The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/3/06


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Brooke: Gosh, how much bourbon did you and Taylor put away last night?

Nick: Well, I don't know. I was trying to make a point.

Brooke: To Taylor? That she's not an alcoholic, right?

Nick: Yes. I understand that my methods were a bit unorthodox. But it's been my experience that when you deal with a non-alcoholic, the best thing is to send them on a bender. That teaches them not to abuse booze.

Brooke: Okay?

Nick: Okay.

Brooke: Nick --

Nick: What is it?

Brooke: Uh, um. Well, I had a visit from Ridge last night.

[Brooke sighs]

Nick: What did he want?

Brooke: To apologize for walking out on me.

Nick: Well, you've heard that before.

Brooke: He thinks that I have abandonment issues because my father left me. And that's why I turn to you, because you're very safe and you're not going to walk out on me and the children.

Nick: Like he did. Like he'll do again despite what he says. Listen, kid, I know how hard it must've been and how much it must've hurt when your father left you and your family. And those scars are deep and they're never, ever going to go away. But you can trust me and I'll be there for you always, you know that. And that's what really scares Forrester.

Brooke: Yeah. I love you.

Hope: Here we are! Ready to walk the plank, Uncle Nick.

[Laughter] This is gonna be fun.


Stephanie: Thank you, Christian.

Christian: I'm just glad it's more good news. But I must caution you again that --

Stephanie: I know. I realize that just because she hasn't shown signs of rejecting the liver doesn't mean that she won't.

Christian: Your daughter's been through so much, the fact that she even withstood the surgery is just --

Stephanie: I understand. There could still be complications. But for now?

Christian: For now she's holding her own, which is a lot to be grateful for. Well, actually, I'm not at the clinic at the moment, but I will be checking in on my star patient every half hour by cell. Yes. Yes, your daughter is very special. Bye.


Hector: Well I don't believe it. You spend years in Europe making a name for yourself in the medical world, you don't call your big brother, you don't write. You don't tell me you got transferred stateside. You just show up at my doorstep.

Christian: Hey, what can I say, bro? I'm a workaholic.

Hector: Yeah. I got an idea why. That star patient of yours. Sounds like she's gotten to ya, bro. So who is she, anyway?


Sally: Tickets to the auto show. And I had my heart set on dinner and a movie!

Ridge: Well, maybe next time, Sal. R.J. loves cars. I'm taking him this afternoon.

Sal: Okay.

Ridge: Is mother in?

Sally: Have you got an appointment?

[Ridge chuckles]

Stephanie: Oh, Eric, I'm so glad you're here. I have the most wonderful news.

Stephanie: Oh, I thought it was Eric.

Ridge: What is it, mother? What's going on?

Stephanie: Well, actually, honey, something quite wonderful has happened and I want to tell you about it. And I'm going to. It's just, not right now.

Ridge: Okay. I'm just glad that you're feeling a lot better. Because I need you to help me right a very serious wrong. I'm not leaving this office until you do it.


Christian: So that's why I couldn't get away till now. I spent practically every waking hour at the clinic.

Hector: Trying to keep this woman alive.

Christian: Man, I gotta tell you, I didn't thinks she was going to make it this far. She refuses to give up.

Hector: And you're not going to give up on her.

Christian: That's right. Anyway, look, I know you were on your way out and I just kind of showed up. I don't want to hold you up anymore, so --

Hector: Oh, you're not holding me up. You're coming with me. We still got a lot to catch up on, which we can do on the way over there.

Christian: Yo, time out. You forgetting about my patient?

Hector: You got your beeper on you, don't ya? If something changes, the clinic'll page you. Besides, I already called Bridget. She's looking forward to meeting you. Hey, you'll thank me later.

Christian: Great. What is she, a firefighter, too?

Hector: No, she's a doctor. So the two of you can talk shop, you know? You can tell her all about your patient. Maybe she'll get more information out of you than I did. Come on.


Bridget: So then I asked Dante if I could just move in with him and he agreed.

Dante: Not that Bridget had to twist my arm or Dino's.

Darla: Uh, Dino's?

Bridget: Dino is Dante's nickname for his son.

Dante: Our son.

Thorne: You know, I have to believe that Felicia's looking down and smiling, knowing that her little boy is with two people who love him so much.


Stephanie: Sweetheart, you know that I will do anything for you. And I can.

Ridge: Because you love me and want what's best for me, right?

Stephanie: Because I always try and protect my children.

Ridge: You know, in that way, you're exactly like Brooke.

Stephanie: Brooke?

Ridge: She's trying to protect her kids from me. And I don't blame her. I blame myself for not figuring out sooner what was going on. And figuring out why it happened, too. That it all comes down to her father, Stephen Logan.


