The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/29/06


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[Elevator bell rings]

Ridge: Hello?

Brooke: Ridge, it's me. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I've had a lot of thinking to do.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Logan. How hard can this be? 50% of Forrester and Ceo? You can't turn that down.

Brooke: I didn't say I was turning it down.

Ridge: Well, hallelujah!

Brooke: And I didn't say I was accepting it either.

Ridge: Still haven't made up your mind?

Brooke: Look, I just called to tell you that I will be over there in a bit to tell you about my decision in person.

Ridge: Well, can I maybe have just a little bit of a hint then?

Brooke: See you shortly.

Stephen: Taylor agreed to meet me.

Stephen: Nick, there is something else going on with her, and I'm not sure what it is. But if there is a chance I can keep that company from slipping through my daughter's fingers --

Nick: Well, you do what you have to do, but be smart about it. I gotta go.

Eric: That's all Brooke said? She didn't say anything else?

Ridge: What if she accepts mother's offer, but still doesn't dump the sailor?

Eric: Well, I suppose that's possible, but Nick did say to Brooke that it's either him or the company. Brooke can't have both. And if she does come back to work here, I don't see much of a future for that relationship at all.

Ridge: Mother? You're awfully quiet.

Stephanie: Oh, I think I'm upset about Taylor. You know, I was taken back by her reaction and I -- I thought I knew her. Now I'm just not so sure I know her at all.

Taylor: To hell with Stephanie. To hell with all of them, the whole family. I've had enough. I've had more than enough. Whoever it is, go away!

Stephen: Taylor?

Taylor: Hi, you're just in time to join me for a toast.

Stephen: For what? What are we toasting?

Taylor: My official parting of the ways with the Forresters. I'm done with them. I'm done with all of them. For good.

Brooke: I'm sorry for putting you through this. I know you say that you understand, but I think it's really difficult for anybody to understand.

Nick: I understand that that company owes its success to you. You've earned your 50%. But you'd have to work with Ridge and I got a problem with that.

Brooke: I know you do.

Nick: I love you too much. I love you too much to walk into that place every day, knowing what you've been through and knowing what you could go through again.

Brooke: And your support means everything to me. You mean so much to me. Forrester Creations, my children, my history with Ridge and Stephanie. I've weighed everything and I believe that I came up with the best decision possible for everyone.

Stephanie: I love Taylor.

Eric: Of course you do. She's your best friend --

Stephanie: I don't know, not after today.

Ridge: Mother, what exactly did she say to you when you two were alone?

Eric: Stephanie? What happened with you and Taylor?

Stephanie: I gave her 2% of the stock because I wanted her to understand that she is part of this family, she always will be. But she was so angry and so resentful. I hope I haven't made a mistake.

Stephen: Stephanie slapped you?

Taylor: Yeah, because I gave her a piece of my mind, which she didn't like. I gave all the Forresters a piece of my mind.

Stephen: Because of the way they've treated you.

Taylor: You know, I actually thought I was a part of that family, I apparently thought I was somebody who mattered to them. But Stephanie definitely showed how all they feel about me when she chose your daughter over me. Now I'm basically on my own.

Stephen: Taylor, hey, hey, Taylor. I'm so sorry. You don't deserve any of this. But you're not alone. I told you, you have options. Unless you've done what you said you were going to and return those stocks.

Taylor: I still have them. But not for long.

Stephen: I know how hurt you are. And I know how deep that pain cuts. But Taylor, we have a chance to make Stephanie and the rest of the family pay for the way that they mistreated us. You may not have this chance again. So join forces with us and we can control Forrester Creations.

Nick: Whatever you've decide here, I'm behind you all the way. You know that, right?

Brooke: Even if I accept Stephanie's offer?

Nick: Is that what you're going to do?

Brooke: No. I'm putting you and me, our relationship, first. Because no matter what I feel about Forrester Creations, how much I care about that, I care more about what you and I have.

Nick: You're sure about this?

Brooke: Yes, I am sure about this. Nothing is more important to me than us.

Nick: Really?

Brooke: Really.

Nick: So when are you going to tell them?

Brooke: Well, I called Ridge, and I told him that I would be over there shortly.

Nick: I'm going to Forrester with you. I don't want you facing this alone.

Brooke: No, I can handle it.

Nick: Brooke, now if this were reversed, would you be there for me? Would you be there to support me if I were facing what you'll be facing?

Brooke: Yes. Every step of the way.

Nick: It feels nice to know you can trust somebody, doesn't it?

Brooke: It does.

Nick: Let me give you something. Let me give you what I promised you, that happy ever after. That happy ever after that you deserve more than everybody else.

Taylor: If you had heard how patronizing they were to me. Oh, but no one more than Stephanie. "I should have realized, Taylor, how giving you that stock was like rubbing salt in your wound." If I had known that, I would have never done it." She should've really realized that.

Stephen: Taylor, if you don't do something about this while you can. If you allow yourself to become their victim, not that you would or you want to be. When I see how upset you are about the Forresters, you and I both know this is more about being hurt than angry, and that's what Stephanie is counting on. That you won't resort to revenge.

Taylor: Because that's not who I am.

Stephen: But it is who Stephanie is.

Taylor: That's why I have no intention of stooping to her level.

Stephen: The point is, this is about righting wrongs. With your 2% and Brooke's 50%, that's what we will be doing. Righting wrongs. We'll send a message, loud and clear.

Taylor: No, no, no, see I don't want that. I don't want this stock. It doesn't mean anything to me. It's fricking payola! Okay, it's just Stephanie's way of easing her guilt at my expense!

