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Stephanie: I knew that you would be angry with me, but I --

Eric: Since when has my being angry with you ever been a source of concern?

Stephanie: From the very first day I met you. Don't you know that? You always think I'm so sure that I know I'm right.

Eric: No, that's what you think.

Stephanie: No, it takes you. I usually have to hear what you've said before I know what I'm going to say back. I mean, the simple truth is I'm not sure about a damn thing that I do until you and I have usually shouted at each other at the top of our lungs. She loved you more always, you know that. That's why I couldn't let you go on grieving. I'm sorry for that.

Dr. Ramirez: Excuse me. Would you mind waiting outside a moment, please?

Stephanie: Of course.

Dr. Ramirez: I know you've done your part. I'm the one falling down on the job here. Don't let me lose you now.


[Doorbell rings]

Nick: Hello? Hey? Hey? Taylor, it's Nick.

Taylor: What?

Nick: Hey.

Taylor: What?

Nick: Come on, sit up. Come on. There you go. Hey. I thought you were going to quit this stuff.

Taylor: I changed my mind.

Nick: Well, you can kiss that gold medal I was bringing you good- bye.

Taylor: I've been kissing all sorts of things good-bye. What are you doing here?

Nick: I thought I mentioned to you that I was going to check up on you now and then.

Taylor: Well, that's the sort of thing people say and they never do. Whatever happened to privacy?

Nick: Well, it looks to me like you've got all that you need right here.

Taylor: I should be asleep. What do you care, anyway? Why don't you go? You better go to Brooke. But you know what, you better take a number. Then again, that's never stopped anyone.


Brooke: Why are you being so obnoxious and self-centered? To you, my life is all about Ridge Forrester.

Ridge: Look at me. What is my life about? But you. Anything that didn't have to do with our future together, Brooke, is out of here. I've committed myself. Isn't that what you've been asking me to do all along?

Brooke: You couldn't do it when it counted.

Ridge: Or what? You'd still be with me? And Nick'd just be the guy that would take hope out for ice cream on Saturdays? Brooke, you don't have to settle for a second choice life with a second choice man anymore.

Brooke: What does it take to get through to you?

Ridge: Oh, you've already got me pretty good. I was the one left at the altar, remember?

Brooke: Well, maybe it just got to be too late for us, Ridge.

Ridge: There's no such thing as too late for us, Logan. How long have we been doing this dance?

Brooke: Oh, don't give me that. Because I was fool enough to let you kick me around like a beach ball for half my life, I should stick around for the next half while you tell me that you never should have done that and you won't do it again?

Ridge: You act like nothing's different. Like it's ten years ago or five years ago. You've got to be fair, here, Logan. You're always the one that's talking about learning from your mistakes. Am I not allowed to do that, too? Are you the only one that can grow up? Do you see anybody else in my life, here? I feel bad for Taylor. She's in some kind of tailspin right now, and I'm not sure I can really do anything to help her through it. I feel bad for mother, too. Losing Felicia caused something to snap inside of her, but I've got to keep my distance there. I can only get so close. And my kids, Thomas and the girls, they'll keep saying, "daddy's doing nothing but working, working, working all the time and he sleeps somewhere else." You know what they're going to say? "He's doing that because he's in love with Brooke and he's just waiting for her to see it."

Brooke: Well, that's a problem that I can't help you with now, Ridge.

Ridge: Why? I'm going to blow up my life for you? I'm not walking out of here, Brooke, without an answer. Because of Nick? What, do you love him more? Do you love him the same? Do you love him differently? Holding hands by the fireplace differently or -- come on. Give me both barrels here. Because that's what it is going to take. 'Cause I'll tell you right now, this thing with you and Nick, I'm just not buying it.


Stephanie: Listen, the chemo was difficult, but the whole body irradiation --

Eric: Stephanie, this whole thing is experimental.

Stephanie: Yes. They wouldn't even put her on the donor list until they've taken her off the life support and she'd had the chemo and the irradiation.

Eric: People can stay on these lists for months -- for years.

Stephanie: Yes, because it has to be a close tissue match. I had them test me.

Eric: You?

Stephanie: Sometimes, Eric, they'll take a partial liver donation from a living donor. I mean, it's not ideal, but -- anyway, they told me that it was too risky.

Eric: How can they do any of this without the patient's approval?

Stephanie: Well, she couldn't say yes or no, so I did it.

Eric: You did it?

Stephanie: Well, yes. My name was on her advance directive.

Eric: No, it isn't, mine is. Mrs. Eric Forrester? You falsified this?

Stephanie: Shh.

Eric: You lunatic. You could go to jail.

Stephanie: Eric, Eric. It's Mrs. It's three little letters. I saw that she had a chance, Eric. I took it.

Eric: All right.

Stephanie: Am I a lunatic?

Eric: How many times have I married you?

Stephanie: Three.

Eric: Isn't it funny that the minister never asks, "is there any reason why this guy shouldn't be allowed to marry this lunatic?" So I keep doing it.


Dr. Ramirez: Her white count is still flat, which is disappointing.

