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Ridge: Logan, are you all right? Of course you're not. We don't want to leave your daughter up here with this jerk. It's understandable. This is not your fault. You have a husband that dumps you and then races over here, sweeps your mother upstairs just as the minister's about to pronounce us husband and wife. Talk about betrayal.

Bridget: No, Ridge. Nick didn't betray me. I am responsible for what happened here today.


Thomas: You were awfully quiet on the drive back from Ojai.

Taylor: I'm just thinking about your sisters and how well they're doing in school.

Thomas: In spite of the divorce, you mean? And the fact that dad's marrying Brooke.

Taylor: The wedding's probably over by now.

Thomas: I guess.

Taylor: You could've gone, you know. I would've understood.

Thomas: Are you kidding? And miss a chance to razz my kid sisters? Plus, I talked to dad and he gets why I wanted to spend time with you today. So are you hungry? I'm going to make a sandwich.

Taylor: No, I'm fine.

[Phone rings] Hello? Stephanie, I didn't expect you to be -- what? What do you mean, the wedding isn't happening? And you don't think it will?


Thorne: Is everything okay in the kitchen?

Darla: The musicians are getting a little antsy.

Thorne: What about the minister?

Darla: He's got another wedding in an hour. You know, if Brooke and Ridge don't come down soon and finish the ceremony --

Sally: Oh, please, please, please, please. Like captain Nick is going to let that happen? Meanwhile, her royal highness seems to be missing in action.

Darla: Mmm. Oh, there she is. On her cell phone?

Sally: Calling for reinforcements, no doubt.

Eric: Who the hell are you calling at a time like this?

Stephanie: Are you going to berate me about this too? Please.

Eric: God forbid. What I can't believe is that you went over to Bridget to convince her to let Nick go so that he could marry Brooke.

Stephanie: Why can't you be happy for your daughter? My god, she's finally come to her senses and has walked out on a bad marriage.

Eric: This isn't about being happy for Bridget. This is about you not wanting Brooke to remarry Ridge.

Massimo: Not that Ridge is going to allow that to happen, all right. Brooke belongs with Ridge. They have a child together. They should be married. They should have a family together. And nothing should get in the way of that. Especially not a brother.

Jackie: Where are you going?

Massimo: Upstairs. I'm going to straighten this damn thing out once and for all.

Jackie: No you're not. You're staying here.


Ridge: Bridget, you don't mean this.

Bridget: I do. Nick isn't to blame for any of this. I told him to come and stop the wedding.

Ridge: This doesn't sound like you. I get the feeling your so-called husband is pulling a little mind trip on you.

Bridget: No, Ridge, please, listen. You don't understand.

Ridge: Bridget, I know what he's done to your life. He rips your heart out and comes crawling back to you because he knows you're carrying his child. Now he walks away from you in favor of your mother? Only days after you've lost your little girl. What kind of a pig does something like that?

Bridget: He didn't walk out on me. It was my decision to end the marriage. He wouldn't be here right now if I hadn't realized our marriage wasn't working no matter how much I wanted it to. I left Nick. I'm the one that let him go.

Ridge: Well, you should get rid of him. Bastard's hurt you too much. Bridget, listen to me. Just because one marriage ends doesn't mean you have to do this. You know how much I love your mother.

Bridget: I know, I know. I grew up seeing it. I saw how many times your love was tested over and over again and how many times it triumphed. I believed in you. I thought that you would be together forever. But when Taylor came back, you suddenly found yourself with two wives and you chose Taylor. You hurt my mother more than she's ever been hurt before.

Ridge: Which I will regret forever.

Bridget: Up until that point, I supported you both. But I am tired of pretending that mom and Nick don't have a strong connection. I didn't want to see it and much less accept it, but I have. Ridge, you really need to accept it, too.


Thomas: Nick actually crashed the wedding and swept Brooke off upstairs?

Taylor: Yeah. Apparently they're all still up there.

Thomas: Well, what about dad?

Taylor: Yeah, he's up there too. With Bridget.

Thomas: Bridget?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. I guess she came in right after Nick did and then they all went upstairs.

Thomas: I don't get this. I thought that she and Nick were solid.

Taylor: Yes, I did too. But you know, losing the children could have really put a strain on their marriage.

Thomas: Is that what grandma thinks?

Taylor: She didn't say. She didn't get into that. But she did say that she was pretty sure that the wedding wasn't going to happen. At least not today.

Thomas: Which you're not exactly all broken up about, are you?


