The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/12/06


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Nick: Just make sure you use discretion. Stay on top of it and call me when you know anything.

Brooke: I thought you might need that.

Nick: Good thinking.

Brooke: So, what about Massimo? Is he getting your mother out of jail?

Nick: I don't know. I don't know what he's done. I don't know what he's going to do.


Ridge: I still can't believe it.

Felicia: Well, you better, 'cause a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get me here. Right, Mom?

Thorne: We had a memorial for you.

Ridge: Mother fought it tooth and nail. Now we know why.

Felicia: I wish I'd been there -- see how much I really mean to this family.

Stephanie: Oh, as though you don't know.

Thorne: A toast --

Felicia: Can I have a sip?

Christian: No.

Felicia: I don't know why girls dream of marrying doctors. You know, you are really uptight.

Christian: Only when I'm on duty.

Darla: And that is true, because he was very sweet at Bridget's barbecue.

Ridge: To Felicia.

[All together]


Bridget: What's this about a barbecue?

Ridge: Well, speak of the devil.

Felicia: My babe.

Bridget: Say hi.

Felicia: Come here, my little angel. Please.

Bridget: Of course.

Felicia: Come here, to mama. Look at you. Oh, my sweet.

Bridget: There you go.

Felicia: I'm sorry, but I need a kiss. Oh, this little man saved my life.

Christian: Well, I hate to break this up, but we really should be getting back to the guesthouse.

Felicia: Only if Dominick comes, too.

Dante: I'll get Dino's stuff out of the car.

Felicia: Dino?

Dante: Yeah, that's what we're calling him.

Bridget: Oh, you don't like it.

Felicia: No, it's great -- if you're a dinosaur or a lounge singer partial to Martinis.

[Laughter] I'm just kidding, it's cute.

Kristen: Felicia -- I'm so glad you're here.

Thorne: It truly is a miracle.

Ridge: For all of us. But especially for this little guy right here. 'Cause he's got his mommy back.



Eric: Jackie? I came as soon as I heard.

Jackie well, if you've come to take your engagement ring back, I don't have it. They took it -- with all my personal possessions when they booked me.

Eric: Jackie, I came because I want to help.

Jackie thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Jackie sobs] Thank you. Thank you.

Brooke: Nick, why wouldn't Massimo help your mother? I mean, he can't believe that she's actually guilty of what she's being accused of? Nick --

Nick: He doesn't like us being together. And he doesn't like what my mother's done to him in the past. I think my old man's responsible for what's happened to my mother.


Felicia: They say that laughter is the best medicine. But I think they're wrong. I think it's the love you get from a child.

Christian: It's gonna take a lot more than love to get you back where we need you.

Felicia: I'll do whatever it takes.

Bridget: Well, you're not gonna be able to do it all alone. You're gonna need some help.

Christian: She'll have a nurse.

Felicia: Yeah, and a very dedicated doctor out on the couch.

Bridget: If you're worried about her being alone, I don't think you'll really need to be. I plan on making some frequent visits.

Felicia: I'm counting on that. I want to spend as much time with you as I can. Dominick will, too. Isn't that right, my little man? My baby. Sweet little boy.


Stephanie: I need you to understand that it was -- it was really difficult to watch you all grieving for your sister and -- I wanted to tell you, I did. I just felt that her chances for surviving were so slim. If she did die, I just couldn't put you through it a second time. It must have been so hard for you, dealing with all of this by yourself.

Ridge: Mother, we thought you were -- you were nuts.

Thorne: Especially when we saw the room this way.

Stephanie: Well, honey, that was Felicia's idea. She wanted the room to like this -- you know, from the night of the wedding ceremony.

Kristen: Hey, speaking of the wedding, where'd dad run off to?

Stephanie: Oh, he's down at the federal courthouse. Jackie has apparently gotten herself arrested for -- I think it's money laundering and tax fraud.

Ridge: What?

Darla: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Dad should still be here with his family.

Stephanie: I think he feels a sense of obligation to Jackie. He's asked her to marry him.


Eric: If you're upset with me, I understand.

Jackie: Oh, no, I'm just having a really unlucky week, that's all.

Eric: Jackie, I had no idea my daughter was alive.

Jackie: Oh, please, stop! How could you even think that I wouldn't be happy for you, and thrilled Felicia is alive? It's just that -- I really thought you loved me.

Eric: I do, Jackie. I do.

Jackie: No. You're not with Stephanie out of obligation. You're with her because you love her.


Brooke: You actually think Massimo is responsible for Jackie being in jail?

Nick: I think he's using the situation as leverage.

Brooke: I'm not following you.

Nick: He tried to make a deal with me. He said he'd help get my mother out of jail, if I end my relationship with you.


Dante: They've already set up a crib.

Felicia: I wanted Dominick to sleep in bed with me, but my heartless tyrant of a doctor says no.

Bridget: It might be best for Dino. I don't know that he could sleep with all these machines around and everything.

Felicia: Dominick? Are you kidding? He could sleep through a 21-gun salute. Can I have him back?

Bridget: Yeah. Of course. Let's go see mommy. He's so tired. Here you go. Got him?

Christian: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Okay. To think I thought I could say good-bye to you. Just hold you one last time, tell you how much I love and peacefully slip away. I couldn't do that. I need my little boy as much as he needs me.


Ridge: Dad and Jackie are engaged?

Stephanie: Yes.

