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[Camera shutters]

Ridge: No comment!

Sally: All right, get back down to the showroom, you vultures!

[Talking over each other]

Brooke: Oh, my god. I came here to support Ridge, and what do I get?

Stephanie: Half the company if you just sign the stock certificate.

Brooke: You ambushed me, Stephanie!

Stephanie: Were the press the only people down there listening to me? You wanted proof. I want you in the company. I want you in my family. I want you in my son's life. Can't you take "yes" for an answer?

Jared: Still no comment from Brooke Logan or the rest of the Forrester family. What we do know is that Stephanie Forrester has offered 50% of Forrester Creations to Ridge Forrester's ex-wife, Brooke Logan. Will Brooke accept her offer? And if she does, what does that mean for Forrester Creations? And is there a future for the former king and queen of the fashion industry? Jared Maxwell, "Eye on fashion, Los Angeles.

Nick: Shelley, cancel everything today.

Dante: Hey, the press is going nuts out there.

Bridget: Well, I'm sure Thorne's handling it.

Felicia: What's he going to say? "Don't be alarmed, everybody. My mother just lost her mind."

Bridget: I cannot believe that Stephanie offered my mother half of Forrester Creations.

Felicia: Dante, I don't know what they're paying you, but I hope you're planning on kicking in for our son's college fund.

Dante: I can send him to Harvard with what I make on my art.

Felicia: Really? Well, that's good, because every time my mother holds a special conference about the company, my inheritance shrinks.

Bridget: And she did it on live television. Live television. I really hope Nick wasn't watching.

Dante: Brooke didn't accept Stephanie's offer.

Felicia: She didn't decline it, either.

Stephanie: Just say yes.

Brooke: I need some time to think about this, Stephanie. And so do you.

Stephanie: Well, I've had plenty of time to think about it. Look, the accountants are ready to transfer the stock to your account.

Brooke: Did you even stop to think what this stunt might do to Ridge? He just had a heart attack!

Stephanie: Brooke, it's the attack that really woke me up. It made me understand just how much you mean to him and how much he needs you.

Brooke: You thought Ridge was going to die and you were scared. But he's fine now.

Stephanie: Because of you.

Brooke: Stop. Just stop it.

Eric: Brooke, it's not a trick. This stock certificate is genuine.

Brooke: Eric, I'm not going to take your company from you.

Eric: You deserve this, Brooke. You deserve this.

Ridge: Logan, this is where you belong.

Stephanie: It is.

Brooke: This is so strange. This is like being in a science fiction movie. This woman is not your mother.

Stephanie: This is exactly what you want, the both of you. I know that. Now just imagine this. You'll be together again. You'll be working. You'll be committed to that passion and that love that you have about this business. This industry. Come back to him. Come back to the family. To the company. I promise you I'll never disrespect you again.

Ridge: Everything we ever wanted, Brooke. Say yes and it's ours.

Stephen: Brooke! Don't sign anything. And Stephanie, you leave my daughter alone.

Bridget: Just when Nick and mom were trying to move on with their lives. Now they have to deal with this.

Felicia: Some couples have his and hers towels, they'll have his and hers companies.

Bridget: Yeah, but Nick didn't want my mom working at Forrester Creations at all.

Dante: You think he'll ask her to turn down Stephanie's offer?

Felicia: Isn't that what she always wand?

Bridget: Felicia, I gave up my marriage so that nick and my mother could live happily ever after. I'm not sure late nights at the office with Ridge were necessarily a part of that equation.

Felicia: But that's what you think my mother wants? Ridge and Brooke reunited?

Bridget: Well, she's using the company to lure mom to Ridge, so -- just when things were finally settling down and everyone's happy and calm.

Felicia: Everyone except Ridge.

Bridget: But see, Stephanie couldn't live with that. How can she say that she respects my mother if she wont respect her commitment to Nick?

Dante: If that commitment is as strong as you've said, then this is not going to affect them.

Bridget: Dante, that's exactly what Nick was afraid of when Stephanie brought my mother back to L.A. I need to go talk to my mom.

Dante: Wait, right now? We have plans.

Bridget: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. I just -- after tonight, my heart's not in it. But listen, I will make it up to you, okay? Another time? Bye.