Stephanie: But I thought you said --

Dr. Ramirez: We harvested bone marrow from your daughter's hip. Now, the hope was that the healthy stem cells in her marrow would re-infuse the post treatment. Therefore, it would kick start her immune system, but --

Stephanie: Is it just too soon to tell?

Dr. Ramirez: No. Assembling the proteins the body needs is the liver's job. Hers is, basically, just a mass of scar tissue.

Stephanie: But she is getting better?

Dr. Ramirez: She's regaining consciousness.

Eric: She is?

Dr. Ramirez: Of a sort.

Stephanie: Sweetheart? My god, Felicia.

Felicia: Hi. I hate you. Get away from me. Tell her, Daddy.

Eric: Tell her what, sweetheart?

Felicia: Tell her I hate her.


Taylor: I don't like bourbon.

Nick: Well, you might as well start, 'cause you're going to get there sooner or later.

Taylor: Oh, you're trying to be funny.

Nick: Friendly! Nobody likes to get loaded alone. I'll get loaded with you.

Taylor: Well, a real friend would, I don't know, take somebody to a local AA meeting. What's up with that?

Nick: I don't think you're an alcoholic. I think you're a wannabe. You're somebody who feels sorry for yourself because your husband dumped you. People have been dumped before. You want to develop an addiction, don't you. So you can't sit in a room full of strangers and tell them about how you're powerless over a $60 bottle of cheap wine. Well, I don't buy that! You want to be a drunk? Drink like one.

Taylor: I don't like your attitude.


Brooke: I'm not about to discuss Nick with you.

Ridge: Why the hell not? Guy barges in to our wedding after you tell me that you love our life together and that's what you really want. Was that a lie?

Brooke: I don't know what it was.

Ridge: Then I'll tell you. It was your heart talking, Brooke. Everybody thinks you're impulsive -- you just act on your whim. But it was always the real deal between us, Logan, you know that. It's been that way ever since we first laid eyes on each other. We were young, I was spoiled and selfish, and you were insecure. Those were the things that got in our way. That includes Nick.

Brooke: So nick is now, what? An insecurity?

Ridge: Listen to me. It's the day of our wedding, you're having the jitters. What bride doesn't? But you're thinking about all the things I've done to hurt you. You don't want to because you love me. I proposed, you said yes. Nobody forced you. But as the wedding begins, you just can't seem to get this out of your head. And that horrible day you took R.J. And Hope, and you left. You're thinking about this even as you're about to say "I do." And then -- then he show's up, the guy who never hurt you. He never let you down. You never wanted him before, but at least he never hurt you.

Brooke: What is your point, Ridge?

Ridge: My point is that Nick represents all the screw-ups I've ever done. All the times I've gone back on my word. Brooke, you didn't choose him over me. You chose to believe that I still could not be trusted.

Brooke: And why should I trust you, Ridge? Why should I put my children in that same horrible position that I was in when I was --

Ridge: Brooke? You're shaking now. Why didn't you finish what you were saying?

Brooke: Why didn't I finish what? Saying what?

Ridge: You know what. Why don't you go ahead and say it now?

Ridge: You'll never let me do what?

Brooke: My future is with Nick.

Ridge: You're never going to do what your mother did.

Brooke: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ridge: You're never going to give your love to a man that could walk away from his wife and children.

Brooke: That's right. Why would I let you or anybody else do to Hope and R.J. what my father did to me? Why would I let them lay there in their bed wondering where their father went -- if he was ever coming home? And what could be so important? What could be more important than my sisters, my brother, me? Why would I keep a closet full of clothes, just like my mother did, and clean it and iron it and wash it? For what? Just in case? I trusted you, ridge. I trusted my father. And you let me down the same way he did. So no, I am never going to give my children a father who has nothing to offer them but his DNA. Never. Never. Never.


Eric: Felicia, I understand that you're angry with your mother right now.

Felicia: Make her let me -- so what if I'm the only girl? Ridge said when he was my age, you let him do whatever he wanted.

Stephanie: We've had the same argument before. Almost the exact same words.

Eric: When, when?

Stephanie: When she was 15, when I wouldn't let her go someplace or do something. I mean, just one of those adolescent things.

Dr. Ramirez: Her liver isn't able to detoxify her system. There will be consequences for all of her organs, including the brain.

Stephanie: Well then, she can't go on like this.

Dr. Ramirez: I've notified the transplant center that her situation is critical.

Eric: Well, just exactly where is she on this list?

Stephanie: Dr. Ramirez, we haven't put her through this so she can die because of some list.

Dr. Ramirez: You knew there were no guarantees we would find a liver donor in time.

Stephanie: I know that. So that's why I want you to take part of mine. I've already been tested.

Dr. Ramirez: A partial liver transplant is too risky for you, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Listen to me, I've already had my life.

Eric: Don't say that. Don't say something like that!

Stephanie: Eric, stop, stop. I've already had my life. What I want now is for Felicia and her child to have theirs. I am prepared to take this risk. I'm telling you, doctor, if you don't do this, I'll find someone that will. I am not going to let her die.

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