The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/10/06


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[Machines beeping]

Ridge: Brooke.

Brooke: Ridge?

Eric: Is there any change?

Nurse: No, I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, you -- you got to wake up, you're starting to worry us.

Christian: Good morning.

Eric: Christian. You spoke to Dr. Plotnikov?

Christian: Yes, he said you have some concerns.

Stephanie: Well, why doesn't he come to?

Christian: Patients react differently to anesthesia.

Eric: Dr. Plotnikov said there is no physical reason --

Stephanie: Maybe he just doesn't -- maybe he just doesn't want to wake up. Because the one person in the world that he wants to have here, isn't here.

Nick: Buenos dias.

Brooke: To you, too, senor.

Nick: Did you sleep well?

Brooke: What do you think?

Nick: I think we should stay in bed all day. You okay?

Brooke: Well, would it really kill the mood if I were to make a quick call to home?

Nick: Oh, come on, Brooke. You're not still worried that something is wrong, are you?

Brooke: I don't know --

Nick: My mother has the number.

Brooke: I know, I know it's silly.

Nick: You're safe. Kids are safe, everything's fine. I was thinking maybe you should call home.

Brooke: Thank you. I have a message.

Stephanie: Brooke, it's Stephanie.

Brooke, I need you.

Nick: Who is it from?

Brooke: Stephanie.

Nick: What does she want?

Brooke: She needs me.

Stephanie: Where is she?

Eric: Who?

Stephanie: Brooke. I called last night. I left a message.

Eric: Did you explain what's going on?

Stephanie: Well, no, not on her voice mail.

Eric: But you have to leave you a message. She left the company. The two of you had words. She doesn't know what happened to Ridge.

Stephanie: She would if she called me back.

Eric: Look, call her again. Leave her a message. Come outside for a minute. That's his ex-wife.

Taylor: Eric? How is he?

Eric: He's -- he's stable. This is Dr. Ramirez.

Hector: It's my brother.

Taylor: Hi, you're Ridge's doctor?

Christian: Friend of the family. Dr. Plotnikov is Ridge's cardiologist.

Taylor: So, how did the surgery go?

Christian: Fine. The heart attack was a symptom of aorta dissection and Dr. Plotnikov was able to patch the tear with a Gortex graft. He's stable now.

Taylor: Is he awake?

Eric: Not yet.

Thomas: I want to see my dad.

Eric: He's right around the corner, 106.

Stephanie: Brooke, I'm leaving a message here at the office. Just on the chance, that you will check. Please, it's urgent. Please call me.

Thomas: Dad? It's me. Thomas. Mom's here.

Taylor: Ridge? What are you doing, scaring us like this, huh? You're the strongest man I know. We all love you.

Thomas: Mom said you were -- you were fighting?

Taylor: I'm sure that had nothing to do with it, sweetheart.

Stephanie: Of course it did.

Taylor: Stephanie, the doctor just told us that he had a tear in artery. It probably predisposed from birth.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry, Ridge.

Eric: He knows. Let's give them some privacy, come on.

Stephanie: If he dies, if we lose him --

Eric: He's not going to die.

Stephanie: I brought this on.

Eric: Stephanie, stop it.

Stephanie: No, how many times did he tell me he loved that woman? How many times? And I wouldn't hear him, I didn't want to hear him, because I hate her.

Eric: Look, it's not important.

Stephanie: Yes, it is! She's his life! He needs her!

Eric: As soon as she gets the message, she'll be here. She'll come.

Stephanie: What if she doesn't? If she doesn't come, he's going to die.

Jackie: Stay there -- Hope with R.J., I'll be right back.

Stephen: Your majesty.

Jackie: Stephen. What? Oh -- hope and I are playing dress-up. Come on in.

Stephen: Love the boa.

Jackie: I feel like a cross between the queen and a stripper.

Stephen: You look beautiful. Is my daughter here?

Jackie: No, she's not, no. Nickycame and swept her off to Cabo.

Stephen: Mexico? Very nice.

Jackie: Yes, I wish someone would sweep me off to Cabo. But I'm here looking after the children. I was going to put them down for a nap because we've all been up since the crack of dawn. And I'm in dire need of a coffee. Would you like to stay and join me?

Stephen: Yes, I'd like to.

Nick: She needs you?

Brooke: That's what she said.

Nick: She's just messing with you.

Brooke: Why? She finally got what she always wanted. Me out of her life for good.

Nick: Maybe she's in some kind of trouble?

Brooke: At Forrester?

Nick: Well, let's face it, Brooke. You're one of the only people who understands how that company operates.

Brooke: She never appreciated me before, now suddenly, she needs me?

Nick: Let it go.

Brooke: I am.

[Phone rings]

Brooke: Stephanie.

Stephanie: I know you're angry with me but I have to talk to you.

Brooke: I don't need to listen to you ever again. And if you call back here, I'm not going to pick up. Good-bye.

Stephanie: Don't hang up, don't hang up.

Taylor: Hey, I got an e-mail from the girls from London last night. Steffy said Phoebe was already speaking with an English accent before she got off the plane.

Thomas: Mom?

Thomas: Did grandpa say what the fight was about?

Taylor: Brooke. It was about Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, god! Can you believe the nerve of that woman? After everything she's put me through, and all of the abuse, I finally walk away and now she's still coming after me.

Nick: Did she even say what she wanted?

Brooke: I don't care what she wanted. I am through jumping through Stephanie's hoops.

Nick: Well you're not gonna call her back, are you?

