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Thorne: I love you, honey. I miss you so much. Alexandria's starting to ask questions. Why can't mommy ever come home? The little girl's mommy. How could this happen? Who did this? I love you. I love you.

Taylor: I don't want to be here.

Hector: Look, we have to settle this. You cannot fall apart.

Taylor: I don't want to be here.

Hector: You almost told Thorne what happened. I cannot let that happen.

Taylor: Have you seen the pain that Thorne is in? He's looking for an answer and I'm the answer he's looking for. I'm the one who killed Darla.

Hector: And Thorne will never find that out. Of course, he's hurting. Who wouldn't be? But telling him what happened that night, is not gonna bring her back. It will just make things worse.

Taylor: A child just lost her mother. Thorne just lost his wife. Things don't get any worse.

Felicia: Keep sleeping okay? I know how you love the fountain. Your daddy's from Italy. He likes fountains, too.

Eric: I'm very glad to get that dimmer switch finally fixed.

Electrician: You shouldn't have any more problems with it.

Eric: Good.

Electrician: Mrs. Forrester also wanted me to check the security camera at the side gate.

Eric: That's right. That hasn't worked for a couple of months.

Electrician: Maybe a critter chewed up the wires. I'll check it out.

Eric: All right. Thanks very much. Sorry to keep you waiting, Dante.

Dante: No problem, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: I spoke to Bridget. She tells me that it's over between the two of you. Frankly, I have to tell you I'm a little bit relieved. She was just coming off her marriage to Nick. And she turned to you. A good friend. But I was always just a little worried that it was too soon for her to get involved in another relationship.

Dante: You know I think that Bridget is an amazing woman.

Eric: Yeah. But she's had a very difficult year. And then finding out that you were the father of Felicia's son.

Dante: It hasn't been easy for any of us.

Eric: It's been pretty hard for Felicia, too. With the way things have turned out.

Dante: I know.

Eric: Do you, Dante?

Dante: Mr. Forrester -- Felicia is the reason why I'm here.

[Cell phone ringing]

Felicia: Hello. No, no -- I'm glad you reminded me, but it's taken care of. No problem. Bye. Ringer off, where are you?

Delivery man: This delivery job has its benefits. Lived here all my life, never seen anything like this. Great to live up here, I bet. View of the ocean. Clean air. What I wouldn't do for a pad like this. Takes a king's ransom, huh?

Eric: Not quite.

Delivery man: But close?

Eric: Thanks very much.

Delivery man: Ah, it's good to be the king.

Eric: Sorry once again. So, you came here to talk about Felicia.

Dante: Mr. Forrester, I came to Los Angeles because I was infatuated with a beautiful woman.

Eric: Bridget is smart and she's beautiful. But she's gonna have men infatuating with her, her whole life.

Dante: Then I came to Los Angeles, and I met Felicia. I mean, there was a proper introduction.

Eric: And then you found out you were a father.

Dante: Having a son with Felicia -- it's been amazing. It's taken me a while to fully realize how much I love Felicia. And it's just not because we have a son together. I'm in love with Felicia. Mr Forrester, if you would just give me one more chance -- to prove myself to you. I won't let you down.

Eric: I appreciate you telling me that. But I'm not the one who needs convincing. Felicia, she's out in the guest house.

Dante: Thank you.

Eric: Go on.

Phoebe: Aunt Darla, you came to help me. And what happened -- I can't get it out of my head. My mother -- I'm so sorry. Alexandria's lost her mother. I can't lose mine, too.

Thorne: Phoebe?

Hector: I bought something. Plane tickets. To Mexico. Come on, for you, me and Phoebe. We need this. I got a little time off. We need to clear our heads.

Taylor: No.

Hector: Why not? School's out. What's wrong with a mother taking your daughter on a vacation? Hmm? Come on, you need this or the secret will eat away at you. All of us. Give yourself over to me, Taylor. Everything is gonna work out. I'll take care of you. You just have to let me in.

Felicia: What are you doing here?

Dante: What a face, huh?

Felicia: He likes the sound of the fountain. So, I let him sleep out here.

Dante: Nothing better than that. Sleeping in the open air.

Felicia: So that's where he gets it from. Come inside. Don't wake him up.

Phoebe: Uncle Thorne.

Thorne: I heard what you said about losing your mother, too. What did you mean by that? I think I know. When you thought your mother died years ago. You were in so much pain, just like Alexandria.

Phoebe: She came back to us. That won't happen for Alexandria.

Thorne: Keep an eye on your mother, okay? Ever since Ridge ended their marriage --

Phoebe: Yeah, it's been hard on her. All of this.

Thorne: I know. I know. And I'm sorry for that. But Hector's been a friend, right? Phoebe? Is everything all right? Hector has been good for your mother, right?

Phoebe: I thought so -- at first. I don't know, I can't really talk about it.