Dante: I'll be in the studio if you change your mind.

Bridget: All right.

Eric: Stephen, we're offering Brooke an olive branch.

Stephen: You're waving a brass ring in her face. The ultimate prize. All she has to do is give up her future with Nick to get it.

Jackie: And you're not going to do that, are you, Brooke?

Eric: We're not asking Brooke to give up anything.

Stephanie: No, there's no stipulations attached to this offer. You can have your lawyers look at it. The stock certificate's absolutely legitimate.

Ridge: Look, Stephen, it's what she deserves. This company has never been more successful than when Brooke was CEO.

Stephen: This has nothing to do with the company and everybody in this room damn well knows it. Brooke, please tell me that you know what's really going on here.

Brooke: I know what Stephanie's doing, Dad.

Stephen: You and Ridge had your time together. And you left him.

Stephanie: It nearly killed him.

Jackie: Oh, now his heart attack is Brooke's fault! In the hospital, you said --

Stephanie: I accept my responsibility in this, Jackie. I drove her away. I'm simply trying to make up for that.

Stephen: This is not an apology. It's a bribe. Like my job at Spencer Publication. You knew I couldn't resist the opportunity and you used it to manipulate me. The same way you are trying to manipulate Brooke. Well, I'm not going to let it happen. Your attitude has not changed towards my daughter, Stephanie. You still don't respect her. You're doing all of this just to assuage your own guilt.

Jackie: Brooke, that paper may be irrevocable, but Stephanie's invitation to welcome you back into the family is not. She could turn on you any time, and then you're going to be right back in the nightmare that you just escaped from!

Brooke: That's not what I want.

Stephanie: That's not what's going to happen!

Stephen: Because none of this is going to happen. You can keep your dysfunctional family and your precious company. Brooke is having nothing to do with either one of them.

Nick: Well said, sir. Actually, I don't think I could have put it better myself.

Ridge: What's going on, Stephen? Feel like you had to call in the navy?

Nick: You looked good on the tube.

Brooke: Nick, I had no idea what Stephanie was planning.

Nick: I know. You still looked good.

Stephen: Brooke, just walk out of here right now.

Stephanie: She's not going to do that, Stephen.

Nick: No, she is. She is going to turn her back and walk right out of here. And I am personally going to make sure that every one of you Forresters stays the hell out of her life.

Eric: You can't do that, Nick. Brooke is the mother of two of my children. And she and Ridge share a son.

Nick: A son that we'll be raising together.

Ridge: Who the hell do you think you are, making an assumption like that?

Nick: Don't you think your mother should do your talking for you?

Brooke: Nick, Ridge didn't know about this, either.

Jackie: It is true, Nicky.

Nick: So it's all you? You want to give Brooke half of this company so you can put these two back together again.

Stephanie: Half the company. I mean it.

Nick: I do love when you make a fool out of yourself.

Eric: I think what Stephanie is doing is a very generous and honorable thing.

Nick: Do you, now? And how is her honor going to look when brooke walks out of here? How's your golden boy gonna look? And how is your company gonna look?

[Nick sniffs] I think I smell desperation. Because that's exactly what every one of you are feeling. You ready to go?

Felicia: I haven't been up here in years.

Dante: Hey. I don't think anybody else has. Took me a couple of days to get this place cleaned up.

Felicia: We used to call it the attic when we were kids.

Dante: You know what? It makes a wonderful studio. I'm very grateful to your father for letting me use it.

Felicia: The light must be gorgeous here in the daytime.

Dante: This is my favorite time to sculpt. I use the shadows.

Felicia: I didn't realize you were still sculpting.

Dante: You know, I've been very busy at Forrester, but my passion is my art.

Felicia: So does your passion for art come before or after your passion for Bridget? I'm just saying that I know she's fabulous and I can see why you're hung up on her. It's just too bad she's still hung up on Nick.

Nick: You don't have to explain it to me, I saw the whole thing.

Brooke: Stephanie really caught me off guard.

Nick: She set you up, Brooke. For god's sakes, she wheels her son out like that. Says that you're the woman that saved his life. It's like, Brooke Logan's greatest hits.

Brooke: I know, I thought she was giving me a send-off.

Nick: Well, why wouldn't she? You'd resigned.