Stephen: What're you doing?

Taylor: This stock doesn't mean nothing to me. I might as well just rip it up!

Stephen: No, no, wait. There's another choice. Rather than destroy the stock, sell it to me.

Employee 1: Welcome home, Ms. Logan.

Employee 2: You must be so excited. Ceo of Forrester.

Employee 1: Which you totally deserve.

Employee 2: Not that Mrs. Forrester didn't, but we're just so happy to have you back.

Employee 1: Congratulations and the best of luck.

Brooke: Thank you.

Nick: They love you here.

Brooke: Yes, it's been an amazing ride. One I wouldn't trade for the world, even with all its ups and downs. I will never have another experience like this ever again.

Eric: So Taylor made it clear she doesn't want the stock. Did she give it back to you?

Stephanie: I think that was her intention. But no, she didn't actually hand it back to me.

Eric: Which means that it's still hers. She can keep it or sell it.

Stephanie: Well, whatever she chooses to do with it.

Ridge: Wait, you're not concerned Taylor will-- this is Taylor we are talking about here. She's been through some rough times, but she's going to be fine.

Brooke: Sorry to interrupt, Sally wasn't at her desk --

Stephanie: You don't need anybody to announce you. I'm so glad to see you. Oh, nick. This is the first board meeting really with the new Ceo and you don't have any stock in the company.

Nick: No, no. I realize that. I'm just here to support Brooke.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that would be all well and good if she needed it, but she's a big girl now, isn't she? And she's with her family who love her and adore her and support her.

Nick: The way that you have loved and supported her all of these years.

Brooke: Nick --

Stephanie: No, it's true, I haven't been very supportive.

Nick: Well, that's putting it mildly, isn't it?

Stephanie: Yes, well, that's true. But I'm trying to make amends. I've distributed the rest of the stock to everybody else in the family and I want you to know that behind your position here at the company, 100%.

Eric: We all are.

Ridge: And not just because having you at the helm means profits will skyrocket. Because this is where you should've been all along, Logan. You've earned your place behind that desk.

Stephanie: It's finally yours. Go on, just roll around behind it and see how it is on the other side.

Eric: Go on, you're going to be spending a lot of time in that chair.

Ridge: Come on, let's take it for a test drive. Go ahead, Logan. It's all yours. I'm just gonna come out with it.

Taylor: You want me to sell my 2%?

Stephen: You said you want to be free of the Forresters, have nothing more to do with them, and rightly so. But if you destroy that stock, you only hurt yourself and your children, but not them. You've been hurt enough, Taylor. I will pay whatever you ask. Enough to set up you and Thomas and the twins for life.

Taylor: Stephen, that doesn't have anything to do with money. This has nothing at all to do with money. I have plenty of money. I don't need any money. That's not what this stock represents. You know, this stock is just a representation of just how much contempt Stephanie really has for me. How insignificant I've been to her all this time. But what's worse, it represents what -- what a fool I've been to think I was actually part of that family. To think that, you know, these people actually gave a damn about me.

Stephen: You are not a fool. You're a warm and loving woman who's always tried to do the right thing.

Taylor: So now you're telling me the right thing to do would be to sell you this stock so that Nick and Brooke can give the Forresters a taste of their own medicine.

Stephen: The Forresters, who you want nothing more to do with, because you are not about revenge. I understand that. I respect that. But these people have taken so much from us. They've sabotaged the life we were supposed to have. Now you've said you think this is about revenge, and maybe partially you're right, but it's also about justice and redemption for those of us who have been abused over and over again by that family. And especially Stephanie. All you have to do is sign the stock over to me. I will deposit the fair market value in your account. And you will be free of the Forresters forever. That is what you want, isn't it, Taylor? Freedom from that family and Stephanie, forever?

Brooke: All mine.

Ridge: The desk, the office, the company. The whole enchilada, yeah.

Stephanie: But more importantly than that, you are a Forrester now, completely.

Ridge: Think about it, Logan. All the amazing memories you have had in this very office. You, me and dad bouncing around ideas late into the night, bring the new designs to life. Then that amazing moment when it all comes together on the runway. The audience is on its feet, cheering wildly, the applause, the adrenaline that we felt, knowing we hit another grand slam. Tell me you remember that? Tell me.

Brooke: Just like it was yesterday.

Eric: Brooke, so much of our success is your success. Brooke's bedroom, the belief line --

Ridge: All runaway hits from day one.

Eric: Not that everybody was that enthusiastic about the way you were pushing the envelope.

Stephanie: Okay, I was a fuddy-duddy. I should've known better. Brooke, come on now, you've got 50% of the company. You can be as provocative and avant-garde as you want. And I'll put it in writing, too.

Ridge: I'd say that calls for a toast.

Eric: I'm going to see if sally has some champagne.

Brooke: Wait, wait, Eric. Everybody just hang on, okay? You're not letting me get a word in edgewise here. I came here to tell you something. You're making it harder on me.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Yeah.

Stephen: It's done. I've got the 2%.

Nick: You what? How?

Stephen: Taylor sold it to me.

Nick: You're sure?

Stephen: I'll explain the details later. What's important now is Brooke doesn't have to give up the company she loves. She has controlling interest.

Brooke: So as much as all the memories mean -- as much as your offer means, Stephanie, and all that it signifies. I've weighed everything very carefully and the only choice that I could really come up with is to --

Nick: Accept your very generous offer.

Nick: Brooke is going to accept the position of Ceo. Forrester Creation's largest stockholder. Effective immediately.

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