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Thorne: Taylor, if you have something to say to me, say it.

Taylor: I'm so sorry.

Throne: Hey, what's going on? I'm here, okay? Whatever you're going through, tell me.

Taylor: I've ruined my life.

Thorne: Oh, no, no. Taylor, come on, don't say that. Hey, that's the way I used to feel. But then you came and rescued me and my little girl from our darkest nights. Taylor, because of you, we can get up each morning, and we can face the day because of your strength and your guidance. Taylor, you gave us our lives back. Now, don't talk like that, okay? Now, whatever you're going through, I'm here and I'm gonna hold your hand and we're gonna get through it, okay? The same way that you held alexandria and mine. All right? Now, we're going to face things, from now on, together. That's how we're gonna do things, okay? All right, now tell me. Whatever it is, taylor, please tell me.

Stephanie: Honey, can I have a moment alone with taylor?

Throne: No, mother --

Stephanie: Please, sweetheart. Just a moment. Please.

Thorne: Okay.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Taylor: Why -- why did you do this?

Stephanie: Because of how he sees you.

Taylor: It's because he doesn't know what you know. So let me tell him.

Stephanie: And what'll you tell him, taylor? You had a couple of drinks and you ran his wife over?

Taylor: He needs to know the truth. You said so yourself, and I'm ready.

Stephanie: I wouldn't trust you to tie your own shoes at this point in your life.

Taylor: He still needs to know.

Stephanie: You are not in a position to decide what someone needs -- that is clear. That is abundantly clear to me.

Eric: Come on, taylor, pick up. Phoebe, sweetheart -- alexandria, did she -- did she take anything? Did she take any medicine?

Alexandria: No.

Eric: Honey -- you have a fever, hmm? Sweetheart, I need you to talk to me.

Darla: Phoebe?

Do you know where your mom is?

Phoebe: Jail.

Eric: What? Alexandria, did she say anything?

Alexandria: It's her fault mommy died.

Eric: Alexandria, why would you say something like that?

Alexandria: She said it.

Taylor: I want to tell him.

Stephanie: You don't get to want anything, taylor. You don't have any prerogatives here. You're life is a mess. And until you can pull yourself together, your life isn't even your own.

Taylor: I'm really confused. I don't know what you want me to do. Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it.

Stephanie: Why did you make him need you? He only smiles with you. How could you do that to him?

Taylor: I didn't manipulate anything, if that's what you're implying. I just reached out to him. That was the least I owed him.

Stephanie: You owe him a life, not to be nice to him.

Taylor: I loved him and I took care of him, which, obviously, he didn't feel like he could get from other places.

Stephanie: No, he got it from the brilliant psychiatrist.

Taylor: Don't go there.

Stephanie: Who knows everything but what any household dog knows about decency. What happened to you?

Taylor: I lost myself.

Stephanie: And darla with you? For god's sake, you lose keys, you lose a purse, you lose cards, you lose money, you don't lose yourself. Are you still in there?

Taylor: You know what? I guess maybe I have a bad habit of listening to the wrong people. Like I did with you. Because that cost me my marriage.

Thorne: Taylor -- hey -- hey, look, I want to know what's going on with you, okay? Phoebe said you were coming by. What is this all about?

Stephanie: That's what I want to talk to you about. Something rather shocking happened tonight, and we really can't expect taylor to make sense of it because she was there first and before anybody even knew.

Thorne: She was where?

Stephanie: Hector's house, it burned down tonight.

Thorne: Oh, my god.

Stephanie: I was there, too.

Thorne: Was anyone hurt?

Stephanie: Well, hector was -- I don't know how badly. I mean -- 'cause we barely got out in time ourselves.

Thorne: No wonder you're so distraught. I'll never forget what hector did for darla. Hey, let me drive you to the hospital, okay? We'll get some information.

Stephanie: No, that's not necessary. I gave my phone number to one of the fireman and, you know -- they'll call.

[Cell phone rings] Maybe that's them now. Oh, it is. It's the university hospital. Hello?

