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Stephanie: Felicia -- I know you can hear me. I know deep in your subconscious you're here and you understand. Felicia, you're safe. You're safe, I'm with you. I'm here with you, and you're safe.


Nick: Well, I'm glad I could help you get through that pain.

Taylor: Yeah, for the first time in a very long time.

Nick: That's good, I guess.

Taylor: I'm not saying this to you to cause trouble for you. I've done enough of that already. And I'm not coming on to you.

Nick: What are you doing?

Taylor: I don't know, I guess I'm just trying to find a way to say thank you for giving me support during a very chaotic moment in my life.

Nick: Oh. Well, you're welcome.

Taylor: I know that isn't what you were trying to accomplish.

Nick: Taylor, we went to a bar because we wanted to dull our senses, and if I helped you accomplish that, good.

Taylor: Well, I know, but I'm the one who caused something worse for you.

Nick: That's my problem, okay?

Taylor: Maybe you should call Brooke.

Nick: Yeah, maybe. Lets sort a few things out here, shall we? First of all, you were married to Ridge and you have a family with him. And you know that he and I don't get along. But because we don't see eye to eye has nothing to do with what happened last night.

Taylor: Oh, I know.

Nick: I don't play games.

Taylor: And I appreciate that.

Nick: It seems to me that you've been surrounded by that for a long time. Mostly because of your mother-in-law.

Taylor: I won't deny -- life with Ridge can be a little bit complicated.

Nick: Yeah, but, here's the twist. The way I see it, you'd go right back to that if you could.

Taylor: You know, maybe that's what the connection was last night. And you weren't the only one looking for an escape from your pain. And I guess last night I found my escape in you.


[Bridget remembering]

Bridget: I will always -- I'll always love you.

Nick: I'll always love you, too.

Dante: Bridget?

Bridget: Yeah, I'm here.

Dante: Hey.

Bridget: Hey.

Dante: You all right?

Bridget: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I was just packing up some of Nick's stuff.

Dante: Look, I didn't mean to interrupt, but I thought this little guy should spend some time with you. Here.

Bridget: Hey, buddy. Hi!

Dante: Now that Felicia is gone, he's going to need you more than ever.


Stephanie: Felicia, you are a fighter. You're a fighter like me. Now there's a tiny but very real chance you can live. It'll require chemo and radiation and a liver transplant, and it will be hard on you. I don't know if this is what you want. I don't know if this is what you meant when you said, "help me." But it's the only thing that I know to do. So you have to fight now. Now. You have to fight -- for your baby. You're his mother. You have to use all of your strength to come back to him. He needs you.

Stephanie: I haven't told your father. I haven't told him that you're alive. I haven't told your brothers and sisters either. I don't know what's the crueler thing -- I know if I tell them, they'll try and stop me. They'll make me let you go. It's as simple as that. Felicia? We have to fight this battle all on our own. It won't be easy, but I will be with you every step of the way. And if we win, I get to bring my baby girl home. I'll bring you home to your baby.


Taylor: I think you would've been better off with a session with your therapist than a drinking binge with one.

Nick: Well, maybe a night drinking with your shrink is almost like therapy.

Taylor: Look, thank you for trying to make me feel less guilty, but I know what my responsibilities are.

Nick: Hey, come on. We both know we really didn't do anything wrong.

Taylor: Well, I tried to tell that to Brooke --

Nick: You talked to Brooke?

Taylor: Yeah, I just came from there. I wanted to set the record straight. I wanted her to hear my side of the story and what had really happened. I didn't want her running to Ridge and telling him things that she thinks she thought she saw.

Nick: Did she?

Taylor: Fortunately, she's as concerned about her children as I am mine.

Nick: It's Bridget -- she doesn't want Bridget to know. What if we were in therapy? Huh? If we were in therapy and I told you that my wife ended our marriage because she wanted me to be with her mother and then I went out and got loaded and wound up with somebody else, hmm? Is there a pill for that?

Taylor: Bridget isn't going to find out.

Nick: Well, I hope she doesn't. She's gone through enough.

[Taylor sighs]

Taylor: Whether it's Brooke or somebody else, I really -- I really hope things work out for you, Nick.

Nick: You know, I didn't like you when I first met you.

Taylor: I sensed that.

Nick: Well, with this talk about you being perfect, and "she's a saint" -- I mean, that's a little weird, you know.

Taylor: Well, first of all, I was never a saint. But now I'm definitely not a saint in anybody's eyes, that's for sure.

Nick: You're not as bad as you think you are, either. You know, it took a lot of guts to go over to Brooke's. She could have handed you your head on a plate, but you still went over there.

Taylor: It wasn't completely unselfish.

Nick: You wanted her to know the truth. I think I might owe you for that.

Taylor: Yeah? Got a cure for a nasty hangover? My head is killing me.

Nick: I wouldn't be surprised. You never really seemed like the drinking type. You know, that booze kills a lot of brain cells. And believe me, I ought to know, I've only got a few left. You take care of yourself. We don't want anything bad to happen to you.


[Rattle shaking]

Bridget: It's just about you and Dominick and me -- there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

[Dominick fussing]

Dante: Okay, hold on a second. Sorry. You know, he's getting hungry. Could you hand me that bag I brought?

Bridget: Yeah.

Dante: Thank you. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Bridget: Hey. Hey, buddy!

Dante: You know, Dominick's going to need something constant in his life. With Felicia gone, he's going to need to spend a lot of time with you. Is that going to be a problem?

