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 [Stephanie remembering]

Stephanie: It's your mommy.

Dr. Ramirez: My god, her heart rate's increasing!

Stephanie: Felecia, honey, fight. Oh, please, keep fighting, please.

Dr. Ramirez: Check her pulse

Dr. Harwood: Her blood pressure's rising.

Stephanie: Please.

Dr. Ramirez: Heart rate is 60 and climbing.

She's stabilizing.

[Stephanie laughs]

Stephanie: What did I tell you, Dominick? She just needed you. She just needed her baby boy.


[Knock at the door]

Bridget: Oh, good morning.

Stephanie: I wasn't expecting you this early.

Bridget: Oh, well, I couldn't wait to pick up Dominick. Where is he?

Stephanie: Sleeping.

Bridget: Still? That kid usually gets up with the sun.

Stephanie: My fault. I kept him up past his bedtime.

Bridget: Oh, well -- did you have a good time?

Stephanie: Wonderful.

Bridget: Good. I was beginning to worry about you.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm fine, thank you.

[Bridget sighs]

Bridget: Kid's pretty amazing, isn't he?

Stephanie: Yes, he truly is.

Bridget: That smile -- it's just like a dose of sunshine.

Stephanie: Yeah, he has Felecia's smile.

Bridget: By the way, I wanted to tell you -- I really did understand what you meant last night about needing hope. It was like that for me. Taking care of Dominick helped me cope with the loss of Nicole when nothing else could.

Stephanie: He's become very important to you, hasn't he?

Bridget: The most important thing in my life. But Stephanie, I know that you need to spend time with your grandson, too. So, anytime you need him, please, just let us know.

Stephanie: I will.

Bridget: Good. So, having him here last night really helped, huh?

Stephanie: It was just what the doctor ordered.


Dr. Ramirez: Your mother's been telling me about your little boy, Felecia. She says he means the world to you and I can see why. Dominick's just as beautiful as his mom.


Jackie: Hi. I come bearing gifts.

Eric: Oh, thank you.

Jackie: I hope I'm not interrupting. You do look busy.

Eric: Yeah, well, I should be.

Jackie: Getting a lot done?

Eric: No, not a thing.

Jackie: Of course you're not, my darling, you're still grieving for Felecia and you will be for some time.

Eric: Yeah. And meanwhile, my life is just slipping through my fingers -- the rest of my life. Including a -- a future with you. Jackie -- I miss you.

Jackie: Oh, I've missed you, too.

Eric: She won't talk to anybody. And if she won't open up to me then I -- I just don't see the point of us staying married to one another if it doesn't do either one of us any good. And you, you're the picture of patient.

Jackie: You're thinking of leaving her?

Eric: I'm thinking of my life with you.

Jackie: Oh, Eric. There's nothing more that I want to be married to you, nothing. But if Stephanie needs you, I just can't --

Eric: She doesn't, she doesn't need me. She's made that much perfectly clear. When I see her today, I'm gonna talk -- I'm gonna talk to her about our divorce.

Jackie: Only if you're sure.

Eric: I'm, sure. I'm absolutely sure. I want my life with you, Jackie. Stephanie and I got married to give our dying daughter some peace and now I see no reason to continue the charade. Now that Felecia's gone.


Bridget: Oh, there's my sweet angel. Is he still asleep?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Bridget: Oh, baby. Mommy missed you so much. Yes I did. I missed you so much.

Stephanie: Mommy?

Bridget: Oh, well, mommy Bridget. Thought the older he gets, I'm sure he'll drop the "Bridget."

Stephanie: You're really committed to raising him with Dante, aren't you?

Bridget: 100%.

Stephanie: Well, I'm sure Dante's very grateful for that.

Bridget: I know it's only been a few days but we're already starting to feel like a family.

Stephanie: You are his family. I mean, even if you didn't raise the baby, you're still his aunt.

Bridget: Well, I'm so much more than that, though, now.

Stephanie: Yeah, but you and Dante aren't committed to some sort of relationship.

