The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/24/06


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Stephanie: Answer me! Was it you? I want the truth.

Taylor: Stephanie, for the love of God --

Stephanie: God will have his chance! This is mine. You tell me, were you drunk? Did you kill her?

Phoebe: Did you have a bad dream?

Alexandria: I don't know.

Phoebe: You just woke up? That used to happen to me when I was little. Milk helps.

Alexandria: Why couldn't you sleep?

Phoebe: I was scared. Actually, I missed my mom.

Alexandria: I know.

Phoebe: I'm sorry.

Alexandria: Everybody says that.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, I really mean it.

Thorne: You think it was Taylor? You think Taylor is the hit and run driver?

Lt. Baker: "Think" is an interesting word.

Thorne: And my niece, Phoebe -- she just watched and isn't saying anything.

Lt. Baker: You know, facts are tricky little devils. Sometimes you have to step aside from what you think and just look at all the ways that they could be made to fit. Like building blocks.

Thorne: This isn't kindergarten. We are talking about my wife's life.

Lt. Baker: I've never forgotten that, Thorne.

Thorne: Is this the best you can do?

Lt. Baker: Well, there's one fact you don't know about. Dr. Forrester was drinking the night of the accident.

Thorne: Who told you that?

Lt. Baker: I smelled it on her at the hospital.

Thorne: So did I, but she wasn't drunk.

Lt. Baker: Drunk in our eyes and in the eyes of the law are not the same thing.

Thorne: So give her a ticket. Look, Taylor started hitting the wine a little hard after ridge left her, but I happen to know that she is dealing with it.

Lt. Baker: Something give her an incentive?

Thorne: I have never seen her sloppy drunk, certainly not to the point where she would forget running somebody down.

Lt. Baker: I agree. I don't think she would forget.

Taylor: I'll tell you anything you want. Just cut me loose and get us out of here!

Stephanie: I want the truth!

Taylor: God, if you're not going to help me, at least help Hector. He's hurt. Please, call someone.

Stephanie: No one's going to die here, unless you don't tell me the truth. Did you kill her?

Taylor: Yes! Yes, I killed her! I'm sorry! Please, just help us! Please! Please, help us! Please!

Taylor: Yes! Yes, I killed her! I'm sorry! Please, just help us!

[Taylor coughs]

Stephanie: My God, you killed and then did nothing.

Taylor: You can't just leave me here. Stephanie, please do something!

Stephanie: You killed her and you said nothing.

Taylor: I tried to tell Thorne everything, and hector did this to me. Please, hurry!

Stephanie: Shut up!

Taylor: Call 911. My purse is over there. My cell phone's there. Hector? Hector? Oh, my God. Hurry, Stephanie! Hurry! Hurry, come help me.

Thorne: This is your pet theory? Taylor got loaded, hit my wife with her car, and then lied through her teeth while we stood there and watched her die.

Lt. Baker: She said nothing. Now, to some people, that's not the same as lying. Now, Ramirez and her daughter, they would be lying.

Thorne: Hector?

Lt. Baker: Well, he was the first one on the scene. If they told anyone, they told him. He's been sticking to them like flypaper. Why do you think that is?

Thorne: He has a thing for her. Everybody knows that.

Lt. Baker: Well, maybe he found a way to be her knight in shining armor. Look, Ramirez is a good man. But what you find in my line is that the saddest things in the world happen when good people make bad calls.

Thorne: You know what, Baker? You're one of them. You're off this case.

Lt. Baker: You don't have that authority.

Thorne: Taylor Hayes is not the kind of person who would do what you suggest. I have known that woman for half of my life, and she is an open book. And I am not going to let you ruin her reputation.

Lt. Baker: We all do things that are out of character. It keeps life interesting, it keeps me in a job. That DUI of hers, for instance.

Thorne: Whose DUI?

Lt. Baker: Dr. Forrester. She had a drunk driving arrest this spring. Paid a hefty fine, her license was suspended. Now, her daughter was stranded on the road, so I understand why she thought it was okay to drive that evening, but if she'd been drinking - - if she's such an open book, I'd assumed you knew.

Thorne: That still doesn't prove anything. We didn't see a lot of her after the divorce. And if I would have asked her, she would have told me.

Lt. Baker: No doubt. She probably would've told you a lot of things if you would've asked.

[Stephanie coughs]

Taylor: Help.

Stephanie: I can't.

Taylor: We've gotta do something.

Stephanie: We have to hurry!

Taylor: No, we have to help him.

Stephanie: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

Taylor: Stephanie --

Stephanie: No.

Taylor: We can't. We have to go back --

Stephanie: No.

[Sirens wailing] Mmmmm!

[Sirens wailing]

Stephanie: Come on. Get out of here. They're here!

Firefighter: Is anyone inside?

Stephanie: Yes.

Taylor: Yes, Hector's inside. A beam fell, and he's trapped.

Stephanie: He's trapped.

Firefighter: We got a live hose line yet?

Taylor: Hurry, there's chemicals -- there's paint thinner in there.

Stephanie: Please, hurry, he's trapped in there.


Taylor: Oh, my God.

Phoebe: I think about your mom all the time.

[Phoebe gasps] And about mine.

Alexandria: Your mommy isn't gone.

