The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/23/06


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Dante: Felicia forrester, you are a bad influence on me. You know that?

Felicia: If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I wouldn't mind that my mom was giving away half my inheritance.

Dante: No, seriously, I shouldn't have done that. I'm very committed to bridget.

Felicia: I know. But hey, you know, if it doesn't work out, maybe you and I could take another spin around the track.

Dante: You know how much I love racing cars.

Felicia: And a hot little sports car is so much more exciting than a dependable wagon.

Dante: On that note -- I got to get back to work.

Felicia: Sculpting?

Dante: I need to find a model. Bridget was supposed to sit for me tonight.

Felicia: Instead, she ran off to solve nick's problems?

Dante: I think she would've stayed if I'd told her about the exhibit.

Felicia: What exhibit?

Dante: It's in a couple weeks. Very prestigious. And they asked for a new sculpture, so bridget already agreed to do it. And I said, "yeah, I'll do it." If I don't start soon enough, it won't be done in time.

Felicia: No problem. You can sculpt me.

Stephanie: Well, I'm still talking to brooke about the 50%. But eric and ridge have accepted the idea, so I'm gonna tell the rest of the family tonight.

Bridget: Will you hang up the phone? Now.

Stephanie: John, I'm gonna call you back, all right? Hello, bridget.

Bridget: You know, I have witnessed several of your manipulations over the years, but this one really takes the cake, stephanie.

Stephanie: Hard to understand or accept?

Bridget: It would be hard to understand or accept if I believed for one second that you were serious about any of it.

Stephanie: I am.

Bridget: You plan on giving my mother 50% of forrester creations?

Stephanie: I'm walking away from part of myself that I no longer need -- anger and the obsession of trying to keep your mother and my son apart.

Bridget: What about nick? I gave up my marriage so that my mother and nick could have a life together.

Stephanie: That was your decision. Brooke is ridge's future.

Taylor: Oh, yes, the king and queen of the fashion industry reunite. Woo-hoo!

Hector: But brooke hasn't accepted stephanie's offer yet, right?

Taylor: Oh, she will. After everything stephanie said at that press conference? You know -- "like an angel, she sailed across the bay in a forrester original. She practically saved the company." I mean, she was even saying that ridge and brooke were really meant to be together.

Hector: I thought -- I thought you guys were, like, best friends.

Taylor: So did I.

Hector: You had no idea that she was planning on reinstating brooke as ceo?

Taylor: I haven't even talked to her since ridge got out of the hospital.

Hector: Well, ridge gets what he wants, as usual, handed to him on a silver platter.

Taylor: Well, it's not going to come at my expense.

Stephen: Nick, I can't get a hold of brooke. I've been called the house -- her cell.

Nick: She wants some time to herself.

Stephen: What happened?

Nick: She's considering stephanie's offer, that's what happened. After all the abuse that family's put her through, she still could go back.

Stephen: Back to the company, not to ridge.

Nick: Well, it's one and the same, isn't it? That's her plan, anyway.

Stephen: Well then, it's a good thing I have a plan of my own.

Nick: I'm listening.

Stephen: I found out how stephanie plans on dividing up the company. Nick, we have the opportunity of a lifetime here. A chance to crush the forresters.

Dante: You want to pose for me?

Felicia: I know. I know. You're thinking that you won't get any work done. But I promise you, I'll be on my best behavior. Even though I know you like it better when I'm naughty.

Dante: If I knew where that naughtiness came from, I'd probably take you up on that offer.

Felicia: Sorry?

Dante: My sculptures capture what's going on inside my subjects. I want to convey a sense of who they really are. And in order to do that, I have to know my subjects intimately.

Felicia: Well, we were just saying we owe it to our son to get to know each other better. So, you know, maybe this is the perfect way to do it.

Dante: It takes time.

Felicia: Fine, ask me whatever you want.

Dante: It doesn't work that way.

Felicia: Or maybe you just don't think I'm attractive enough.

Bridget: One of these days, i suppose, you'll open your eyes and see that my mother and ridge just share a past -- a complicated and complex past.

Stephanie: Because of me.

Bridget: You? No, stephanie, it's in the past because my mother fell in love with another man.

Stephanie: No, she belongs with ridge -- corny as it sounds, they are one another's destinies.

Bridget: Oh, god, that word out of your mouth -- it's just a sacrilege.

Stephanie: What would be a sacrilege here is if nick were able to convince your mother not to accept my offer.

