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Nick: You can't fire them -- the Forrester family? You really want to be a part of that? A part of this?

Brooke: I know you have your concerns. But I'm the only one who can decide what I have to do.

Nick: You have complete control of Forrester Creations. You've got it. It's your life-long dream. You can have it all. You just can't have me and be a Forrester.

Christian: Look, I think we have a little misunderstanding here.

Dante: No, I'll throw you out myself if I have to.

Christian: I'll leave when Felicia asks me to.

Dante: This is my studio.

Christian: And your woman?

Felicia: I'll call you. Wow, and here I thought the caveman was extinct.

Dante: Don't make a joke, okay?

Felicia: What do you expect me to do? You swagger in here like a cheap, Italian John Wayne and throw a perfectly nice guy out of the room -- a guy who might actually be interested in me. Which you've made very clear is not the case with you and then you say that I shouldn't mention that your behavior is freakin' bizarre?

Dante: Why do you make it so damn hard for people to care about you?

Felicia: When you say "people," do you mean you care about me?

Stephanie: Taylor, I apologize. Look, this is all my fault. When Ridge left you, I just, I didn't realize how vulnerable you were. Otherwise, I know you would never have said the things that you did to me if you hadn't been in so much pain yourself.

Stephen: Wait -- wait a minute! Now, you're the victim?

Stephanie: You are responsible for all of this bile, you loser! You come back here and you think that you're going to get back at me and my family? You've poisoned her against me.

Taylor: No! He didn't betray me!

[Stephanie scoffs]

Stephanie: He's used you! Why can't you -- you're Ridge's wife, you're his daughter's enemy. Can't you figure out what he's done here?

Stephen: Taylor's life is no longer any of your business.

[Bridget remembering]

Ridge: You know if Nick and your mother are having problems now, that relationship isn't gonna last.

Nick: I know how hard this is for you. Your history with this family, with this business. But you cannot have a life with him and have a life with me. Unless you've changed your mind about us.

Brooke: No, never. I want to make things work for us, Nick -- for you and me. But I also want to make things work for Ridge's family. I know you don't want me working close to Ridge, I understand that. But, you know, I've been thinking about this, and I really believe I found a way to make this work. I can still be CEO and I can never see him.

Nick: How?

Brooke: I'll be running Forrester Creations from Marone Industries. I'll have an office right next to yours. Don't you see? This could work out for everybody.

Dante: I'm gone two minutes and you throw yourself at another guy.

Felicia: I was just having a little fun.

Dante: Fun? If I hadn't shown up, you would have had this guy right there. What are you thinking?

Felicia: Excuse me, grandma Damiano, but you didn't have a problem with my thinking when I took you home, had sex with you and couldn't even remember your name.

Dante: Who says I didn't have a problem with that?

Felicia: What?

Dante: Why do you always have to act like a slut?

Felicia: Nice -- really nice thing to call the mother of your son.

Dante: You know, Felicia, don't you get it? You are better than that.

Stephanie: Don't be a fool. He came after you for one reason and one reason only -- the stock. Oh, and a little sex. Which is like sticking it to ridge twice!

Taylor: That is so wrong!

Stephanie: Never in my wildest dreams did I think that you would be so stupid to fall for something so obvious. Taylor, save what little self respect you have and give me back the stock.

Brooke: I don't have to be here to run Forrester.

Nick: He's still gonna be in your life.

Brooke: Ridge and Eric are Forrester creations. It would be morally wrong to fire them, not to mention bad business. Losing our two lead designers -- that would send the clients into a panic and this company into a tailspin.

Ridge: That's why you're CEO, Logan. You're ability to see past all the garbage and do what's best for the company.

Brooke: Can you, Ridge? Can you do what's best for the company? Respect me and my future with Nick? Because I'm doing what's best for your family. But I could change my mind in a second. Don't think I won't. If you don't mind, I'd like some privacy while I pack up my things.

Ridge: As you wish.

Nick: I don't like it.

Brooke: It has to be this way. I love you. I really do. And I want to have a life with you. But I can't do something that I don't believe in, even for you.

Nick: Well, I guess you wouldn't be the woman I loved if you did. In my opinion, happiness is having...

Dante: You know, Felicia, you are a walking contradiction, you know that? You want people to care about you. You want people to come close to you and then you do something like this to push them away, to scare them away. Why?

Dante: No, of course you do! You're a grown woman. You know exactly what you're doing.

Felicia: Maybe it's just who I am.

Dante: Do you even know who you are? Because I don't think you're this hurtful, dangerous person you pretend to be. I think you are smart, intelligent, loving, caring woman.

Felicia: I never meant to hurt you.

Dante: You know what, you hurt yourself most of all. This has got to stop, Felicia. You can't keep throwing yourself away. You got to start seeing yourself for who you are, you know? You got to start seeing yourself the way I see you. The way our son sees you. Can you do that? Can you look at yourself with new eyes?

