The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/13/06


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Nick: I can't believe my mother spent the night in this place, and my old man let her.

Brooke: Nick, Jackie will be released on bail today. And then it's just a matter of getting the charges, which were obviously a mistake, dismissed.


[Elevator rings]

Massimo: Ridge --

Ridge: I thought you were gonna do something about that?

Massimo: It's being taken care of.

Ridge: Obviously not fast enough.

Massimo: Look, the Marone family has enough problems with Jacqueline being arrested. I don't want add more shame by brother fighting brother in a courthouse, okay? I want you to leave the courthouse now. I'll be in touch.

Ridge: Either this gets settled soon, or I'll handle it my way.


[Elevator rings]

Massimo: Have you thought over what I said? This has got to stop. There's a war brewing in the Marone family over a woman that belongs to Ridge.

Jackie: You're talking about Brooke as though she was a piece of property.

Massimo: You know what is right.

Jackie: You're asking me to stand between our son and Brooke? Never.


Dante: Hey.

Bridget: Oh, hey. Good morning.

Dante: Good morning.

Bridget: Listen, do you think it's too early to call Felicia and let her know that we're gonna come pick Dino up?

Dante: I'll let her have this time with her son. Besides, he's probably sleeping anyway, right?

Bridget: Yeah. I just miss him.

Dante: I know.

Bridget: It's so obviously wonderful that Felicia's back. Christian really worked a miracle on her.

Dante: He's gonna have his work cut out for him to keep her alive.

Bridget: I hope it doesn't seem like I'm uncaring or insensitive -- I literally think it's a miracle that she's alive.

Dante: Look, I'm still Dino's father, you know? And Felicia chose us to raise him -- well, that's going to happen, Bridget.


Christian: You shouldn't be out of bed.

Felicia: No offense, Doc, but being close to Dominick again is the best medicine.

Christian: I agree. Now that you've had a dose, how about I get you back to bed?

Felicia: When you put it that way --

Christian: Come on. There you go.

Felicia: Thank you. Not just for tucking me in -- for everything.

Christian: I know I've told you before, but you are the best patient I've ever had.

Felicia: So it's true. You moved in here to keep your eye on the star pupil. Make sure I don't slip up.

Christian: You got me all figured out.

Felicia: If it weren't for you -- and for my mother, of course -- I wouldn't have this time with my son. And I'm gonna make the most of it.


Jackie: Oh, Nicky.

Nick: Not another night in here. Mother, this is Peter Mccoy, he's going to be your defense attorney.

Peter: Ms. Marone, we're gonna get you out of here.

Jackie: Well, I appreciate you hiring the very best defense attorney in L.A., But this shouldn't be complicated. I mean, I have done nothing wrong.

They have made a very bad mistake.

Nick: All right, mother, just take it easy. We'll get it all straightened out.

Peter: Prosecutor Gilmore doesn't charge someone unless she thinks she can get a conviction.

Jackie: But I haven't done anything. Why does nobody em to believe that?

Brooke: We do.

Nick: It's your job to prove it to the judge, right?


Christian: I know how much you love your son, but I've noticed something else. Bridget loves this baby very much, too. Almost as if he's her own.

Felicia: She recently miscarried, late term -- a little girl. Nicole. The plan was that I was gonna keep an eye on Nicole in heaven while she took care of Dominick down here. But that's when you make god laugh, right? When you tell him your plan?

[Phone rings] Good morning, Bridget.

Bridget: Hey, I hope it's not too early to call.

Felicia: Not at all.

Bridget: Well, I just wanted to see how everything went last night. Did it go okay?

Felicia: Couldn't have gone better.

Bridget: Oh, well, I'm glad. Dino had had a couple of late nights, so I wasn't sure how he'd sleep.

Felicia: Through the night.

Bridget: Good. Anyway, Dante and I were gonna stop by in a little while, if that's okay?

Felicia: Oh, okay -- sure. Sounds good.

Bridget: Okay, well, see you then?

Felicia: Yeah, see you then. Dante and Bridget are gonna come over. You know, this Mohawk seemed like a really good idea at the time, but it's gonna fall out, too.

Christian: You know, I'm pretty good with a razor. Hey, if you're looking for a stylist --

Felicia: You have so many talents, doctor.


Bailiff: Please rise, the honorable Judge Morrissey presiding.

Judge Morrissey: Please be seated, everyone. Thank you. Though I have agreed to hold this hearing in my chambers, this remains a court of law and everybody is under obligation to speak the truth at all times. Ms. Gilmore, what are the charges against the defendant?

Ms. Gilmore: Your honor, the defendant, Jaqueline Marone, has been charged with three felony counts. Count one, defrauding the federal government of over $3 million in tax revenues. Count two, failing to report more than $4 million in earned income. Count three, conspiring to launder over $14 million of united states currency.

Jackie: None of this is true!

Brooke: This can't be.

Nick: I think your boy's been looking in the wrong garbage cans.

Ms. Gilmore: Your honor, all evidence was collected from ms. Marone's personal computer, obtained from her office through a legal warrant.

Brooke: There's nothing legal about what you're doing.

Eric: Judge Morrissey, there has to be some kind of an explanation.

Massimo: Let's try to remain calm. Your honor, may I? Because Jacqueline Marone is the mother of my son, I would like to post bail. And I am certain I have sufficient funds to cover any amount.

Nick: Maybe I was wrong.

Ms. Gilmore: Your honor, because the prosecution considers Ms. Marone a flight risk, we respectfully request that bail be denied.

Nick: Flight risk?

Ms. Gilmore: I'm sorry.

Nick: What the hell is this? This is insane!

