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Stephanie: So Bridget's not coming?

Felicia: She's still on bed rest.

Stephanie: And where's your baby?

Felicia: He's with Bridget and Renee at the beach house.

Stephanie: Oh.

Felicia: By the way, Mother, did you happen to notice how dashing your husband-to-be looks?

Stephanie: I never said he wasn't a handsome cad.

Felicia: Oh, come on, Mom, admit it. You never stopped loving that man, even when you were furious with him.

Eric: So, is this what you had in mind?

Felicia: It is now.


[Doorbell rings]

Jackie: You didn't do or say anything to stop the wedding, did you?

Nick: Well, that is why I went.

Jackie: Oh, Nicky.

Nick: Mother, your fiancÚ is marrying his ex-wife. You don't like her, she doesn't like you. You can't be okay with that.

Jackie: I told you --

Nick: I know what you told me. They're doing it to give their dying daughter some peace. I get it.

Jackie: And that's all this wedding is about -- or was, until you charged over there to confront the man.

Nick: Well, I said what I had to say, and he basically told me to butt out.

Jackie: Oh, dear.

Nick: I don't want to see you get hurt again by this man. So I went to Felicia.

Jackie: No -- no, Nicky, please tell me you did not tell Felicia her father and I were engaged.

Nick: That was the plan, till I saw her. I think the best thing is that she has her parents together now, given the time she has left.


Felicia: Are we having fun yet?

Eric: As long as you are, sweetheart.

Felicia: That's right, Daddy. Humor your dying daughter. Look at them. I mean, really, if ever two people belonged together anyway, we all know why we're here. Tonight should be about more than just a wedding. Because it is -- much more. Does anybody here ever remember all of us being together in a room like this? I mean, that's a miracle in itself, right?

Thorne: Amen.

Felicia: But I don't think we need to be all stiff and formal about it, just because we're dressed that way. I was thinking that it would be a really great idea if we just got comfy and shared a few stories in honor of the bride and groom.

Ridge: What? You want all of us to make speeches?

Felicia: I want you to speak from the heart, you big lug.

[Stephanie laughs]

Felicia: About how your parents affected you. Our whole family. About the things they've given us. Not just the material things, but the values they've instilled, the amazing memories. Plus the belief that as a family, we can do anything. Right? So what do you say? We should share a few words about these two wonderful people. Who's going to go first?

Darla: You all care for each other, so much. Anyone can see it, even when you're fighting. You all seem to come back together to support one another in the important times, like now. Which is a true testament to you two for instilling in your children what is most important in this life. It is moments like this, when you bring a family together in love and all the appreciation that you have for each other. Thank you for sharing that with me.

Stephanie: Darla --

Darla: I love you.

Stephanie: I love you. And thank you for being such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

Eric: And thank you for giving us that beautiful granddaughter.

Darla: I love you, too.

Ridge: Thorne is a very lucky guy.

Thorne: We're all lucky, all of us. I know my little sis wanted this evening to stay upbeat. Maybe I shouldn't even say this, but you know what? You're my parents, and I love you both very much. But when you fight all the time like you've been doing, I feel like a little kid who is trapped in the middle, and I hate it, because you two are very special to me. Whether this deal tonight is real or not, it feels really good to see you two getting along like you used to.

Stephanie: Oh, Thorne.

[Stephanie laughs] It feels good to us, too, that we're all together.

Eric: We love you, son. We love all of you.


Jackie: You did the right thing, Nicky.

Nick: I still don't feel very good about being involved in this little deception thing you and Eric have going on.

Jackie: It's not a deception. I told you, we're just keeping our engagement quiet from Felicia until -- you saw for yourself how much her parents remarrying means to her.

Nick: I saw something else, too.

[Nick sighs] Felicia believes there's something magical going to happen with that family tonight, like there's some sort of higher power involved here. She truly thinks that what's happening with her mother and father is going to stick. Now, I have no idea, but I wanted to tell you that, because I want you to be prepared for anything.

Jackie: I am not going into this with my eyes closed. I am fully aware of what Eric and Stephanie have meant to each other.

Nick: It's a huge connection there, Mother. There's always going to be a pull. You know that.

Jackie: That is exactly why I was so cautious about getting involved with Eric again. I mean, if you spend almost a lifetime with someone it on it's so hard to move on, to start over with someone new, especially when there are children involved- even grown children.