Brooke: No. I'm calling home. And then, you will have all of the attention that you deserve.

[Phone rings]

Stephen: Hello?

Brooke: Dad? What are you doing there?

Stephen: I stopped by to see you. Jackie says you're in Cabo.

Brooke: Yeah, we are. Is she there?

Stephen: She just went upstairs to put the little ones down for a nap. Apparently she wore 'em out playing dress-up.

Brooke: So they're okay?

Stephen: Well they're fine, why?

Brooke: No reason. I just had this feeling that something wasn't right.

Stephen: Your children couldn't be safer, honey.

Brooke: That's what Nick said.

Stephen: Do want me to see if Jackie's available?

Brooke: No, that's all right. Just tell her that if Stephanie calls, don't let her know where we are.

Stephen: What's going on?

Brooke: I quit my job. I walked out of Forrester. Stephanie's been hounding me ever since.

Stephen: Well mum's the word, honey.

Brooke: I'll see you when I get back.

Nick: All's well?

Brooke: All's yours.

Nick: All's right.

[Doorbell rings]

Stephanie: Stephen. What the hell are you doing here?

Stephen: Visiting my daughter.

Stephanie: Where is she?

Stephen: She doesn't want to talk to you.

Stephanie: Look, if she's in the house, I need her down here right now --.

Stephen: Your days of threatening my daughter, or me, are over.

[Phone rings]

Taylor: How's Stephanie holding up?

Eric: Not very well. She blames herself for all of this.

Taylor: What happened?

Eric: Brooke was cleaning out her office --

Taylor: She was leaving the company?

Eric: And Ridge. Stephanie was delighted, of course --

Taylor: But Ridge it as everything he staked his future on walking out the door.

Eric: Yes. And he turned it all back on his mother -- told her she had taken his entire life away from him.

Taylor: Well she didn't cause his heart condition.

Eric: Yeah. Well she thinks she did. She believes that if she had let him to live his own life -- if she had accepted Brooke years ago and let him make his own choices -

Taylor: He might've collapsed anyway.

Eric: Yes. She's determined to make it up to him.

Taylor: How?

Eric: Taylor. Last night, Stephanie heard him talking in his sleep. He's asking for Brooke.

Taylor: Brooke.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: Why would she be calling me now?

Nick: Maybe she's going through withdrawal.

Brooke: If there is some crisis at work, maybe she'd finally realize that I knew what I was doing. Maybe I should call her.

Nick: Oh my god! This woman has tortured you your entire life, and she's still torturing you. She can't stand for you to be happy.

Brooke: I know. I don't want to feel this way. All I ever wanted was --

Nick: Was what?

Brooke: Was for her to like me. To respect me.

Nick: Try to look at yourself through my eyes. Now what do you see?

Brooke: Love.

Nick: Unconditional. Undeniable. Pure.

Stephen: My daughter wants nothing more to do with you.

Stephanie: This isn't about Brooke and me.

Stephen: It is.

Stephanie: Why? Because you're back?

Stephen: I let you come between us once before, but not again.

Stephanie: Ridge has had a heart attack -- he needs her.

Stephen: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: He collapsed last night. He's at the University Hospital. He's had emergency heart surgery --

Stephen: I didn't know he had one.

Stephanie: Are you gonna stand here and play games with me?

Stephen: Your son put my daughter through hell.

Stephanie: And he wants to make it up to her.

Stephen: He raped her! I don't give a damn what he wants!

Christian: Dr. Plotnikov was here?

Nurse: Yes.

Christian: Did he speak to the family?

Nurse: No, he was called away on an emergency.

Christian: All right, I'll try to reach him.


Eric: Stephanie, where did you -- where did you run off to? Call me back as soon as you get this.

Thomas: Thanks for helping my dad, Hector.

Taylor: You responded to the call?

Hector: Well, Stephanie called 911 as soon as it happened.

Thomas: Was he awake when you got there?

Hector: No, not really.

Taylor: You helped save his life.

Hector: You know, Ridge's heart could've ruptured but it didn't. So, you've got to stay positive.

Eric: Christian?

Taylor: How is he?

Christian: I just spoke to Dr. Plotnikov.

Eric: And? What's going on?

Christian: Ridge isn't responding as well as we would've liked by now. We're doing everything medically possible.

Taylor: Except for the one thing that might make a difference. Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, don't stop.

Nick: When's it my turn?

Brooke: I need it more than you do.

Nick: Oh, don't say it -- don't say it. Not the -- not the "s" word.

[Nick imitating a snake] Not Stephanie.

Brooke: I don't ever want to say her name again. I don't even think about her. I just want to think about you.

Nick: Good.

Stephanie: He loves her. He would never hurt her that way. She knows that, and she's already forgiven him.

Stephen: You're all so used to getting what you want. Get out.

Stephanie: Stephen, look, she and I have our issues, but --

Stephen: Are you going to leave or am I going to throw you out?

Stephanie: He loves her in ways that most people can't even begin to imagine. She's his life.

Stephen: And you're just figuring that out now?

Stephanie: Yes.

Stephen: You're crazy and I don't believe a word of it.

Stephanie: I'm telling you the truth.

Stephen: Well, it's too late! It ends now, Stephanie -- this destructive relationship between our families. Brooke is with Nick now.

Stephanie: But she belongs with Ridge, she always will, Stephen. Are you gonna try and deny her that? Please, just tell me where she is. All right, at least let her know that he is seriously ill, and that he's asking for her. Let her decide.

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