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Stephanie: She's alive.

Eric: She's warm.

Stephanie: She's alive.

Eric: What in god's name have you done to her?


Ridge: Hey, what's going on?

Bridget: Oh, hey, Ridge. Come on in. I'm just moving into Dante's.

Ridge: Really?

Bridget: Yeah, to be closer to Dominick. It wasn't making sense to keep shuffling between the two houses.

Ridge: So the two of you are going to live together?

Bridget: The three of us. Dominick and his mother and his father. Dante's just going to turn the home office into a separate bedroom for me.

Ridge: Are you sure about this?

Bridget: Sure that I want to be a mother to my son?

Ridge: Moving in with Dante.

Bridget: This isn't about Dante, Ridge.

Ridge: Bridget, the guy's in love with you.

Bridget: What's your point?

Ridge: That you're rushing into something in reaction to something else.

Bridget: So mom told you that I'm divorcing Nick.

Ridge: She said you already have the papers all drawn up.

Bridget: That's right. They're signed, sealed and delivered.

Ridge: You've already gone through with it?

Bridget: Well, I had to, Ridge. I mean, my ex-husband is in love with my mother. And she's in love with him.

Ridge: I don't believe that.

Bridget: Well, you're in denial, Ridge. I know that because I've been there. It only works for so long and then you have to look at what's right in front of you. I think this is something that they have to go through. And mom and Nick are together right now.

Ridge: Not quite yet, they're not. Thanks to you.

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Ridge: Oh, come on, you don't believe this infatuation is going to last any more than I do.

Bridget: I did sign the papers, Ridge.

Ridge: Yeah, with one brilliant stipulation, too, on your part. Captain horndog's gonna have to keep his barnacle bill in his pants until the divorce is final. Six long months of cold showers.

Bridget: Well, that wasn't my idea.

Ridge: It wasn't?

Bridget: No. I just asked that they try to be discreet. Mom's the one that insisted on not sleeping with him.


Nick: I don't like being away from you.

Brooke: I don't like being away from you.

Nick: I think about you all the time.

Brooke: I think about you all the time, too.

Nick: I'm coming in.

[Brooke screams]

Brooke: I feel like a kid again.

Nick: You must have been a cute kid.

Brooke: Yeah. You know, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had met you first. Think of all the time that we could have had together.

Nick: But what we got right now is right now.

Brooke: That's true. And we have plenty of time to plan for the future.

Nick: I think I found a way to -- maybe not have to wait so long.


Dr. Ramirez: I'll be outside if you need me.

Stephanie: She didn't die. In the ambulance, they detected a pulse.

Eric: And you brought her here?

Stephanie: Well, yes. You remember when I came back from San Diego, I told you that there was a chance that she could have a liver transplant, that it would give her more time.

Eric: She was dying.

Stephanie: Yes, and she was handling it beautifully, until she realized -- until she realized she wasn't going to ever see her child again. Eric, she wants to live, she wants to be with her baby.

Eric: She didn't tell you that. She didn't want this.

Stephanie: Eric, she's alive.

Eric: I'll put a stop to this right now.

Stephanie: Eric, stop. No, Eric. Eric -- Eric! Eric, wait!


Ridge: So, Brooke's the one that made the ultimate sacrifice?

Bridget: Well, if that's what you want to call it, yeah.

Ridge: She swore to me her future was with Nick.

Bridget: I guess it is.

Ridge: And yet, she's the one that insisted she's not going to sleep with him.

Bridget: Well, out of respect that Nick and I are still legally married until the divorce is final. What is it that you think that I'm missing?

Ridge: You don't know your mother like I do. If she was really in love with Nick, she wouldn't wait six months before she --

Bridget: Okay, Ridge --

Ridge: Hey, we're all consenting adults here, aren't we?

Bridget: She was just trying to make it easy on me because she knows how difficult this could be and how potentially embarrassing.

Ridge: She hasn't chosen Nick. She just wants me to think she has.

Bridget: And why would she do that?

Ridge: To give me a six-month dose of what she went through when I left her for Taylor.


Brooke: So you mean you might not have to wait for six months.

Nick: I talked to one of the top divorce attorneys and there may be a way to speed this thing up. If Bridget's okay with it. We might not have to wait so long.

Brooke: It's only been a couple of days.

Nick: I'm not afraid or ashamed of how I feel about you.

Brooke: Well I'm not either. But I don't know -- I'm kind of concerned about Bridget.

Nick: She wants us to be together, she made that clear.

Brooke: No, I know -- I know she does. But this can't be easy on her, the easy part was signing the divorce papers. Now she's mourning the loss of a relationship that she didn't want to end. If she were to see us getting close and intimate and -- it is what I want -- you know that right? It's just that --

Nick: We'll wait.

Brooke: Okay.


Eric: Look, look at her.

Dr. Ramirez: Mr. Forrester, I realize this must be a shock to you.

Eric: I watched my daughter die in her mother's arms. Do you know have children? No, of course you don't, look at you -- you're 15 years old.

Stephanie: Oh Eric stop. Don't take your anger out on him. She's alive.

Eric: What because her heart is still beating?

Stephanie: Yes!

Eric: God didn't do that. You did!

Stephanie: Let's take this outside.

Eric: No! I'm never gonna forgive you for this.

Stephanie: What would you have had me do, Eric? They found a pulse. Would you have done something different? Don't you dare stand there and tell me that you wouldn't have reached into the jaws of hell to bring your child back!

