The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/14/06


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[missing the first few seconds of the show.]

 Taylor: I don't think so.

 Stephanie: Of course we can. Nobody has to know about anything that happened tonight. Nick wouldn't want anybody to know.

Taylor: Nothing happened.

Stephanie: Before or after you fell into his arms?

 Taylor: And Nick was feeling the same way. He knew exactly what I was feeling.

Stephanie: If Hector had just gotten you in that cab and gotten you home.

Taylor: Nick had just seen Brooke and Ridge in bed together and he was half out of his mind. We both were. And then I had lost every shred of hope of ever getting back with Ridge. I'm sure Ridge was devastated and he probably needed Brooke to comfort him.

Stephanie: Yeah and the only way she knows how.

Taylor: You're not listening to me, Stephanie! That's not what was happening. Nick misinterpreted the whole thing. Brooke pulled away from ridge before anything ever happened.

Stephanie: And how do you know that?

Taylor: Well, because when Brooke realized that Nick had been there and he saw what he saw, then she -- she ran after him.

Stephanie: She left Ridge and she ran after nick?

Taylor: She walked in on us, Stephanie. She saw me with Nick.


Ridge: Brooke, you saw with your own eyes what a pathetic loser he is.

Brooke: He made a mistake. We all make mistakes.

Ridge: We were seconds away from being married.

Brooke: Ridge, your beautiful sister died tonight. And when you said you needed me, I wanted to be there for you and I wanted to comfort you any way that I possibly could. But I let it go too far. I made a mistake. Nick was just reacting to seeing you and me in bed together. And he never should have seen that. Because it never should have happened.

Ridge: This was supposed to be our wedding night.

Nick: Things are different now.

Ridge: Yeah, they sure as hell are, Nick! Because of all the hell you put Bridget through. Drooling over her mother. The best thing she could have done is cut you loose.

Brooke: Enough! I can't take anymore of this!

Ridge: Let me take you home.

Brooke: No. You're not going to stay here with Nick?

Brooke: No. I'm going to drive myself home. I just need some time to think. This has been one of the longest days of my life and I just need some time. I have to talk to Bridget. I think we all need some time.


Stephanie: Brooke actually left Ridge and went running after Nick?

Taylor: Yes. We were just two lost people just trying to help each other through one of the darkest times of our lives.

Stephanie: Well, knowing her ego, I'm sure she went there expecting to find the broken shell of a man who had thought he'd lost her. Instead, she walks in and finds you.

Taylor: Nothing happened.

Stephanie: That doesn't matter.

Taylor: I'll talk to her.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter! Even if she doesn't want Ridge, she's going to try and use this to keep you two from ever getting back together.

Taylor: Fine, let her. Let her use whatever she wants because there's nothing to use. Nothing happened.

Stephanie: When you left there, was she still with him? Come on, we're going to go down. We're going to go out and straighten this out right now.

Taylor: Good, you can help me find my shoes.


Brooke: Ridge? What are you doing here?

Ridge: We need to talk.

Brooke: Did you not hear me? I need some time to think.

Ridge: I'm not letting you go, Logan.

Brooke: Let's talk about this later, okay?

Ridge: No, please, let's talk about it now.

Brooke: What more is there to talk about?

Ridge: If Nick hadn't interrupted our wedding we'd be on our honeymoon right now. We'd be making love until the sun came up.

Brooke: You want to pretend that nothing happened. Well, I can't just do that.

Ridge: Brooke, what happened was we found our way back to each other. There's a force here bigger than both of us.

Brooke: "Destiny?"

Ridge: Why are you fighting it?

Brooke: I don't believe in our "destiny" anymore, Ridge.

Ridge: I don't believe that.

Brooke: You left me.

Ridge: I'm here now.

Brooke: I know you're here. Even though I asked you to give me some space.

Ridge: You don't need space, Brooke. You need me. When I held you in my arms, it felt like being home.

Brooke: Ridge, we've been doing this dance for a long, long time.

Ridge: It felt right because it is right, Brooke.

Brooke: It needs to feel right to me, too.

Ridge: We almost made love.

Brooke: Ridge, I was comforting you. You knew that!

Ridge: I needed you.

Brooke: Whether you meant to or not, you used Felicia's death to get me to make a commitment that I wasn't ready to make.

Ridge: Oh, come on, you don't really believe that, do you?


Stephanie: Brooke?

Nick: She's gone.

Stephanie: Where did she go? To tell Ridge what happened?

Taylor: I'm sorry, Nick.

Stephanie: What were you two thinking?

Taylor: Stephanie had stopped in to check in on me.

Nick: What do you want?

Stephanie: I want Brooke out of my life, Nick.

Nick: Believe me, I'm trying to help you there.

Stephanie: Really? You do realize the fact that she came down here tonight. It means that she chose you.

Taylor: I've explained repeatedly that nothing --

Nick: Ridge knows.

Taylor: What?

Nick: He saw the stuff you left behind. Your shoes. Your jacket.

Stephanie: Oh, lord.

Nick: He knows there was a woman here. He doesn't know it was you.

Taylor: And Brooke didn't say anything?

Nick: She's not going to say anything.

Stephanie: Why wouldn't she?

Nick: I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Stephanie: Do you understand what happened tonight? She actually walked out on my son.