Phoebe: I don't know. It's my fault.

Alexandria: Phoebe, are you sick?

Phoebe: I need to lie down.

[Phoebe remembering]

No! Darla! Darla. Can you hear me?

Taylor: No. Oh, my God, no! No, no!

Phoebe: She just fell into the road.

Taylor: Darla!

Phoebe: Darla –

Lt. Baker: You can challenge my ability, Thorne. But in the meantime, just a suggestion. You might want to have that conversation with Dr. Forrester. If she'll tell anybody, she'll tell --

Thorne: Do you honestly think I'm going to accuse her of this?

Lt. Baker: I'm sure you've go more tact than that.

Thorne: There is no tactful way to ask that question. And I'm flat out not going to do it. Ever since this happened, Taylor has been there for me. No one asked her to.

Lt. Baker: I wonder why.

Thorne: Because that's who she is. Especially for my daughter. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was to sit that little girl down and tell her that her mother is dead. The only way I got through that is because Taylor was there. So you tell me what kind of unfeeling monster could murder someone and then turn around and do that?

Lt. Baker: I keep looking for monsters on this job. They keep turning out to be ordinary folk who say they're just doing the best they can. Maybe they are.

Orbach: There's a fire at the Ramirez place. It sounds bad.

Lt. Baker: Hector Ramirez?

Orbach: Yeah. There's one person trapped inside. They tell me his truck was there. Guess who else? Taylor and Stephanie Forrester.

Taylor: What happened to him?

Firefighter: He's alive.

Stephanie: Thank God.

Taylor: What happened to his face?

Firefighter: An explosion, a can of flammable liquids. Get him in the ambulance.

Stephanie: No, no. Stay here.

Taylor: I have to see how badly he is!

Stephanie: No, you've done enough for Hector. You're going to come with me, Taylor.

Firefighter: Lt. Baker. Be careful. I really shouldn't be letting you in here yet.

Lt. Baker: Thank you. So how bad is Ramirez?

Firefighter: The ceiling was under repair. It looks like this main support gave way.

Lt. Baker: Well, he doesn't have a ceiling problem now.

Firefighter: Had some varnish, primer, solvents -- somehow, it all went up.

Lt. Baker: Ramirez is a fireman.

Firefighter: And what's your point?

Lt. Baker: Well, he's not a careless guy. This doesn't make sense. I understand Mrs. Forrester and the ex-daughter-in-law were here, too.

Firefighter: Thank God they were.

Lt. Baker: What brought them by? Did they say?

Firefighter: Guy's got his personal life, right? Rest assured, our investigator will be talking to them.

Lt. Baker: Make sure you get some pictures of this.

Orbach: What do you got?

Lt. Baker: You know what I hate? Crimes of passion.

Orbach: Is that what we're looking at?

Lt. Baker: That's what I hate -- you never know. Some people driven by things they don't understand. They don't act like themselves or like any sane criminal would. They don't know what to cover up because everything seems hidden to them. Like they're driving down a dark road with only a flashing neon sign to guide them. They leave their whole mistakes and stories right out there where you can find them. And it's like a fairy tale run through a shredder -- can't make any damn sense out of it unless you're out of your head yourself.

Orbach: Crime of whose passion, do you think?

Lt. Baker: Seems to be enough to go around. Here, let's bag this.

Eric: Hey. Hi, sweetie. What are you doing up so late?

Alexandria: Nothing.

Eric: It's okay, honey, I just wondered why. Who's here with you? Are you -- are you alone?

Alexandria: Phoebe doesn't feel good.

Eric: Phoebe? Phoebe? Sweetheart?

[Phoebe hallucinating]

Darla: Phoebe. What's wrong?

[Phoebe sobs]

Stephanie: You know, I find this almost incomprehensible -- that you could kill Darla and not say anything to anyone. It's -- it's almost -- you've lied to Thorne. You've lied to their child, to me, to everyone. And to make matters worse, you've used your own child to cover this whole thing up. She's half out of her mind over this. How could you do that to her?

Taylor: Phoebe called me that night. But I didn't know that she'd also called Darla. The fog was so heavy, I couldn't even see ten feet in front of me. And then, all of a sudden, it was like -- it was like something or someone jumped in front of my car --

Stephanie: Jumped in front of the car? What are you talking about?

Taylor: Okay, fell. Fell! Whatever it was, Darla was in the middle of the road. She was changing the tire, and I guess maybe a nut or a bolt was stuck, and when it finally gave way, she fell. She fell back.

Stephanie: And when did you decide that no one was going to know about this.

Taylor: I never did.

Stephanie: Taylor, hitting her may have been an accident, but covering this up -- this is a crime. Do you understand that? Crime!

Taylor: I let things influence me.

[Stephanie scoffs]

Taylor:  And Phoebe was panicking, okay? Do you know what it does to me every time I see Thorne? It's like an ice pick going through me. I mean, I've been trying to tell you that's what this whole fire was about. I wanted to go tell Thorne, I wanted to tell him what I did. But Hector wouldn't let me. He had me tied up.

[Door opens]

Thorne: Hey, Mother, it's me. I know it's late, but -- oh, there you are. What are you doing here?

Stephanie: Taylor has something she wants to tell you. Tell him.

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