[In a pirate voice]

Nick: All right, me mateys, listen up. There's an island out there, see. With all kinds of hidden treasure. And we're going to find every last bit of it, or my name isn't captain yo-ho-ho. Are you with me, bucko? Me Lassie? Arrr!

Hope: Arrr!

[Brooke laughs]

Nick: Well, that leaves you, me saucy wench. There's adventure out there, but it's not for the faint hearted.

Brooke: You are talking about a pretend island with a pretend treasure hunt?

Nick: Pretend, ye say? There's nothing pretend about this! Our bags are packed. We board the marlin and we hoist sail with the skull and cross-bone, down to the Bruddy deep.

Brooke: What? You're not serious, right?

Nick: Me hearties and I planned it all. In secret. All you've got to do is don your eye patch, then we weigh anchor and we have two days of pillaging and plundering.

[In a normal voice] All in good family fun, of course.

Brooke: What about work? I can't just drop everything.

[In a pirate voice]

Nick: You talk like that, we'll have a walk on the plank, won't we? Arrr!

Hope: Arrr!

[In a normal voice]

Nick: You could call work and tell them you're not showing up. Look at these kids, I'd say they want to go.

Hope: Please, mommy? R.J.'s never been on a treasure hunt.

Nick: Neither has mommy. Well, not on this one anyway.

[In a pirate voice] Well, what's it gonna be? Are ya with us or are ya a yellow-bellied, land-lover?

Brooke: Arrr!

Nick: Arrr! Off to the ship, then! Off to the ship! Take your little mate there with ya! Off go. Off you go!

[Brooke laughs]

[In a normal voice] Thanks for that. I don't think I could do this alone.

Brooke: Guess what? You will never have to.


Thorne: Who toasted the bun on that side?

[Dante speaking Italian]

[Thorne chuckles]

Bridget: Dino's still napping.

Darla: Yeah, so you and Dante, huh? Things are going pretty well? Not that I am matchmaking or anything?

Bridget: Well, he's an amazing man. He's a great father and the only thing I'm concerned about are his barbecuing skills.

[Darla laughs]

Darla: There is an awful lot of smoke coming from that grill.

Bridget: I know.

Hector: Well, it's a good thing you invited a fireman.

Bridget: Hey, Hector. I'm so glad you were able to make it. Both of you!

Darla: Hi, hector.

Hector: This is Bridget. Bridget?

Christian: Hi, I'm Christian, Hector's brother.

Bridget: Well, nice to meet you. This is my sister-in-law, Darla.

Darla: Hi, christian. Nice to meet you. I had no idea you had a brother.

Hector: Yeah, a doctor, no less.

Bridget: Really? Where are you practicing?

Christian: Until very recently, Europe.

Darla: Oh, well, Bridget, too. That's where she went to med school.

Bridget: Copenhagen for a few semesters. What's your specialty?

Christian: I have several, but right now I'm working exclusively with a cancer patient. I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?

Bridget: No, it's just my sister died very recently of cancer. I wish she had come back to L.A. A little sooner. Maybe you could've helped her.


Hope: Hurry up, Mommy, wayward to sea.

Nick: Yeah, hurry up, Mom. What's taking so long?

Brooke: So, what do you think? Am I officially a pirate now?

Nick: Well, I don't know. Turn around so we can get the full effect here.

Brooke: What's so funny? Something on my back? I don't see it.

Nick: No, nothing. No, it's fine.

Hope: What does it say, Uncle Nick?

Brooke: Yeah, what does what say, Uncle Nick? Huh?

Hope: There.

[Brooke sighs]

[Brooke gasps]

Brooke: Oh, you bad boy, you. You bad boy!

Nick: I'm a bad boy, arrr!

All: Arrr!


Stephanie: Brooke thinks that she has to protect her children from you?

Ridge: Because of what her own father did. Abandoning his family the same way I abandoned Brooke and the kids.

Stephanie: But it isn't the same thing at all. Honey, Steve Logan took off for parts unknown. No one even heard from him again until I -- you would never do that. I know that.

Ridge: Well, that's the way it felt when I walked out on Brooke.

Stephanie: I'm not going to deny that being abandoned by a parent is a terrible thing. But there are lots of people in this world who have had their mothers and their fathers walk out on them. And they don't, or haven't, done the things that she's done all these years.

Ridge: I think, she's just feeling like she needs the security and the stability that she lost when she was a kid.

Stephanie: Well, that may explain part of her behavior, but it certainly doesn't excuse it and it doesn't make it right, honey.

Ridge: I'm just saying that I understand why she won't forgive me. And I understand that I need to work extra hard to make her understand that I will never, ever walk out on her and the kids again. That's where you come in.

