The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/9/06


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[Donna daydreaming]

Reporter: Oh my gosh here they come. Ridge, Donna, can we get a picture? Right here!

Ridge: Okay, okay, guys we just got home. Give us a break here a little bit. Look at you. What are you doing out there? You were teasing them.

Donna: Who, me?

Ridge: "Who, me?" You were flirting.

Donna: I was smiling.

Ridge: Yeah, yeah.

Donna: I couldn't help myself. I have a lot to smile about.

Ridge: So what did I tell you?

Donna: You were right. Paris was incredible. I loved it.

Ridge: Paris loved you.

Donna: I'll never forget it. Everything you did. The view of the Eiffel tower from the hotel room. Fresh roses every morning. Champagne and moonlight on the balcony.

Ridge: I just wanted to make sure your Paris debut was very, very, special.

Donna: It was perfect.

Ridge: Like you. Beautiful, alluring and totally and completely captivating.

Felicia: I'm telling you, big brother, they're great. Every single review.

Ridge: I knew the industry people would love it. What about the mainstream media?

Felicia: Raves.

Ridge: What's going on?

[Intercom buzzes]

Felicia: I'll get it. Sally, what's up?

Ridge: You look like you were a million miles away.

Donna: Was I?

Ridge: What's going on in that beautiful head of yours, Donna Logan?

Thorne: No messages. Maybe I should check the answering machine.

Taylor: Thorne, we just dropped Alexandria off. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Thorne: She was excited, right?

Taylor: Well, you said she was excited about going to art camp all summer.

Thorne: She was.

Taylor: She seemed happy to be there.

Thorne: After you talked to her. What did you say?

Taylor: Well, I just told her that it's okay to go there and have fun and enjoy it and that it's okay if she doesn't feel sad for awhile.

Thorne: Thorne, she may have just lost her mother, but she does need to know it's okay to be a little girl.

Thorne: Thank you. Alexandria and I are very grateful, Taylor. You don't know what a huge difference you've made in our lives.

Hector: Is your mother home? I didn't see her car parked in the driveway.

Phoebe: She's not here.

Hector: Well, she can only drive to work. Where else can she be?

Phoebe: She's not going to the office anymore. That doesn't mean she's not working.

Hector: What, is she making house calls now?

Phoebe: I'm just saying she doesn't have to stay cooped up in this house 24/7. And she doesn't need someone driving her around everywhere.

Hector: Phoebe, do you know where your mother is?

Phoebe: She doesn't need someone checking up on her all the time, either.

Hector: Tell me where she is right now.

Phoebe: She's with Thorne. She's with Thorne.

Donna: I think I'm still on a high from the fashion show.

Ridge: Me too. We are gonna take this collection to heights we've never reached before.

Felicia: Sounds like a sound bite to me.

Ridge: Who was that?

Felicia: Press. Clamoring for interviews with the designer and his new diva.

Ridge: Well, you tell them to back off. I need Donna with me now.

Felicia: We tell them to back off for too long and they will find another story.

Ridge: They're never gonna find anything more exciting than this. Brooke's bedroom. Back, better, badder than ever.

Felicia: Can I quote you on that?

Ridge: Yes.

Felicia: I'll let you know when the press release is ready.

Ridge: You do that.

Donna: Don't you think we run this by Brooke first?

Ridge: Oh, let me guess. She read you the riot act when you got home?

Donna: Well, that's what I was expecting, but, actually, she was actually very sweet.

Ridge: So you worked things out?

Donna: I thought she was jealous. Me stepping into her shoes. But actually, she's just concerned for me. And she knows this business. How easy it is to get sucked into the romance and glamour. She just wants me to stay grounded and keep it professional. Especially with you.

Hector: I told her to stay away from Thorne.

Phoebe: Thorne and Alexandria are family. If they need her help she's gonna help them.

Hector: No, there is too much at stake.

Phoebe: Look, Hector, I know you care about my mom, okay. You want to protect her. That's why you told her not to tell the police.

Hector: Phoebe, being around Thorne makes her feel guilty. She could crack and confess.

Phoebe: Well, if that's what she decides is the right thing to do.

Hector: No, it's not.

Phoebe: Well, that's your opinion.

Hector: We talked about this. We decided.

Phoebe: We? We or you?

Hector: Confessing is not an option.

Phoebe: Well, my mom thinks it is.

Hector: She's reacting out of emotion. Out of sympathy and guilt.

Phoebe: Better than jealousy. Look, I get it. I get it, okay? You're angry because she's not doing what you want.

Hector: I'm not angry, Phoebe. I am worried as hell. And you should be, too. Because if your mother doesn't listen to me, this whole thing could blow up and destroy everything that matters to us.

Taylor: She drew another picture of Darla?

Thorne: Yeah, she wants her mother to know she's always thinking of her.

Taylor: Well, that's good. She's found a way to express her loss.

Thorne: The grief book you gave me said to encourage that, so -- she's too young to talk about her feelings but she can draw pictures and sing songs.

Taylor: And you've given her this nice place to do that.

Thorne: She started leaving the pictures by the photo on her own. I just added the flowers.

Taylor: You know, you might want to put, like, a little pillow or chair over here and then when she feels like she wants to be close to her mommy, she can sit here and get some comfort.

Thorne: I'd like to think that she could come to me for that, Taylor.

Taylor: Of course she can. You've been doing a wonderful job.

Thorne: Then why do I feel so helpless?

Taylor: Because it's probably going to be difficult for a while.

Thorne: It makes it a little easier with you being here.