Massimo: What Dominick has done is reckless and unforgivable. Now, if Ridge doesn't let him have it, I will.

Jackie: No, you don't understand.

Massimo: What?

Jackie: I think that our son has come to a realization. I think that Nick and Bridget have both come to a realization now that they don't have a child binding them.

Massimo: But there is a child binding Ridge and Brooke, my grandson! R.J.'s parents were getting married today. Nothing should've interfered with that.

Jackie: It's not that simple. Nick and Brooke made a sacrifice for Bridget.

Eric: Now Bridget is a sacrifice?

[Stephanie and Jackie together] No, Eric!

Stephanie: No, no. If Bridget has set Nick free, that means she has set herself free. Eric, why can't you see that?

Jackie: It's high time that they all start to communicate their true feelings for one another so that the decisions that they make aren't just for the sake of the children but because they're being honest with one another. Massimo, you couldn't begrudge your son that. Eric, surely you'd want that for your daughter.

Eric: What I don't want is for Bridget to be taken advantage of. Especially at this time in her life. By Nick or by anyone with their own agenda! I'm gonna go upstairs and be sure she's all right. Nobody stop me.


Ridge: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Nick: She's just telling it like it is, Forrester.

Ridge: Bridget, you've suffered a huge loss here. Your emotions are all over the place, sweetheart. Nick is using that to scam his way out of your marriage now that there's no longer a child involved.

Bridget: No, Ridge, I already told you I did this. Not Nick. I finally faced up to something I should've faced up to a long time ago. That there were unresolved feelings between my mother and Nick. Which is why I asked nick to come stop the wedding today. I know what it's like to be married to someone that's in love with someone else. I know where that leads. Ridge, we really just need to let them be together. I'm done. I don't want to spend one more hour, one more day wondering if we just gave it a little more time if something would change. This is something that time just won't change. The longer they're apart, the more powerful that their feelings become. And I don't want to stand in the way any longer. I don't think you should, either. We really need to let them explore these feelings. And, you know what? If they are what my mom and Nick think they are then I'm happy for them. I really am. Ridge, I've let this go. You have to as well. If you love mom, you'll let her do this.

Eric: Ridge? Wha -- what the hell is going on up here?


Taylor: Well, Nick and Bridget have been through a lot of stress lately. I mean, look at what I do for a living. I see all the time when patients are under a great deal of stress, how it makes them behave in unexpected ways that don't make any sense to anybody.

Thomas: And that's your way of saying you don't want to read too much into it and neither should I.

Taylor: Your father is in love with Brooke. He wouldn't have asked her to marry him if he didn't want to spend a life with her.

Thomas: Yeah, but Brooke didn't exactly welcome him back with open arms like he expected. There's got to be a reason for that.

Taylor: Like what?

Thomas: Like, maybe Brooke's not over Nick and never will be. That's why she let him sweep her off upstairs. And why he stopped the wedding because he's still in love with her, too. But if Brooke ends up with Nick, who knows, maybe there's still a chance with you and --

Taylor: Thomas, don't.

Thomas: Mom, I realize that you have been through hell these past few weeks, but if there was any chance that dad can come back to you.

Taylor: I'm not putting us on that roller coaster again.

Thomas: Okay, you realize that there are some serious extenuating circumstances.

Taylor: Not that the circumstances would be any different than they've always been for your dad and I.

Thomas: Brooke.

Taylor: Sweetheart, look. I know how much you want your father and I to reconcile.

Thomas: Only if it's what you want. Is it?

Taylor: Honestly, I don't know. I love your father and I always will, but I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and -- I'm tired. I'm really tired of constantly spending my life in competition with Brooke.

Thomas: Yeah, but that is not your fault. I mean, dad shouldn't have put you in that position.

Taylor: I agree. I agree completely. But, you know, we're all responsible for the choices we make.

Thomas: It was not your choice to go up against Brooke.

Taylor: No, no. But I didn't tell your father "no," either. And that's why we're all in the pain grid. Okay? Your dad isn't here. The girls are off in Ohigh. You're off at the campus all the time. I don't know. I guess maybe if I had done things a little differently, we might all still be together.

Thomas: Or maybe dad had to get shot down by Brooke to realize how lucky he was to have you.


Brridget: Dad, listen to me. You are going to have to let mom and Ridge and Nick work this out for themselves.

Stephanie: That's exactly what I've been telling him.

