The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/21/06


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Donna: You're not serious? You can't give this up.

Brooke: I'm giving up modeling. Not the line.

Donna: You are the line, Brooke. It's a success because of you.

Brooke: And it will continue to be a success because of me. It just won't be my face on those ads.

Donna: Well, if maybe it was only your face, I'm sure he wouldn't have freaked out.

Brooke: He didn't freak out. He has reservations.

Donna: He has no right to tell you to quit.

Brooke: It was my decision.

Donna: No. This -- this isn't you. Aliens have abducted my sister. Because the real Brooke Logan would've never passed up an opportunity like this.

Dante: Dad, our plans are really up in the air right now. Hey, Mom, Thorne's wife was killed by a hit and run driver. Yeah, Darla. She was a very special person and the family is devastated. Of course. I'll look out for Felicia. I'll take care of her. All right, Dad. Talk to you soon, okay? Ciao. My dad sends his sympathy.

Bridget: And his concern for Felicia.

Dante: No, for your family.

Bridget: Dante, I know he's fond of Felicia.

Dante: He'll love you, too, once he spends more time with you. My father's you know -- kind of traditional -- you know. Felicia and I have a child together and he thinks that children should stay together with both of their parents.

Bridget: Yeah. I am so glad that Dino has both of his parents. You know Alexandria -- she got a few years with her mother but -- that poor little girl.

Dante: I'm sorry.

Eric: All these letters of condolence. Questions about donations. And friends -- business associates.

Stephanie: Not surprising -- the sweetest girl in the world.

Eric: They were a perfect team, you know?

Stephanie: Not one I would've expected.

Eric: No. But they were a perfect fit.

Stephanie: Yeah, she gave him so much confidence. Enabled him to step out of Ridge's shadow. Face us -- demand our respect. But know that she's gone -- he's gonna need our help.

Eric: Yes, well unfortunately, we're about to need his, too. The way Brooke's bedroom's taken off. We're swamped.

Stephanie: Oh honey, we've got to give him some time. Let Felicia fill in. Let her use some of -- apply that energy she's got to something constructive, rather than worrying about a marriage that didn't happen.

Eric: Yeah. I've already spoken to the department heads. Will shift some of Thorne's responsibilities over to sales and will give shipping more autonomy over the inventory.

Stephanie: Well that's a good idea.

Eric: I'll run it by Brooke.

Stephanie: Why?

Eric: Why? She controls our company now.

Stephanie: Well I gave her that stock as a show of good faith. She gave up any right she might think she has to running this company the day she married Marone.

Brooke: I don't expect you to understand my decision.

Donna: 'Cause it doesn't make sense.

Brooke: My life has evolved, Donna. There's a lot more going on than just work.

Donna: Fashion's never been work for you. This is your passion. It fulfills you.

Brooke: My husband and my children -- they fulfill me.

Donna: I'm sure they do. But you love Forrester, too.

Brooke: Yes -- and I'm still gonna be CEO. I'm not gonna be promoting the bedroom line.

Donna: Brooke Logan shut up in some walnut paneled office? Pushing papers around?

Brooke: I'm gonna be running the company.

Donna: What about setting an example? I mean, that ad sent a message to women all over the world. You don't have to be 23 to be hot. You're not some spoiled, party-hopping adolescent. You're a mature, successful woman who's not afraid to take a risk and your customers respond to that.

Brooke: Brooke's bedroom will remain true to its roots.

Donna: Come on, Brooke. You're not some sailor's wife. You can't compromise who you are because your husband's insecure.

Nick: Donna, Donna, Donna. I do realize you just got to town -- but when I hear things like this -- you know one question comes to mind. When are you leaving?

Dante: Sweetheart, I don't want you to worry about my family, okay? You need to focus on yours.

Bridget: It's hard to focus at all right now.

Dante: Yeah, that's understandable.

Bridget: Of course I'm thinking about Thorne and Alexandria. But my mind keeps going to Nicole.

Dante: That's normal.

Bridget: Is it? My brother's wife just died and I'm thinking about myself?

Dante: Honey -- I'm doing the same thing. About me and Dino. All of a sudden a couple of days a week with my son doesn't seem to be enough.

Bridget: I know -- I miss him a lot, too.

Dante: Being together with the people you love. Your family. Your children. That's what's important.

Bridget: Your right, it is. Maybe you should talk to Felicia. Work out a new arrangement.

Dante: Maybe we should think about having our own baby.

