The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/10/06


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Brooke: What's going on? Where are we?

Nick: We're dropping anchor. And we are where we belong.

[Brooke laughing]

Brooke: Our island?

Nick: Mm-hm. Don't tell the kids about it. They can come on honeymoon part two.

Brooke: I like it, Mr. Marone.

Nick: I'm glad you like it, Mrs. Marone.

Brooke: Brooke Marone. I don't know.

[Nick laughing]

Nick: After what I went through? You're lucky I let you keep "Brooke."

Brooke: I see. We're starting with the lord and master business, huh?

Nick: Yeah, that's right. You thought I was a caveman before? Now that I got you up and wild, I'm gonna make sure you cook and clean until I say, "stop."

Brooke: On our wedding night?

Nick: You can stop.

Felicia: You people just whip your clothes off wherever you are and leave them rolled up in a ball?

Bridget: Look, Felicia, I'm -- God, I'm really sorry. I forgot that tonight was our night with Dino.

Felicia: Do you know how long I've been waiting here?

Bridget: I'm really sorry.

Felicia: It's not like I'm overjoyed to be shuttling my son back and forth in the first place. And if it's not important enough for you to remember, well then --

Dante: Look, it was just a little crazy at the wedding, that's all.

Felicia: That's a shocker. Who ditched who?

Dante: Everything's fine now. It just took a little while.

Felicia: So they're married? Nick and Brooke?

Bridget: Yes.

Felicia: Isn't that what you wanted?

Bridget: I'm really not in the mood for you or this. Is Dino in his bedroom?

Felicia: Yeah. I can take him home. I would love to.

Bridget: It's our night and it's really not a problem.

Felicia: She caught the bouquet? Be afraid, be very afraid.

Bridget: I'm just gonna go check on him.

Felicia: And his name is Dominick!

Dante: Hey, just ease up on her, okay? She had a rough time today.

Felicia: Why should I? She's gotten everything she wanted. Unless, what, did she suddenly decide to want something more? If you were gonna fall in love with a spoiled brat, why not me?

Dante: Look, from now on, it's our night. And we'll call in the morning to confirm, okay?

Felicia: I just hope you're prepared to be tossed aside like that wet towel over there when Brooke goes back to my brother and Nick is free.

Dante: Felicia, come on, please.

Felicia: I miss you. And for what?

Dante: Sorry we were late.

Felicia: I hate this.

[Brooke giggling]

Brooke: Oh my goodness!

Nick: The boys from Chuck's got out here and set this up for us.

Brooke: Nick --

Nick: Of course they thought we would be here during the daylight.

Brooke: Well, I'm not the one who stormed off in a huff!

Nick: Welcome to happily ever after.

Stephanie: Where's the baby?

Felicia: Three guesses. Mother, tell me something -- where are we?

Stephanie: Home?

Felicia: Is this the guesthouse?

Stephanie: Yes.

Felicia: Does someone live here?

Stephanie: Somebody who doesn't pay rent.

Felicia: And you think that justifies you barging in here whenever you damn well please?

Stephanie: Yes, I need you now to go and get your brother and bring him home.

Felicia: Ridge?

Stephanie: Yeah, he's at the office. He won't leave.

Felicia: Maybe he doesn't want to be bothered. Brooke got married today.

Stephanie: I know that. The whole thing is a disaster.

Felicia: I'll tell you who's a disaster is that daughter of hers. She's a cyclone in sensible shoes. Do I have the history wrong here or didn't Brooke dump Nick, begging him to marry her daughter out of some sort of motherly sacrifice and then mope around, waiting for Bridget to dump Nick and get him to marry her mother? Is Nick an idiot?

Stephanie: Well, that might be a bit harsh, but not incorrect.

Felicia: Isn't there some sort of psychiatric term for this condition? Desperately wanting something so much until you have it, then deciding you desperately want something else?

Stephanie: It's called "Brooke Syndrome."

Felicia: Well, it's hereditary. You should see Bridget mooning over nick. She doesn't even try to hide it. Dante has only ever been a security blanket to her. You know, I've only ever loved two men in my life and Bridget got both of them.

Stephanie: I know. I had such high hopes for Bridget. I don't even know her anymore.

Felicia: Well, I mean, I'm not exactly the picture of mental health lately. Who am I to judge her?

Stephanie: You know, all I ever have to do to get you to change your mind is to agree with you.

Bridget: Honey, I am so sorry about that scene with Felicia.

Dante: For what? Look, we were late. That's all. It's not a big deal.

Bridget: It just seems like she hates me now.

Dante: She does not hate you. She's just going through a lot and she's got a big mouth.

Bridget: That she most certainly does.

Dante: Look, what might settle her down and everyone else is if we were making plans of our own. You know, picking a time and a date and a priest to marry us.

Bridget: I don't think a priest will marry me, I'm divorced. Well, in Italy we could.

Bridget: Thank you.

Dante: Look, there's not a reason why we can't get married. Especially now that Nick's future is settled.

Bridget: Nick? What does Nick have to do with this? Honey, I'm not sitting here pining away for Nick.

Dante: Then what's bothering you, hmm?

Bridget: There are a few people in this world that my mother loves more than Nick and Ridge or any other man, and that's her children. She would do anything for me.

Dante: I don't doubt that.

Bridget: So what about this?

Dante: Getting married?

Bridget: Yeah, she would already be married to Ridge if I hadn't initiated stopping the wedding. What if she has in her head that I needed to dispose of Nick before I could start a future with you?

Dante: Your mother's been in love with Nick as long as I've known her.

Bridget: Yeah, love is one thing, but -- they're just so mismatched for each other.