Thorne: Okay. Listen, I appreciate you coming here, okay? Stay awhile? Darla would like that.

Phoebe: I'm so sorry.

Thorne: I'll see you later.

Taylor: No, Hector. A vacation isn't going to change anything.

Hector: It's a chance to clear your head.

Taylor: What happened isn't going to be washed away with sunshine and margaritas. I mean, do you have any idea the guilt I'm carrying? Do you? I killed somebody. Okay? I killed Darla. I hit her with my car. I watched it happen. And now, Thorne's out there looking for the bastard who did it. He's looking for the man who killed his wife. But it's not a man, it's me. So, who am I? Am I a good, honest person? Someone who I want my daughters to grow up to be like? Or am I a liar? Someone who runs from the law? A murderer?

Hector: No, you're not a murderer!

Taylor: I am. I am!

Hector: Will you stop? It was dark and foggy. Darla fell in front of your car.

Taylor: This wasn't Darla's fault!

Hector: And it's not your fault either. It was an accident.

Taylor: I was drinking, Hector. And that changes everything.

Felicia: Why are you looking at me like that?

Dante: Because you look very pretty.

Felicia: Pretty? Have you been dipping into the Chianti?

Dante: No.

Felicia: Well, then what?

Dante: I guess I haven't seen you in a little while.

Felicia: So absence makes your heart grow fonder?

Dante: Maybe.

Felicia: Well, I've been busy. Working. Busting heads. Cracking the whip. That sort of thing.

Dante: Cracking the whip?

Felicia: Do you wanna try?

Dante: Sure.

[Felicia laughs]

Felicia: Dante Damiano, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were flirting with me. Don't you remember -- I'm a handful. You did learn that. Just in the Nick of time, too. Right before we said "I do."

Dante: I was wrong.

Felicia: Okay, do you want to tell me what is going on here?

Dante: Felicia, I was wrong about a lot of things.

Felicia: Go on.

Dante: You know, you are like Van Gogh.

Felicia: Van Gogh?

Dante: At times he was locked away -- considered crazy. You know, he looked different, he acted different.

Felicia: I'm not gonna cut off an ear for you if that's what you're worried about.

Dante: He was sent away, his art was shelved. But he was a genius. He was a one-of-a-kind. Very much like you.

Felicia: I don't know where you're going with this. But if you're trying to work me up into a lather with your compliments -- it's working.

Dante: Well, good.

Felicia: Maybe I should go and get Dominic and put him down for the night.

Dante: Maybe you should.

Felicia: Oh my god. Dominic's gone!

Dante: What?

Felicia: He's gone.

Dante: Could he have crawled out of the stroller?

Felicia: No! He's never crawled out of there before! The pool!

Dante: The pool.

Hector: I've risked my life more than once to save someone else's. I've moved people into my home -- never asked anything in return. And now I see everything. In my life, about to be lost. My reputation, my freedom. Things I consider sacred. No, a decision's been made.

Taylor: I can't -- I can't do it anymore, Hector. I can't. I don't eat -- I barely sleep. I mean, every time I close my eyes, I see Darla. And all the people who depended on her. I can see her. She's right there. She's right in front of me. But I know she's gone. And then I think of Alexandria and she's crying in her closet. She's holding her mother's dresses. And she's wishing that she would come back home. And then there's Thorne. And I know that he's lying there at night. And he's just thinking of all the terrible things he wants to do the person that did this to his family.

Hector: Have you thought about phoebe? Have you thought about what's gonna happen to your daughter if you admit to this? Her life would be ruined. And she'll lose you. Look, you want to beat yourself up -- do you want to say that you don't deserve forgiveness? That you hope to burn in hell? Is that the way you want to live your life?

Taylor: Maybe I should burn in hell. I counsel people all day in my office, whose lies are eating them alive. And I tell them, you know, be honest. That's what'll give you peace. That's where your peace is at. What is my profession even a joke?

Hector: No.

Taylor: Then why -- why can't I take my own advice? Why, what am I, that weak? Justice and truth. Those aren't just words. They actually mean something. And keeping this a secret isn't right. I mean, isn't the truth what is supposed to set us free? You know, Thorne will never be free. He'll keep trying to figure out who it was who did this. He'll never be free from it until he knows the truth. He has to know.

Hector: Telling him will only destroy two families. Do you want to be locked away? Because I don't.

Taylor: I can't -- I can't do it. I can't live with myself. I can't. I'm sorry you got involved in this. I'm sorry you got caught up in it. I promise you, I will help you if I can. But I didn't want to do this. I should've just said no. I should have just stepped up and taken responsibility from the beginning. I should have just told the truth!

Hector: Stop talking this way, Taylor. Just stop --

Thorne: What the hell is going on? Taylor, are you okay?

Hector: Thorne, you're not welcome here.

Thorne: The hell I'm not. Taylor, you're trembling. What is it? What's wrong?

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