The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/4/06


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[In pirate voice]

Nick: Her ya are, mum.

Brooke: Okay.

Nick: All right, mateys. We got our very own island! Come here, love.

[In normal voice] I want you to go with mom and find a special spot for us to camp, okay?

Brooke: I think I know just where to look.

Nick: I'll bet you do.

Hope: Come on, Mommy.

Brooke: All right, let's go.


Jackie: I'm looking for Eric. Do you know where he is?

Stephanie: Oh, I wouldn't waste my time if I were you, chasing after him.

Jackie: Stephanie, you and Eric came together to help your daughter through a very difficult time, but you can't pretend you thought the marriage would last.

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Jackie: You couldn't have been surprised when he asked you for the divorce.

Stephanie: He didn't ask me for a divorce.

Jackie: Of course he did. Last night -- he talked to you last night.

Stephanie: Well, we talked about a lot of things all night long, but he -- well, we didn't talk about divorce. Matter of fact, Eric and I are closer than we've been in a long time.


Bridget: So, can I give him to you, huh?

[Bridget giggles]

Stephanie: Felecia, look. Look, it's Dominick.

Christian: This isn't your son.

Bridget: Oh, no, no -- this is my sister's child. It's okay, honey.

Dante: Bridget and I are his parents.

Bridget: My sister Felecia gave us custody.

[Dominick fussing] Oh, sweetheart! Anyway, she gave us custody before she died.

Christian: And you and Felecia were married?

Dante: No, but, Dino's my son, I'm his father.

Thorne: And this isn't even the most complicated relationship in the family.

Darla: It's definitely the sweetest. Aw, just like this little baby, so precious. I know, peanut.

Bridget: And so wet.

Darla: Oh, here, I'll take him. Entertain your guests. No problem.

Bridget: Thank you.

Darla: Come on, peanut butter, come on.

Bridget: Thanks.

Darla: Say buh-bye.

Thorne: See ya.

Bridget: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't take my eyes off of him. I just love him so much.


Ridge: Where is he?

Massimo: What has Dominick done now?

Ridge: That's what I want to find out. I was supposed to pick up R.J. today, take him to the car show. When I got to the house, nobody was there.

Massimo: How's that Dominick's fault? What is that?

Ridge: A pirate's eye patch.

Massimo: It's a toy.

Ridge: Maybe. Or maybe it's my thieving brother's calling card.


Nick: Okay, here we go. There.

Brooke: So, what do you think of the spot, hmm?

Nick: Perfect, just perfect.

Brooke: Yes, it is.

Nick: Okay, let's get this pirate camp set up, shall we?

Hope: Can I help?

Nick: Oh, no, honey. No, no. I think the best thing for you is to save your energy for the treasure hunt.

Hope: Treasure hunt?

Nick: That's right, treasure hunt. When I get this camp set up, I want you to put your shoes on -- your running shoes. I want you to get your water, your backpack. And until then, we just sit back and watch the master tent builder.


Jackie: So, you and Eric are closer than ever?

Stephanie: We shared something rather incredible, yes.

Jackie: You're either deluding yourself or you're lying, and I don't know which is sadder.

Stephanie: Look, if you don't want to believe me, ask Eric for yourself. He'll tell you the same thing.

Jackie: Felecia's death may have brought you two closer together, but Eric is committed to a future with me now, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh, who's diluting themselves now?

Jackie: It is a fact. He asked me to marry him. We're engaged.


Christian: You're a Forrester -- you're all Forresters.

Dante: Except for me.

Thorne: You seem surprised, Christian.

Christian: Well, Hector didn't mention anyone's last name.

Hector: I didn't -- no, I didn't, you're right. I guess I know you all so well by now. But you remember Thorne's brother, Ridge, don't you? Back when I was in school -- played soccer against him.

Christian: Some big rivalry or something?

Hector: Yeah, that's it.

Christian: Yeah, yeah, okay, I remember but I only went to a few games. You know, I had to cheer on my big brother over here.

Thorne: Yeah, you and Felecia.

Christian: Excuse me?

Thorne: Felecia forced me to take her to every one of Ridge's soccer matches. She was his biggest fan.

Bridget: You must've been mortified.

Thorne: Well, I wanted to hang out with my friends, not drag my baby sister around. Didn't know how lucky I was at the time, though, huh?

[Christian's pager beeps ]

Christian: Excuse me.

Thorne: Sure.

Hector: Is that the hospital?

