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Ridge: Brooke, just wait. Stop, stop, stop.

Brooke: Please let me go.

Ridge: I want a life with you, Brooke. I want a life with you, Hope and R.J.

Brooke: Do you think you can apologize to me, and kiss me, and that's going to fix everything? It used to be that way, Ridge. I couldn't resist your charm because I was so madly in love with you. Well, it's not like that anymore. I am not going to let you do this to me again.


Stephanie: I feel as though I'm in a bad dream.

Eric: Ridge and Taylor are splitting up?

Stephanie: He told me that he's still in love with Brooke.

Eric: He's just realizing that now?

Stephanie: I think he's overreacting. I know he's hurt, and he's disappointed by Taylor's actions, but I honestly feel their marriage can really work out. I told her, I said, "Taylor, you've got to fight for him." But she won't.

Eric: You can't force her.

Stephanie: No. I don't understand. How can two people who are so right for each other, who compliment each other so beautifully, let the marriage just slip through their fingers?

Eric: Something’s just aren't meant to be.

Stephanie: Like Brooke and Ridge.

Eric: Look, I know you don't want to believe that --

Stephanie: I don't.

Eric: Well, maybe Taylor does. Maybe that's why she's not fighting it.

Stephanie: She wants to move on.

Eric: And she will. She's a survivor, Stephanie.

Taylor: She's a stronger woman than I am.

Eric: No, she's not.

Stephanie: In the middle of all this insanity, and this pain that she's been going through these past few days, she had an absolute moment of clarity. She said to me, "Stephanie, this war has to end. It has consumed too much of our lives." And she's right. It's time. My fight with Brooke is finished.


Jackie: Nicky, Brooke cannot be your number one priority anymore.

Nick: This isn't just about Brooke.

Jackie: Look, I know you're worried about Hope, but she's fine. And very soon, you and Bridget, you're going to have your own daughter to worry about --

Bridget: Bridget and my soon-to-be daughter are doing fine, Mother. But it is about Hope. You know how I feel about that little girl. I love her like my own. And this Forrester's like a hurricane -- he just whips through that family and causes as much damage as possible. Brooke and her family deserve to have a man they can depend on. And that man ain't Forrester.


Brooke: You can't sweet talk me, Ridge. I'm not that person anymore.

Ridge: This isn't sweet talk.

Brooke: I know what it is, what it's always been. What I let you do. But not anymore. I spent a lifetime wanting you -- dreaming of the day that we would be together, that we would have a family. And then, when it happened, I couldn't be happier -- until you abandoned me. I'm sorry, Ridge. You had your chance. Or did you think I would just be sitting around here, like some dutiful lap dog?

Ridge: No, of course not. How could you think that?

Brooke: Well, what am I supposed to think? You came over here asking to marry me, not even 24 hours after you ended the marriage to Taylor!

Ridge: Brooke, I don't need time to think about this. I don't need time to mull over the decision, because I know where I want to be, and it's right here with you.

Brooke: And what makes you think I want to be with you?


Jackie: Hope is fine. Told you. She's helping Andrea unpack the Forrester shipment.

Nick: What is it about little girls and fancy dresses?

Jackie: They all want to dress up and feel like princesses. Although that's not quite the response I'd hoped for from Forrester's latest collection.

Nick: Oh yeah? Pretty bad, huh?

Jackie: Not as bad as I expected, given the direction that Stephanie is taking that company in. I guess Eric must still have some influence over there.

Nick: Does that bother you? The two of them working together?

Jackie: We've established an uncomfortable detente.

Nick: They still bicker like an old married couple, don't they?

Jackie: Like sworn enemies, forced to work under the same roof.

Nick: Well, they weren't forced to be under the same roof at Christmas.

Jackie: Your point?

Nick: My point is, Brooke is not the only woman that I'm looking out for. Now, I want you to tell me if Eric is not treating you right.


Stephanie: Nothing to say, hmm?

Eric: Well, I'm stunned. I'm speechless.

Stephanie: I'll never believe that Brooke is better for Ridge than Taylor is, but that his mistake to make.

