The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/30/06


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Brooke: Mmm, that is the sweetest kiss.

Nick: Yeah?

Brooke: What is your secret? Hmm?

Nick: Donuts. I got one right here for you, too.

Brooke: Oh, no --

Nick: Glazed, powder, take your pick. Take your pick, pick, pick, pick, pick.

Brooke: I don't want to ruin my diet. I have that photo shoot today for Brooke's bedroom.

Nick: Yeah, I can't stand that. I hate that! The thought of you in the lingerie -- the photo shoots for the whole world to gawk at it.

Brooke: The size of the paycheck might change your mind.

Nick: I don't care about the paycheck, you still have to work with Forrester.

Brooke: His attitude has changed. After last night I'm sure he realizes that we're over.

Nick: Well, a night's sleep could've changed his mind.

Brooke: Nick --

Nick: Come on, we know that he's hurting. We've established that, we've got it. But you keep giving this guy slack and he's going to keep taking it.

Brooke: Hmm -- I have two strikes.

Nick: I'm serious here. Don't make fun of me.

Brooke: No, I --

[Brooke laughs]

Nick: Don't make fun of me. I mean it.

Brooke: I don't want a third. Ridge is not going to come between us.

Nick: Let's forget the announcements, okay? I mean, let's just get a justice of the peace and get this taken care of right now. We'll use this as wedding cake. Please?

Brooke: Nick, you already sent out the announcements.

[Nick sighs] Besides, I think we have this wonderful idea planned for the ceremony.

Nick: What idea? Tell me. Tell me.

Brooke: It has to be a surprise.

Nick: Why? I hate surprises. I want to know. Give me -- give me something. Give me anything.

Brooke: I've gotta go. I'm late.

Nick: No, no. No go.

Brooke: I'm so late.

Nick: No go. No go.

Brooke: I gotta go.

[Nick sighs]

Nick: You drive me crazy. Wait a minute -- what do I tell you everyday before you leave?

Brooke: Be careful?

Nick: So that means you're going to --

Brooke: Be careful.

Nick: Ah --

[Nick sighs]

Thorne: Are you sure it's a good idea to be working out so soon after heart surgery, ridge?

Ridge: Christian said it was okay as long as I don't overdo it. Besides, I gotta do something to keep my mind off Logan.

Thorne: Yeah, Mom told me about your dinner with Brooke in the private dining room.

Ridge: Yeah, well, she wanted the last good-bye to be, you know, special. I had it all, Thorne. And I let it go.

Thorne: So now what? You're giving up?

Ridge: Brooke made it very clear, no more interfering. There's nothing I can do. In fact, there's nothing anyone can do.

Stephanie: Brio, you have everything you need?

Brio: Everything but the model.

Stephanie: Oh, well, she'll be here any minute. And you can keep her as long as you want. Hi.

[Massimo sighs]

Massimo: What are you up to?

Stephanie: Oh, you'll see.

Massimo: Brooke has already made her decision. Despite everything that we have tried to do, she wants to be with Dominick. Even Ridge sees that now.

Stephanie: Ridge sees that? He's walking away because he thinks it's the right thing to do. And as far as Brooke is concerned, she's just in a fog. She's only marrying nick because she feels guilty she took him away from her daughter. Look, I realize it's a dilemma, and I understand that Nick is the one that has to see this, and he's the one that has to walk away.

Massimo: All right, fine. But what does that got to do with a fashion shoot?

Stephanie: Oh, well, he's given her an ultimatum -- you know, this kind of "three strikes and you're out." She's already got two strikes apparently. She forgave ridge and she let him kiss her on the runway. You know, I don't think nick is ever really going to understand what Brooke is all about.

[Elevator ascending]

Stephanie: I think that'll be Brooke. Look, if I can get what I think I can from this photo shoot, it'll be strike three. And then that relationship will be over.

Ridge: I will never believe that nick can make Brooke happier than I can.

Thorne: But maybe she needs to find that out for herself?

Ridge: Look, he's never gonna understand her independence, her spontaneity, her passion -- it's not gonna happen.

Thorne: Maybe he thinks that's what she needs, to be reined in a bit.

Ridge: Clipping the wings of a bird's not right.

