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Brooke: Stephanie, you don't know how long I've waited to hear you say those words.

Stephanie: Too long.

Brooke: I never thought you'd accept me into the family.

Nick: Ridge has never been on his deathbed before.

Brooke: Nick --

Nick: It's true. That's why she's here. It's not about you, it's about him.

Stephanie: I acknowledge that.

Nick: You're scared, aren't you, Stephanie? Your golden boy collapsed because you chased her away.

Stephanie: He's asking for you. Please, please come back with me to Los Angeles. I don't know how long he can hold on. We could be there in a couple of hours.

Brooke: I'm sorry, Nick. I have to go.

Stephanie: The plane's waiting. Nick can bring your things later.

Nick: No. I go where she goes. There's no way I'd leave her alone with you.

Dante: What are we doing, Felicia?

Felicia: Well, if you have to ask, we must be doing it wrong.

Dante: What is going on?

Felicia: My brother is sick. He might be dying. Did you ever feel like you just have to change the channel? Things are getting too heavy and intense, and if you don't feel something else, you're just going to go crazy? Bridget.

Bridget: What happened?

Dante: What do you mean?

Bridget: Where's Ridge?

Felicia: Oh, Ridge is fine. No, I mean, he's not -- he's not fine. He's the same --

Dante: He's -- he's having all kinds of tests.

Bridget: More tests? Have they not figured out why he's not responding?

Felicia: Not yet.

Bridget: Well, why did you guys look like something -- was wrong when I walked in?

Felicia: I -- we were having a moment. Well, I was anyway, and Dante was comforting me.

Bridget: You're so good at that. You're always comforting me.

Eric: Christian? How's my son?

Christian: The MRI was inconclusive.

Eric: So no news is good news? Is that what you're saying?

Christian: Mr. Forrester, Ridge should be fully awake by now. I'd like to take him for one more test before he goes back to his room.

Eric: Yeah.

Christian: Come on, guys, let's go.

Jackie: Eric?

Eric: I'll be right there. Jackie --

Jackie: Oh, Eric.

Eric: Stephen. Hello.

Jackie: Eric, I'm so sorry about Ridge. Has there been any change?

Eric: No.

Jackie: The doctors don't have any idea what's going on?

Eric: They're actually running out of tests to perform.

Jackie: And yet Stephanie thinks that by dragging Brooke back to L.A., She's somehow going to cure him? It is so ridiculous.

Eric: Jackie, our son is ill. If Stephanie thinks that Ridge needs Brooke, she's going to bring her here.

Jackie: Eric, Stephanie is up to something. It's just, I can't think for the life of me what.

Stephanie: How soon can we take off?

Pilot: We're third in line, ma'am. It will only be a few minutes.

Stephanie: Good. Get us there and get us there safely, Alan.

Pilot: Absolutely.

Stephanie: My son is waiting for Brooke.

Bridget: Are you sure there's nothing wrong? You guys weren't arguing about Dino?

Felicia: No.

Dante: Felicia's going to talk to Stephanie for us, stop her from threatening me.

Felicia: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

Bridget: Well, obviously, it's not your fault.

Felicia: You know my mom. Nothing she won't do for her children.

Bridget: I wish she could do something for Ridge.

Dante: Look, maybe all these tests will tell the doctors something new.

Bridget: You know, it just doesn't make sense. The surgery was successful. There were no signs of infection or bleeding. He should be improving.

Dante: Come here. Look, I was going to spend the day with Dino, but if you need me here, I'll stay. Okay?

Bridget: It's okay. You can go. Both of you, you've been here all afternoon. I'll stay. Okay? I know how much you hate hospitals, so I want you to go be with your son. Both of you. I'll make sure I call you if there's any kind of change.

Felicia: Thanks.

Dante: I'll see you later.

Eric: Jackie, you have every reason to be suspicious of Stephanie. I understand that. But I believe that she's sincere.

Jackie: All of a sudden she's ready to usher Brooke back into the family? One day -- one day after finally getting rid of her?

Eric: Jackie, what are you doing? You're sitting around conjuring up conspiracy theories with Brooke's father?

Jackie: No, no, no. You don't think that it's just a little strange, this sudden turn-around that Stephanie's had? Oh my, you believe her.

Eric: I have always hoped that something would happen to show Stephanie that this vendetta she has against Brooke is bad for this family.

Jackie: You can't help looking for the best in her, can you? Well, I hope, for your sake, one day you find it.

Eric: Your engagement ring?

Jackie: I hope, Eric, that you don't think it's too unfeeling of me, ending our engagement when Ridge is so ill. But the truth is, we've both known for a long, long time now that it's been over. Your place is with your family.

Eric: I hope you realize that I do not regret one moment that I've spent with you.

Jackie: Nor I with you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: Look, I have to take this. I'm sorry. Stephanie?

Stephanie: How is he?

Eric: The same.

Stephanie: Any improvement?

Eric: No.

Stephanie: Brooke's with me and we're just about to land in L.A., So we should be at the hospital, I would think, in about an hour.

Eric: Well, get here. Get here as fast as you can.

Stephanie: We will. No improvement.