Stephen: Stephanie, I'm afraid what you're asking is no longer possible. I've already signed those stock certificates over to nick.

Stephanie: Taylor, the lawyers can fix everything, all right? Just tell them that, tell them you were drinking. Or tell them you got caught up in something. But believe me, they can fix everything just -- please get rid of him. I don't want to be in the same house as him.

Taylor: You know what? You are absolutely right. I don't think the two of you should be in the same room. I'm asking you to leave.

Stephanie: You're going to side with this bum?

Taylor: Is that how you see everybody? Everybody who's not a Forrester? People who you have nothing to gain from?

Stephanie: You know that's not true.

Taylor: No, I know that I fought like hell to live. To come home, back to my family who I knew would walk through fire with me. People I knew who would protect me and look after me. That is the family I thought I had, Stephanie! You know what? I only sold 2% of the stock because apparently, that's all you thought I was worth. Why don't you go talk to the person you think is worth half of everything you own. I mean, you respect Brooke. You admire her. You're sorry that you deprived Ridge of her love all these years. And then you think by telling me that you understand everything because I was probably just drunk -- that that's the way to get back into my heart? You're selfish and you're narcissistic and you're dangerous. And I am a fool because I didn't see it way a long time ago! Well, I don't want to see you anymore! I don't ever want to look at you again!

[Taylor sobbing]

Nick: Hi.

Bridget: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: Are you all right? You seemed really upset on the phone.

Nick: Yeah, well, things have changed. I guess I want to be the first one to talk to you about it.

Bridget: Oh, okay. What is it?

Nick: You're mother now owns 52% of Forrester.

Bridget: It's 50%. Stephanie only gave her half.

Nick: It's 52%, you're grandfather secured the other 2%.

Bridget: What? Really? How did he do that?

Nick: Taylor sold me her shares. And the reason we did this is because we wanted to protect your mother.

Bridget: Wow, I thought it was actually really brave of you to let her work at Forrester Creations. It seems totally wrong to me but --

Nick: It's insane! The reason I did this -- Eric, Ridge, Stephanie, I asked you're mother to fire them, all of them!

Bridget: I mean, Nick, that would've worked in theory but my mom would never do something like that.

Nick: Well, there you go. You certainly do know her better than anyone else.

[Nick sighs] She decided she wants to run Forrester from the Marone offices but those people will still be in her life!

Bridget: Yeah, well, how do you feel about that?

Nick: I think I'm feeling a little lost.

[Knock at the door]

Ridge: I like your style, Logan.

Brooke: Ridge --

Ridge: No, I mean it. You found a way to let Nick down easy. I wish you were gonna be working here but, I take what I can get when I can get it these days. Lots of things can be done by phone -- fabric approval, last minute fittings. As far as the bedroom line goes, I know your body pretty well but --

Brooke: Stop. I meant what I said. If you can't respect my relationship with Nick --

Ridge: What you did for this company today and for our family, that's the woman I love. That's why you'll always be my Logan. You've already determined our future, Logan. All that's left is playing it out.

Felicia: I don't know what you want.

Dante: Look, I don't need much. I just, would like some time to get to know you better without complications like this. You know, finding every stray doctor in the neighborhood in bed with you. I mean, look, sleeping around is not gonna make you feel any better.

Felicia: You think?

Dante: I think that's what happened with me when our son was conceived, yeah.

Felicia: Nobody's ever talked to me like this before.

Dante: Well, you just haven't found your cheap, Italian John Wayne until now. Come here.

Taylor: Stephen -- what happened between us -- it was very nice but it has to end here.

Stephen: She got to you, didn't she?

Taylor: No, no. It would be nice if we could -- it's just that you're brooke's father and given the history I --

Stephen: Taylor, we all have baggage.

Taylor: Can we be friends?

Stephen: No good-bye kiss?

[Door closing]

Nick: You know, Bridget, I'm the head of Marone Industries now. Look at me. It's this family of yours, that's what it is. They should all be locked up and throw the key away. The problem is, they'd probably find a way out or your mother would let them out.

[Nick sighs] Sorry, I don't mean to come here and dump on you like this. I guess I didn't know where else to turn. Why did you ever put up with me anyway?

Bridget: I think you know why I put up with you. Listen, Nick, I just want what's best for you and I think you're gonna figure that out. I know you will.

Stephanie: I just had a conversation with your father and it is absolutely clear to me exactly what is going on here. Your behavior this morning, I knew that wasn't you, it's the two of them.

Brooke: Them?

Stephanie: Your father and Nick. Brooke, I have placed myself in a vulnerable position here because I've done what I believed was the right thing and they are trying to seize this opportunity and to destroy us. Now, look, I think they've made a miscalculation. I believe they underestimated you. If you stand with me, we can stop this. I believe my trust in you is not mistaken. Are you with me or against me? What's it going to be?

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