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Ridge: Okay. Maybe this is a little much. Whatever it takes to make you remember our wedding day and what we felt for each other.

Brooke: You think Puerto Vista is what made me fall in love with you? It wasn't the oceans, and the palm trees and the monkeys and the birds. It was you, Ridge. At least the man that I thought you were. But that man disappeared. The day you walked out on us.

Ridge: Brooke, leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life. And you have every right to be furious with me. There's something about you, even when you're angry -- you're so damn sexy to me. Makes me want you all the more. I do want you Brooke.

[Ridge whispering] I want you.


Nick: What's the special occasion?

Bridget: There isn't one. I just wanted a romantic evening with my husband.

Nick: You're supposed to stay off your feet. You know the rules -- off your feet, right? Off your feet.

Bridget: I know, I know. I'm being very careful, I promise. I would never take any unnecessary risks with our daughter.

Nick: Okay.

Bridget: Look -- Cafe Russe.

Nick: Oh, very, very nice.

Bridget: Without the crowd.

Nick: Yeah. Hey, thank you.

Bridget: Sure.

Nick: Can I get your chair, Mrs. Marone?

Bridget: How nice. Thanks.

Bridget: All right, I guess -- I'll admit it. There is a small little reason why I'm doing the candlelight dinner. There's something I've been wanting to discuss -- our daughter's name. I thought tonight would be a good time to choose it.

Nick: It's kind of a tradition with you Forresters, isn't it? You take the two parents' names, kind of toss them around and you come up with the kid's name, right?

Bridget: I wouldn't call it a tradition --

Nick: No, but that's how you got your name. Because you thought ridge was your father -- and they tossed it around and they got your name.

Bridget: Yeah, okay.

Nick: All right, well, let's see -- we take Nick -- Bridget -- "Nicket."

Bridget: You know why don't we keep that as an option. But, I have a suggestion. And I think it's perfect.


Thomas: Oh, hey. Just came back to get my bag. I'm gonna go camping on the beach with some of the guys. We want to catch an early swell, so -- Mom --

Taylor: I can't believe it's over.

Thomas: Sometimes I get so angry with dad. I want to punch him -- scream at him, "don't you see what you're doing?"

Taylor: It's okay, Thomas. We're going to be okay.

Thomas: I guess I understand how he --

Taylor: Go on. Sweetheart, tell me what you're thinking.

Thomas: I lived with them while you were gone. And Brooke was --

Taylor: A mother to you.

Thomas: And dad -- since you've been back, he's been here -- but he hasn't. I know that he loves us, and he always will -- but he loves Brooke, too.

Taylor: And R.J.

Thomas: In the long run, maybe it's better this way. For all of us.


Ridge: We belong together, Logan.

Brooke: Not anymore.

Hope: Mommy! Look at the birds! Monkeys!

Brooke: Yes, honey. Isn't it wonderful? Catherine, this really isn't a good time.

Ridge: I actually asked Catherine to bring the kids out. Come here, squirt. No, this isn't just for you.

Hope: Why are the monkeys here?

Ridge: Well, your mommy and I were actually married in a place that was very similar to this. A beautiful rain forest. I wanted you and your brother to see it. And see where your mommy and me promised to love each other forever. That day was a beginning for your mommy and me. I'm hoping that this will be a new beginning -- for all of us.


Nick: You already have the name?

Bridget: Yeah, well -- hold on just a second, listen. I've had some time on my hands recently and it's given me a chance to think about you, and what makes you the man that I'm so in love with. What kind of qualities are you going to pass on to our little girl, what sort of name would embody everything that you mean to me? So, I would like to name our little girl -- Nicole.


Thomas: All right, I'm staying here tonight. I don't have go anywhere.

Taylor: No, no. I want you to go on with your plans.

Thomas: Hey, Phoebe and Steffy are at boarding school, and I'm always at campus --

Taylor: No, honey, no.

Thomas: I worry about you, Mom.

Taylor: No. I don't want you worrying about me. I want you to go on with your plans. I want you to go out with your friends. Please, be an example to me and go out with your friends. Please.

[Taylor crying]

Taylor: Ridge!

Taylor: Mausoleum! This place needs music. Yep -- that's what this place needs is a little music.

[Upbeat rock music plays ]

[Phone rings]

[Taylor turns down volume ]

Taylor: Hello?

Hector: Taylor? I was about to give up. I thought you'd gone out.

Taylor: Oh -- what? Me? Out? Where?

Hector: But Thomas is there with you, right?

Taylor: No, no. He went out. He has plans.