Bridget: He would be protecting her.

Stephanie: He'd be keeping her from her dream.

Bridget: After everything that ridge has put my mother through all these years, could you blame him?

Stephanie: You know, it never ceases to amaze me what happens between men and women. Nick is eventually going to have to accept, just as I did, that ridge and brooke belong together and that their love is undeniable.

Bridget: I don't believe that.

Stephanie: Why are you fighting this?

[Bridget scoffs] What do you want? You're still in love nick.

Bridget: Stephanie -- are you suggesting that nick and I should get back together?

Taylor: What stephanie wants, stephanie gets. You know, anybody who gets in her way either gets run down or shut out. She makes a decision and we all have to go with it. Well, you know what? Not any more. I don't care what her motivation was, I really don'T. But I'm not going to stand by and be humiliated by her or anyone ever again.

Nick: So you want to take on the whole forrester family?

Stephen: Better. I think we can take them down. And do justice for brooke and everybody else that family's abused.

Nick: Well, I don't care about everybody else. I care about your daughter, that's who I want to protect. And the best way to do that is get her the hell away from that family.

Stephen: Wait a minute, wait a minute, now just hear me out. I was in stephanie's office earlier. And she was laying out exactly how she plans on dividing up the company. She's giving 50% to brooke, we know that. But listen, she's allocating 10% each to herself, eric and ridge. And then 6% each to thorne, felicia and kristen.

Nick: I told you I don't care.

Stephen: Nick, she's giving the final 2% to taylor.

Nick: What's your point?

Stephen: My point is, stephanie is dividing up her half of the company into little, tiny pieces. So if brooke accepts the offer, it makes her the single largest stockholder.

Nick: But the forresters vote in a block.

Stephen: 1% more will give her controlling interest, nick. Controlling interest for 1% more. If we can find somebody to be on her side, brooke can do whatever she wants with that company and stephanie can't do a damn thing about it.

Nick: They'll still be working together.

Stephen: Unless brooke decides to fire her.

Nick: Fire stephanie?

Stephen: And eric. Ridge. She'll have the power. The company will be hers again. That's why we have to appeal to the one person who is no longer a member of that family.

Nick: You're talking about taylor.

Stephen: Stephanie gave her 2% of the company.

[Nick scoffs]

Nick: She's not gonna give a penny of that to brooke. Everybody knows how loyal she is to the forresters.

Stephen: Yes, and where did that get her? Ridge rejected her. Her best friend stephanie is now brooke's biggest fan. If the forresters don't value loyalty, why should she?

Nick: She's just not a vengeful person.

Stephen: Yeah, well, she's not a lap dog, either. And that's just how stephanie's treating her. Giving her a two lousy percent like a pat on the head -- a token? Taylor can't do anything with 2%. It's barely a vote. But if she sides with brooke --

Nick: That's such a long shot.

Stephen: But it at least deserves a chance for us to put some feelers out and see if she's remotely interested.

Nick: And if this goes wrong? If this backfires, she goes right back to stephanie. You know that.

Stephen: Nick, I have learned how to be careful.

Nick: I don't like it.

Stephen: Oh, come on, if there's one chance in a million this could work --

Nick: And what if it doesn't work? For the time being, she's still working at forrester and that is what is not acceptable.

Stephen: To you! Brooke hasn't shut the door on stephanie's offer yet, has she? Nick, my daughter loves you. She wants a life with you, but her dream is running forrester creations. Don't make her choose. It doesn't have to come to that. There is now a way for you two to have it all.

Bridget: Wait a second, if I'm remembering correctly, I think you begged me to let nick go so that he could be with my mother, and now you want to know if I'm waiting around for him -- no, I'm not. I've moved on, stephanie.

Stephanie: You're not in love with dante. You and he only are together because -- because of the baby.

Bridget: Wait, wait, wait. Don't you dare bring dante and dino into this equation.

Stephanie: Bridget, when you and nick lost the baby, when you miscarried -- you thought that without the child, that marriage wasn't going to hold together and you were right. You walked out first.

[Phone ringing] Hello?

Taylor: It's taylor. We need to talk.

Stephanie: Of course we do. Are you home?

Taylor: No, I'm in my office.

Stephanie: May I call you back?

Taylor: You're too busy to talk to me?

Stephanie: No, no, it's just that I'm in the middle of something right now.