Thorne: Well, then why give up, Ridge? What are you gonna do, wait for her? And hope Brooke sees that it's you she really wants?

Ridge: I don't really have a choice, Thorne. But I'll tell you this, if she does decide to come back, I will be here.

Admiral: Our ships have to be granted access to ports for us to continue to stay in business. Now, without explanation, there's delay after delay. Nick, we need you to get to the bottom of all this.

Jackie: Nicky -- oh, sorry, bad time.

Nick: No, no, no. Come in. I'll be in touch, Admiral. Thank you very much.

Jackie: Everything all right?

Nick: Nothing I can't handle, I hope. So, what's up?

Jackie: What brings me here is -- your wedding announcement, Nicky. I didn't think that you were sending these out so soon. You know, the divorce -- I guess I thought you and Brooke had to wait.

Nick: I pulled a few strings.

Jackie: Oh. So it's over -- your marriage to Bridget? How is she?

Nick: She's happy. With Dante.

Jackie: Oh, that's good. Yeah, that's very good. Because your wedding to Brooke is going to be such a grand event -- I mean, the event of the summer, I assure you.

Nick: Well, I don't really know what it's gonna be, Mother. Brooke said that she had something in mind and wouldn't tell me 'til after her little photo session today.

Jackie: Brooke's bedroom?

Nick: Yes, Brooke's bedroom. And I'm not very happy about it, no.

Jackie: Nicky --

Nick: I under -- Mother, please, please. I understand that she's a professional and this is business. I get that.

Jackie: Yes, it is. And she's gonna love you even more if you respect that. Nick, the relaunch of Brooke's bedroom is the buzz of the fashion world. And Brooke's involvement in it is key to its success. She's such a talented woman, darling.

Nick: But she's working with Forrester and Stephanie. Two snakes in a pit. I just want to get her out of there before they strike again.

Brooke: I thought Ridge was going to be here.

Stephanie: Well, I think he wanted to be, but he's honoring your request. Brooke, you know he loves you so much. I know that now better than anyone.

Brooke: I made my decision. Despite the feelings I have for ridge -- and everything that we share -- my future's with nick. Everybody ready?

Brio: Ready if you are.

Brooke: It's been a while since I've posed.

Brio: I've seen you on the catwalk, you haven't lost a thing.

Ridge: Hope you don't mind one more admirer.

Brooke: Oh, couldn't imagine you missing it.

Stephanie: I'm happy you're here, honey.

Ridge: Well, they're my designs. You look beautiful.

Brio: Okay, why don't we get started.

Ridge: Let's do it.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: Okay.

[Camera flashes]

Brio: Okay, beautiful.

[Camera flashes]

Stephanie: This is great. The best is yet to come.

[Camera flashes]

Brio: Great. Love it. That's good. That's good. Right there. Right there.

[Camera flashes] Love it. Fabulous. Okay, let's take a break and see what we've got.

Brooke: Great. Wow, this is fun. I almost forgot how much.

Ridge: Well, you're doing great. I could watch you all day.

Brooke: Are you leaving?

Ridge: Well, with the, you know, the campaign's about to hit -- all the orders coming in -- no rest for the weary.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: The pictures are going to be beautiful. I can see it right here in front of me already.

Brooke: Ridge -- thank you for being so understanding.

Ridge: Well, Logan, I understand one thing -- there will never, ever be anyone else for me.

[Brooke sighs]

Jackie: Nicky, there is nothing more that ridge can do, he's given up.

Nick: We know these people, Mother. I can't help but think that there's gonna be a problem. If not from ridge --

Jackie: Stephanie?

Nick: You think?

Jackie: I think that her bag of tricks is empty.

Nick: You know that old broad, she's always got something up her sleeve. You know that.

Jackie: You and Brooke are about to get married. Time's running out on Stephanie.

Nick: Yeah, well, that's what scares me. Brooke knows how I feel. There's two strikes, Mother, and I will not put up with a third.

Ridge: Massimo?

[Massimo sighs]

Massimo: Hey. I heard about the wedding announcement.

Ridge: Yeah, Brooke's committed.

Massimo: To the wrong man. I know it. You know it. She knows it! She's just too damn stubborn for her own good. Look, you two are meant for each other, okay? So keep the faith, son. Come on. Stay strong.

Brooke: I like that one. That's cute.

