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Nick: It's good. Got the milk.

Brooke: Great.

[Brooke laughs]

Nick: What's with those kids? They sleeping all day?

Brooke: No, Catherine's getting them dressed. You know what? Here's your coffee.

Nick: Thanks.

Brooke: Could you pick up R.J. from his play date at lunch today?

Nick: What's a play date?

Brooke: It's where they get together and play.

Nick: Oh, lunch. Yeah, I'll pick them up.

Brooke: Great. I have a ton of meetings today. I can't seem to squeeze it in.

Nick: You know, I've got a few of those this morning myself. Why don't we get dressed and head into work?

Brooke: Okay.

Nick: Would you like to drive to work together?

Brooke: I'd love to, but I can't this morning because there's something I have to do. But next time.

Nick: Okay.

Brooke: I love you.

Nick: You, too.

[Brooke laughing]

[Cell phone rings]

Stephen: Hello?

Brooke: Dad, it's me. I need to see you.

Stephen: Honey, what's wrong? Listen, if it's Stephanie, you knew she would be angry about losing control of Forrester. But don't let it disrupt your relationship with Nick.

Brooke: Dad, we're engaged.

Stephen: You're engaged? Honey, that's wonderful.

Jackie: Who's engaged?

Stephen: I'm sure you and Nick will be very happy together.

Jackie: Nicky proposed?

Brooke: Is someone there with you? Is that Taylor? Dad, I know you slept with Taylor. That's what I need to talk to you about.

Stephen: Yes, I know. We need to talk. I'll come and see you in a little while. Bye.


Jackie: Nick and Brooke are making it official?

Stephen: Yes.

Jackie: Oh, that is so wonderful, Stephen. Everything's finally coming together. And not just for Nick and Brooke, but you and me, too. Oh, thank you for last night. Thank you for being just a breath of fresh air in my life. I haven't felt this good in a long time, you know?

Bridget: That was so incredible. You're batting 1,000 since you came on staff here.

Christian: Maybe that's because I was assigned the hospital's brightest intern.

Bridget: Oh, I don't know about that. Definitely the busiest, though.

[Bridget yawns]

Christian: Pulling another double?

Bridget: Yeah. I mean, why not? Nothing else going on in my life.

Christian: I thought you were spending a lot of time with Dante and Dino.

Bridget: Yeah, well, it's over.

Christian: I'm sorry to hear that. You seemed so happy together.

Bridget: Yeah, we were. For a while there it was one of the happiest times in my life.

Dante: Buon giorno, Bella.

[Dante sighs]

Felicia: Take it back. This is your only chance. You can take it all back. Your proposal. This gorgeous ring.

Dante: Okay, I'll do it. And then I'll do it all over again.

Felicia: You even wake up charming.

Dante: To tell you the truth, I haven't slept much last night.

[Dante sighs]

Felicia: I seem to have that affect on you, huh?

Dante: Yeah, you do. I mean, look, I only spent two nights with you -- the two craziest nights of my life. The first night, we conceived our son. And the second night, I asked you to marry me.

Felicia: A little pressure on tonight.

Dante: Our son is sleeping down the hall. His mother's sleeping next to me. It couldn't be any better.

Felicia: Where's your ambition, Damiano? I thought you bighearted Italians always wanted huge families with kids all over the place.

[Dante laughing]

Dante: Yeah.

Christian: Sorry that I had to rush out. We were talking about you and Dante.

Bridget: Oh, yeah, that's okay. Let's just drop it.

Christian: Too personal?

Bridget: No, no, just too embarrassing. I have been such an idiot, Christian.

Christian: Bridget, you're one of the most intelligent people that I know.

Bridget: Oh, maybe about science or anatomy, chemistry. But not about love. Definitely not about men.

Christian: Well, that's a subject that nobody masters.

Bridget: Yeah, well, I can't even get a passing grade. I can't even seem to get over my ex.

Christian: Nick.

Bridget: And he's about to marry my mother. And here I have this amazing available guy. He moves halfway across the world to try to make a life with me. He's offering me everything I want. A devoted, loving husband. A happy baby, a happy stable family, and I let him go.

Christian: Husband?

Bridget: Dante proposed.

Christian: You said no.

[Bridget sighs]

Christian: You regret your decision.