Christian: My patient -- excuse me, but I'm gonna have to go. But it was real nice to meet all of you.

Thorne: Sure, yeah.

Bridget: Hey, listen, I -- I hope we get to see you again.

Christian: I hope so, too.


Brooke: You need some help over there?

Nick: I'm good.

Brooke: Yeah? You might need those directions.

Nick: I don't need directions, Brooke. A tent is a tent. It's some -- poles and some nylon and some stakes.

Brooke: Well, then I'll set up the other one, okay?

Nick: I've got it. I have got it. Just do the mom thing with the kids and let me handle the guy thing, will ya?

Brooke: I've been camping before, Nick.

Nick: Have you? Okay. Okay, here. Here's the directions, here's your tent. You just -- you go ahead. You just knock yourself out putting your little tent up. Go ahead. Go on.

Brooke: Well, I think I'm gonna need some help here. You gonna help me?


Jackie: Look at it, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It's a beautiful ring.

Jackie: It's an engagement ring.

Stephanie: Then why aren't you wearing it?

Jackie: Because Eric didn't want to hurt you. Poor Felecia -- I mean, he couldn't deny his daughter's dying wish. But he couldn't deny his love for me, either.

Stephanie: Well -- it certainly seems to me that he wanted to hide it.

Jackie: Eric gave me this ring the day that he agreed to marry you because he wanted to me to know that his love for me was real and that his marriage to you was just a show.

Stephanie: Things have changed.

Jackie: Yes, they have. Felecia is gone and Eric is free to move on with his life -- is that why you've had such a hard time accepting Felecia's death? Because you know that once you do, you have to let go of Eric?

Stephanie: Oh -- please spare me this five and dime psychoanalysis. You don't --

[Knock at the door]

Christian: Mrs. Forrester, I hate to bother you at work, but -- oh, I'm sorry, you have company.

Stephanie: Oh, that's all right, she was just leaving. But keep your eye out, she has an eye for younger men.

Jackie: This conversation isn't finished.

Stephanie: Yes, it is, right now. Goodbye Jacqueline. Dr. Ramirez, is something wrong?

Christian: Everything's all right. Felecia's still improving.

Stephanie: Oh. Is there something else you wanted to talk to me about?

Christian: Yes. It's the rest of your family. They think Felecia's dead and it's killing them. You can't keep this a secret any longer.


Bridget: Wow, I'd say that our first party was a success.

Dante: I agree.

Bridget: You know, I'm really glad we got to meet Hector's brother, but I'm sorry he had to leave in such a hurry. I hope his patient's okay.

Dante: Maybe it was an excuse. Maybe he really didn't like my cooking.

Bridget: Oh, well, so you burnt the hot dogs, so what. That's what ketchup's for. Put enough of that stuff on anything and it's edible.

Dante: It does add something to your boring, American cooking.

Bridget: Really?

Dante: Yeah.

Bridget: I hope you don't think everything American is boring and bland.

Dante: Well, I don't know, maybe I could use a little ketchup on you.

Bridget: Don't you dare.

Dante: Just a little bit -- just a touch.

Bridget: No.

Dante: Yeah, yeah.

Bridget: No.

Dante: There we go. I don't think so. It would be travesty to cover up some of your irresistible sweetness and charm.

Bridget: Really?

Dante: Mm-hmm.


Ridge: Oh, Brooke's cell phone's going directly to voicemail.

Massimo: She's turned it off.

Ridge: Or she's out of range. If he's taken her somewhere --

Massimo: If he has, your brother has crossed the line. He's interfering in another man's family, a family that deserves to be together.

Ridge: We would be together if it wasn't for him.

Massimo: Don't worry, ridge. I'll get to the bottom of this.

Brooke: Oh, Nick! You're right, that was easy.

Nick: You cheated.

Brooke: Following directions is not cheating.

Nick: You had help.

Brooke: I think we better help Nick. What do you think?

Nick: No, I don't want any help, thank you. I know when I've been beaten. A real man is able to admit defeat graciously, remember that, R.J. Even though I wasn't beaten by your mother, I was beaten by the tent. And therefore, we're gonna let your very competent camper-mom put this one up while we get ready for our treasure hunt. Ready to get ready?

Hope: Yeah. How do we get ready?

Nick: How do we get ready? Well, first of all, we've to make sure that all of our pirate stuff -- there ya go -- is set to go. And then we have to sing our official pirate song, okay?