Eric: You won't interfere?

Stephanie: When has that stopped any of the children from making mistakes?

Eric: What, you're asking me?

Stephanie: No, actually, I've been looking at my own life a little more realistically, and thinking, you know, all that pain and grief -- what has it accomplished? Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows. Brooke didn't disappear. I took over the company, Brooke's still here.

Eric: In the past, that just would've fueled your fires.

Stephanie: You know what's so good about beating your head against a brick wall?

Eric: You feel so good when you stop?

Stephanie: Imagine if I had just realized that sooner. All the pain and grief I could've spared everyone.

Eric: Well -- better late than never.


Ridge: This just doesn't sound like you, Brooke.

Brooke: It is. You're just not listening.

Ridge: Okay, maybe I jumped the gun here. Maybe it's too soon.

Brooke: No, it's ludicrous. And it's insulting. Assuming that we can just pick up, like nothing happened.

Ridge: I was just hoping we could start over.

Brooke: No.

Ridge: Why? Are you afraid we might reignite the ol' spark? That's why Nick's so overprotective. He knows you haven't completely closed your heart off from me.

Brooke: Nick knows it would be a mistake to let you in.

Ridge: Nick has his own agenda.

Brooke: It's not going to happen, Ridge.

Ridge: What if it could, though? What if we could go back to the life that we planned when R.J. was born? Think about it. Isn't that what you'd want for your children? Isn't that what you'd want for yourself?

Ridge: Brooke, I know I've hurt you. And I really regret that, more than I can ever say to you.

Brooke: I'm not punishing you, Ridge.

Ridge: No, you're pushing me away.

Brooke: I'm just saying something that you're not used to hearing. I'm saying no.

Ridge: To a life with your son's father? A life you dreamt about all your life?

Brooke: What's done is done.

Ridge: Maybe for other couples, Brooke, but not for us. Come on, look at our history. We always find our way back. We always do.

Brooke: No, Ridge, you find your way back -- when it suits you -- and I let you in. So this can't be fixed with an apology. This wound can not be healed with a kiss.

Ridge: You need proof.

Brooke: No. No, I need you to get out of here. You came here and you proposed to me, and I gave you an answer. And my answer is no.


Jackie: To be perfectly honest, I don't know what his intentions are.

Nick: You sure he's not jerking you around?

Jackie: I thought that once his ridiculous marriage to Brooke was over, he would have more time for me.

Nick: He ought to be lucky you're even talking to him.

Jackie: I love him. Eric makes me happy, Nicky -- happy in a way I never expected to feel again.

Nick: If you want me to talk to him, I will. Find out what his intentions are.

Jackie: No. No. He's not neglecting me. His daughter is dying. He needs to spend as much time with her as he possibly can, and I can't begrudge him that. How could I? The man needs to give his child as much peace as he can.


[Felicia clears her throat]

Felicia: What is this? Did I just hear you say that you're going to stop interfering in your children's lives? And me with so little time left.

Stephanie: I'm through fighting the things that I can't change.

Felicia: Including my brother's infatuation with Brooke?

Stephanie: Yes.

Felicia: Okay, you know what, now I know you're putting me on.

Stephanie: No. I have more important things that I want to do.

Felicia: Mother, you know that I'm not going to be here to distract you forever.

Stephanie: You are not a distraction. You're my number one priority.

Eric: No one has ever questioned your loyalty to this family, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, maybe you should have. I owe you an apology, all of you. But especially you, Eric. I mean, think about all the time that I wasted warning you about Brooke. When we were first married, we were partners. But somewhere along the way, I stopped being your wife and I became your drill sergeant.

Eric: I'm just as responsible for what happened in our marriage as you are.

Stephanie: If you could go back, it'd be nice to change some things.

Eric: I think that sometimes, too.

Felicia: Maybe you could. There's still time left. It's not too late.


Nick: So things are okay with you and Eric?

Jackie: Well, they're progressing. But I'm not getting my hopes up. Did that before -- big mistake.

Nick: The guy would have to be out of his mind to let you slip through his fingers and go back to old Stephanie again.

