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Felicia: Hey.

Dante: I'm sorry, I know it's late.

Felicia: You'd better come in before I think you're a peeping Tom and call the cops.

Dante: You sure yoga's the best thing for you after a liver transplant?

Felicia: Do you have something else in mind?

[Both laugh] I don't think Christian would like it much, either. Then again, when did I ever play by the rules, right?

Dante: Right. Where is Christian?

Felicia: Well, as much as I like having my own private physician, I do have to share him with the other sick people.

Dante: Big scar.

Felicia: It's a big organ. What do you think? Should I keep it? Or should I have some Beverly Hills plastic surgeon wave a magic wand? Well, I don't have to decide today. So, tell me, why were you lurking outside my window in the middle of the night?

Dante: Felicia, I just want to know where we stand. I thought that we were friends, okay? I thought that you wanted me to be part of our son's future.

Felicia: I do.

Dante: Then why do I get the feeling you want to cut me out of his life completely?

Felicia: This is because I said no to Italy. Listen, I'm sorry, Dante, I know that you and Bridget were very excited to go.

Dante: This is not just about a cancelled trip to Italy. Your mother's threatened to deport me.


Eric: I got a message from Thorne. I got here as soon as I could. Ridge? Ridge, it's Dad, I'm here. I'm here with your mom. The doctors are doing everything they can. We love you. And we're here for you -- we're all here for you. What the hell is going on? I talked to Christian. But how -- how could Ridge have this kind of a condition and us not know about it?

Stephanie: Well, the doctor said that -- it's one of those things that's not easily detected. Now, look, they've done the surgery, they've repaired the tear. It's the next 48 hours that are really critical. He has to improve.

Eric: Ridge, you've got to fight. No, it's not your time. It's too soon.

Stephanie: I just wouldn't let myself see what he really wanted -- needed. Now, maybe it's too late.

Eric: The last I saw of him, he was running out of my office to find Brooke to patch up their relationship. Did he find her?

Stephanie: Well, she was with me in the basement. She was packing up her things when he walked in. She's leaving Forrester.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: She quit.

Eric: Oh, my God, that's what brought this on.


Nick: Here we go. Huh? Come on.

Brooke: Oh, Nick, it's beautiful --

Nick: Right here. Just -- there we go. Perfect. Thank you.

Brooke: Oh.

[Broke giggles] I can't tell you how much I needed this.

Nick: Would it be accurate to say that our lives are starting together now, or is there some other stuff we have to go through?

Brooke: That would be pretty accurate.


Christian: The surgeons have repaired the tear in the aortic wall of Ridge's heart. Now, it's the hours after the surgery that are really important. Hoping the Gortex graft holds up.

Thorne: Thank you for being there, Christian.

Christian: With so many doctors doing so many things, I thought I could just help make sense of it all.

Hector: My brother's going to keep a close eye on Ridge.

Darla: Well, thank you, Hector, for responding to the call as quickly as you did.

[Stephanie remembering]

Ridge: Brooke was me life -- my life -- and you couldn't accept her. Now she's gone. You've taken my life.


Felicia: Deport you?

Dante: Yeah. Your mother threatened to fire me if I even think of taking Dino out of your sight for just a second. Look, if I lose my job, I'll lose my work visa, and I'll have to go back to Italy.

Felicia: Wow. A whole another tool for my mother to use when she doesn't get her way -- deportation.

Dante: Felicia, I love my job. I like it here. I mean, sure, Forrester Creations has its share of dysfunction, but I like it there. You know, Ridge, yourself, Brooke, your mother, your father are very talented people. And very inspiring to be around.

Felicia: And Bridget?

Dante: Yeah, I love Bridget. But most important, I love our son, and I want the best for him. And I want to know where I stand --

Felicia: Dante, I've seen what a good father you are. And I think Dominick is the luckiest kid in the world to have you for a dad. And I am counting on you to be a part of his life.

Dante: Believe me, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that.


Thorne: Seeing Ridge so fragile -- there's been so much tension between us over the years -- then something like this happens --

Darla: Ridge is going to be fine, honey. And when he is, we are all going to make more of an effort to get along.

Thorne: A chance at a new beginning.


Brooke: Thanks, Jackie. I'm sure that Hope and R.J. are thrilled to have you there helping out with Catherine. You can always reach me on the cell phone. If you can't through for some reason, just call the hotel. Okay, thanks. Well, hope and R.J. are fine. They're still sound asleep. I don't know why I felt like something was wrong.

Nick: I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Brooke: Yeah. I'm glad to have your mother as a possible new mother-in-law. She's so loving and caring. Nothing at all like Stephanie. All I ever wanted was her acceptance -- and I never got it.

