The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/13/06


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(Missing a few minutes)

Dante: Don't.

Bridget: You're engaged to Felicia.

Dante: Because I thought it was hopeless between you and me. But now you tell me, you love me. And I believe you.

Bridget: I do. I do love you. I just wish that I had realized it sooner. Dante there's a -- there's a child involved.

Dante: Look, I will always be there for my son, always, but I can't marry Felicia when I really love you.

Bridget: He needs both of his parents.

Dante: His mom and I will always be there for him. Like always. But we just won't be married. He's gonna have you.

Bridget: I know what it's like to grow up in a home where you don't -- please, just go to Felicia.

Dante: I can't give you up. No way.

Nick: You really are pathetic, you know that? Pathetic!

Ridge: I didn't hear any complaints from Brooke.

Nick: You're a grown man for god's sake. This woman has turned you down again and again, and still you plead your case.

Ridge: Is that what it looked like when you breezed in here like that? I don't think she was embarrassed for me.

Nick: I'll make this real simple for you, Forrester. If I see you around here again, I'm gonna have your ascot thrown the hell out of here.

Ridge: That's about the only way you're gonna keep Logan and me apart, Nick. But you know what, I think deep down you know. You don't have a prayer.

Felicia: Mom, dad -- these are Dante's parents, Aldo and Filomena.

Aldo: Eric and Stephanie Forrester, a lovely family.

Stephanie: Thank you, that's so kind of you.

Aldo: It's so wonderful to be here.

Eric: We're glad you're here.

Felicia: And these are Dante's cousins Anabella and Carlos.

Carlos: Pleasure to meet you.

Stephanie: It's nice to meet you.

Felicia: This handsome devil is Uncle Luigi.

Eric: Luigi, how are you?

[Luigi speaking Italian]

Stephanie: Oh, yes! Thank you.

Aldo: Please forgive my brother. We're so excited to be here.

Stephanie: Oh, we're excited that you're here. It's wonderful.

Aldo: Thank you, thank you.

Filomena: I realize we have just met, but I can tell my son has chosen wisely.

Felicia: Thank you.

Aldo: Just like his papa did few years ago.


Stephanie: Oh, how romantic.

Felicia: And how passionate.

Anabella: Having second thoughts?

Felicia: Absolutely not, no. In fact, if I weren't marrying your cousin, I would ask them to adopt me. Just kidding.

Carlos: So, where is lover boy anyway? He knows we were coming, yes?

Felicia: No, no. I thought I'd make it a surprise. See, that's how our relationship has been from the start, one surprise after another. And I thought this one would top them all.

[Luigi speaking Italian]

Felicia: Ah, Luigi!


Bridget: What are we gonna do now?

Dante: I'm gonna have to tell Felicia.

Bridget: She's gonna be crushed. She's in love with you. How is it possible that someone that we both care about so much --

[Phone rings]

Dante: Hello?

Felicia: Hi-ya, handsome. Have I got a surprise for you.

Dante: Felicia -- what's going on?

Felicia: Get your cute little tush over to my parents house and find out.

Dante: I'll be right there.

Bridget: You're gonna go talk to her right now?

Dante: We can't keep this from her. Look, everything's gonna be okay, I promise. Okay?

Ridge: Nick, it's only a matter of time before Brooke and I are together. In every way.

Nick: Did you notice that she's wearing my wedding ring? And that she's marrying me as soon as my divorce is final.

Ridge: Oh, a lot can happen between now and then.

Nick: When are you gonna accept it, Forrester? Accept that she's moved on and she's moved on with me?

Ridge: Talk about somebody in denial.

Nick: That somebody being you.

Ridge: I'm not the one that's batting zero here, Nick.

Nick: Meaning what?

Ridge: Meaning you made it very clear to Brooke that she was to fire me at Forrester. Well, she couldn't do that. Then you made it clear that she wasn't to work with me or to be around me. Well, take a look around you, Nick. Brooke and I are knee deep in planning a huge fashion extravaganza. And it's right under your nose. And guess what? She loves ever minute of it.

Nick: You're fooling yourself Forrester, if you think this is about anything more than her work.

Ridge: Of course it has to do with more than that, nick. That's why you're walking around here with your chest all puffed up, trying to threaten to kick my ascot out of here. Because it scares the bejesus out of you to think that Brooke and I would get close enough again, because you know that it's likely to happen.

Nick: After you violated her? You're right. I don't want you anywhere around her.

Ridge: Well, maybe you know a little more of what I felt when I found out what you did to Brooke in Puerto Vista. Remember that, Nick? The foundry? Only hours after you thought I had died. So if you're going to go around and accuse me of violating Brooke, you better take a damn hard look at yourself, buddy. Because I guarantee you, your hands aren't clean, either.

Nick: What happened in the foundry, it's nothing like what happened with you and Brooke, and you know that.

Ridge: What I know is that I regret even the smallest moment of pain I've ever caused Brooke. But I didn't violate her, Nick. She realizes that because she forgave me the very next day.

Nick: Oh, please. You're the father of her child. She's got no choice here.