Jackie: After everything that she's put him through -- believe me, Nicky, I don't think there's anything that could get those two back together.

Felicia: You obviously still love each other. I saw you at Christmas, okay? It was like you two were still married.

Eric: I thought we were having a much better time at Christmas than that.

Felicia: Okay, you still have issues. But you have time to work through them -- time to undo the mistakes. You just said you would if you could.

Eric: It's not that simple.

Felicia: Yes, it is. It is. Yes. No, I learned it, okay? Death has been staring me in the face. And that strips away all the garbage that clutters our lives -- all the swollen egos, all-important careers -- all that money we make, and all the useless stuff we buy with it. That stuff doesn't matter. The only thing of value are the people we love, and those who love us. That is our real legacy. And that is what I want to leave my son.

Stephanie: Oh, honey -- that little baby boy is going to be surrounded by people who love him.

Felicia: Mother, I want Dominick to be surrounded by people who love each other. If I could just get you two together --

Eric: Honey, we celebrated Christmas together as a family. We did that for you.

Felicia: But you can do better. Dad, when you and mom -- when you're together, the family is whole. And it's happy. No, listen to me. I want Dominick to see that, okay? I want to see that. If you two would just get remarried --

Stephanie: What?

Eric: What?

Felicia: Okay. If not for yourselves, then for me.

Eric: No. That's a bad idea.

Felicia: Well, you can get divorced the day after my funeral -- but you won't.

Eric: No, we won't, because we're not going to get married.

Stephanie: Exactly.

Felicia: Oh. Okay, you know what? When I'm gone, people are going to come looking to you for support.

Stephanie: They'll have it.

Felicia: Mm-hmm. And who's going to give it to you? With all the bad stuff that happens to you two, still you always come together in a crisis.

Eric: We will.

Felicia: Why wait? It's going to happen, you know it is. It's already starting. So why not now? Why not come together right now for me? Okay? Give me that peace of mind. Mother, do you remember -- I said that I wanted to go out the life of the party. Well, I can not think of a better party than you and dad getting married. Okay? The whole family watching. This is it. This is what I want, okay? I want to dance at your wedding.

Eric: Felicia, you don't have a right to ask this of us. We are your parents, but there are limits.

Felicia: Mom?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know. I mean --

Felicia: Daddy?


Jackie: Expecting a call?

Nick: Brooke said she'd call when Sir Galahad left. But she hasn't yet.

Ridge: I'm offering you a chance to get back what we had.


Brooke: We can't.

Ridge: Then something new, Brooke -- a fresh start then.

Brooke: Ridge, you don't get it.

Ridge: No, I guess I don't. I don't understand why you'd want to be alone -- why you'd want to deny our son the chance to grow up with his father.

Brooke: You denied our son that chance when you chose Taylor.

Ridge: I'm not with Taylor anymore, Brooke. I want to be with you, only you. I'm going to repair the damage that I've done. Somehow. I don't care what I have to do. You are going to be my wife again. It's going to be different this time, Brooke. I'm going to protect you from my mother, from Taylor, from anyone else that doesn't agree with our relationship. I'm going to put you number one, before my family, before the business. You are never going to have to look over your shoulder again. And you're never going to have to question my commitment.

Brooke: But I do.

Ridge: Maybe now, but in time --

Brooke: In time you're going to realize that you're on the rebound. This isn't about me, Ridge. It's about Taylor, James.

Ridge: Oh, that was all a last straw, Brooke. I've had these feelings for you for longer than I care to admit.

Brooke: But you didn't say anything, until you found out that Taylor slept with another man.

Ridge: Why you do think I didn't come home for the holidays? Because I've had to come to terms with the fact that marriage is failing, seriously in trouble. And when I did come home, I thought I'd give it one more try. I'd throw myself back into that marriage and my family. I was trying to find that connection, Brooke, that Taylor and I desperately needed to make it all work. And I found out about James, I found out about Hector -- that was just proof that we'd been in trouble for a long time. I knew it. Taylor knew it. I knew that I was in love with you. My place was with you, Brooke. My heart was with you. It was always, always with you. With you. With you.

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