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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01

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Eric: You want to talk about the future of Forrester Creations? Well, that's good. We were just doing some estate planning in here.

Ridge: Well, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to all of you about.

Stephanie: Would you like to join us?

Ridge: Yeah, may I? Do you mind?

Stephanie: No, not at all. Your father and I were just discussing how we were going to distribute our assets.

Eric: Before we get into that, I'd like to know your thoughts on the estate, Ridge.

Ridge: Actually Ii hadn't really thought about that much in detail until just today.

Eric: Well, the fact is, none of us here is getting any younger. And your mother and I were sort of readjusting the provisions that we've made for the future generation.

Ridge: Well, that sounds reasonable.

Eric: It is reasonable. It's high-time too, I agree with that. Let me just see if I can show you here. All right, your mother and I own 49% of Forrester Creations. And together we have four children and I have two additional children from my marriage to Brooke. So we divide up the pie -- and you and Thorne and Kristen and Felicia share four-fifths of the pie. And the remaining fifth is split between Bridget and Rick. I know that's different form what you and I discussed but I think that's probably a good idea. So each of you -- you, Thorne, Kristen and Felicia, get 20%.

Stephanie: That's 20% of our share of the ownership.

Eric: Right. And Rick and Bridget get 10% each.

Ridge: So how exactly does that translate?

Eric: Well, you have to do the math. Bridget and Rick each get 10% of our 49% -- so that translates as 4.9% each.

Ridge: And the rest of us?

Eric: And everyone else gets 9.8%.

Ridge: So I get 9.8% of Forrester creations.

Eric: That's right. The same as your brother and your sisters. And Rick and Bridget get half of that.

Stephanie: Well, now that we've discussed our share of the ownership -- I think we should find out exactly what's gonna happen with Brooke's stock.

Ridge: Yeah, the 51% -- where does that go?

Brooke: Well, that of course, goes to my children.

Ridge: All right, so let me get this straight, so we all understand this. Rick and Bridget each get 25.5% plus the shares from you and Mother.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Which would equal, each over 30% of Forrester Creations. And I'm to get less than 10%. You've got to be kidding me.

Sally: You know, Massimo, for the sake of your own sanity, I really wish you could let go of this.

Massimo: He's my son, Sally.

Sally: Your adult son. Ridge is a grown man and he wants nothing to do with you.

Massimo: That will change.

Sally: Yes it will. Unfortunately, I think it will change for the worst when he learns the truth.

Massimo: That's why he can't be told. Not now.

Tony: Hey, we got a plane to catch.

Kristen: I know. I just love looking at these pictures.

Tony: It was the perfect honeymoon, wasn't it?

Kristen: Thank you -- for bringing me here.

Tony: Thank you for making it perfect. Zende.

Kristen: Our little Zende. Living in an orphanage.

Tony: Like so many other kids in Africa.

Kristen: So sad. So horribly sad.

Bakari: Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez?

Tony: Yes, Bakari? Please, come in.

Bakari: We are almost ready to go. May I take your bags?

Tony: Yeah, sure.

Bakari: Is everything all right?

Tony: Yes, we're just sad to be leaving.

Bakari: Well, you'll have to come and see us again soon.

Kristen: We will. Africa is more beautiful than we imagined.

Bakari: And not without its share of tragedy.

Kristen: Seeing those children in that orphanage, it really touched us. Especially Zende. He is a very special little boy. It tears my heart out to think of him living in there.

Bakari: He's one of the lucky ones. There's so many living on the streets.

Tony: All of this because of AIDS.

Bakari: Yes, 16 million children have lost their mothers to the disease on this continent alone.

Kristen: Something has to be done about that.

Bakari: Yes, but when? And will it be soon enough? As it is, two-thirds of the orphaned children in Africa are the result of AIDS -- and the problem gets worse every year.

Kristen: I'll never forget how hard it was to leave Zende at that orphanage.

Bakari: You gave him a moment of tenderness. He will not see many of those in his life.

Kristen: Is there any way that we could stop by there on the way to the airport? I would love to say good-bye to him.

Bakari: I'm sorry, but we can't. You will miss your plane.

Tony: You can take the bags to the car.

Kristen: I'm sorry.

Tony: I am, too.

Kristen: I just wish there was something that we could do.

Tony: Well, as my mother always said, we can pray.

Kristen: The problem is so epidemic it would take an act of God to solve it. God be with you, my little Zende.

Ridge: Certainly, you don't all think this is fair?

Eric: What's not fair about this, Ridge?

Ridge: Dad, I have given my sweat and my blood to this company for my entire adult life. And I'm to end up with less than 10% of the company?

Eric: Your contribution to the success of this company cannot be disputed, and I don't. But you have two brothers and three sisters.

Ridge: And not one of them has given as much as I have.

Eric: This is not about who has worked the hardest. This is simply a question of distributing our company equally -- to all our children.