What do you do with a drunken sailor

what do you do with a drunken sailor

what do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning and then, then we need our official pirate maps. Here, I want you two to study these very, very carefully because they're full of lots of clues. And in order to find the treasure, we've gotta follow this map and that leads us right to where it is. See? Study it real good.

Brooke: There we go. So, you made maps?

Nick: Yeah, you can't find the treasure without the map.

Brooke: They're so happy.

Nick: Really?

Brooke: Yeah.

Nick: You know, I never had anything like this when I was a kid. So, if I can give it to them, then I'm happy.


Christian: I had no idea all these people were related to you and Felecia until I saw the baby.

Stephanie: How is he?

Christian: Well, he's a perfectly happy baby boy.

Stephanie: Except he misses his mother.

Christian: Well, he won't be missing her for much longer if she continues to improve. And I think Bridget and Dante deserve to know that. Mrs. Forrester, they need to be told that Dominick's mother is alive.


Bridget: Thank you so much for this.

Dante: The party was your idea.

Bridget: No, not the party. I mean -- this. You know, the feeling I have. I just had no idea how important you would become to me. How much I'd end up needing you. You've been really good to me.

Dante: Hey --

Bridget: You have. The support you've given me and now, look, we're raising a child together. You want my sunglasses? Yeah? I know this isn't the relationship that you probably hoped for. And I know this isn't the place that either one of us saw ourselves in our lives -- but I want you to know that it means everything to me. I can trust you. I can trust this. That's really saying a lot coming from me because I lost so much.

Dante: You are never gonna lose me -- or Dino. Ever. Come here. We're all yours. All yours.


Christian: Is this what Felecia wanted? Her family is grieving.

Stephanie: Oh, good god, no. Why do you think I brought her father down there?

Christian: But you haven't said anything to the rest of them.

Stephanie: Dr. Ramirez, you've got to understand. They think that their sister died in my arms -- so did I.

Christian: Yes, but the fact is she is alive.

Stephanie: I understand, and her body isn't showing signs of rejecting the liver, but what if something goes wrong and I've told them that she's alive -- they'll have to go through this all over again.

Christian: Well, the longer you wait, the more time Bridget has to bond with Felecia's son.

Stephanie: Oh, I know.

[Stephanie sighs] And I'm so worried about that. I mean, Bridget's gone through so much loss.

Christian: All the more reason you need to be honest with her.

Stephanie: Can you guarantee me that my daughter is going to live? Because that's what I have to hear first.

Christian: I can't, but I can tell you what I believe. Your daughter is going to return home to her family and her son.

Stephanie: Well, I want to believe that, too.

Christian: Come back to the clinic with me. Once you see your daughter again, there will be no question on what you should do.


Massimo: Thank you, that's all I need. That was the Harbor Master. He confirmed that the Shady Marlin left Marina Del Rey about an hour ago.

Ridge: Did he say who was on the boat?

Massimo: No. And he had no idea where it was headed. But he did say that it was flying the Jolly Roger -- the pirate flag.


[In pirate voice]

Nick: Arrr! We did it. We found our treasure.

Hope: Can I have more candy?

Brooke: Not until after dinner.

[In normal voice]

Nick: Well, it's not candy, it's pirate's gold.

Brooke: Oh --

Nick: And all those things in those buckets -- those are special pirate treasure.

Hope: I didn't know pirates had toys.

Nick: Oh, well, these are special pirates who hid this treasure, you know. And their captain -- here, go to your mom.

Brooke: Come on, honey.

Nick: Their captain -- when he became a captain, you know what he did? He lived in an orphanage. And he didn't know his parents and he didn't have any toys. So, what he did is he always made sure that he had toys on his ship because every time he stopped, he had gifts for the little boys and girls.

Hope: He was a nice pirate.

Nick: Yes, he was. Just like you.

Brooke: Why don't you two go inside the tent and get out of the sun for a little while, okay?

Nick: That's a good idea.

Brooke: Go on. Okay, inside. All right, now you watch your little brother. I'll see you soon.

Nick: Hey there.

Brooke: Hey. Seems like you had as much fun as they did.

Nick: Yeah. I hope you did, too.

Bridget: Yeah. Just seeing them smiling and laughing. It comes easy for you.

Nick: That's because it is easy.

Brooke: Yeah, I can see that. It's just been so crazy for us for so long that it's hard to remember how nice things can be. You're so good for me -- for the children.

Nick: You're good for me, too.

Brooke: Promise me something.

Nick: Okay.

Brooke: Promise me that you'll never leave me.

Nick: I promise.

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