Eric: I promised her that this wouldn't happen to her. She trusted me! Now look at her!

Stephanie: Yes, Eric! Look at her! What did you say yesterday? You wanted one hour, one minute, one day to put her in your arms and hold her and tell her that you love her. Tell her! Tell her you love her, because I know she's here. Please, for god's sakes! Tell her you love her.

Dr. Ramirez: When we took her off life support, Mr. Forrester, we weren't sure what to expect.

Stephanie: She survived, Eric. She's come back to us. Eric, you've got to believe in this. Please, Eric. Eric, please believe this.


Bridget: So you think that mom is -- is punishing you?

Ridge: Absolutely. She wants to make me suffer the way she suffered when I chose Taylor.

Bridget: So according to your theory, mom is going to torture you for six months and then dump Nick and take you back?

Ridge: After I've learned my lesson.

Bridget: Ridge, they really, really do love each other. If you think she's playing some sort of a game, you're wrong.

Ridge: Bridget, I know your mother better than she knows herself. She's not sleeping with Nick, because she doesn't love him. Not the way she loves me.

Bridget: Saying it doesn't make it true.

Ridge: Maybe you've given up, but I haven't. I'm going to get my life back, that's what I'm going to do.


Eric: Believe? What is it that you want me to believe, Stephanie? That my daughter's going to sit up in this bed and that she's going to look at me and that she's going to talk to me?

Stephanie: Eventually. Eric, they have no reason to believe that she has suffered any brain damage.

Eric: You have no idea how much she's suffered. You drag her in here half dead. You subject her to all this medical --

Stephanie: It was the only thing that would save her. It was the only chance she had.

Dr. Ramirez: Mr. Forrester, if we can eradicate the cancer, she can have a liver transplant. Now, it isn't a cure, but it can give her more time.

Eric: Time? Time like this?

Stephanie: No, Eric. Time. Time to be with her baby. Time to be with us.

Dr. Ramirez: I have to be as honest with you as I've been with your wife, sir. There's no guarantee that your daughter's body will accept a transplant.

Stephanie: I believe that it will.

Eric: You believing it will not make it so. Have you given any thought to what she's going through here?

Stephanie: Eric -- Eric, every minute of every day --

Eric: Well, how can you subject her to this? How can you make her go through all this again? Her body's already ravaged.

Stephanie: Only because she wouldn't have the chemo.

Eric: That was her choice, not yours!

Dr. Ramirez: I'll be outside if you need me.

[Door closing]


Eric: You let us believe she was dead. You let me believe that you had my daughter's body cremated.

Stephanie: Why do you think I brought you here today?

Eric: Guilt. You want me to stop this.

Stephanie: No, no! No, god, no! Eric -- Eric, listen. She needs the both of us. Do you understand me? She needs the both of us willing her to live. When they took her off the life support, they didn't know what was going to happen. I went, I got the baby, I brought her child here. I put the baby on the bed with her. I put her hand on its heart to feel its heartbeat. And she came back, Eric. Her heart beat stronger and stronger and stronger.

Eric: Felicia. Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have to go through any of this. If you can hear me, my sweet, sweet, happy, happy girl -- just know I love you. I love you so much.

Felicia: Daddy.

Stephanie: What is it, Eric?


Ridge: I know what you're up to, Logan. Game on.

Brooke: "Game on?"

Ridge: A six month waiting period before you and your sea slug seal the deal.

[Brooke sighs]

Brooke: What about it?

Ridge: Oh, Logan, you saw a chance to make me squirm and you took it, didn't you? Grabbed it.

Brooke: Make you squirm?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. To punish me for leaving you for Taylor. You have no intention of sleeping with Nick. Admit it. It's all just payback, that's all it is. I've hurt you worse than anybody ever has and I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for it, but can we just stop playing this game? Hmm? Let's just stop. Right here and now.


Nick: Hi, there.

Jackie: Nicky. I have got some really good news.

Nick: Oh, good, let's have it.

Jackie: As we speak, Eric is on his way to see Stephanie to ask her to end the marriage.

Eric: Well, what brought that on?

Jackie: He misses me.

Nick: Yeah. Take a look at you. Why would he want to be with her when you're waiting in the wings?

Jackie: You're very sweet. He has tried, you know, with Stephanie. She won't let him in, though. She's finding it very hard to let go of Felicia.

Nick: I think Felicia thought they'd be a comfort to each other.

Jackie: I told him that I understood. I told him that he could take all the time that he needed.

Nick: Mother, understand is one thing. Being a doormat's another. You've done your time.

Jackie: Patience, darling. All things come to those that wait.

Nick: Do you really believe that?

Jackie: Eric loves me. I'm the woman that he wants to be with. You just like to have a little faith.


Eric: Daddy's here. Mommy and daddy are both here and we love you so much.

Stephanie: You felt her.

Eric: Yeah. I felt her spirit. She's alive. Our daughter's alive. Thank you, god. And you --

Stephanie: Our baby. Born from love.

Eric: Yes. Our love.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Our daughter is alive.

Stephanie: Yes.

Eric: And you -- you saved her life. You saved our daughter's life. Felicia? Felicia? We're here, sweet girl. Mommy and daddy are here with you and we love you so much. Will you come back to us? You take a lesson from your mother and you be brave and you be determined. Don't you give up.

Felicia: Daddy.

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