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Nick: The boutique's been closed since my mother was arrested. So, why are you here? What are you doing in her office?


Stephanie: Sweetheart, this is absolutely wonderful news.

Felicia: Who knew you'd be so excited over a couple lab results?

Stephanie: Oh, stop. This is what we've been hoping for -- get your white blood count up to normal, almost.

Felicia: Whatever normal is where I'm concerned.

Stephanie: You can say that again.

Felicia: Whatever normal --

Stephanie: Hi, Bridget. Have you heard the news?

Bridget: Oh, about Felicia's lab results? It's wonderful.

Felicia: So, is Dante with Dominick?

Bridget: Yeah, he took Dino for a walk. I hope that's not a problem.

Felicia: Why would it be a problem?

Christian: Okay, pretty lady, lets get you back to the guest house. You've had enough excitement for now. Doctor's orders.

Stephanie: Oh, if I'd only known it was that easy all these years. Love you. I'm very happy for you two.

Christian: Me, too.

Felicia: All right, Doc. We're outta here.


Bridget: Is dad around?

Stephanie: No.

Bridget: I guess I'm gonna be going then.

Stephanie: You are happy about Felicia, aren't you?

Bridget: Stephanie, what kind of question is that?


Massimo: You are warning me?

Brooke: I'm telling you how it is if Nick finds out what you've done.

Massimo: Whatever this thing is you're accusing me of, do you have any proof?

Brooke: Well, I hope I never do, because Nick will despise you for the rest of your days if you really did frame his mother.

Massimo: Do you really think I am that cold-hearted?

Brooke: I know you resent my relationship with Nick. You see it as the catalyst that will lead to the Marone Empire's demise. Which, of course, you would never let happen.

Massimo: Even if it means sacrificing Dominick and his mother. Goodness gracious, is this the way you've always felt about me?

Brooke: Massimo, I don't want to make an enemy of you.

Massimo: Nor I of you. Because I do believe you love my son. But it's Ridge, not Dominick that has your heart. And if you were honest with yourself, believe me -- ah, Ridge. Good, good, I am glad that you are here because I want you two, right now, to work this out, okay? Because I know you love each other. I know it. You know it. And I know deep down, she knows it. Don't you, Brooke?


Megan: I heard about your mother's problems, but I'm really sorry. Anyway, I came by to follow up on some orders that Jackie M. had placed with Forrester. Because -- well, I assume your mom will be out on bail soon so I just didn't want her to come to some back log of orders and I thought I'd pitch in.

Nick: My mother's bail's been denied.

Megan: What?

Nick: The feds are holding her until the trial.

Megan: God, Nick, I'm so sorry.

Nick: Thanks. I just wanted to stop by, go through some files, see if there's anything I could find to help clear her. The door was locked when I got here, was there anybody in here when you showed up?

Megan: No.

Nick: Then how did you get in?


Massimo: You love Ridge. I know that you're still angry for what he did to you and the children, all right. But you'll always be angry if you don't let this go. I mean, the pain --

Ridge: Massimo -- if you think this is your way of handling this if --

Massimo: What I'm trying to say is, I want the two of you to look at each other right here, right now. Address it then forgive and get on with it, okay? For the sake of the son that you share and everything you've meant to each other and still do. I mean, just don't complicate this whole thing by dragging Dominick into this.

Brooke: I didn't drag Nick into this, he was there for me when --

Ridge: When I wasn't. Yeah, I know. And I'll regret that for the rest of my life. Brooke, I've said it a million times but that doesn't seem to change anything for you. The loss of trust, feeling like you've been abandoned all over again. But I've done something. Something that I'm hoping will shed a little light on this for you if you just hear me out.

Massimo: Listen to him. Listen with your heart, Brooke.


Ridge: Logan --

Brooke: No. No, Ridge. I've made my decision, my future is with nick. Now I this is hard for you and your father to accept, but you're going to have to accept it because that's the way it is.

Ridge: Brooke, wait.

Brooke: There isn't anything else to say, Ridge. There's nothing more that you can do. So I am imploring you, please just accept my decision for all of our sakes.

Ridge: You're wrong, Brooke. There is something I can do. I already have.


Megan: I have a set of keys. Well, I mean, actually, Eric does. Jackie gave him a set a while back so I borrowed them. But I cannot make head or tails of these files without Jackie's computer and it's gone so --

Nick: The feds took the computer for evidence.

Megan: Right, of course. I should've thought of that.

Nick: I should look into these files. See if there's anything here I can -- I can find. I suppose I owe you a thank you, most people run when there's any type of scandal. I'm sure that's why Brooke considers you one of her best friends.


Bridget: Stephanie, of course I am happy for Felicia. Why on earth would you think otherwise? Are you just trying to make a point?

Stephanie: Bridget, I know you're just -- you're too decent a person to ever say anything but given these circumstances, it's only natural that you're conflicted about the baby. Now, look, you have done an absolutely wonderful job but

Bridget: My job for Dino has just begun. Stephanie, I've completely bonded with that child. And Dante and I have created a home for him just like Felicia asked.

Stephanie: Yes, when she thought she was dying but she's not --

Bridget: Well, look, you don't need to worry about this. Felicia and I have talked I depth about it and we figured out that we're both gonna mother Dino, together.

Stephanie: How's that gonna work out, exactly?

[Bridget sighs]

Bridget: Well, we haven't figured out all the details, but we will. In the mean time --

Stephanie: In the mean time, you can barely stand to be separated from him any more than his mother can.