Bridget: He just caught me so off guard. I didn't know he was thinking about marriage. And then he had this ring. I wasn't ready.

Christian: So you don't regret it?

Bridget: I wasn't ready because I think deep down I was still holding out hope that maybe my ex and I wouldn't get divorced. But we'll never be together. I know that now.

Christian: Listen, Bridget, if Dante loved you enough to propose, I'm sure his feelings didn't change the minute you said "no."

Bridget: You know, maybe you're right. Maybe it's not too late.

Dante: Let me ask you something. How do you think your family's going to react?


Felicia: I think they'll react the way they always react. I think their eyes will glaze over and they'll nod.

Dante: Not your mother. She threatened to deport me, remember?

Felicia: Yeah, but I think she just didn't want to see her grandson sucked into a custody battle. But now that he's going to be raised by both of his parents, I think she's going to love that.

Dante: I know the feeling.

[Baby crying]

Dante: I'll do it. I'll do it.

Felicia: Hurry back, papa.

Nick: Hey.

Brooke: I thought you said you were going to be late.

Nick: Well, yeah, but I had a little pre-play date, right? With R.J. and some blocks.

Brooke: Oh, so building empires with him is more important than running your own?

Nick: Absolutely. I have a wish, you know.

Brooke: What do you wish?

Nick: I wish I could marry you right now.

Brooke: I wish that, too. Pretty soon your divorce will be final and we'll be able to get married. That's what Bridget wants and I believe her. Then we'll really be able to get down to business.

[Brooke growls]

Nick: Hey!

[Brooke laughing] No marks. The business, the business. Let's talk about the business, huh?

Brooke: Well, you didn't want me working with Ridge, so I'm not. I'm going to run Forrester Creations out of Marone Industries.

Nick: Well, if you're running Forrester Creations, then whose idea was this?

Christian: Listen, if Dante's the man you want, you have to tell him.

Bridget: I refused his proposal, Christian. I hurt him.

Christian: You made a mistake. Apologize. But don't wait. If you're sure about this, go to him, now.

Bridget: I can't go now, I'm working.

Christian: Well, you're no good to me here if your mind's somewhere else.

Bridget: Oh, god.

Christian: Look, don't worry about it, okay? I'll take care of everything. Just go. Go.

Bridget: Okay, thank you.

Dante: Hey, mommy, look who's here.

Felicia: Hey, my pumpkin. You're awake.

Dante: Yeah.

Felicia: Hi. I've got good news for you. Guess what? Let me tell you. Your daddy's going to make an honest woman out of me.

Dante: Which means we're getting married.

Felicia: That's right. Which means we're all going to be living together. Your daddy, your mommy and you. How do you think Bridget's going to take this?

Dante: She refused my proposal.

Felicia: I know. But that doesn't mean she wants you marrying her sister.

Dante: Bridget is not like that.

Felicia: She's a woman, Dante. She's bound to be a little bit jealous.

Dante: If you were marrying Nick, yeah.

Felicia: She's still hung up on Nick?

Dante: Completely.

Felicia: That's too bad.

Dante: It is too bad. Because Bridget deserves the best.

Felicia: Well, you know what?

[Baby cries] Aw. There you go. There you go.

[Dante clucks] I think she'll find it. I mean, look at me, I was practically dead and now I'm starting a whole new life.

Dante: She won't deny you that.

Felicia: She wouldn't. Would she?

Dante: No way. Bridget's got one of the most amazing hearts I've ever known.

Felicia: Do you regret you're not the man that's going to win it?

Dante: Look, I will always care for Bridget. But right now, I don't regret a thing.

Felicia: No? Neither do I. Who would have guessed it? After all my bad relationships and screw ups, I'm finally getting married and starting a family.

[Felicia laughing] All because I got drunk and accidentally had a one night stand with Mr. Right.

Dante: And you, too.

Brooke: I didn't authorize that.

Nick: Well, somebody did. This has got Forrester's sweaty mitts all over it.

Brooke: Ridge is just excited about the line.

Nick: Please, Brooke, he's trying to get you back by bringing up the good old days.

Brooke: Nick, it's just an ad.

Nick: What if this were reversed, hmm? What if I was the one in the underwear ad.

