The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/7/06


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Felicia: Ooh!

Eric: Felicia? What is it? What is it? What happened? What happened?

Felicia: It's all right. I'm all right.

Eric: You're not all right, you fell!

Felicia: I did not fall.

Eric: Come here, come here. Get up, get up.

Felicia: Okay, no -- Daddy, just let go of me. Get my walker for me, please?

Eric: All right. I thought you didn't need it.

Felicia: I usually don't.

Eric: Yeah, when nobody else is around. Here.

Felicia: When I'm on my meds, I don't.

Eric: Look, if you need some more pain medication, then get it.

Felicia: Get my tape.

Eric: If you need, I'll get you one of your pills.

Felicia: I'm out, okay?

Eric: You're out? I thought the hospice people brought you a full supply every week.

Felicia: Yeah, well you know what? I guess I miscalculated.

Eric: You're having to take more now, aren't you? Felicia. God, it's not a character flaw. Nobody wants you in pain. But how are we supposed to help you if you don't tell us how you're doing, what's going on?

Felicia: Everyone wants a bulletin every time I have to go to the bathroom! Do I really have to lose my privacy along with everything else? I'm sorry, I'm out of sorts.

Eric: It's all right. I'm used to your mother. She's been out of sorts since, like 1960.

[Felicia laughs]

Eric: You have to remember, I don't know how to do this.

Felicia: That's okay. Neither do I.

Eric: So the question is, at what point does that become important? Having someone around who does know? Would you be more comfortable, would you be better cared for, if you were at the hospital?

Felicia: Don't. Don't ever even think of that.


Nick: You've got another message from Felicia here.

Bridget: Oh, I forgot to call her back yesterday.

Nick: She'll understand.

Bridget: Maybe we can go by and see her on the way home?

Nick: Let's wait to see what the doctor has to say, okay?

Brooke: I could strangle the two of you! You should have called me the minute you got here. Early labor is no joke! Did you call Eric?

Nick: Well, I tried him at the office, but I don't really know how to get a hold of him, so --

Dr. Caspary: Good morning.

Nick: Doc, how you doing? So we got some good news? Can I take her home? No contractions? 'Course, if you need to keep her another day, to make sure --

Dr. Caspary: This was your second scare. And pre-term labor can be tricky to manage, as you saw last night --

Bridget: I'm not going home at all, am I?


Felicia: Do you know how sick people get in hospitals?

Eric: Sicker than you?

Felicia: First it's pneumonia, then a collapsed lung, then some weird fungus crops up --

Eric: All right look, just for a short stay, then.

Felicia: What, like a spa weekend?

Eric: No, to make you feel more comfortable. To get you some better pain medication.

Felicia: It won't work the way you think it will.

Eric: To put some weight back on you! Get some color back in your cheeks.

Felicia: What, am I really so difficult for you to look at you want me out of your sight?

Eric: I'm scared, Felicia! I'm scared! I'm afraid you're going to get sick and you're not going to tell anybody, and we're not going to know, and we're not going to call anybody, and then you're gonna be gone.

Felicia: Daddy, science is not what I need. This is.

Eric: This?

Felicia: Yes, you being afraid with me. You know, I think there's one advantage to knowing that you're going to die, and that's that you're going to die the way you want to. And I do not want to die in a hospital, with all those strange people barging in at the middle of the night, sticking needles in me, and somebody screaming in the next room, and the place stinking of a combination of floor wax and urine, and then those stupid machines, beeping at me all night. No. Whatever they can do for me there, they can do for me here. I know you think you don't know what to do, but you're doing it.

Eric: All right. But we have to have an agreement. No faking. If you're in pain, you say so. If you're out of medication, you tell us. If you can't walk, you ask for some help --

Felicia: I am in pain, I am out of pills, and I'll be walking fine once I get them. And your part of the bargain has to be that you will never let them take me. No matter what. Even if they say they just need me overnight -- don't believe them. Because once I'm in that hospital, I will never come out. Promise me.

Eric: I promise.


Bridget: I guess I just better set up housekeeping here, huh?

Nick: I don't think the doctor meant you're going to stay here for the rest of your pregnancy, Bridget.

Bridget: I know. I just think she wants to make sure that the baby's survival isn't an issue if I go into labor again. If that's how it has to be, then that's just how it has to be. For Nicole.

Brooke: Nicole?

Bridget: We gave her a name.

Brooke: That's beautiful. That's perfect.

Nick: I need coffee.

Bridget: Oh, I bet you do.

Nick: Can get you anything?

Brooke: No thanks.

Bridget: I love him so much.

Brooke: There's no one like Nick.

Bridget: If anything ever happens --

Brooke: Honey, don't even think that way.

Bridget: I can't help but think that if, anything ever happened, things would -- change between Nick and me.


Felicia: Poor Bridget! They're keeping her, and Nick doesn't know for how long. Can she have visitors?

Nick: Yes, she can. I didn't know whether to ask though. If you're having a good day, that'd be great.

Felicia: We're on our way.

Eric: Felicia, honey. Look honey, you can't even walk to the front door.

Felicia: Yeah, so you'll help me.

Eric: Yeah, but what if you fall?

Felicia: You won't let me.

Eric: Look, Bridget will understand if you don't feel up to it.

Felicia: I won't understand. Okay, this is the woman who offered to raise my son! Did you check the fax machine -- is the prescription there?

Eric: Yes, I got it.

Felicia: So we can get it filled at the hospital, and then I'll be fine.

Eric: Honey, if you collapse there, I may not be able to keep my promise. I may have to leave you there. I'm not going to be able to carry you home.

Felicia: The hospice left me a wheelchair. Will you go to the guesthouse and get it for me?

Eric: A wheelchair? Have you even used it? Do you even know how?

