridget: She loves you, too, Nick.

Nick: And I believe that. I do. I believe we could have had something that -- was special. Something that lasted. God, I wanted that.

Bridget: It's not too late. You can still have it, if that's what you want.

Nick: No. She says that she wants me, but the slightest hint of Forrester moving on, she runs from my bedroom and into his arms. And what kind of husband stands for that? God, this is killing me. It's killing what I feel for her. I'm going to shower and go do what I gotta do.

Bridget: Wait, Nick, you're going to go end things with her right now?

Nick: Nothing's changed from last night, Bridget. She's still involved in this man's life. She can't help it. We all know why. You know, I really thought that she loved me enough to let go of Forrester. Brooke will never really be mine. Never.

Donna: Did you call Nick's cell, try to reach him?

Brooke: Well, it went directly into his voice mail, so obviously he doesn't want to talk to me. And why should he? After the way I reacted when I saw Ridge kiss you on tv.

Donna: Nick got upset about the way you reacted?

Brooke: I never should have walked out on him. It was really selfish of me. It was very unfair to do that to a man who has done nothing but put me first in his life. Now, I know that I made him really angry. But if he could just find it in his heart to forgive me one last time, I swear I would be the wife that he deserves.

Donna: There's something I think you should know.

Bridget: Don't move! Who are you, and what the hell are you doing in here?

Harry: Just relax, okay? I'm a bud of Nick's. He's letting me crash on the Marlin while I'm in town.

Bridget: So you know Nick.

Harry: Yeah, he and my father were pretty tight. They used to run the Seattle to Singapore route for Marone together -- until -- anyway, I'm harmless, so you can --

Bridget: You still haven't told me who you are.

Harry: Oh, and you didn't tell me who you are. Or what's going on around here. I'm sorry. I'm Harry. Harry Jackson.

Bridget: Oh, I know you. Yeah, Nick's told me all about you. He was working with your father. He was on that tanker that --

Harry: Yeah, he's been pretty much a second father to me ever since. In a way keeping tabs on me by snail mail kind of way. So you want to tell me who you are and who you are to nick?

Bridget: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Bridget.

Harry: As in the Bridget Nick married?

Bridget: And divorced. Yeah, he's married to my mom now.

Brooke: Something I should know?

Donna: It's just -- I think Nick might be a little more upset than you realize.

Nick: I need to talk to my wife.

Donna: Sure, I just want to talk to her --

Nick: Alone.

Brooke: Nick, I'm sorry. I know that you're angry with me --

Nick: Don't, don't, please. I'm not -- I'm not here to do that dance with you anymore. I came by to pick up my things. To give you this.

Harry: So your mother is Brooke Logan? Okay, I'm starting to get it here.

Bridget: Yeah, what can I say? My family's complicated.

Harry: Yeah, I'll bet.

Bridget: Well, I better get going.

Harry: So you just stopped by to look for nick?

Bridget: Yeah, well, I mean -- I left my sunglasses here a couple of weeks back. Here they are. Just thought, since I was in the area, I would stop by and pick them up. It was really nice meeting you. I'm sure I'll see you again.

Harry: Yeah, you, too.

[Harry sighs] Damn it, Nick. What the hell kind of mess have you gotten yourself into?

Brooke: Nick, my god. I knew you'd be upset, but ending our marriage?

Nick: You walked out on me last night.

Brooke: And I regret that more than ever, but you have to understand.

Nick: I thought that when we made it to the altar that meant that I'd come first.

Brooke: Yes, it did. It does.

Nick: So you did what you did last night because I'm first in your life?

Brooke: No, I know it was wrong of me to run out on you like that. I know I hurt you.

Nick: You hurt us! You hurt what I wanted for us and what I hoped you wanted for us. I've been patient, Brooke. I have been more patient than I ever dreamed I could be, because I know what I asked of you was hard -- putting distance between you and Forrester. But you said, "I can do that." And I believed you. Well, I guess we were both wrong, huh? Even if he had sex with your sister on national tv last night, I needed to know that I came first, that your love for me meant more, and it didn't.

Nick: God, Brooke. You practically ran over to him because you thought he was moving on with your sister and not you. The guy has torn your heart out time and time again. And yet you go back to him like you're some sort of a masochist or you're a junkie of some sort.

Brooke: I know. Look, there's something I have to tell you. I let ridge kiss me. I didn't initiate it, but I did kiss him back. And I don't know what happened, Nick. I just -- I was vulnerable at that moment, and -- Nick, please! You have to listen to me.

Nick: I have been listening. I've listened and I've tried to understand. But last night was enough for me. I'm not putting myself through it anymore. Go be with him. Do it for yourself. Or do it for me. Because I don't like the man that I've become because you won't draw the line. Well, I'm drawing the line. And as much as I love you -- and, god, I do -- this is over. You are free to run into his arms. I want you to. You've got my blessing. Both of you.

[Bridget remembering]

Minister: Do you, Bridget, take nick to be your husband? For better or worse, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others for as long as you both shall live?

Bridget: I do.

Bridget: Oh, Nicole, I miss you so much. But you know what? Something happened. It's all coming full circle. Oh, baby doll, I think your daddy and I might have a chance to be together again.

Brooke: Nick, please. I'm trying to make you understand. Yes, ridge begged for forgiveness again! Yes, he asked me to come back to him -- again! And as much as I care for him -- and you know I do, because I've been honest about that from the very beginning -- I don't want to have a life with a man whose let me down the way he has.

Nick: Please --

Brooke: I know you think it's just words, because I've done this before and I still never let go of Ridge, but he betrayed me, and you would never do that. You make a promise and you stick to it, no matter what. I trust you, Nick, completely. And because of that, I feel safe. Safe like I've never felt before, and I feel deeply loved. By a man whose done nothing but protect me and protect my children. Protect my heart. I know I've put you through so much. And words, really -- it's not going to make it better. But we can't let it end this way. Because I love you too much. And you love me. You know you do. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose the one special, amazing man whose gone to hell and back for me. For our little family. I don't want to lose that, and I believe that now, more than ever. You can believe it, too. You can show me that you believe it by putting this ring back on and giving me -- us, our family -- one last chance. Please.

Nick: A little late for that. There's something I gotta tell you. About last night. Something you need to know.

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