Bridget: But you've known that all along. You knew that she wasn't dead and she might pull through. That's why you were cautioning me to not get too close to Dino. I totally didn't understand it at the time but of course, now I do.

Stephanie: Bridget, I was concerned about you, I still am. Honey, I do want to help you.

Bridget: Oh, do -- do you really? Or is there just a little part of you that wishes I would go away and leave your grandson just for Felicia?


Christian: Just like I thought, your blood pressure's elevated.

Felicia: Always is when there's a hunky doctor taking it.

Christian: Good try. But we both know it's something else.

Felicia: I'm worried about Bridget. I know that Dominick means so much to her after losing Nicole. Yes, we agreed to work things out, I just hope my mother stays out of it.


Stephanie: Please don't misunderstand me, I just -- I just want you to -- I'm asking you to be sensitive to everything that Felicia's been through.

Bridget: No, Stephanie, I think it's a little more than just that.

Stephanie: Look, we don't know how much time Felicia has. The test results were good this week but who knows, six weeks, six months -- I mean, she's just living on borrowed time. Bridget, let her -- let her have her son. Let my daughter have as much time as she needs with her baby.

Bridget: Huh, that's what it really boils down to, isn't it? It's your daughter versus Brooke's daughter.

Stephanie: What?

Bridget: Come on, Stephanie, as much as you say you love and support me, I'm really just Brooke's daughter. To you, that means taking sides. I don't know why, this time I really thought it might be different.


Ridge: I need a favor.

Massimo: Anything.

Ridge: The Marone jet.

Massimo: At your disposal. Destination?

Ridge: Paris.

Massimo: Ah, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Now you're thinking. Especially since Dominick is preoccupied with his mother.

Ridge: Look, it's not really what you're thinking. I do have a plan here. Something I'm hoping will win Brooke back.

[Phone rings]

Massimo: Excuse me.

[Massimo sigh] Yes? No, no, no, no, no right now. I'm right in the middle of something. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Ridge: "W" calling for advice again well, whoever it was, I want you to know I really appreciate you putting my problems before everything else.

Massimo: Ridge, you're my first born. You're family. Family always, always comes first. And this business with trying to reunite you and Brooke -- it may not seem like it but progress is being made, I assure you of that.


Brooke: You came up empty handed?

Nick: Feds, they grabbed everything. The computers, the pertinent files -- this thing's crazy. My mother's not a criminal!

Brooke: No, of course she's not. Everybody that knows her knows that, especially everybody who works with her and everyone at Forrester Creations.

Nick: Which, by the way, Megan was at my mother's office when I got there. She said she was trying expedite some sort of order Forrester had made with Jackie M. And she was just making sure my mother wouldn't be inundated when she got back.

Brooke: Well, that's very thoughtful of her but not at all surprising, considering how she feels about Jackie.

Nick: I'm missing something. I'm missing something! It's got to be right there and I'm not seeing it. Otherwise it's just about accounting mistakes. And I know my old man wouldn't let that happen. He set up the financial structure of this company himself.

Brooke: I went to see Massimo while you were at the boutique.

Nick: You what?

Brooke: And I told him that there's nothing he could do or say to change what we have and i meant it. Your father is not going to come between us.


Stephanie: I'm not taking sides. I don't want either you or Felicia to be hurt. But if I see it heading that way especially -- look, sweetheart, I know -- I know you love that baby. I know you feel like his mother already.

Bridget: Only now you're telling me that I can't be his mother anymore and that I should step back and let Felicia completely take over. Only we both know that as soon as she's gone, I'm going to be the one that -- not that that's what I'm hoping for. God no, you know that's not what I'm hoping for. It's just that you're talking like I am not needed anymore, and I am. I am going to play a very significant role in that child's life.

Stephanie: Of course you are. Good, that's what Felicia wants. But, you know, just -- under these circumstances, honey, can't you let go just a little?

Bridget: No. No. No. I can't. Stephanie, that little boy already has my heart. Oh, god, I just want to love him and hold him and protect him forever. I don't want to take anything away from Felicia. Of course I don't, I know that she's his mother but -- just please, please don't ask me to let go. I can't. I can't let go of that child.

Stephanie: Baby girl.


Ridge: You know how much I appreciate everything you're doing for me.

Massimo: Don't you just feel that this is a fight that you have to fight yourself?

Ridge: Like I said, got a plan. And if everything goes as I'm hoping --

Massimo: Do it, Ridge. Make Brooke yours.


Nick: My old man certainly has met his match in you.

Brooke: But I don't want to be at odds with your father. Especially if it means you losing your inheritance, your position at Marone, my family.

Nick: You're my family, you and your kids. You know, when we're together like this, everything else just -- Brooke, I gotta get my mother Brooke, I gotta get my mother out and I need proof that ties my old man to all of this. Somebody has that proof. I just gotta find out who that somebody is.


Ridge: Thank you.

Megan: Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt. I just have some documents for you to sign. The promotional campaign you asked me to work up. The one you wanted yesterday? Well, I would've called your cell and had you come to the office but I figured with all that you have on your mind I'd come to you.

Ridge: Is she something else or what?

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: I don't know what Forrester would've done all these years without Megan. Come on, sweetie, I got a lot more work for you at the office.

Megan: Okay.

[Massimo sighs]

[Operatic music plays]

Megan: Turn that down, please? You and I need to talk, Massimo. I can't do this anymore.

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