Bridget: You know how much I love him, Dante. And I want the best for him. It's -- I'm just scared.

Dante: Of what?

Bridget: Of losing him.

Dante: You won't lose him.

Bridget: You don't know that. You could meet somebody and you all could become a family. Or what if you want to take Dominick home to Italy? You're his father. You have that right, and there is nothing I can do to stop that.

Dante: That's not going to happen.

Bridget: How do you know that?

Dante: Because I know.

Bridget: Oh, because you can predict the future now?

Dante: No, because I know my heart. And there's no other woman in it. And I don't want to be anywhere you're not.

Bridget: Maybe now --

Dante: Ever. Look, there is no risk in loving this child.

Bridget: I'm sure you think I'm being paranoid.

Dante: No. Look, we've been through a lot of terrible losses this year, all right? You're being cautious, it makes sense.

Bridget: It doesn't make sense to him. He deserves to be loved unconditionally. Don't you?

Dante: He will be. Hey, you can do this, okay?

Bridget: I don't know.

Dante: I know. Just as much as I know that he's gonna hate his veggies. Right, little guy?

[Laughing] Told you.

Bridget: That was a pretty good shot, kiddo.

Dante: Yeah, it was.


Dr. Ramirez: Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Yes?

Dr. Ramirez: Dr. Ramirez. I'm going to be overseeing your daughter's case.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, Dr. Harwood mentioned that. You're just back from Europe?

Dr. Ramirez: Yes, and I'm going to do my best for Felicia. But I have to be honest with you. The treatment she's going to receive is no guarantee -- far from it, actually. You see, a dozen things have to go right and nothing can go wrong for your daughter to even have a 50/50 chance at recovery.

Stephanie: Yes, it's a long shot. I understand.

Dr. Ramirez: She's scheduled to start chemo today.

Stephanie: That's what they said.

Dr. Ramirez: You're going to stay with her?

Stephanie: For as long as I can -- oh, yes. And then, of course, I have to go back to Los Angeles.

Dr. Ramirez: Dr. Harwood explained the course of treatment to you?

Stephanie: Well, some things -- I do understand that she's in a drug-induced coma. And that she'll be on life support during the chemo.

Dr. Ramirez: If it eradicates the cancer then we'll be able to proceed to the next phase -- the liver transplant. If, of course, we find a compatible organ in time.

Stephanie: Well, I'm going to stay very positive on that one.

Dr. Ramirez: That's your job, Mrs. Forrester. My job is to determine all the risks, plot the course with the greatest opportunity for success, and do everything I can to restore your daughter's health. Now, if I sound pessimistic, I'm not trying to discourage you. I just need you to know the reality of what we're up against. Felicia's in for the fight of her life.


Taylor: You're not the first person to warn me about drinking too much.

Nick: I didn't know that.

Taylor: When I first came back, I was just trying to hold everything together. And when Ridge finally walked out on me, it just all came crashing down. I'm sure there were quite a few moments where we could've worked things out -- but I was too messed up to see it. Instead I ended up pushing him further and further away from me.

Nick: You keep overanalyzing it like this, you're gonna make yourself crazy.

Taylor: That's ironic -- doing what I do for a living.

Nick: Well, I'm no professional, but I've certainly been on ships and hung out on the docks my whole life, so -- you know, I have been around this stuff.

Taylor: I'm stopping.

Nick: Well, if you need a friend, you've got one here.

Taylor: Yeah? After the way I've messed up your life you're willing to offer to help me?

Nick: First of all, you didn't mess up my life, it was already messed up to begin with. And secondly -- maybe we just ought to get you to smile a little bit. Huh?


Dante: Bridget, talk to me. Look, I know you've been hurt by people you love -- but that is not going to happen. Because this little guy is not going anywhere and neither am I.

Bridget: You know how I feel --

Dante: Look, it doesn't have to be a package deal. I hope you grow to love me someday. But that's not going to affect your relationship with Dominick.

Bridget: Well, but, he's your son.

Dante: He's yours, too. That's what Felicia wanted. You made her a promise.

Bridget: I sure did.

Dante: And I'm going to help you keep that promise. Here.

[Dominick fussing]

Bridget: Hi, buddy.

Dante: You don't have to be afraid. You can open up completely to him, because he's yours. He's your son.

Bridget: You're so happy. Yeah? Hi!

[Dominick fussing]


Stephanie: I understand that a liver transplant is not a cure. Let me be very honest with you, doctor. I'm just trying to buy my daughter time.

Dr. Ramirez: Well, it could be a few months or maybe even as little as a few weeks. If the procedure works at all.

Stephanie: My daughter has a little baby boy. So it doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot of time. Just so she has some time.

Dr. Ramirez: I'll do the best I can, Mrs. Forrester, but I can't make any promises.

Stephanie: You give her a chance. You just give her a chance. She's a fighter.

Dr. Ramirez: And once she begins the chemo, of course, she'll need all the support she can get. Although we do ask that no more than two visitors at a time --

Stephanie: I understand, I understand, I understand. Look -- you've told me the worst that could happen. Can I ask something of you? Will you tell my daughter what's the very best that she can expect?

[Doctor clears his throat ]

Dr. Ramirez: Felicia -- hopefully, the chemo will eradicate the cancer, your body will accept the liver and it'll only be a matter of time before you can return to your family.

Stephanie: Thank you. Thank you, doctor.


Dante: Look, Dominick is your son. And you're the only mother he'll ever know.

[Dominick fusses]

Bridget: It's okay.

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