Nick: Especially when they have a daughter that's dying.

Jackie: I have every faith in Eric, all right? He knows how much he hurt me when he married Brooke, and he promised me he would not hurt me like that again, and I believe him. I just wish you would.


Kristen: I know this is going to sound silly, because I'm a grown woman -- but sometimes, I wish I was still a little girl, living in this house. Because this is the one place I have always felt so safe and protected. Because the truth is, I -- I get scared sometimes. I get scared for Tony and his health, overwhelmed raising Zende. And that's when I wish -- I wish I lived around the corner instead of thousands of miles away, because I know that I could come here, and you would put your arms around me, like when I was a little girl. And without saying a word, I would know that everything would be okay. Which is the most amazing feeling in the world. So thank you, my dear, loving parents.

Stephanie: Honey, we love you. We're always here for you. You know that. Whenever you need us.

Ridge: Even when you don't want it. Look, I know we're all feeling kind of warm and fuzzy talking about the old, great moments and all that. But I've got to be honest here. There's been a hell of a lot of turmoil in this family.

Eric: I'm not certain this is the right time for you to bring all that up.

Felicia: No, Dad, I think Ridge is right. The Forresters aren't perfect. Far from it. Dad, you and Mom have done your best, but --

Ridge: But Mother, all my life, she's done things that have just made me crazy. But I realized something different than I never had before. All those things came from a place of love. I know that. I realized something else, too. As ripped off as I felt when I was made aware that you were not my real father, that didn't take away at all from all the special things that you and I shared. Didn't make them any less real, any less special. You were my father then, and you will always be my father. Hell, if the two of you can't make a go of it, what hope is there for the rest of us then? Thank you.


Nick: So, you trust Eric?

Jackie: He really is a good man, Nicky. I have every faith that he will do the right thing, not just for his family, but for me.

Nick: It just seems like Felicia's made this whole thing bigger somehow. Like she's got some pull with the big guy upstairs, and I'm not so sure she doesn't.

Jackie: Oh, Nicky, really.

Nick: Mother, stranger things have happened, especially with this family. I was there. I saw it. I saw them together. I love you. You're what I'm concerned about here. But Felicia wants this so much, like she's also willing it to happen. I don't know. Maybe she knows something we don't.


Eric: So when Felicia suggested that we all meet here together like this, I thought --

Felicia: That I was certifiable. You all did. But it's okay. You came anyway.

Eric: And I'm glad. You gave me a chance to hear my children talk about how much this marriage and this family has meant to them. And the surprise is, I didn't realize. That's pretty telling, and its proof positive that I just -- that I wasn't here enough.

Kristen: It's okay, Dad. We all understand, you were -- you were busy running a business.

Thorne: Yeah, you had an empire to create and to nurture.

Ridge: And you did. There isn't a fashion house in the world that can rival Forrester Creations' success.

Eric: For which I will take all the credit.

Stephanie: Of course you will.

Eric: Still, it's this lovely pain in the posterior who gets all the credit for making this house into this home. While I was burying my head in my work, it was your mother who planned all the birthdays and took care of all the holidays. It's your mother who deserves the credit for all of these memories you so fondly recall.

Stephanie: Eric --

Eric: I've never acknowledged your contribution to the well-being of this family. I know you've been waiting for it for years.

Stephanie: Try all our married lives.

Eric: I just don't know why I didn't see it till now. I think maybe I did, I just didn't want to admit it, because then would be acknowledging that I had missed a great deal as a father.

Stephanie: Well, we both have regrets. If I could go back, I suppose there are things that I would change. Listen more, maybe not be quite so heavy-handed. But the truth is, you -- you brought a very special kind of warmth to this family. You know, in a way for the children, you are kind of the -- the old comfortable armchair that they like to sink into, and feel so very comfortable in. At our birthdays a celebrations really worth if that warmth isn't there?

Ridge: Why does this feel more like a family therapy session than a wedding?


Thorne: Speaking of which, shouldn't we call Judge Bowlen? I mean, that's why we're here, to say the "I dos."

[Chime rings]

Felicia: Well, uh -- actually, what I wanted to happen tonight has already happened. So I'm letting you guys off the hook. Don't go through with the vows unless it's what you truly, truly want.

Eric: What do you think?

Stephanie: Well, we've given you our word. We have to go through with it. But heaven help us, Felicia.

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