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[Clock ticking]

[Taylor remembering]

Darla: We are sisters. We are friends. I love you, you know?

[Taylor remembering]

Phoebe: Darla!

Taylor: Who's there? [Door slams] Who's here? [Taylor screams]

Phoebe: What? Mom, it's just me. You had a bad dream.

Taylor: Did anyone call? Where's the phone? Do we have any news?

Phoebe: I moved the phone.

Taylor: Why? Where's the phone?

Phoebe: I know you want to call the police and tell them everything that happened. But I don't care if you're a good, honest, person, mom. I want you to be my mother.

Taylor: Oh, sweetheart --

Phoebe: You heard what Mr. Ramirez said, you're going to jail if Aunt Darla dies.

Taylor: That's not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen. All she needs is our love and she needs our prayers and she needs our faith. She's gonna make it. She's gonna be okay.

Phoebe: What if that's not enough?

Brooke: All these Brooke's bedroom orders coming in, I thought there would be a lot more early risers here.

Ridge: Nobody's here. Nobody will be. There was an accident, Logan. Hit and run.

Brooke: Hit and run? What happened?

Ridge: It was Darla.

Brooke: Darla? Oh my God. Is she okay?

Ridge: She's dead.

Stephanie: Honey, it'd be a good idea if you -- I think if you went inside and just tried to get some sleep. Okay, I'll make some coffee and I'll -- I'll clean up a bit here.

Thorne: Wait -- "Be right back," I said. And what did she say?

Stephanie: I don't know. Thorne: I was taking Alexandria to Sally's. "Be right back." What did she say? Why can't I remember? If I had better known -- that it was gonna be the last time that I saw her –

Phoebe: Mom, let me -- I'll call the hospital.

Taylor: No, honey -- what are you gonna do, be my jailer?

Phoebe: If you make me.

[Doorbell rings]

Taylor: Hector -- is there some news?

Hector: I'm sorry.

Taylor: No. No! No! Oh God no! Oh God no!

[Taylor crying] Oh God!

Brooke: Who would do such a thing -- and just drive on? What Thorne must be going through. I wish somebody would of let me know. I mean, not that I could've done anything about it, but still, I --

Ridge: I knew you were back. I didn't want to intrude. That's how you wanted it, right?

Brooke: Ridge, Thorne is somebody that I loved. Darla is someone I loved. And so are you.

Thorne: How many times have I told her -- she takes off her shoes wherever she is and puts them under whatever she's sitting on. We have a massive shoe-hunt trying to find it. Somebody's sure to trip over the other --

Stephanie: Honey, it's all right. I'll find it. I'll find the other shoe.

Thorne: Did I really raise my voice to her over a shoe?

Stephanie: Oh, sweetheart, don’t. Don't do this to yourself. Darla knew that you loved her, okay? It's okay. I wish you'd get some sleep.

Thorne: I can't. I can't. I don't think I can stand to wake up without her.

Stephanie: Here, sweetheart.

Thorne: Alexandria's going to know something's wrong.

Stephanie: I can go to Sally's and be with her.

Thorne: I think I should be the one to tell her, though.

Stephanie: Oh, I agree. Absolutely. What should I say now?

Thorne: Tell her mommy went to the doctor and daddy is with her. That's as true as far as it goes.

[Thorne sighs]

Stephanie: Do you want me to go to Sally's now?

Thorne: Thanks, Mom.

Stephanie: I love you.

Thorne: I love you.

Thorne: We were all so happy –

People singing: Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Allie Alexandria happy birthday to you



Darla: Oh, baby!

Thorne: God, I miss you.

Taylor: I need to get dressed.

Phoebe: Mom, why? Mom, where are you going?

Taylor: Hey. It's pretty clear what has to be done.

Phoebe: Mom, you can't go to the police!

Taylor: I'm thinking of your Uncle Thorne.

Phoebe: Mom, he's not going to want to see anyone.

Taylor: He'll see me.

Phoebe: What are you going to say?

Taylor: Hector, stay with Phoebe.

Phoebe: No!

Hector: Listen Taylor -- listen to me. You have got to sit with this for a while. It hasn't even sunk in yet.

Taylor: I killed a woman. What more is there to understand?

Phoebe: It was an accident!

Taylor: Then I'll get what I deserve!

Hector: No, you won't get what you deserve. Because that DUI arrest is gonna come out. They're gonna remember that you were driving with a suspended license. Lieutenant Baker smelled alcohol on your breath.