Ridge: Oh, come on, nick. What's it gonna take for you to realize that Brooke is only with you because she's trying to punish me for leaving her for Taylor. She wants me to know how it feels, nick. That's what it all comes back to. Trust me. If Brooke really was over me, she wouldn't volunteer to wear these for me. Oops.

[Knock at the door]

Bridget: Mom? Oh, hey. Shelly told me that nick and ridge are in your office and you were in here. I -- what's going on? Or, you know, I probably don't even want to know.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: Did you talk to Dante? Tell him how you feel?

Bridget: Yeah, I took your advice and I followed my heart.

Brooke: And?

Bridget: Mom, he feels the same way I do about him and we're -- we're gonna be together.

Brooke: Honey, I can't believe this! This is great! I'm so happy for you. For the both of you.

Bridget: Thanks. I never thought that I would feel this way again, but I do! I do! I'm in love with a man that is amazing and he loves me just as much as I love him. Just, as grateful as I am for our happiness, I just wish it wasn't gonna cost Felicia hers.

Felicia: Hi, my little tired sweetie.

[Talking over each other]

[Aldo speaking Italian] He's very sleepy.


Filomena: He is perfect.

Stephanie: Yes he is.

[Baby cries]

Aldo: The face of an angel. He's tired. I don't know why.

Luigi: With a goddess for a mother. What else would you expect, huh?

Felicia: Oh, I like this man. I think I might be marrying the wrong Damiano.

[Dante remembering]

Dante: Your heart, what does it say?

Bridget: That I love you.

[Speaking Italian]

Aldo: Mamma mia!

Dante: What's going on? How did this happen?

Aldo: Your lovely bride did this to bring our two families together. She is already a part of the family. I love you, part of the family! Fabulous.

Brooke: Sweetheart, I know that you're concerned about Felicia.

Bridget: Well, of course I am. She's been through so much. If anyone deserves to have found what she's found in Dante, it would be her. Plus, they share a son.

Brooke: Yes, and Dante's going to be a wonderful father to his son. If he loves you as much as I know he does, Felicia's going to pick up on that and that would hurt her even more. So it's better to tell her sooner than later.

Bridget: Well, Dante's over there telling her right now.

Brooke: He went to talk to her alone?

Bridget: Oh, well, now that I think about it, I should probably be there to do whatever I can to help Felicia. And she probably doesn't ever want to see my face again.

Brooke: No, I don't believe that for a second. Yes, Felicia's going to be hurt, but she's going to get past those feelings. I know she will.

Bridget: Okay.

Brooke: And you and Dante, you're going to have the most wonderful life ever. A life that you deserve. Come here.

Bridget: Mom, you deserve it, too. With Nick. I mean, I was thinking about everything that we talked about earlier and -- I don't know. I don't think Ridge is going to allow that to happen.

Nick: Don't think she's gonna be modeling this for you. It's not gonna happen.

Ridge: Oh, like Brooke and I working together is not going to happen?

Nick: She's staying with this company because she wants something to pass on to her kids.

Ridge: Right, you keep believing that and we'll change your name to captain gullible.

Nick: Is that before or after I rearrange your face?

Ridge: That's always your solution for everything, isn't it, Nick? You know, you were just a speed bump in my relationship with Brooke. Oh, I'm gonna love seeing her in these. I know you like to tout yourself as her white knight. But everything Brooke and I have shared over the years -- everything we still share -- you can't come close to and you never will.

Dante: You arranged all of this?

Felicia: Yeah, well, you wanted your family to meet Dino and I wanted to meet them, so --

Aldo: Your beautiful bride did all this. She went through a big, big trouble to make sure that our two family get together before you get married.

Filomena: Which cannot come soon enough for your father and me now that we have met your amazing bride.

Aldo: Dante, listen. We know why you came here -- to meet another woman. But it didn't work out. Now you gonna be the father of your son and I gonna be the grandfather. You know, and you gonna be married. Which is that's the way should be with the woman who steal your heart.

Luigi: And ours, hm?

[Speaking Italian]

Bridget: Please, Felicia, don't hate me.

Felicia: Oh, here Grandma.


[Speaking Italian]

Felicia: Bridget, hey. You're just in time to meet Dante's family. Come on. This is my father to be, Aldo.

Aldo: Hi.

Felicia: And this is Dante's mamma, Filomena. And Uncle Luigi. He's so handsome. And Carlos, the cousin Carlos. And Anabella.

Bridget: Hi.

Eric: Honey, you look as stunned as Dante did when he came in.

[Bridget mumbling]

Bridget: -- Didn't expect to see you --

Dante: Neither did I.

Felicia: Actually, there's more to the surprise.

Dante: There is?

Felicia: Yes. I've moved up the wedding. We're getting married this week.

Dante: What?

Felicia: Yeah, well, you know. When you've been through what I've been through, you learn to seize the day. And when you know what's right, why wait? And this is so right. You see, I grew up as a rebel. And though it had its moments, mostly it was just lonely. But now I have you. And our son. And I have never felt more a part of my own family. And now yours, too. To be surrounded by so much love, I feel more blessed than words can say. And I owe it to all of you. But mostly to you. To this amazing, sexy, talented man in love. Who I love with all my heart.

[Speaking Italian] And to think, we're all going to be like this together forever. For the rest of our lives. I have never been happier.

[Singing in Italian]

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