Nick: Hey -- we got you -- we got me -- we're on a vacation --

[Brooke gasps] You know?

Brooke: Yeah, I guess. Oh.

Nick: You know?

Brooke: I know.


Eric: Doctor, is there any word?

Christian: Not yet, sir. We'll know more in a few hours.

Eric: Massimo -- I should call Massimo.

Stephanie: Thank you, Christian.

[Stephanie remembering]

You cannot ask me to love someone --

Ridge: Who's made me happy? Who's given me the family I've always wanted.

Brooke: I know it's not going to be that easy. There's a lot of wounds, there's a lot of resentments for both of us. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Stephanie: You're such a bitch. You're such a bitch. For what -- the whore of Beverly Hills. That's no halo and you're no heroine. It ends tonight. No more Brooke.

Eric: Stephanie? Are you all right?

Stephanie: No, I'm not. This is my fault, Eric. I brought this on.


Felicia: Dante, I'm sorry that things have gotten so complicated.

Dante: You know how important family is to me, all right?

Felicia: So, why don't you take me up on my offer I made the other day? Send for them -- the whole kit-n-caboodle, and get a hotel, rent a house -- whatever you need. I'll pay for it.

Dante: I really appreciate that. But what I really needed to know was that we both want what's best for Dino. Especially after the day I had.

Felicia: Well, I hope it just got a little better. We're in agreement, right? It's all about our son. Whatever's best for Dominick. My mother be damned.


Eric: Stephanie, you're blowing this all out of proportion. All that happened is that Ridge walked in on you and Brooke arguing. It's not like he's never seen that before.

Stephanie: No, he heard her say that I'm the problem. I'm the reason that they're not together. And then she just up and left.

Eric: Well, Brooke has the tendency to blame you for everything that's happened.

Stephanie: Yeah, well she's right this time. I have been the problem. Then she was gone -- and I thought -- well, you know. But he got so angry and so upset. And he was so frustrated.

Eric: Stephanie, stop it, please --

Stephanie: No, you know, all I've ever tried to do was protect him and to look out for him. I've always tried to do what I thought I was best for him.

Eric: You have.

Stephanie: No, no, no, no.

Eric: Stephanie, what's going on? What's happening with you?

Stephanie: I have never accepted his loving Brooke. I have fought it all these years. And now, as a result, he's in there fighting for his life.

[Stephanie sighs] Eric, all I ever wanted to do was protect my boy. And instead -- look what I've done.


[Nick imitating a matador]

Nick: Ole! Ole! Okay, bueno.

Brooke: Si, señor.

Nick: You've forever changed the way I'll look at a poncho.

Brooke: And you have forever changed the way I'll look at a matador.

Nick: You know, in your case, I'm thinking maybe less is more.

Brooke: I got you something.

Nick: Oh. What have we here?

Brooke: It's a St. Jude's medal. I had it blessed. It's my way of telling you that I'll always be there for you.

Nick: I'll never take it off.


Dante: I'm just happy you don't hate me.

Felicia: I could never hate you. I didn't expect to have a child with you. But now that we have one -- I'm really glad you're Dino's daddy.

Dante: You called him Dino.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. It's growing on me. What can I say?


Eric: This is not your fault!

Stephanie: Yes, it is. He's begged me for years and years and years not to fight with Brooke. You said the same thing to me. Everybody did. I didn't listen.

Eric: What? So now all is forgiven? My God, Stephanie, you can't gloss this over. You can't do it. Your history with Brooke is not going to go away.

Stephanie: I know that. There are some things I never will forgive her for. You!

Eric: What are you saying?

Stephanie: I'm saying I guess at some point you have to grow up and realize it's not all about me. You know? It's about -- it's about Ridge and my children. It's about Ridge and respecting his right -- their rights to choose their family -- their wives. Their husbands. Their lives. And I haven't done that. And now –


Brooke: I can't believe how my life has changed in such a huge way. I feel so free. I love you, Nick. But I want to be honest with you. After everything that's happened, I can't stop thinking about Ridge -- how I broke his heart.


Darla: Stephanie. Hi, sweetie.

Stephanie: Thanks for coming.

Darla: Of course.

Thorne: I love you, too. Take care.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. You told me over and over again you loved her. And I just -- oh, boy, I couldn't accept it. I drove her away. I drove her from you. I took her from you. But I can get her back for you. I can get her back for you.

Brooke: Hi, this is Brooke. Leave a message at the tone and I'll get back to you.

[Message beep]

Stephanie: Brooke, it's Stephanie. Brooke, I need you.

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