Phoebe: Mom, listen to him! He knows what he's talking about!

Taylor: Okay, all those things are true, yes, but when Phoebe tells everything, when she -- when she explains the accident --

Hector: How much weight do you think her statement is gonna carry? We're already caught up in this thing.

Taylor: Well, is that some kind of a reason to keep it covered up?

Phoebe: Mom, I can't lose you again!

Taylor: God, do you think Alexandria wanted to lose her mother?

Phoebe: Going to jail for murder will not bring Aunt Darla back!

Taylor: I know. Maybe it'll bring me back.

Phoebe: You can't let her do this.

Hector: Shh. Shh. It's gonna be okay. We'll figure it out. We'll figure it out.

Phoebe: Is somebody here?

Hector: I thought I heard the gate.

Phoebe: Maybe it's dad. What did you say to my mother?

Hector: She didn't come down here.

Phoebe: What? She's not in the room. I just checked!

Clarke: Happy birthday! Hmm, nice, huh?

Darla: Is it nice? It's not good?

Thorne: Let daddy smell it.

Clarke: Oh, yeah. You smell it.



Darla: Oh, Daddy!

Clarke: Hello! It's for you! It's for you! For you! Who is it? Who is it? Hello! You say, hello!

Alexandria: Hello!

Clarke: Who is it? It's a monkey.

[Monkey noises]


[Knock at the door]

[Knock at the door]

Taylor: Thorne.

Thorne: Guess you heard.

Taylor: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so -- I'm so terribly sorry.

Darla: Sometimes, it's easier to say what you want, when you're not looking right at the person you're saying it to. I can sit here all day and think of things that are so important you know? My head is just full of them, and when you walk home through that door all I say to you was "How was your day?" I mean, how weird is that?

[Darla laughs]

I know that this is such a coward's way out, and honey, you're gonna be so disappointed in me -- I try to be a good person, you know, and own up to my mistakes. But either that's harder than it sounds, or I'm not as good as I wish I was. So the bank statement will be coming. And you're going to see a check for $300 to Fernando's spa and hot tub. And honey, you don't have to tell me how dumb it was to wear my beautiful diamond anniversary earrings in the hot tub, but I just love them so much, you know? Sometimes, I just put 'em on, I walk around the house for no reason at all, and then I forget that I'm wearing them, and well -- Thursday, I got out of the hot tub, and I realized that one of them was gone. So I drained it, and I had Fernando come by and take the whole thing apart. Somehow, the earring got stuck in the motor -- it got all chewed up, and the stone is missing, and we never found it. And I just feel sick about it. So, I thought that I could replace the stone with another one, until I find out how much the diamond was worth. So, you'll see another check for $250 to the jeweler for a Cuban Zirconium, which they told me looks almost as good as the original, only if you don't look at it too close. Now the best that I can be is only half-glamorous, and it serves me right. Thorne, honey, I'm so sorry. Here I am, married to the sweetest man in the world, and I know that you're gonna forgive me, but I just, I just, I get so mad at myself. Here I have this perfect husband who has given me this perfect life, and I wake up every morning having to pinch myself. And then I go and do something stupid like try to hide it from you. When you edit this down, just put in some nice music and cut this part out, okay? Please. It's for your eyes only. And don't buy me any more presents, honey! But what I do need, that I don't have? I'd say would have to be a box of chocolates. Those I won't be taking in the hot tub with me. Anyway, it was a wonderful party. Alexandria, it was the best. I love you and your daddy so very, very much.

[Darla laughs]

[Thorne crying]

Thorne: Why? How do I do this? How do I go on?

Taylor: I wish I knew.

Thorne: Then, why are you here, Taylor? To tell me that things just happen for a reason?

Taylor: No --

Thorne: That it's gonna get easier with time?

Taylor: You have every right to be angry.

Thorne: Oh, do I? Well, thank you for that. Thank you.

Taylor: I'm sorry. Oh God, I'm so sorry Thorne. I'm so sorry --

Thorne: I know. I know. No, stop. I'm saying these things, okay? I'm just --

Taylor: It's because you want to understand. You're just, you're trying to make sense out of it, and that's why I want to talk to you. Okay? When Phoebe called me, I didn't know she had also called Darla --

Thorne: Stop, okay? I don't want to go through this again.

Taylor: Thorne -- I can't tell you why this happened -- I can only tell you how.

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