Felicia: How complicated can it be?

Eric: All right, I'll get it. Okay. You'll be okay here?

Felicia: Yeah. It's just a visit.


Nick: I can't believe they expect you to eat this stuff.

Bridget: It doesn't look so bad. What happened to your coffee?

Nick: I had to make a couple of calls.

Bridget: If you need to go to the office and take care of some stuff --

Nick: The office? Why worry about my wife and child in the hospital, when I have an important stack of papers on my desk?

Bridget: Look, if your father is still out of town, maybe you need to just --

Brooke: Ridge says he's back.

Nick: When was that?

Brooke: Last night.

Nick: I've got to get that coffee now. Be back.

Bridget: So what did Ridge want last night?

Brooke: Oh, he pulled one of his Ridge stunts. A few of them, actually.

Bridget: And?

Brooke: What does he think I am? A prize at a carnival? A huge stuffed animal? Don't answer that. I think that's how he sees me sometimes.

Bridget: Yeah, maybe he needs the door slammed in his face, which is okay, you know. But just make sure you keep a window open.

Brooke: Wait a minute. You didn't want me to get back together with your father, but you want me to get back together with Ridge?

Bridget: That was different, Mom. That was you acting crazy. I don't want you acting crazy.

Brooke: Honey? Honey, what's wrong? Oh, the stress. It's really gotten to you.

Bridget: I'm fine. I'm sorry, Mom. Go ahead. Tell me about you and Ridge.

Brooke: No, I want you to tell me about you. What is going on? Hmm?

Bridget: I'm just afraid that I've done everything wrong. I've just done some really stupid things. Like, what was I thinking? Climbing up on chairs --

Brooke: Oh honey, that was not your fault.

Bridget: I think I deserve this, though. You know, what I've done to Nick, lying to him about the baby.

Brooke: God does not punish babies for mistakes their parents make, otherwise, nobody would be born.

Bridget: I know that her life depends on me. Maybe my life depends on hers, too. If I lose her -- what if she's the only thing that's keeping me and Nick together?

Brooke: Don't you see? Nick adores you. You had a little scare, that's all, and you got through it, together. And in the future, you'll have more children, and you'll have more troubles, and you'll get through those together too. As long as you remember who you are. You are my daughter! The most precious, wonderful human being on this planet, to me, and to your husband. And don't you ever forget it!


Eric: I think the pharmacy's just down here, just at the end of this hall here.

Felicia: I think I'll wait here.

Eric: Here? You gonna be all right?

Felicia: I'm not going to get kidnapped. Just get my prescription filled, okay?

Eric: All right. Here. I'm going to sit you back here.

Felicia: Excuse me, do you know where I would find --

Orderly: Coming through. Can I help you?

Felicia: No! No, no, thank you. I'm sorry.

Orderly: Excuse me, miss? Do you remember your room number?

Felicia: I'm not a patient here. I will never be a patient here. So you won't be escorting me anywhere. Not in this chair, or on that, or on any other conveyance.


Nick: Felicia?

Felicia: Bridget's on this floor? Take me there. You do not mention this to her.

Nick: How did you get here?

Felicia: My dad's with me. Come to think of it, will you wait outside, so he doesn't think demons dragged me down to hell just yet? Does this thing have brakes? Thank you. You think you can help me up? Can you stick that present under my arm? Now, can you please put a smile on that handsome face? Nick, this is Bridget's hard time. Let me let her be the patient.

Nick: Ready? Hey, look what I found!

Brooke: Felicia --

Bridget: I really wanted you to come by. I just didn't want to ask.

Felicia: I just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Felicia: You must've been scared to death.

Bridget: I was pretty panicked.

Felicia: And I was scared to death for you. Honey, it's just an expression.

Bridget: You're not looking so good.

Felicia: Oh, and I suppose you're the height of chic?

Bridget: Oh, come on.

[Felicia laughs] All right. Why don't you just tell me how much you like the present I got you?

Bridget: It's what I've always wanted.

Felicia: Open it.

Bridget: Too fun. I can't believe you did this. Felicia.

[Bridget gasps]

Felicia: We already know that Nicole's a toughie, right?

Bridget: Oh, it's perfect.

Felicia: Made it with my own two little hands. Well, the leather-stitching part takes muscle. I had the shop do that.

Bridget: You're too much. I love it.

Felicia: I just wish I could be here to teach her how to slouch, and spit. Girls are such lousy spitters.

Bridget: Nick does take a lot of pride in spitting.

Felicia: Exactly. So he'll teach Dominick, but not a girl, trust me.

Bridget: Well, you can teach me. And I'll teach Nicole. Whoa, not in bed, right now --

Felicia: No, no -- it's not that. It's that pizza -- the smell is making me want to heave.

Bridget: Oh. Felicia -- how worried do I need to be about you while I'm in here?

Felicia: Not as worried as I have to be about you. You're going to be my son's mother. My other me.

Bridget: Teach me how to be as fearless as you are.

Felicia: That's easy. Picture the worst thing that can happen --

Bridget: Okay.

Felicia: Now close your eyes, and picture the universe.

Bridget: How?

Felicia: It's big, and it's dark, and it's full of a million stars, that have burned out and gone cold. And you are a fly-speck. A pinpoint of light. And then you burn out, and you go cold, just like those millions of stars did.

Bridget: Okay.

Felicia: Now where would you rather be? With those millions of frozen stars, or here with the worst thing that can happen?

Bridget: Here.

Felicia: Right. So isn't the trick to hold it off, the worst?

Bridget: Yeah.

Felicia: But being afraid keeps it near you.

Bridget: I know, it's true.

Felicia: Right. So, you have to keep something else near you instead.

Bridget: My sister.

Felicia: My sister. That baby's going to be just fine. Just fine. You'll see.

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