Brooke: I had no idea she was giving me half the company. I mean, this stock is worth millions.

Nick: So what? It's about her. It's about her company, her guilt, you being with her son.

Brooke: But I'm not.

Nick: Well, she's the one whose got to deal with that problem now. You know, you do have to hand it to her that she gave it a hell of a try, you know? In front of a live audience like that, and it just blows right up in her face. May I?

Brooke: Nick! No! Don't!

Dante: Bridget is not hung up on Nick.

Felicia: She's awfully worried about him.

Dante: About what Stephanie's offer could be doing to his relationship with Brooke.

Felicia: I think Bridget feels like she made a huge sacrifice giving him up and she doesn't want it to come to nothing.

Dante: He did not love Bridget, Felicia. Okay, I know what you're thinking, because she refused my proposal, right? That's it.

Felicia: That is not what I'm thinking.

Dante: Look, Bridget and I, we've been through a lot of --

Felicia: You're standing there looking like that and you think I'm thinking about Bridget? You have been living la vida platonic for way too long, my friend. Then again, I guess sex just isn't important to some people.

Dante: You must be kidding, right?

Felicia: Maybe I had the best sex of my life with you, but I don't remember a second of it.

Dante: But you know what, you enjoyed yourself.

Felicia: But yet, neither one of us came back for more.

Dante: It wasn't that type of thing.

Felicia: Is that what you want me to tell our son when he asks why his parents aren't together anymore?

Dante: Look, we were never together.

Felicia: Right. So we don't know if there might've been something.

Dante: No.

Felicia: Don't you think we owe it to our son to find out?

Stephanie: That's exactly how it's divided for Brooke. And then the additional 50% is 10% for Eric, Ridge and myself. 6% each for Thorne and Kristen and Felicia. Right, and the 2% left for Taylor. Okay, thank you. I'll talk to you again. All right, John, bye. Stephen. I'm sure sally didn't just let you wander in.

Stephen: She's got her hands pretty full with all the press.

Stephanie: Well, I'm busy, too.

Stephen: You know, as much as I hate Eric, I am beginning to understand what drew him to my ex-wife. But I will never understand what Brooke saw in Ridge. He's just a spoiled little boy being coddled by his mommy. But I am relieved that she's finally moving on. And you are not going to interfere with that.

Stephanie: And now who's coddling his child?

Stephen: Oh, there's a big difference between coddling and protecting.

Stephanie: Brooke's a grown woman, in case you hadn't noticed. If you really wanted to be there for her, you should have done that a long time ago, Stephen.

Stephen: You're right, you're right. I never should have let you and Eric drive me away from my family.

Stephanie: It's hard to accept the responsibility of your actions, isn't it?

Stephen: Not anymore. So I'm warning you. You want Brooke back in your family and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that never happens.

Stephanie: You sound almost confident, and that's not like you, Stephen.

Stephen: Well, Stephanie, I have seen the best you've got and it wasn't good enough.

Stephanie: Don't underestimate me. The best is yet to come.

Stephen: Don't you underestimate me, lady.

Nick: Did I just hear you right?

Brooke: Half of Forrester Creations. Think of what it might mean for the kids.

Nick: What does it mean?

Brooke: They could be part of the legacy that I helped build.

Nick: What legacy? Your connection to Forrester is nothing but frustration and disappointment.

Brooke: I helped make that company a success. I love being a fashion executive, Nick. That's part of who I am.

Nick: No, Brooke. No, it's who you were.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: Look, this doesn't have to affect us.

Nick: I'm not worried about us. If you're working late one night -- if Ridge touches you, I will not be responsible for what I do to him.

Brooke: This is an incredible opportunity for me.

Nick: I know that. I know how tempting it is for you, I do. What happens down the road? What happens when Stephanie doesn't need you anymore?

Brooke: She can't just get rid of me.

Nick: She can make your life impossible. You know that.

Brooke: Well, then I could leave.

Nick: Well, why not leave now? Brooke, your freedom is so much more valuable than anything the Forresters can offer you. It's just not worth it, believe me.

Brooke: Nick, you're asking me to give up my dream. The company that I helped make a success.

Nick: Yeah, I am. And I'm asking you to give it up for me. I'm asking you to give it up for us. 

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