[Talking over each other] Flight risk? Define that, would you?


Felicia: Are you sure you've done this before?

Christian: No.

Felicia: Go ahead.

Christian: You look beautiful. Hey, I'm not one for empty compliments. You look beautiful.

Felicia: You've got one hell of a bedside manner.

Christian: I'm glad you think so.


Nick: A flight risk? Come on, my mother's never even had so much as a speeding ticket.

Peter: Your honor, Ms. Marone has no prior convictions, no prior arrests.

Ms. Gilmore: Ms. Marone travels the world on business, there's no telling how many millions in stolen funds she's managed to stash away.

Jackie: Millions?

Ms. Gilmore: Ms. Marone's stolen assets would help her evade prosecution for years, maybe forever.

Eric: Jackie Marone is a respected businesswoman with an international reputation. She does not deserve to be dragged in here and vilified.

Ms. Gilmore: Do you not make frequent trips to Buenos Aires?

Jackie: Well, yes, I mean -- I have several boutiques there.

Ms. Gilmore: Which just happens to be across the river for Uruguay.

Jackie: No.

Ms. Gilmore: A country with which the United States has no extradition treaty.

Nick: Oh, come on! This is insane. What are we talking about here?

[Talking over each other]

[Gavel smacks]

Judge Morrissey: Silence!

Massimo: Your honor, I was married to this woman. I don't think anyone knows her any better than I do. Set your bail as high as you wish and I'll be responsible for it. I will not sit back and watch my son's mother spend another night in jail.

Massimo: Your honor, if you would allow me to speak on behalf of my ex-wife.

Judge Morrissey: You are considered to be under oath.

Massimo: The notion that this woman has committed tax fraud, laundered money for drug cartels, is preposterous. What would she gain? Money? Prestige? She already has that. I made sure that she had a generous divorce settlement, which included the Jackie M. Boutique empire. This woman has been falsely accused. She should be allowed to post bail immediately.

Ms. Gilmore: Your honor, I'd like to question Mr. Marone on a few relevant points.

Judge Morrissey: Proceed.

Ms. Gilmore: Mr. Marone, your divorce from Ms. Marone was amicable?

Massimo: I have sufficient assets. I would never deprive my son's mother to have a lifestyle anything less than comfortable.

Ms. Gilmore: You gave her complete ownership of Jackie M. As part of your divorce settlement?

Massimo: No, I gave it to her before the divorce and allowed her to keep it.

Ms. Gilmore: Are you still a part of its financial structure?

Massimo: Not since she has taken over the company.

Ms. Gilmore: Then you have no idea how the company's finances are handled?

Massimo: I know that my ex-wife is not a thief.

Ms. Gilmore: You gave Ms. Marone complete ownership of Jackie M., Is that because she was a loyal wife? No? What was the reason for your divorce?

Massimo: Your honor, I don't see that this is relevant to the case.

Judge Morrissey: You were given the opportunity to speak on your ex-wife's behalf, and now you must answer the prosecutor's question.

Massimo: I divorced Jacqueline because --

[Massimo sighs] She was having a relationship with another man.

Ms. Gilmore: An affair?

Massimo: Yes.

Ms. Gilmore: With Deacon Sharpe, someone she employed at her boutiques?

Massimo: That's correct.

Jackie: How did they know about Deacon?

Ms. Gilmore: Were you aware that Mr. Sharpe had a criminal past?

Massimo: Not initially, but I had some private investigators confirm it. Deacon Sharpe's crimes are a matter of public record.

Ms. Gilmore: So, your wife was having an affair with a criminal?

Jackie: No, it wasn't like that!

Judge Morrissey: So, lets get this straight -- your ex-wife was having a relationship behind your back with a criminal?

Massimo: Your honor, it -- it was not behind my back. It was in front of me.

Ms. Gilmore: In front of you? You condoned the relationship?

Massimo: For god's sake, no. I was incapacitated at the time. I was in a wheelchair -- on a ventilator.

Ms. Gilmore: So, at a time when you were most vulnerable, the woman you loved was in the arms of another man, a man with a criminal past. The woman who promised to love and honor you.

Massimo: Yes. Your honor, I -- I prefer not to answer any more of these questions. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. I -- I have nothing more to say.


Christian: I know you better than you realize. Your mother gave me a dvd of your greatest hits. It gave me extra incentive. I needed to find out more about this woman who was so full of life.

Felicia: So now I have another reason to have to thank my mother.

[Knocking at door] Come in.

Christian: Come in.

Felicia: Hey.

Bridget: Hi.

Felicia: You're the first to see it. What do you think?

Bridget: Oh my goodness, you look amazing.

Dante: Prettiest bald woman I ever seen.


Felicia: You Italians -- Dominick just went down for his morning nap.

Bridget: Right back on schedule, I'm pretty impressed.

Felicia: Yeah, I was afraid he'd stop listening to his mother by now.

Bridget: I just think that means we need to arrange for a few more sleepovers, soon.

Felicia: Sleepover? Dominick's living here now.


Nick: I suggest you turn this around.

Peter: Is what your father said accurate?

Ms. Gilmore: Your honor, Jacqueline Marone gave this man a promise, to be his wife, to love and honor him. But at a time when he was most vulnerable, she cheated on him with a man who had a criminal past. Now she's giving us a promise that she'll remain in the country until her trial. She can't be trusted. I ask that bail be denied and that Jacqueline Marone be held in federal custody until the completion of her trial.

Judge Morrissey: All right, I'm ready to make my judgment.

Jackie: Please -- please, your honor, I won't go anywhere. I promise you. You can't put me behind bars, I'm begging you.

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