Bridget: We're both completely committed to Dominick.

Stephanie: Yeah, I guess what I meant was --

Bridget: Actually, I know what you mean. I was concerned about it before, too. Before I was made the legal guardian of him.

Stephanie: What do you mean legal guardian?

Bridget: Well, before Felecia died, she had papers drawn up that made me the legal guardian.

Stephanie: She didn't say anything to me about that.

Bridget: Well, me either. But, it doesn't really surprise me though. You know how determined she was to make all the right arrangements for her son. It makes me feel so good that she trusted me that much.

Stephanie: Well, I'm sure you'd do a wonderful job but -- my gosh, Bridget, you can't give up your own career.

Eric: What's all this about career?

Stephanie: Oh, hello, Eric. I was just saying to Bridget, she can't give up on her career.

Eric: Are you considering doing that?

Bridget: No. I'm not. Though, I have talked to my supervisor about cutting back on a few hours.

Stephanie: Well, even if you do that, you'll still be really busy.

Bridget: I know it's not gonnbe easy. But, you know -- working, raising a child. But priority is still Dominick.

Stephanie: Yes, you see, that's what I'm concerned about -- you're becoming so attached to him.

Bridget: So attached? Stephanie, why would you say something like that? Felecia wanted Dominick to be with me. I'm his mother now. I missed you.


Dr. Ramirez: So much to live for. Your son. Family who loves you.

[Dr. Ramirez sighs] You can do this, Felecia. I'm gonna help you. We'll do it together.


Eric: Bye, honey. Take care of that baby. What was that?

Stephanie: I can't express my concerns?

Eric: Your concerns?

Stephanie: Look, Bridget has suffered a lot of loss. The miscarriage and her marriage.

Eric: We should be grateful then that she has little Dominick to focus on.

Stephanie: Well, I'm worried that she's going to focus on him too much.

Eric: What? She's giving that little baby everything he could possibly need. And that's what Felecia wanted.

Stephanie: What Felecia wanted was to raise her own child.

Eric: Well, she can't. Bridget and Dante will.

Stephanie: It's not that simple.

Eric: Why? Because they're not living together? Because they're not a couple?

Stephanie: That's not it.

Eric: Well, then what is it? What?

[Stephanie sighs]

Stephanie: You won't understand.

Eric: Well, then explain it to me! Because the fact is i don't understand. I don't get any of this. The fact is, nothing you've done since Felecia died makes any sense at all.


Bridget: Come see daddy.

[Knocking on the door] Hello? Look who's home.

Dante: Hey. God, I missed you so much, Dino. Papa missed you so much.

Bridget: Dino?

Dante: That's his nickname. He likes it so much.

Bridget: That's really cute.

Dante: Come on. My boy, my boy. What happened? What did you do? What have you been doing?

Bridget: Wow, you really missed him, huh?

Dante: More than I knew.

Bridget: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Dante: You too?

Bridget: It's crazy, when I'm at the hospital or even at home -- just out at all, he's always on my mind.

[Dominick fussing]

Dante: It's tragic what happened to him, you know? Losing Felecia. But he's also blessed. He's got you as a mommy now.


Dr. Ramirez: I'm not gonna let you die. I'm gonna bring you back. Back to your son. Back to your family. But you have to fight.

[Dr. Ramirez exhales] You hear me? I'm doing everything I can to give you a second chance to be the vibrant woman that you were. But you have got to fight.

Felecia: I am fighting.


Eric: You can't go on like this.

Stephanie: I know.

Eric: You have to accept that Felecia's gone.

Stephanie: I can't, Eric.

Eric: Yes you can, I know you. You can deal with anything.

Stephanie: Not this.

Eric: You think I don't understand.

Stephanie: Eric, Felecia is a fighter. But she didn't fight because she couldn't see clearly.

Eric: She was dying, Stephanie. Felecia didn't give up. She accepted what was happening to her just like you and I have to accept what's happened now.

Stephanie: No.