Eric: Look, I'm trying to find taylor. Do you know where she is?

Stephanie: She's right here. What are you doing at university hospital?

Eric: I had to bring phoebe in.

Stephanie: Phoebe?

Taylor: What about her?

Eric: I stopped by to see thorne and -- look, put her mother on, will you?

Stephanie: It's eric.

Throne: Was there a problem at the house?

Taylor: Eric, what's wrong?

Eric: I wish I knew. Look, she was sweating and shaking when I went in there. I'm not sure she even knew who i was.

Look, bridget is on duty

here and she's asking me

a lot of questions

I don't know the answers to.

Is phoebe allergic to


Taylor: No, no.

Eric: Has she ever had a seizure?

Taylor: Oh, god. How is alexandria?

Eric: Look, she's fine. She's here with me.

Taylor: Okay, she's -- alexandria's with eric. She's okay.

Throne: Dad, we're on our way.

Eric: Good.

Bridget: Her pupils looks all right. I just want to give her a half cc of adavin I.V. And another in a half-hour if she needs it. I think I know what's going on here. I just want to double check the scan results before I let her go. Where's alexandria?

Eric: Ally?

Bridget: Alex?

Eric: Alexandria?

Bridget: Ally?

Eric: Did you see a little girl -- a little blonde girl? Purple --

Bridget: Ally?

Eric: Alexandria? Sweetheart? What are you doing down there?

Bridget: Hey, ally -- look what I have here. It's a brand new coloring book, and there is not one page in here that's been colored. I really need this done, so I was wondering if you could help us out a little bit.

Alexandria: I don't want to go in.

Bridget: Oh, well, then you came to the right place, kiddo. Because that's what these chairs are for. So, I'm gonna leave this coloring book right up here and go check on phoebe, because she's gonna be going home really soon.

Alexandria: Okay.

Bridget: Okay.

[Eric laughs]

Eric: Come on.

Taylor: Bridget!

Bridget: Taylor -- hey, listen, it's okay. She's fine. And don't let the oxygen scare you, she was just hyperventilating. We did do an eeg, just to rule out any form of a seizure, and they would've called if there was any cause for concern. I was just double checking.

Taylor: Thank you.

Bridget: I heard you two were heroes tonight -- about hector. I don't know what would've have happened if you hadn't called.

Taylor: How is he?

Bridget: Well, he's conscious but sedated. At least that's the last official word I heard. There were so many firemen and policemen around, I couldn't really get near. But I heard that they're monitoring a concussion tonight and then sending him to supplicate, which to me means he's on the road to recovery. I'll be right there. Why don't you go on in and see phoebe?

Taylor: Phoebe --

Phoebe: Mom, I thought you were --

Stephanie: Phoebe, I think you should keep that mask on. I'm sure that's what bridget would want. Look, there was a reason that your mother didn't get to where she was supposed to be going. Well, we might as well tell you about it right now.

Thorne: I like this one.

Alexandria: Me, too. Is here where mommy died?

Thorne: Yeah. This is the building, but it was on a different floor.

Alexandria: Can we go there?

Thorne: Oh, honey, I think the doctors are working on somebody else there.

Alexandria: Maybe she came back.

Thorne: No, honey.

Alexandria: Like you say, if I'm lost, I can stayed where I was.

Eric: Well, thank god I married a busybody. My god, you smell of smoke.

Stephanie: Boy, you're right, I do.

Eric: How did this fire start?

Thorne: Hey, you feeling better?

Taylor: We're just sitting here waiting for bridget.

Thorne: Listen, I hate to ask you this right now, but could you come outside with me? Alexandria wants to see the room her mother died in.

Stephanie: I can talk to her, honey, if you'd like.

Throne: No, that's okay, mom. I need taylor.

Thorne: She -- she thinks her mother's upstairs.

Taylor: Maybe she could go up to the room and just stand in the doorway. It might give her some closure. I'll talk to the nurses and get her cleared up to that floor.

Thorne: I hate to do that to her.