Eric: Wait, wait, wait. What I'm concerned about here is you. What all this means for you. All right? Nick comes barging in here like this. He carries your mother upstairs.

Bridget: No -- Dad, it's okay. I told him to do this. I'm just grateful that he got here in time.

Stephanie: So am I. Bridget, you've been really brave today. And you've done the right thing for everyone. But especially for yourself.

Nick: You have an amazing daughter.

Ridge: Get your hands off my wife.

Nick: I know you feel exactly the same way about Bridget, Forrester. What she did tonight was one of the most selfless things I've ever seen. And she did it because she loves you. Because she loves us. That's why she came here tonight. To make sure that you knew that. To make sure that we knew that we have her support.

Ridge: All right, Romeo, that's enough. Brooke's heard enough and I know I have. This fantasy you've cooked up is just not happening. And the sooner you realize it, the better.

Nick: I'm sorry, Forrester. I'm sorry I came over here and busted your wedding up like that, I really am. And I know you've had a tough time with Taylor. And I know that right now, you think that you want a future with Brooke, but that's all changed. Now I'm going to ask you real nice. I'd like to have a few minutes with her -- alone.


Taylor: I do not want to speculate about this, Thomas.

Thomas: Because for Nick and Brooke to get back together, that means Bridget gets hurt and that's the last thing I want, too. But it's not like Bridget came in there all angry or anything. Isn't that what grandma told you? That she got the sense that Bridget had set Nick free?

Taylor: Oh, I just think that's wishful thinking on your grandmother's part. You know that she doesn't want Ridge to be with Brooke. And even if Bridget did step aside, that doesn't necessarily mean that Brooke is just going to go flying into Nick's arms.

Thomas: Because she loves dad, too.

Taylor: I don't know. I don't know what I mean. It's so complicated.

Thomas: But what isn't complicated, Mom? Dad's only going to take so much and if Brooke does not go through with the wedding today -

Taylor: It effects your dad, not me.

Thomas: Oh, come on. You don't mean that.

Taylor: Yeah, I do. I do. Because I am done with Brooke dictating my life with her wishy washy choices.

Thomas: Okay, okay. You've got to protect yourself. I get that.

Taylor: No, I've got to protect my children.

[Taylor sighs] Look, I know you're getting your hopes up.

Thomas: Is that such a bad thing?

Taylor: There's nothing wrong with having a little faith.

Thomas: Think you can take your own advice? You're always telling me to cut people slack. Who deserves a break more than dad?

Taylor: You know, I just want you to remember that your dad is a wonderful man, okay? And don't ever let anything that's happened between us effect your relationship with him. Promise?

Thomas: I promise. Mom, I know what losing dad did to you. And that you'd pretty much given up hope of marriage to him. But maybe everything that you guys went through was necessary for you both to realize that it could happen. You and dad finding your way back to each other. That's why grandma called over here, right? To give you back your hope. It's like you said, keeping the faith is always a good thing. Right?


Eric: You said all this to your mother?

Bridget: And to Ridge. As hard as I know it was for him to hear it, I --

Stephanie: Well, he had to hear it.

Eric: Bridget, look at me. I'm just worried about you. Are you sure you're going to be okay? You've been through so much.

Bridget: Yeah, I'll be fine. You know, that which doesn't destroy you, it makes you stronger. Not that I think it's going to be easy getting over nick. I don't even know that I ever will. I still think he is an amazing man.

Eric: A man who has hurt you very deeply.

Bridget: Dad, please. It's not his fault. It's not anyone's fault. I just happened to get involved in someone else's love story. And too bad for me that it wasn't my own.

Stephanie: I can't even imagine the strength that it took you to do this today. But I'm so relieved for you, Bridget. Only now you can start to mend your life.


Ridge: You want me to give you a few more minutes alone with my wife?

Nick: She's not your wife.

Ridge: Brooke, you opened your heart to Popeye here. He obviously hasn't gotten over it. Even though he's sworn to love and honor your daughter.

Nick: Which I have.

Ridge: For all of about five seconds, yeah.

Nick: You know that's not true.

Ridge: What I know, Nick, is I've been very patient. Very, very patient with this whole fantasy future you've conjured up for the two of you, even though I probably should've come in here and kicked your butt out of the house. I'm very, very sorry that our ceremony was interrupted. Our destiny is to be together. We both know that. Nothing Nick or Bridget can say is going to change that. So tell him. Tell him that you love me. Tell him that your future is with me and our family. Tell him.

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