Brooke: Okay, okay, you do have a point there. I think ridge crossed the line. And, yes, I will talk to him about this. But don't worry. There's nothing that anyone can do to make me change my mind about you. Kiss me, you fool.

Stephen: Brooke? Hey. Congratulations, you two.

Nick: Oh, thank you, Stephen. Thank you.

Brooke: Listen, I'm late for a meeting. I got to go.

Stephen: See, what did I tell you? Less than 24 hours since you got rid of the Forresters and things are improving.

Nick: She didn't fire them.

Stephen: What? Why? What happened?

Brooke: Oh, I compromised. I'm working out of Marone Industries, still running Forrester Creations.

Nick: Don't bother arguing with her. I gave her a ring. I still lose. I love you.

Brooke: Love you.

Stephen: Did Stephanie threaten you? Is that why you didn't go through with it?

Brooke: That's not the reason I asked you here, dad. Taylor? You slept with Taylor? What the hell was going on with you?

[Knock at the door]

Bridget: Dante.

Dante: Bridget? What are you doing here?

Bridget: I had to see you.

Dante: That's funny, 'cause I was going to come to the hospital and see you -- I have something to tell you.

Bridget: Really?

Dante: Yup.

Bridget: All right, I have something to tell you, too. I just -- I should just say it -- or I probably will never get it out. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for ever taking our friendship for granted. I'm sorry for being so preoccupied with Nick. You know how many times you told me that he was wrong for me? You were right. You've been right about a whole lot of things and I just wouldn't listen. I should've been more open and more understanding -- and I am so sorry. I'm sorry for the way that I acted and what I've put you through. I just should have -- I don't know, I should've known better. I don't know where this will go, but I really wanna try. I really want you. I want you, Dante.

Dante: Wait, wait, wait, Bridget. Wait a second.

Bridget: No, wait.

Dante: There's something I have to tell you, wait.

[Cell phone rings]

Bridget: That could be the hospital -- it could be an emergency. Hello.

Felicia: Bridget, hi. It's Felicia.

Bridget: Oh, Felicia, I'm just right in the middle of something. Can I call you back?

Felicia: This will only take a second. But I have huge news and I really want you to hear it from me. Something amazing happened last night. I really hope you can be happy for us. Dante and I are engaged.

Bridget: Engaged?

Felicia: Our son is going to grow up with both parents. We're going to get to be a real family.

Bridget: That's wonderful.

Brooke: This is a nightmare! You and Taylor, Ridge's ex-wife?

Stephen: Stephanie told you?

Brooke: Yes, of course Stephanie told me. And she's livid about it.

Stephen: If she gave a damn about Taylor, she would have treated her better.

Brooke: The same way you treated her? Seducing her to get the 2% stock.

Stephen: You stop right there.

Brooke: You know what, I don't want to hear the details. I just wanna know that it's over.

Stephen: Well, it is.

Brooke: Good.

Stephen: But I wasn't using her. Taylor is vulnerable, but I didn't take advantage. She and I shared something real. Or at least, I thought it was. But I'm sure to Stephanie it smacked of revenge.

Brooke: Oh, but it wasn't.

Stephen: No. It had nothing to do with the stock.

Brooke: That miserable 2% stock -- you know, it's caused nothing but problems.

Stephen: I thought you were pleased.

Brooke: Pleased? Ridge, his family and I, were on the verge of a breakthrough. And now, Ridge is sending me love letters in the form of ad campaigns and Stephanie is throwing letter openers at my back.

Stephen: I was trying to help you.

Brooke: I needed your help when I was a little girl. I don't need it now.

Stephen: Brooke, there are so many things I have to make up for.

Brooke: Well, you can't. You can't just waltz back into my life and make things better. You could buy me 12 other companies, dad, but it won't undo what happened. Every time you come back into my life, you bring chaos. And I don't want that.

Stephen: Brooke, I'm sorry if I made a mistake.

Brooke: No, it was my mistake -- to think that you could change.

Stephen: I have changed.

Brooke: Your motives have changed, but the results are just the same. I don't want you to ruin my life again, dad. I want you to go.

Stephen: Okay. All right, but when you calm down --

Brooke: No! I want you out of L.A. I want you out of this city! And I want you out of my life forever!

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