Kristen: See, this is why I stay in Florida. I mean, this doesn't make sense. If Jackie is who he wanted to marry, then why --

Stephanie: He wanted to accommodate Felicia's dying wish.

Thorne: And, well, Felicia's not dead anymore.

Kristen: So what happens now?

Stephanie: Well, that's a very good question.


Eric: Jackie, I don't deny that I have feelings for my wife.

Jackie: It doesn't matter anyway. For all I know, I'm going to spend the next 25 years in jail.

Eric: No, you're not, Jackie. You're not. You're not going to spend another minute in here. You're not going to spend a day in jail, I promise you that. I'm going to see to it. And I'm not going to let this sully your reputation either, professional or personal. I have our P.R. People working on damage control as we speak.

Jackie: Thank you.

Eric: I'm going to stand by you, Jackie. Through all this. The way you've stood by me.

Jackie: Eric, I'm so scared.

[Jackie sobs]


Brooke: I'm not gonna let Massimo come between us. I won't. I love you too much. I'm not gonna let that happen, Nick.

Nick: Okay. Then it won't happen.

[Phone ringing] Yeah. Listen, this is an attorney. I gotta take this call, okay?

Brooke: Yeah, okay.

Nick: Hey, Mr. McCoy? Listen, thanks for getting to me. Tell me I can bail my mother out tonight, will you? What? When? No. No, no. No, you go ahead. I'll see you then. Thank you.

Brooke: What happened?

Nick: The hearing's not 'til tomorrow. She's gotta spend the night there.

Brooke: How is she holding up?

Nick: I don't know, he didn't get in to see her. Why would my mother be denied a visit from her attorney?


Officer: Step inside, ma'am.

Massimo: Hello, Jacqueline.

Jackie: Oh, Massimo! Oh, Massimo, thank god you came! I knew you'd come. Did Nicky tell you what's going on?

Massimo: That you've been accused of some serious crimes.

Jackie: Yes, but I'm innocent.

Massimo: Well, you may not have done what they say, but innocent --

Jackie: You are here to help me?

Massimo: That's what families are for -- to help each other, stand by each other. I support you, and you support me. Only you haven't. I needed your support recently, and you let me down.

Jackie: What are you talking about?

Massimo: Dominick. You liked the idea of he with Brooke, and that disappoints me, Jacqueline. Very, very much.


Christian: You realize it wasn't easy for Bridget to leave the baby with you.

Felicia: I know it's gonna be hard on her tonight.

Christian: She's bonded with him, Felicia.

Felicia: That's what I wanted.

Christian: When you thought you were dying.

Felicia: But I didn't. At least, not for the moment. I miss my son, and I want to be with him. Bridget understands that.


Dante: Hey.

Bridget: Hey. I'm okay.

Dante: You look like you're about to cry.

Bridget: I just should've known. Dino is Felicia's son, of course she would want to be with him, of course.

Dante: Tonight, one night, okay?

Bridget: Come on, Dante, it's more than that.

Dante: Then we'll talk about it. We'll discuss it. I am Dino's father and you are his legal guardian.

Bridget: And she is his mother.

Dante: Look, nothing's going to change until we talk about it, all right?

Bridget: It's already changed, Dante. She's alive. Felicia's alive and that's -- it's amazing. Thank god -- thank god Stephanie took her to that clinic and the chemo worked and the liver transplant worked. It's a miracle. And please, don't get me wrong, I love seeing Dino and Felicia together. It's incredible. It makes me so happy. But --

Dante: But what?

Bridget: I'm just afraid.

Dante: Afraid of what?

Bridget: I know that Felicia is Dino's mother. Believe me, I know that. I just don't want to lose him. When I lost Nicole, he saved me. And I need him. Part of me thinks I need him as much as Felicia does.


Jackie: I'm in jail for something that I didn't do and you want to discuss our son's love life?

Massimo: So, you do agree that his relationship with Brooke is not the priority.

Jackie: This is just off the subject, don't you think?

Massimo: You want my help, I want yours.

Jackie: Help? With Nick and Brooke?

Massimo: Well, up to now you've encouraged their connection.

Jackie: Well, they're in love, Massimo.

Massimo: She would go back to ridge in a second if Dominick wasn't available. Jacqueline, talk to him. He'll listen to you.

Jackie: And if I don't? This is an ultimatum. Convince me to end his relationship with Brooke or I rot in jail.

Massimo: Well, you have the night to think it over. Guard?

Jackie: Nicky will get me out of here.

Massimo: Yes, he came to see me for help about that. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do for you tonight.


Nick: This is just ridiculous. I can't believe my mother is spending the night in jail and my old man is gonna let it happen.

Brooke: We will get your mother out of there, and we won't have to split up to do it.

Nick: That was never an option.

Brooke: I know. I can't believe your father could even think that. Not even somebody as rich and powerful as Massimo Marone could keep us apart.

[Nick laughs]

Nick: For the first time, it's not us I'm worried about. I just can't stand it -- I can't stand the thought of her being in there and me not being able to do anything about it.

Brooke: Hey, hey, you can lean on me. You've always been there. You've always been my rock for so long. You've been there to support me, and now, I want to be that person for you.

[Brooke sighs]

Nick: You already are.

Brooke: So then don't worry. We will find a way to get your mother out of jail. And I'm gonna be there every step of the way helping you. Because I love you.

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