Dante: They argue. Nick likes that.

Bridget: Then there's mom going back to Forrester and spending all this time with Ridge. And now the ads that are all over the world. I mean, how much is Nick supposed to take?

Dante: It seems to me he decided today he can take a whole lot more.

Nick: Here we go.

Brooke: I think they're lovely.

Nick: Good. So -- to -- to what?

Brooke: To always.

Nick: Nice.

Brooke: Oh!

Nick: Too sweet?

Brooke: Definitely enough Tequila.

Nick: That's right. You know, I don't have to do that to you anymore. You know, get you drunk. You're my wife. You're my wife.

Brooke: And you're my husband.

Nick: Can you hear that sound? That's the sound of everything I've always wanted telling me the wait's over.

Dante: Look, Bridget, let me tell you something. I don't think you'll be entirely over Nick, ever.

Bridget: Dante -- what?

Dante: That's all right. Listen, listen to me. It used to bother me. But it doesn't bother me anymore. You know why? Because it's partly about nick and a time in your life when you were dealing with a lot of personal demons.

Bridget: I know that. It's true.

Dante: Look, as much as I don't like the guy, I kind of feel like I owe him. Yeah, because you might still be looking for that sporting unobtainable guy to come along and mistreat you if he hadn't done such a good job of it. There you go, I said it.

Bridget: It's okay, you're certainly entitled. I think that we did learn a little bit from each other. I think he knew that I was good for him --

Dante: Some people don't always want what's best for them, you know what I mean?

Bridget: Yeah, I do. That was the story of my life, until I met you.

Dante: And you think that's the story between your mother and nick?

Bridget: Hey, I didn't say that.

Dante: Look, you've got to stop trying to be your mother's mom. You think she made a mistake? You think she'd be better off with ridge? Look, I don't know why your mother does the things that she does. Nobody does. Not even you. And you can't fix that for her, you know?

Bridget: Yeah, I know. You're absolutely right.

Dante: Well, being right is not as much fun as you think it's going to be. I take that back.

Felicia: I need to grow up.

Stephanie: I planned on mentioning that to you on your 40th birthday.

Felicia: I am not in competition with Bridget.

Stephanie: No, of course you're not.

Felicia: No, I'm not. I think I know exactly what it is. I keep expecting to wake up dead every day.

Stephanie: That chemo made you morbid.

Felicia: Mother, can it. I am trying to tell you something. That this living every day as though it were my last is not all it's cracked up to be. I keep thinking that I need everything now. This minute. But I don't. Bridget and Dante aren't married. All sorts of things could happen. No, I think I need to keep living every day as though I were going to be as old and mean as you.

Stephanie: Well, I'm touched that I inspire you.

Felicia: Well, you do.

Stephanie: Are you going to go and get your brother for me or not?

Felicia: No. The only thing I'm gonna have to say to him is that Brooke is an airhead and he's not going to want to hear that when he's heartbroken. Okay, fine. I'll call him and I'll see if he wants to have breakfast with me in the morning.

Stephanie: Thank you for small favors.

Felicia: But you're not invited.

Stephanie: Why would I be surprised by that?

Felicia: Why is that making you feel worse always makes me feel better?

Stephanie: What are mothers for?

Brooke: I have to tell you --

Nick: Make it quick, will ya?

Brooke: I only married you for your body.

Nick: You too?

Brooke: And I love it that you don't close your eyes.

Nick: I don't close them because I love to look at you.

Brooke: And I love to look at you. And touch you.

Nick: I wanna touch my wife.

Brooke: Go ahead. Make love to me.

[Theme of "going back again" plays]

Bridget: Oh, when I think of how close I came to losing you --

Dante: Yeah, please don't do it again.

Bridget: I know what Felicia's doing. I know she cares so much about you. And it's -- it's not just because you're Dino's father.

Dante: Well, I care about her. I always will.

Bridget: It's obvious that she's really hurting.

Dante: Yeah, she is. You know, she's been though so much, and I think she deserves to be happy.

Bridget: Well yeah, and you know -- she's gonna find it.

Dante: When? She had her whole life right there. You know, me and Dino. The family she always wanted. And now, she's got nothing. It's just not right.

Bridget: Oh, you're so amazing. She stood out there and tore into us. She was really mean and said some very harsh things. But you just understand her and you're not upset at her at all.

Dante: She's hurting. She was just lashing out. Besides, I know how it feels to want someone and not be able to have them. Look, Bridget, all I'm saying is -- let's try to be a little bit more sensitive where Felicia's concerned. 'Cause we both care about her, right?

Bridget: Yeah, you're right.

Dante: What?

Bridget: Thank you for being such an incredible guy.

Felicia: I'm gonna wake up tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And for what? Thank you for my son. And for the spare parts and second chances. Now I need life, not just a pulse. I was beautiful to him. I want Dante back. So if that's a sin, then stop me if you can. But I will never believe that we don't belong together.

Nick: I love the stars.

Brooke: Have you ever seen so many? What am I saying, you probably know them all by name.

Nick: You see that one out there with the blue halo? In the winter it travels all the way to the east. Sometimes you can't see it at all. Life's a dance, you know? Everything's always in motion. Even the stars. Everything is being steered somewhere, towards something.

Brooke: And my lucky star steered me right to you.

Nick: I didn't know you had a lucky star.

Brooke: Yeah.

Nick: You do?

Brooke: Yeah, I do. It's right up there. Right by the star with the little blue halo.

Nick: Oh.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Oh, with the flashing letters -- "Brooke's lucky star." I see it.

Brooke: That's it, yeah. I finally feel like I'm home.

Nick: You are. You are.

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