Eric: When you gave all that stock to Brooke, it was with no strings attached.

Stephanie: You're right. I just feel morally, she has an obligation to give it back.

Eric: Brooke's relationship with Ridge was not -- was not a stipulation to the agreement

Stephanie: There was an understanding that she was going to come back to the company and the family.

Eric: And so she has.

Stephanie: As his wife.

Eric: You don't think I would liked to have seen that? To see our son happy again. But Brooke made it very clear -- to all of us from the very beginning that her heart was with nick.

Stephanie: I offered her everything that she ever wanted. Acceptance. Appreciation. I just never thought she'd be foolish enough to turn it down.

Eric: So know you're the one standing here with egg on your face.

Stephanie: Yes, I suppose I am. I'm just hoping she's gonna make the right decision.

Eric: She believes she has.

Stephanie: Well then she's gonna be prepared to accept the consequences.

Eric: What consequences? We can't force her out of the business now.

Stephanie: No, Eric. I can't raise the dead. I can't bring Darla back. I can't mend Thorne's broken heart. But I can damn well make sure Mrs. Marone doesn't end up with our company.

Donna: I'm gonna stay as long as my sister needs me, Nick.

Nick: I assume that's after Darla's funeral.

Donna: Well, that was the plan. Now, I don't know.

Nick: You don't know what?

Donna: Seems like Darla's death is not the only loss she's dealing with.

Brooke: Donna, don't.

Nick: This? Your referring to this?

Brooke: I tried to explain. It's not a problem.

Donna: Is that right? You don't have a problem with Brooke's career?

Nick: No, I don't. I have a problem with the way the Forresters have abused her.

Donna: I thought they gave her over half the company? Invited her back into their family with open arms?

Nick: Just to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Brooke: Ridge knows my future's with you. And so does Stephanie. We're all just moving on with our lives.

Donna: And Forrester Creations is a big part of yours.

Brooke: And Nick understands that and he appreciates that.

Nick: She's the best CEO this company's ever had and she deserves the respect of a CEO.

Donna: Plenty of CEO's pitch their own products.

Brooke: Well I'm not modeling anymore, so let's just drop it, okay? I've made my decision. So, I really got to get to work. Maybe you two can take this time to get to know each other a little bit better and find out that you might have more in common than you disagree on. You be good.

Donna: Well a -- Brooke's gone, Nick. Just the two of us. So why don't you tell me how you really feel.

Dante: You're not ready?

Bridget: A baby.

Dante: Look, I'm not talking about replacing my son, you know?

Bridget: No -- no, of course not.

Dante: Dino is my son. My boy. My first child. But to have a baby with you -- that would only bring more love into our lives.

Bridget: It sounds wonderful.

Dante: Would you consider it?

Bridget: Of course I'd consider it. I love kids. And the thought of having on with you is -- what are we even talking about though? We're not married. And we can't plan a wedding right now --

Dante: No. Not a wedding. I mean -- especially now -- I mean, your family's devastated.

Bridget: Someday. When things calm down.

Dante: The wedding can wait. But there's no reason why we can't get started on the baby now. I'm not as traditional as my father, you know.

Bridget: Have a baby first?

Dante: Look, honey, I'm committed to you, okay. The ring and the wedding -- that's just a formality. My future is with you and that includes children -- wonderful, amazing, beautiful children. Kind and smart like you.

Bridget: And creative and artistic like their daddy.

Dante: Would you consider it?

Bridget: You want to know what I'm thinking?

Donna: Let me guess. Your mother taught you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

Nick: Sounds to me like you're the one that needs to get something off your chest.

Donna: I have some concerns.

Nick: Do you?

Donna: From what Brooke's told me, I believe you love her. You want to make her happy.

Nick: Okay.

Donna: You want to know what else makes her happy? The bedroom line.

Nick: Oh good, cause the line's doing great.

Donna: It's because of this ad campaign. Look I've been in media, Nick. And I'm telling you in the ad game -- this is a perfect storm.

[Nick scoffs]

Nick: Well that's funny cause I've been in storms and eventually they all blow over.

Donna: And when it does? That's it?

Nick: This is Brooke's choice. It's not mine.

Donna: You say you're proud of her work at Forrester. Why can't you just look at modeling as part of the job?

Nick: This isn't about modeling.

Donna: Then what?

Nick: Forrester and his mother, they manipulate her. She took these pictures -- not thinking they were gonna be released and they released them anyway.

Donna: Well now that she knows what they're capable of, she'll be more careful.