Taylor: I just -- I want to be sure about that because I definitely don't want to intrude.

Thorne: You're not. I guess that's what a lot of people are afraid of. Intruding. Or maybe they don't know what to say so they just stay away.

Taylor: Well, I'm sure that's because all of those people just, you know, they love Darla, too. And then when they see you and Alexandria and the pain you're in -- they don't know what to say. And they feel probably as helpless as you do.

Thorne: I guess I can't blame them for staying away. I mean, if the situation were reversed, I might react the same way. I mean, look at the way my family reacted over your divorce. And Taylor, you must have felt so alone.

Taylor: That's ancient history.

Thorne: We abandoned you. But here you are.

Taylor: It's because I feel like this is where I need to be.

Thorne: And nothing else matters? Not the way that you were treated, Taylor? I mean, nothing that has happened in the past?

Taylor: You know, I can't go back and change the past. I wish I could, but I can't. All I can do is focus on you and Alexandria and what you guys need right now. Thorne, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to help you find closure and move forward with your life.

Phoebe: Look, maybe my mom won't go to jail. The judge could be kind.

Hector: Not likely. Not with her prior DUI. No, she'll go to jail. We all will.

Phoebe: No, Hector, you just want us to do what you say. I want you to go.

Hector: Phoebe, you're a teenager. You don't know how the world works. You want to hope for the best and believe that everything will work out on it's own. But that's just not possible. Your mother was drinking. She got into a car and killed somebody. Yes, we know it was an accident. But nobody else will believe that. Not Thorne. Not the police. Not the D.A.! I've got to make her see this no matter what it takes. I've got to stop your mother from making a mistake that could ruin our lives!

Ridge: I guess you dodged a bullet. Brooke decided not to fire you.

Donna: As long as I behave myself.

Ridge: That's not gonna be easy. For either of us.

Donna: What do you mean?

Ridge: The press is hooked. They're gonna want more of what we gave them at the showing.

Donna: Well, I just have to remember this is my job. This is work.

Ridge: Yeah, but work doesn't really have to be work, now does it?

Donna: Well, I'm still gonna enjoy myself.

Ridge: I'm gonna make sure of that.

Donna: I just have to stay focused. Keep my head out of the clouds.

Ridge: No. What you really need to do is relax. Just relax. Really relax. How does that feel? Good?

Donna: Wonderful.

Ridge: You ready for more? There's another design over by the door.

Donna: Another design?

Ridge: You want to stop?

Donna: No, Ridge, I don't.

Taylor: I've got to stop doing this. I've got to stop coming over her and getting emotional every time I come by.

Thorne: Well, it's an emotional time in both of our lives.

Taylor: Yeah, but you have enough to deal with.

Thorne: Sometimes focusing on someone else's problems is the best way to forget about our own, right?

Taylor: Yeah, well, that's not exactly why I'm here. But it has been good for me to be able to help you and Alexandria. I mean, I felt like my life hasn't had any purpose. It's been lacking that for a while now. To catastrophic effect.

Thorne: You're talking about your drinking.

Taylor: And every hideous disaster it's caused.

Thorne: But you're getting a handle on it, Taylor.

Taylor: Yeah, well, that's thanks to you.

Thorne: You're responsible for your own recovery. I just gave you support.

Taylor: No, you confronted me and you dragged me to AA.

Thorne: It was the least I could do after everything you've done for us, Taylor. Hey.

Taylor: I don't deserve this.

Thorne: Don't say that.

Taylor: I don't deserve your support. I don't deserve your gratitude. I don't deserve your friendship.

Thorne: I feel the same way about you. Taylor, if you hadn't walked into this house, Alexandria and I would still be stuck here. We would be trapped in our grief. Unable to move forward. Unable to move at all. But my little girl is at art camp today. And she is drawing pictures. And she is playing with her friends. And at this very moment, she could be laughing. My baby could be happy, Taylor, and I have you to thank for that. For that and a hell of a lot more. What's that?

Hector: What the hell is she doing?

Taylor: I mean it, Thorne. Anything you need, any time. I want you to call me.

Thorne: Okay. Same goes for me, okay?

Hector: You're an honest woman. You want to do the right thing. And so do I. We're good people, Taylor. We could do so much good in the world. But we'll never get that chance if you confess to Thorne. What happened doesn't make you a bad person, Taylor. Hitting Darla was an accident.

Taylor: Covering it up wasn't. It doesn't change the fact that I have to take responsibility.

Hector: I've got to stop her.

Donna: Champagne?

Ridge: Fresh-squeezed mimosas.

Donna: So, this is what glamorous fashion moguls do instead of coffee breaks?

Ridge: Who said anything about a break? We're just beginning, sweetie. So, let's see what you got. Mm-hmm.

Donna: Like what you see?

Ridge: Wow, wow, wow, yes, I do. This bodice is perfect.

Donna: Of course. The bodice.

Ridge: Looks well, doesn't it?

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, it does. But usually when a man looks at a woman and says "wow," she assumes he's talking about her.

Ridge: That's it. That's it. That's the pitch. When a woman wears this, she brings "wow" back to the bedroom. Thank you. This is what I'm talking about. This kind of creative energy. Designer and model perfectly in sync. Throwing things back and forth like this. Bouncing ideas off each other. Man, what a rush.

Donna: Yeah, what a rush.

[Phone rings]

Ridge: Excuse me.

Taylor: I destroyed them. I have to help Thorne.

[Taylor gasps] Hector!

Hector: What did I say? Damn it, Taylor. I told you to stay away from Thorne!

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