Brooke: But he's hanging in there?

Stephanie: Oh, yes. And as soon as he hears your voice, he'll respond to you. He always has, Brooke. I try to do whatever I can.

Dante: I told you I was good.

Felicia: He's out?

Dante: Cold.

Felicia: So you have a talent for putting people to sleep. Hmm, maybe that's why I forgot about the night he was conceived.

Dante: That, or maybe it was all that champagne you were drinking.

Felicia: Okay, yeah. It's all coming back to me.

Dante: I wonder what jogged your memory.

Felicia: My memory -- not so good, I guess. Because I thought that Bridget turned down your proposal.

Dante: She did.

Felicia: But you still live together?

Dante: Look, maybe I jumped the gun too soon with the ring. I mean, she's not even divorced from Nick yet. I'll just have to give her more time, that's all.

Felicia: More time? Dante, while you've been waiting to have a life with Bridget, I have had a baby, and chemo, and a liver transplant, and fought my way back from death. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Bridget will never be ready for a life with you?

Dante: That's not possible.

Felicia: Really?

Dante: Yeah.

Felicia: Then why'd you kiss me?

Dante: I kissed you?

Felicia: Looks like I'm not the only one with memory problems.

[Dominick fussing] Go. Go work your magic, papa.

Eric: No, no, Christian. I don't have anything else to tell Stephanie. I don't have anything else to tell her.

Jackie: Oh, poor Eric. The man is obviously senseless with worry.

Stephen: Senseless?

Jackie: Well, yes, he truly believes that Stephanie has had some kind of epiphany about Brooke.

Stephen: She seemed sincere, Jackie. But the more I think about it, the more I have to wonder.

Jackie: As well you should. She's been horrible to you in the past, and to Eric, too. But no matter what, he just can't help defending her.

Stephen: Is that why you gave him back his ring?

Jackie: No, that was just a formality. Our relationship was over ages ago. It's just that when I saw how quickly he leapt to Stephanie's defense --

Stephen: Hey, you did the right thing.

[Elevator ringing]

Stephanie: Eric --

Eric: Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Eric: Thanks for coming.

Brooke: Has there been any improvement?

Eric: No, I don't think so. Bridget and Christian are in with him right now.

Stephen: Brooke, I know you asked me not to tell Stephanie where you were, but when I found out it was Ridge --

Brooke: No, Dad -- Dad, it's okay, you did the right thing.

Jackie: Well, I don't think any of this is right. Brooke, it is not your responsibility to take care of Ridge.

Bridget: Mom?

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart, how is he?

Bridget: What are you doing here? I thought you were in Mexico.

Stephanie: I was, but is he still asking for me?

Bridget: Yes, Mom.

Brooke: Nothing else?

Christian: I'm afraid not.

Brooke: Can I see him?

Stephanie: Of course you can. That's why you're here. Come on.

Jackie: Okay. You have got to stop her, Nicky. I mean, have you heard what she's saying? She's talking about reconciling with Brooke. She wants her back in the family.

Nick: Mother -- I will never let that happen.

[Monitor beeping]

Stephanie: Hi, honey, it's me. I've brought someone to see you. Honey, it's Brooke. She's come home to be with you, and she doesn't want to be anywhere else.

Felicia: Hi, my sweetie. Hi, my little baby. Okay, yeah, maybe I did kiss you.

Dante: Because you were scared for Ridge?

Felicia: What can I say? Hospitals make me crazy.

Dante: So it was the hospital?

Felicia: Or maybe I kissed you for the same reason I slept with you in Nice.

Dante: Because you find me irresistible.

Felicia: Because it felt good. And I wanted to feel good.

Dante: Look, I think coming home and being with our son would've made you feel even better.

Felicia: It has. It has, my little sweetie. Oh, don't get your hopes up, big boy, because I am not coming back for seconds.

Dante: So, that kiss -- that was just a onetime thing?

Felicia: That's our M.O., isn't it?

Dante: Is it?

Felicia: Go. You better get out of here. And I'll get our guy down for a real nap. Sleepy.

[Dominick laughing]

Stephanie: Talk to him.

Brooke: You think he can hear me?

Stephanie: Oh, yes. Yes, the doctors think there's a real possibility. Ridge? Honey, I've told Brooke everything, and I've apologized to her for treating her the way I have after all these years. I'm really sorry about that. And I know you begged me. I know you begged me to take her into the family and I just -- I couldn't bring myself to listen to you.

[Stephanie sighs] Maybe if I had, this wouldn't have happened. Look, it's not too late.

Brooke: Ridge -- your mother's right. It's not too late. Things don't have to end the way we left them. That day I walked out on Forrester -- that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But I didn't walk out on you. I love you. And you and I will always be together. Always connected forever through R.J. Ridge, no matter what, you have to come back. You have to come back to me, to R.J., because we need you. Come back. Please, come back. Ridge? I'm sorry, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It's okay. It's okay.

Ridge: Logan.

Brooke: Ridge? Ridge, yes, it's me.

Ridge: Logan?

Brooke: It's your Logan. I'm right here. I'm right here. It's your Logan. I'm right here. Right here.

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