Nick: She always has been careful, but it doesn't matter.

Donna: You don't trust her.

Nick: I don't trust them. And neither should you.

Brooke: Stephanie, just the woman I wanted to see.

Stephanie: You're back.

Brooke: And you've been keeping my seat warm for me -- how thoughtful.

Stephanie: And you married Nick anyway.

Brooke: Yes, I did.

Stephanie: I've been wanting to ask you -- after he saw the photo in the kiosk, how did you get him to calm down?

Brooke: What are you talking about -- calm down?

Stephanie: Well, this is a man that does not understand you. I'm sure he looked at it and said to himself -- sex object. Just a half naked woman showing herself to the world.

Brooke: No, he saw his wife being manipulated by her ex-mother-in-law.

Stephanie: Ridge, would have understood that ad.

Brooke: Ridge has accepted my relationship with Nick. Maybe you should, too.

Stephanie: You're proud of those photographs aren't you.

Brooke: The photos aren't even the issue anymore. Nick and I are handling that.

Stephanie: Well, maybe I could help it along. If I accept your relationship with Nick and make sure that it succeeds --

Brooke: So you want me to resign as CEO of Forrester Creations and return all of the stock to you?

Donna: I know the Forresters, Nick. I've known them almost as long as Brooke has.

Nick: You don't know anything, believe me.

Donna: Brooke told me about the kiss on the runway.

Nick: Please, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Donna: Brooke married you. Why are you still so threatened by Ridge?

Nick: I'm not. Brooke is the one who is threatened here.

Donna: Because Stephanie finally wants to accept her? Because Ridge is still in love with her?

Nick: Because they don't know the meaning of the word no.

Donna: So you're not being insecure? You're being protective?

Nick: That's right.

Donna: Maybe it's not Brooke you're protecting. You know her history. She's spent most of her life wanting to be with Ridge. She's tried to move on with other men, but those relationships didn't work. And deep down you're afraid neither will yours.

Nick: No.

Donna: Well that's what it looks like to me.

Nick: I'm taking care of my wife.

Donna: Your wife doesn't need to be taken care of.

Nick: You're a bit naive, aren't you?

Donna: I am not naive, Nick. Things weren't always perfect with Brooke and Ridge.

Nick: And they're not gonna be perfect with me either, but they will be better. You just stick around a while. You'll see.

Donna: Now you want me to stay?

Nick: You're Brooke's sister and family's important to her. That makes you important to me.

Donna: My regard for the Forresters?

[Nick laughs]

Nick: There you see, we've got something in common already. You're not perfect either.

Brooke: You want me to give you all my stock in Forrester Creations?

Stephanie: Well it was a gift -- to show you how much I value and respect you.

Brooke: And I appreciate that. It meant the world to me to know that my contributions were recognized.

Stephanie: Well I don't think you recognized the significance of the gesture. I mean, I opened the door to you. Because I thought you and ridge were going to get married again -- that you were coming back here to where you belong, to the Forrester family -- your family. But instead, you married Nick. So, you're a Marone now.

Brooke: I don't see how that affects anything.

Stephanie: Well then you misunderstood the agreement.

Brooke: Well then maybe I did. Because as far as I'm concerned, I earned this stock. It wasn't a gift. I deserved it.

Stephanie: This is a family company. It's suppose to be run by a member of the family.

Brooke: Stephanie, I wasn't a member of the family when you assigned me CEO.

Stephanie: Because that's -- that's what I thought you were going to be. Okay, look. We had an opportunity, alright. We missed it -- we lost it. You threw it away when you married nick.

Brooke: Nick is very important to me. I thought you realized that. I was very honest about that from the very beginning.

Stephanie: Well clearly I misunderstood or underestimated at least, his importance to you. I'll accept that now, okay. I accept the relationship. So let's just finish this -- no hard feelings.

Brooke: I'm not gonna sign this.

Stephanie: You can't keep the stock.

Brooke: Oh yes, I can.

Stephanie: You're a Marone now.

Brooke: I am CEO of Forrester Creations. The most successful CEO Forrester has ever had. I have every right to be here, Stephanie, just as much as you do.

Stephanie: But you wouldn't even be here if I hadn't asked you to be here!

Brooke: Look, I'm really trying to be reasonable here. Now if you don't take this ridiculous piece of paper out of my office right now I'm not going to be the one leaving this company, you are! Fine. Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a company to run.

Stephanie: You know, I tried. I tried. I really tried. It's over.

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