Brio: Yeah. That one is nice!

Brooke: Oh, sexy.

Stephanie: You know, I've been sitting here thinking. I've got an idea, and I know it's going to sound strange coming from me but I think it might just the right thing.

Brooke: Tell me.

Stephanie: Well, what we're trying to create here is the essence of you to show the world.

Brooke: Right --

Stephanie: What would you think if you were to pose not wearing any of the lingerie?

Brooke: Nude?

Stephanie: I know it sounds funny, because you think, how are you going to sell lingerie if you don't show it?

Brooke: Yeah.

Brio: I think it's brilliant. Brooke in the nude. The photographs would be --

Stephanie: Absolutely startling.

Brio: Yes.

Stephanie: I mean, part of a much larger ad campaign -- tastefully done. You know, sort of like, um -- "The essence of who and what a woman is."

Brooke: Well, it would even be unexpected for us --

Stephanie: Absolutely. I think we'd take the marketplace by storm. I mean, certainly create a lot of talk. You think it'd be too much?

Brooke: I don't know. You know, that kiss at the end of the runway with Ridge created a lot of buzz.

Stephanie: Since when has buzz been bad? Oh, Nick wouldn't approve.

Brooke: I guess a couple photos, if they're tastefully done -- that wouldn't hurt, right?

Brio: Absolutely.

Brooke: That doesn't mean I'm gonna authorize this ad campaign.

Stephanie: Go, go, go.

Brio: I'll go set up.

Stephanie: Trust your instincts -- they've never failed you. Look, it's the essence of you, of Brooke. That's what we're trying to sell here.

Brooke: Hmm. Well, if you put it that way –

 Jackie: So, three strikes and Brooke is out? Nicky, I know you're worried about her working so closely with Ridge and Stephanie but this isn't a baseball game.

Nick: So I'm just supposed to let them abuse her over and over and then watch as she forgives them? Mother, is it wrong to want to protect her? To want to guide her so the best parts of her come out?

Jackie: No, Nicky, it's not. She's lucky to have you.

Nick: She's gotta be careful. She has got to be careful. Because when it comes to Ridge and Stephanie, there's no telling what they'll throw at her.

Brio: Beautiful. Great.

[Camera flashes] Love it. Yes. Right there. Right there.

Stephanie: It's wonderful. It really is striking. And you're having a good time, I can tell.

Brooke: The surprise is that you like it.

Stephanie: Well --

Ridge: Wow.

[Brooke sighs] What's going on?

Stephanie: I thought -- well, we all thought that this would make quite a splash.

Ridge: You thought right.

Stephanie: It will fit right in the whole new ad campaign.

Ridge: "Brooke's bedroom -- or nothing at all."

Stephanie: Exactly! That -- exactly!

[Camera flashes]

Brio: Beautiful.

Nick: The more Brooke works with Ridge and Stephanie, the more they work her -- make her their lap dog. Once we're married, this all ends. She either fires them both, or she quits Forrester Creations for good.

[Camera flashes]

Brio: Great. Right there. Right there.

[Camera flashes]

Stephanie: You do adore her, I know.

Ridge: Yes, I do.

Stephanie: Then don't give up.

Brio: Okay, that's a wrap.

[Brooke sighs] Incredible job, Brooke.

Brooke: So, what do you think, hmm?

Ridge: I'm -- I'm speechless.

Stephanie: Well, that's the essence. This is it. We've got it. This is the essence of the campaign and the essence of you.

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Brooke: And your slogan -- "Brooke's bedroom --

Ridge: -- Or nothing at all."

Brooke: And we could open the catalog with shots of the lingerie and then --

Ridge: Save the best for last -- the last page.

Stephanie: No, I'm thinking the cover. But we can argue that out later. The main thing is, once these pictures are seen, it's gonna be a whole new ballgame.

Jackie: Fire them all or quit? Brooke's not gonna like the choices.

Nick: It's for her own good. Modeling clothes at Forrester's one thing, but lingerie? The thought of it makes me sick.

Brio: Excuse me for a second.

Stephanie: Oh, sure. Brio, you did a wonderful job. They're beautiful. For all the world to see. Well, master Nicky, I think this is it. I think this is your strike number three. And then Ridge is all yours.

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