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Sally: She's a fighter. She's gonna make it.

Thorne: I love you.

Stephanie: Lieutenant -- we've known each other a long time. So I know you're doing everything you can to find this person.

Lt. Baker: I've already called the body shops, got the word out to look for cars with damage to the right front fender and grill. Trust me, we will find this person.

Stephanie: I just -- I can't fathom how a person could drive off and just leave someone on the road like that.

Hector: Yeah. Yeah, it's the same car as last time. What can I say, you know? My friend's a little accident prone. Right. Fix the bumper, the fenders, steam clean everything. Okay, man, I owe you.

Phoebe: What was that all about?

Hector: A friend of mine's gonna fix your mom's car, good as new.

Taylor: I don't care about the car. I just want -- I want Darla to be all right.

Hector: Hey, what are you doing?

Taylor: I need to call to see how she's doing.

Hector: No, please -- please --

Taylor: No.

Hector: Please, don't. We have got to make some decisions here. Before something gets said that can't get taken back.

Taylor: What do you mean, decisions?

Hector: Like I talked about on our way over here, okay? Right now, everybody thinks that someone other than you hit Darla. And that's what they have to keep thinking. Because if not, this could be your second DUI arrest. And you could go to jail for a long time --

Taylor: I told you, I don't care about that --

Phoebe: But I do! I care! Mom, the happiest moment of my life was when I found out you were alive. And you promised me then you would never leave me again. And I believed you.

Taylor: Oh, sweetheart --

Phoebe: Mom, you didn't mean to hit Aunt Darla. It was an accident. You love her, like we all do. Please, don't leave me again. Promise me. Mom, promise me.

Stephanie: Sal --

Sally: I couldn't -- couldn't reach her. I tried so hard, but I just -- it just wasn't enough.

Stephanie: I know, honey. It makes you feel so helpless, doesn't it? But you have to stay strong, Sally. You have to stay strong for Darla. For everyone who loves her. Okay?

Sally: You're right. You're right. She needs us. My little girl needs us now.

Stephanie: Yeah, Sal.

Thorne: I see you and me. 30 years from now. Our faces lined, wrinkled, my hair gray. And both of us remembering this moment. The moment that you realized that your life is, and always will be with me. I love you, Darla Forrester. And I love the life that we have together. I know it's not always going to be champagne and roses, but -- you know this, and never doubt it. Whatever life has for us, we will face it hand-in-hand. You and me, sweetheart. Hand-in-hand, always.

Taylor: Sweetheart, sweetheart, you know how much I love you. I love you and Thomas and Steffy. You guys are the world to me.

Hector: And you are theirs. As hard as it's going to be for you, you cannot come forward.

Taylor: How can you even think I can think about myself when Darla is in there fighting for her life?

Hector: Listen, Lieutenant Baker knows you drank tonight. He smelled alcohol on your breath. But he has no idea that you were driving that car. He just thinks you were there to pick Phoebe up. Which is exactly what he has to continue to believe. Because if he --

[Doorbell rings]

Lt. Baker: Dr. Hayes? It's Lieutenant Baker. I'm sorry, but I really need to speak to you and your daughter. Please, it's very important.

Hector: I thought we had agreed at the hospital -- further questions could wait until morning.

Lt. Baker: The longer we delay the investigation, the less likely we are to apprehend the person that did this to her. Which brings me to a couple of points I need clarification on. Now, you said that Darla was changing the tire when she got hit.

Phoebe: I -- it all happened so fast. It was foggy, and Aunt Darla was wearing black. I honestly -- I don't know how the other driver could have avoided hitting her.

Hector: Lieutenant, you can see that phoebe is obviously so upset, and her mother as well. I mean, you're making them relive what happened.

Lt. Baker: It's necessary if we are going to get the answers that we need --

Hector: Yeah, but not tonight.

Taylor: No. No, Hector. No, I know everything.

Lt. Baker: You witnessed the accident also?

Phoebe: No. She means that she came right after it happened. And she told me to call 911. And then, Hector and the paramedics arrived.

Lt. Baker: Did you get a good look at the vehicle that struck your aunt?

Phoebe: I couldn't tell you.

Lt. Baker: Dr. Hayes, are you all right?

[Taylor cries]

Hector: Lieutenant, please -- is there any way that this could wait until morning?

Phoebe: Mom? Mom, I love you. Hector's right, let's just wait until tomorrow.

Lt. Baker: I'll check back in the morning. Thank you both for your time. I know that you drove to pick up your daughter because you thought she was in trouble. But you had been drinking. How much, only you know. I'm sure we are all aware of the terrible tragedy that can result from drinking and driving.

Thorne: I don't want you to worry about anything, okay? Our little girl is fine. She's in dreamland over at Sally's. And Thomas is there, just in case she wakes up in the night. Which reminds me that she -- when I dropped her off, she gave me a kiss. And she gave me one to take home to you. That's from our little girl. And that is from me. The man who has enjoyed loving you. So much. Darla? Honey? Hey, hey, hey. Hey. I'm right here, baby. I'm right here. I love you. I love you so much.

Thorne: It's okay, sweetheart. You just rest. You just rest. Everything that we need to say to each other, it's already been said. Every minute of every day that we've spent together -- loving each other. I'm so grateful for that. I'm so grateful for the miracle of you. Of us. Of our life with our little girl. Who has so much of you inside of her -- your honesty, your goodness, your --

Stephanie: Your strength, Darla. Your strength. You have such strength. I know you're tired, baby girl. And if you need to, you just close your eyes and it'll be all right. It'll be all right. We're so blessed to have you. You have made Thorne and Alexandria so incredibly happy. I'll share a little secret with you. You were the finest Mrs. Forrester there ever was.

Thorne: Yeah.

[Machine beeping]

Thorne: No --

Thorne: No --

Thorne: I love you.

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