Taylor: I'll give it a purpose, okay? Work with her. Hey, thank for taking care of phoebe today. She's much better.

Alexandria: You're welcome.

Taylor: What are you drawing?

Alexandria: A bee.

Taylor: A bee? Are you going to finish coloring it?

Alexandria: Yeah.

Taylor: Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we cut it out and you can take it up to your mom's room -- where she died? You could put it on the door. I'm guessing she could probably see that all the way from heaven.

Alexandria: Okay. Nasal allergy symptoms, like congestion, can occur at any time.

Bridget: Panic attacks can be really, really serious. Not necessarily medically, but they definitely are for you. Ask your mom. People come in here every day thinking they've had are'r nef those things are ever true.

Phoebe: I'm sorry I caused everyone to worry.

Bridget: No, don't be sorry. Look, you're doing a lot better. Your heart rate has definitely gone down. I just want to give it another half an hour to make sure it stays there.

Phoebe: Okay, thank you.

Taylor: Thank you, bridget.

Eric: I'm going to see if I can track down ridge.

Stephanie: Okay. Well, let's get serious now.

Taylor: Your grandmother knows.

Phoebe: Knows what?

Stephanie: Stop the act, phoebe. I want to know the truth. And remember, god's listening. Now, what happened?

Phoebe: It was an accident. I mean, anyone driving at that time would have hit her.

Taylor: I was drinking.

Stephanie: Are you still drinking?

Taylor: What do you think?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know, taylor. I don't know what to think. I want you to pull yourself together. And stop blaming yourself. That's ridiculous. And if you blame yourself, you might as well blame the tires. Or the fog. It's just nonsense. I want you to watch your mother. Make sure she goes to an aa meeting every day, two or three if it's necessary. And if she doesn't go, then I want to find out about it.

Taylor: No, no, no, wait a minute. You back off. You leave her alone. This is not her responsibility. You're not going to run our lives.

Stephanie: I'm not trying to run your lives. Listen to me, people suffer and die needlessly every single day. And you know what really matters? The living. And the fact that they have to keep going forward.

Taylor: Forward to what?

Stephanie: To whatever kind of happiness they can find --

Taylor: Well, that is impossible for me --

Stephanie: Oh, stop with the self-pity. I'm not going to do this to save your skin. You owe a debt, but it isn't to society, because -- nobody broke society's heart. But you broke theirs.

Alexandria: Pick a color, daddy.

Thorne: Oh, you know what? I like this one, sweetie.

Alexandria: Me, too.

Thorne: Okay.

Eric: How's she doing, thorne?

Thorne: She's doing amazingly well, actually. Thanks to taylor, mainly. Oh, let's -- yeah, that color worked perfect, huh? That's good, honey. Very good.

Stephanie: Taylor, thorne and alexandria need you. They need you. You have to be there for them. I don't care whether it's picking her up from school, taking her to school, being at the playground with her, having dinner -- you've got to be there. You got to try and help them --

Taylor: That is exactly what I have been doing. I have been doing the best I can. But I still have to tell thorne that I am the one that destroyed his life. I cannot live with this guilt.

Stephanie: You can't live this guilt? You're a psychiatrist. You know that guilt is the biggest waste of emotion in the world. I could sit down and make a long list of all the unforgivable things I've done in my life. I could sit around and wait for a black robed judge to pass sentence on me, but I don't do that. I get up and I get on with it. And every single day, I try and find some way to redeem myself. And that's what you have to do.

Taylor: You know what? You go out there and you ask your son, thorne, what single thing will give him peace in his life. And he'll tell you it's finding the person that killed the mother of his little girl out there!

Stephanie: Oh, you think finding out that you ran over darla is going to give him peace of mind? No, it isn'T. You said it was an accident. She's sworn to me that it's an accident. Was it an accident?

Taylor: Yes, it was!

Stephanie: Well, then let it go! Walk away from it now, let it end here. If he can live with it, if he can learn to live with it, then you can, too.

Stephanie: You owe it to darla.

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