Stephanie: Me?

Ridge: Yeah. Mother, I want you to tear up the piece of paper that says that you're the head of this company. Let me and Brooke run Forrester Creations again together.

Stephanie: You can't be serious.

Ridge: I'm very serious. You said you'd do anything for me.

Stephanie: To protect you. Absolutely. But --

[Stephanie sighs] But this is just about Brooke, as usual.

Ridge: No, mother, it isn't. It's about a vision I have about where our life's going to be. It's about creating a home and a family and meaning it when I say I will never, ever walk away from them again. Mother, I need Brooke. I need my son. They are the world to me. They're everything to me, mother. Without them, it's kind of -- it would be like asking you to envision your life without me or Thorne or --

Stephanie: Felicia?

Ridge: Yeah. I know you blame yourself for not being able to save Felicia. But it was out of your hands. This isn't, Mother. I'm asking you now to help me get my son back. Help me get my life. Help me get my family back. Please help me do this.


 [In a pirate voice]

Nick: Blimey.

Brooke: Oh, I know, I know, I know! An exclamation of surprise.

Nick: Shiver me timbers.

Brooke: Also an expression of surprise.

Nick: Very good. Pirate booty.

Brooke: Stop it.

Nick: Sorry. All right, then! She passed with flying colors. She's a full fledged pirate. Now it's time for her to hoist the skull and cross-bone.

Brooke: Oh my gosh, I'm going to need some help with that.

Hope: I'll help. R.J. too!

Nick: All right, lass, let's take this right out to the deck, shall we?

Brooke: Okay, come on, sweetie.

Nick: Come along lad. There you go, me bucko.

[In a normal voice] Don't call pirates sweetie.

Nick: Oh, well, I think with these two we can.

Nick: Okay. Okay.

[In a pirate voice] Aye. I've got an image to uphold.

[Brooke yelps] Come on, love, there you go.

Brooke: Be careful with that pirate's booty.

Nick: Oh, right, right. Nice pirate booty there. Careful, careful.

Ridge: Hey, R.J.? Ready to go see some cars, buddy? Come on, we don't want to be late. Don't want to miss out on this one. Brooke? Katherine? Anybody home? Hello?


[Ridge groans]


Bridget: So I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here today. And, also, I'm really grateful for all of your support these last few weeks when things have been really hard. And I especially am grateful for Dante, who's been so incredibly caring and understanding. I'm so proud to be raising a child with you. Especially such a special little boy that's already brought so much joy to our lives. You know, I know that Dino misses his mom. I think we obviously all miss her. He's doing all right, you know? I think he's really happy.

[Dino crying]

Bridget: Oh, and obviously anxious to join the party.

[Laughter] Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Christian: This looks pretty good, man.

Dante: Yeah, you know what? She's amazing. I can't wait to take her and Dino back to Italy to meet my parents, you know?

Darla: You haven't exactly kept it a secret about how you feel about Bridget.

Dante: Yeah. It's not like I want to pressure her, but if the time is right, who knows?

Bridget: Hey, everybody. Look who's here!

Dante: Hey, my boy! Look.

Bridget: We heard some familiar voices and some not so familiar voices. Christian. Hi! Meet Dino. Say hi. Hi, Christian!

Christian: Oh my god.

Bridget: What is it?

Christian: Something wrong?


[In a pirate voice]

Nick: That's it. Give her a turn there, lass. Hold course. Good, good, good.

Bridget: It's just overnight. We'll be back tomorrow.

Megan: Brooke, you have appointments.

Brooke: I can take care of those tomorrow afternoon.

Megan: But you shouldn't be going. You know? You should be working things out with Ridge.

Brooke: I know what I'm doing.

Megan: You've said that before, Brooke.

Brooke: Good-bye.

[Brooke sighs]

[In a normal voice]

Nick: Do we have a job-prob?

Brooke: Oh, no, no. Everything's okay. The kids are having a great time, that's what really counts.

Nick: She drives very well without traffic. Did you see this one's eyes when we raised the flag?

Brooke: Oh, I know. He wants to be a real pirate now.

Nick: You look good as a pirate. How do you feel about pirates, in general?

Brooke: I like the one that I'm looking at.

Nick: Really? Then we could get back to talking about that pirate booty.

Brooke: Don't bring that up in front of the kids.

Nick: I don't think that they know what it means.

Brooke: Good, let's keep it that way, okay?

Nick: Okay, fine. I'm not interested in your pirate booty anyway.

Brooke: Yes you are.

Nick: No. Not interested.

Brooke: What about now?

Nick: Interested.

Brooke: I thought so.

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