Taylor: You know

what, stephanie? What, are you over there doing another interview or something? You're telling the whole world what a bad fit ridge and I are? You know what, I have endured years of humiliation watching my husband chase after brooke, and then I have to endure the same thing from you?

Stephanie: Look, I'm so sorry. I didn't think.

Taylor: No, you didn't!

Dante: Are you starting an argument here?

Felicia: You're avoiding the question.

Dante: Felicia, you're gorgeous.

Felicia: It's the hair, isn't it?

Dante: No. It's not you. Listen, I really appreciate the fact that you want to help, but it's just not gonna work out.

Felicia: Okay. Before you turn me down, I think you should at least see what you're passing up. What do you think?

Dante: I think you're crazy. And beautiful.

[Bridget remembering]

Stephanie: Bridget, when you and nick lost the baby, when you miscarried -- you thought that without the child, that marriage wasn't going to hold together and you were right. You walked out first.

Felicia: So now you're interested?

Dante: All of the sudden, I'm feeling inspired.

Felicia: Is that what you artists call it?

Dante: If we're gonna work together, you're gonna have to listen to me and follow my instructions.

Felicia: Sounds fun.

Dante: And look, we don't have much time, so we're gonna have to buckle down.

Felicia: Listen to you, follow your instructions, buckle down -- who knew sculpting could be so deviant?

Dante: Don't worry, I'll take good care of you.

Felicia: I bet you will.

Dante: Now, the important thing is to be relaxed and have a good time.

Felicia: I always do, dante. And something tells me so will you.

Stephanie: Taylor, I hope you're gonna give me a chance to explain.

Taylor: I don't care if it was a trick, stephanie. It was hurtful.

Stephanie: Oh, I never intended to hurt you.

Taylor: No, it's never your intention. You were just trying to pull the wool over brooke's eyes and I got caught in the crossfire. But all those people who were watching the broadcast --

Stephanie: Well, it's not a trick. I'm not trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes.

Taylor: No, no, you told her that you were making her ceo. That you we're going to give her 50% of the company.

Stephanie: Yes.

Taylor: What?

Stephanie: Look, I can see now that I should have come here and spoken to you first. I have not handled this very well. I'm sorry, but what I said, I meant.

Taylor: Ridge and brooke belonged together?

Stephanie: Yes. I know this is not what you want to hear. Please try and understand. I almost lost my son.

Taylor: You know what, my children almost lost their father. I think I understand how serious this heart attack was.

Stephanie: Yes, but I caused it. Brook is the love that he's always longed for.

Taylor: She's the love that he's always longed for? Do you hear yourself?

Stephanie: Yes. And I know how painful this is for you.

Taylor: This is insanity. I don't even -- I don't even know who I'm talking to right now.

Stephanie: This is about my son. You know my children always come first with me.

Taylor: Well, clearly, I come dead last.

Stephanie: No, no, that's not true. But taylor, you walked away from the marriage, and you recognized long before I ever did that he belongs with her.

Taylor: You know what, this isn't even about ridge and brooke. This is about us. It's about you and me.

Stephanie: You're right. And this shouldn't change anything. Taylor, I love you. This shouldn't alter or change or affect our relationship.

Taylor: What relationship? You just stabbed me in the back! You just disrespected me in front of the whole world! Somebody who does that does not love me.

Nick: Can I sit down?

Bridget: Please.

Nick: How are you?

Bridget: Okay. How are you?

Nick: I think I need to say I'm sorry.

Bridget: For what?

Nick: For what you've been through. You ended our marriage so I could be with your mother. And I thought I could start a new life with her. It's not that simple.

Bridget: Well, it never is with this family, is it?

Nick: I don't like that family around her. I don't like him around her.

Bridget: Does she know that?

Nick: Yes.

Bridget: So she just hasn't fully made up her mind or what?

Nick: Like I said. It's just not that simple.

Bridget: For her. What about for you?

Nick: I think she's being manipulated. I have to find some way for her to let go of that family.

Bridget: Well, what if she can't?

Nick: Then I'm gonna feel like a fool. Should I have seen this coming? I need your help because you know your mother better than anyone. What is she thinking?

Bridget: She says loves you, nick.

Nick: Enough to say no? Enough to give up her dream? I thought she was done with forrester, with this family, forrester creations, all of it. I don't know if that's possible. I don't know if she can ever move passed that. I want you to tell me. Do you think she can?

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