Eric: This is hard, honey. I know. It's hard for me too. It's hard as hell. But we have to -- we have to pull ourselves together and we have to move on. Look, we did -- we did everything we could for her. We got married, for god's sake. And it was a good thing that we did that for her, gave her the peace that she craved so much, but she's -- she's gone now.

Stephanie: Eric, I need you. I have to talk to you. I just -- I can't carry this thing alone any longer.

Eric: Maybe you should talk to Taylor about it.

Stephanie: No, no, no, no, no, no. Just you. It's -- I'm afraid how you'll react. And I, I, I -- I'm afraid -- I think you might hate me.

Eric: If I seem angry, it's just because I'm concerned about you.

Stephanie: I've done something.

Eric: What?

Stephanie: I don't know whether -- see I don't know if I've done the right thing.

Eric: What is it? What are you talking about?

Stephanie: Eric, you know me. You know I can't just sit back and do nothing.

Eric: What have you done?

Stephanie: I -- maybe the best thing is if I just -- maybe you should come with me and I'll show you.


Bridget: He should be down for at least a couple of hours.

Dante: Listen, can I make you something to eat?

Bridget: Oh, no, thanks. I should probably get going.

Dante: No, no -- wait, wait. I'm actually not going in the office today. Maybe you could hang out with Dino while I do some work here.

Bridget: Well, I wouldn't want to encroach on your time with him.

Dante: No, you'll be doing us a favor. It's gonna be kind of boring for him to watch his daddy draw all day long.

Bridget: What are you talking about? That kid totally has art in his blood.

Dante: Maybe he'll grow up to be a doctor like his mommy.

[Bridget laughs]

Bridget: You know, Forrester does have a daycare program if you did want to go into work today.

Dante: I'll look into that. But right now it's really important for him to spend a lot of time with you.

Bridget: I agree, but you may not want to be without him again after what happened last night.

Dante: Maybe, but he needs to be with you, too.

Bridget: I've been thinking a lot about that. I've also been thinking about how well we got along when you were living with me. Awesome team, didn't we?

Bridget: Yeah, we did. I know this sounds crazy and just stop me if I start rambling on but -- well, I don't think I'm gonna be satisfied just being a part time parent. And I really don't think that that's fair to do to Dino either. Like you said, he deserves to have both parents in his life. So I was thinking it would just be easier if I moved in here with you. I know that's presuming a lot, especially after what happened last time, you know? You get settled in my place and then I ask you to leave. Why would you want to open up your home to -- you know what? Don't feel bad about saying "no." I get it.

Dante: I didn't.

Bridget: What?

Dante: You know, I have a spare room that I use as an office. You can take it. It's all yours.

Bridget: Are you sure?

Dante: Am I sure? You know, maybe someday I'll get my office back. But right now, having you under this roof, it'd be really good for me and Dino.

Bridget: Thanks. Thank you so much!

Dante: Thank you. It was your idea.

Bridget: Not just for that. Thanks for everything. Thank you so much for letting me be such a huge part of his life.

Dante: Look, it's been pretty hard, you know, losing Felecia. Especially for him, you know? But I'm starting to get the feeling that maybe things are gonna be all right.


Eric: Is this where you've been disappearing to?

Stephanie: Yes.

Eric: You're seeing a psychiatrist?

Stephanie: A psychiatrist?

Eric: That's good. I'm proud of you.

Stephanie: No -- no. Eric, I'm not the patient. Listen, Eric, I know I've done some things that you haven't approved of, but you know I've always acted out of love.

Eric: Well, what have you done?

Dr. Ramirez: Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Dr. Ramirez. Doctor, this is my husband. Eric, this is Dr. Ramirez.

Dr. Ramirez: Your husband?

Stephanie: Yes, it's all right. I want him to know.

Dr. Ramirez: Follow me.

Stephanie: I realized something when we were driving here. Whether you forgive me or not, I don't regret what I've done. Because when you love someone, Eric, if there's even the tiniest glimmer of hope, you just never give up.

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