Nick: I understand.

Stephanie: And you think the two of you will get back together again after Brooke walked in and found you with Taylor?

Nick: I explained what happened.

Stephanie: Oh, you explained. If you two hadn't been boozing, she would be here with you right now. Instead, she's with my son.

Nick: She's not with him. She left alone. She said she needed some time to get her head together.

Stephanie: Believe me, he will use that time to his advantage.

Nick: She asked for some space and that's what I'm giving her.

Stephanie: Well, he won't. He won't give her any space at all. And he won't take "no" for an answer. I know my son. He's with Brooke right now and he will convince her that she belongs with him.


Ridge: Brooke, I needed you because I was ripped apart inside. You've always been a safe haven for me. That hasn't changed.

Brooke: How about Bridget and Nick? They ended their marriage.

Ridge: He abandoned her, the same way he'd abandon you. The guy's a loser.

Brooke: Do you really want to go there?

Ridge: Look, I've apologized till I'm blue in the face. And I know I never should have left you for Taylor.

Brooke: It's late.

Ridge: It's not too late for us, Logan. A few short hours ago, we were standing right here promising to love each other.

Brooke: I remember.

Ridge: And I swore to you in front of god and all of our family that I'd never let you down again.

Brooke: Ridge, you're not being fair.

Ridge: You said you forgave me.

Brooke: I have.

Ridge: Then why?

Brooke: You know why. When you left me for Taylor, it wasn't the end of my life, even though it seemed like it was. I just never thought I'd be able to open my heart to anybody else after that.

Ridge: Okay, so Nick came and held your hand. I got that. I just don't believe it, though.

Brooke: You don't believe that I could love somebody as much as I've loved you?

Ridge: Brooke, there are two people that know what is between us, what we're like. That's you and me. I could spend eternity trying to describe it in words. But it's way beyond words. There are no words for that. It's that look in your eye. When you and I have that connection. It's like we're in each otherís souls. That's the only way I can describe it. You're going to tell me that you've got that with Marone?

Brooke: I love you, Ridge. You know how much I've loved you.

Ridge: I would die right now if I thought there was a chance you'd never love me like that again. You know we belong together, Brooke. Otherwise you would have never forgiven me. And you would have never agreed to be right here and marry me.

Brooke: It's kind of complicated now.

Ridge: Logan, our bags are packed. The Marone jet is waiting for us. Elope with me. Elope with me tonight. Right now.


Nick: You know, if Forrester thinks he can bully Brooke into marrying him, I don't think he knows her half as well as he thinks he does.

Taylor: He still wants that?

Stephanie: This was such a terrible lapse in judgment on both your parts.

Nick: I don't have to explain myself to you or anybody else.

Stephanie: Not even Brooke? This little incident is going to put doubt in her mind about you, Nick.

Nick: I don't think so.

Stephanie: Really? Then why isn't she here? Why aren't you sailing off into the sunset? Instead, you're right back to square one.

Nick: Shut up, Stephanie! She knows that I love her.

Stephanie: Oh, really? Why don't you go after her, Nick?

Nick: And what part of shut up don't you understand?

Stephanie: Enough of the boorish behavior. I used to think -- I used to think that I could understand exactly what she saw in you.

Nick: I'll tell you what she sees in me. She sees a man that loves her. She sees a man that listens and respects her when she says, "I want space!" It's what she asked for and it's what I'm giving her.

Stephanie: Well, good for you. You have just underestimated my son. Come on, Taylor, let's go.

Taylor: Oh, wait, wait. My shoes.


Brooke: I'm not going to "elope" with you, Ridge.

Ridge: Why not?

Brooke: Did you hear a word I said? I don't want to make any more mistakes.

Ridge: What, like leaving our bed and chasing after Marone?

[Brooke sighs]

Ridge: Although if you hadn't chased after him and caught him with his pants down, you wouldn't have realized what a sleazebag he is.

Brooke: I didn't catch Nick with his pants down.

Ridge: You're still defending him.

Brooke: You're trying to turn him into a monster!

Ridge: Bridget lost their baby and he dumped her.

Brooke: Ridge, that's not how it happened! Bridget realized that he was staying with her because of the baby and she left him.

Ridge: So now he wants you to turn something ugly into something that doesn't stink.

Brooke: I don't want to talk about Nick.

Ridge: You don't want to talk about me, either.

Brooke: No I don't, I just want to go upstairs and I want to crawl in bed, I want to kiss my babies and that's it. Please, can you just go?

Ridge: You told me how bad I hurt you. That something inside of you broke. But I never believed, even for an instant, that somehow I couldn't fix it. Let me ask you, if Nick were free and available before tonight, would you have agreed to marry me? Logan?

Brooke: I don't know, Ridge. I told you. I'm really just confused. I don't know.

Ridge: Yeah, I can relate to that. For me, thinking of being without you, I don't know who I am.

Brooke: Ridge, your sister died tonight. You really need to go home and be with your family. And just know that I love you because I do. Now I know what you felt like when I went to Taylor.

Brooke: If that's how you feel, I'm sorry.

Ridge: I'll go. But I will be back.

Brooke: Until I'm ready.

Ridge: I'm not going to take mine off. In my heart, you are my wife. I feel that. And I know that. When you're ready, you'll feel it, too.

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