No, I'm just here, I'm all alone. Just, you know, by myself, just listening to a little music. Just dancing, just listening to music. I never get much time by myself.

Hector: Uh-huh. Okay, I'm coming over.

Taylor: No!

Hector: It's no good, you being all alone.

Taylor: Hmm-mm. Hmm-mm. Are you kidding? I like it.

[Taylor sighs] All right, okay, it sucks! I have to get used to it, right?

Hector: In time, yeah. But right now, you need company.

Taylor: No, but right now, I have to face myself. So it might as well be now, right? Listen, I really do appreciate your concern. I really do, but -- I'm going to call you later, okay?

Hector: Taylor --

Taylor: I'm fine. Really. Bye! I'm fine. I'm perfect!


Ridge: The kids loved it.

Brooke: The kids love you.

Ridge: But --

Brooke: Yeah, we've been here. You heard what Hope said. We had to try to find a way to keep going when you walked out on us. You chose to be with the other family, and that was very painful for all of us.

Ridge: Logan, I know how much I hurt you.

Brooke: I was devastated. That dream that you told Hope about tonight -- we had that. And it's something that most people never get a chance to experience in their lifetime -- the perfect family. And that dream was always going to be there. Until you tore it up and threw it away. So, there's really no point in talking about a dream that's already dead.


Nick: Nicole?

Bridget: Nicole. Do you like it? I just thought -- every time I said her name, I would think of you.

Nick: I like it.

Bridget: Everything that we have found together -- I feel so blessed. Lying in bed next to you and thinking of all the joy that you've brought me, I can't imagine naming our first child after anyone but you.

Nick: Nicole.

Bridget: Nicole.

Nick: Did you pick out a middle name, too?

Bridget: No! It's still up for discussion. And we can discuss it over your favorite dessert -- chocolate soufflé.

Nick: Soufflé? No way.

Bridget: I just really wanted tonight to be memorable.

Nick: Well, mission accomplished.

Bridget: Thank you.

Nick: Thank you.

Bridget: Ow! Ah!

Nick: What's the matter?

Bridget: Nothing -- oh, uh, must have just been indigestion or something. That's was weird.

Nick: Maybe we should have ordered from Chuck's.

Bridget: Oh, my --! Ah!

Nick: Bridget!

Bridget: Ow! Ow! No!

Nick: What is it? What?

Bridget: Stop!


[Taylor remembering]

Taylor: Does it have to be this way? Does it have to end?

Ridge: I'm so sorry.

[Bottle shatters]

[Taylor sobbing]


Ridge: I guess I never really understood just how badly I hurt you until tonight. I'm so sorry, Logan. I -- I never should have made that decision, but I'm trying to correct it now.

Brooke: You think you can just come back in here and sweep me off my feet. And that in a few weeks, after kicking and screaming, I'll give in to you and forget about what you did to me. Not this time. I'll never forget.

Ridge: Brooke, what we have can't die. I should never have let something come between us. But I can't believe the dream is dead. I pray to god it isn't. I need you, Brooke. I will never let you down again.

Brooke: How many times have I heard you say those words?

Ridge: Brooke, I mean it.

Brooke: I'm sorry, Ridge. I'm not ready for this.

Ridge: Not ready now, but you might be? Please tell me that there's some hope here.

Brooke: I don't know.


Receptionist: Dr. Max, extension 456.

Dr. Caspary: Has Bridget Marone checked in yet?

Nick: Dr. Caspary!

Dr. Caspary: What happened?

Bridget: My contractions are starting --

Nick: She had a contraction in the house, one in the car on the way over here --

Dr. Caspary: Let's get a pelvic exam. I want a urine sample, cervical and vaginal cultures --

Bridget: Ow.

Dr. Caspary: Let's test for fetal fibronectin --

Bridget: It's way too early --

Dr. Caspary: If you are in labor, we'll get you on Brethine to delay it, or an oxytocin inhibitor.

Bridget: But her lungs haven't had time to develop --

Dr. Caspary: Don't get ahead of yourself --

Bridget: No, no --

Dr. Caspary: Bridget, Bridget, you need to calm down.

Bridget: What I need is to make sure that we do everything we can -- ow!

[Bridget screams]

Dr. Caspary: Get the --

Bridget: Oh God, help! Oh, Nick -- ow, it hurts --

[Bridget screams] It's too soon!


Announcer: On the next "Bold and the Beautiful" --

Nick: I have a confession I need to make to you.

Taylor: You saved me from a marriage that wasn't working. Thank you, Hector.

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