Ridge: And who's going to run it, Dad? If the three of you suddenly end up dead -- who runs the company, huh?

Eric: Well, I imagine --

Ridge: No, there is nothing to imagine. Rick and Bridget would end up with the lion's share of this company and they'll do whatever the hell they want with it.

Brooke: Ridge, I'm sure they're not gonna want to change a thing.

Ridge: What, in other words, trust them?

Brooke: Well, they are your half brother and half sister.

Ridge: That's not how you run a business, Brooke. I am the logical person to run this company. The only logical person. And I should be given the tools to do that. Which means the lion's share of the stocks. What, you don't believe that?

Stephanie: I do.

Eric: All right, stop it. Right here. We're not going to have a family squabble about this.

Ridge: Well, that's exactly what you're doing, Dad. That's what you're doing when you come up with a silly, antiquated formula like this.

Eric: This has to be accomplished equitably, Ridge.

Ridge: There's nothing equitable about this. I've got the talent. I'm the one that put in decades of 12-hour days. Hell, Felicia's in New York -- she doesn't even work for the company but she stands to get the same percentage as I do.

Eric: And during those decades of 12-hour days, Ridge, you were paid very, very well. And neither one of your sisters got that.

Ridge: Dad, this is not just about money. This is about dedication. This is about loyalty. I'm shocked -- I'm blown away that you don't see this, because I'm feeling totally ripped off.

Massimo: I've been wondering if Ridge has received my delivery. You know, I sent him a slice of pie. His very small slice of the pie.

Sally: That was the present? Well, Mojo, I gotta say you got style. You've always had style, I'll give you that. But aren't you afraid this might backfire?

Massimo: Backfire?

Sally: Yes, yes. Ridge may get the point of that gift, and go charging into Eric's office demanding a bigger piece of the Forrester pie.

Massimo: That's exactly what I hope he does.

Sally: Oh, I see. And what if he gets it? That won't exactly weaken his relationship with Eric, will it?

Massimo: And if that happens, so be it.

Stephanie: You know what I think? I think that the person who's been most dedicated to the company and who's been responsible for a major portion of the success of the company, should run it in the future. That person is clearly Ridge.

Rid: Thank you. Brooke?

Brooke: I can't make that decision, Ridge. This is an issue of inheritance between you and your parents.

Ridge: That leaves you, Dad.

Eric: We'll compensate you in some other way, Ridge. Perhaps Brooke will even agree to make you CEO if and when she steps down.

Ridge: So you'll give me controlling interest.

Eric: I didn't say that.

Ridge: What, I'm gonna be CEO, without being the major stockholder?

Eric: The CEO isn't always the major stockholder, you know that. And even if I gave you all of our stocks you'd still only have 49%.

Ridge: No, Brooke has already said she's going to divide her share among Rick and Bridget.

Eric: So, you're gonna cut out your brother and sisters -- is that right?

Ridge: What I'm saying is that I've worked my butt off for you and you d you. And I want to be rewarded. What, you think I would have hung around this long if I knew it was going to come down to this?

Stephanie: All right, all right. Eric, he makes a very good case and you cannot dismiss this out of hand.

Eric: What would you suggest we do, Stephanie?

Ridge: I'll tell you exactly what you should have done. You should have just offered me 50% of the whole damn company, that's what you should have done.

Eric: You're gonna negotiate with me here?

Ridge: Dad, after everything I have put into Forrester Creations, I am not going to settle for a lousy 10% of the stock. That's not an option!

Zende: Excuse me.

Kristen: Zende. Oh, my gosh, we were just talking about you.

Zende: This is for you.

Kristen: Oh, it's beautiful. You are so sweet. I will treasure this forever. Oh, now I have something for you. Okay, here.

Zende: No, I can't.

Kristen: Please, come on. You gave me something, now let me give you something in return.

Zende: You've given me plenty.

Tony: We haven't given you anything.

Zende: Yes, you did. You've given me this.

Bakari: If we don't leave now, we'll be late for the plane.

Eric: You're putting me in a very difficult position, you know that.

Ridge: I am your oldest son. Nobody is more capable or qualified to run Forrester than me.

Eric: I said you can run it, Ridge.

Ridge: That won't work, Dad. How many unpopular decisions have you had to make in the last 20 years? I'd have to make those decisions, only I'd have nothing to back it up with. Not if I only own 10% of this damn company. You've got to give me more.

Eric: And what do I tell your brothers and your sisters?

Ridge: That would be one of those unpopular decisions you have to make. You just tell them this is the way it's gonna be.

Eric: No. I'm sorry, son. But I have to be fair to everyone. The company gets divided equally.

Ridge: Well, I'm sorry, too, Dad. I'm sorry I've spent all these years working my butt off for you. Maybe I should have been cruising around in Soho like Felicia. Then I would have earned my 9.8%. I'm not gonna forget this. No.

Kristen: You are a very special boy. Don't you ever forget that.

Zende: I brought something for you, too.

Tony: Ward off the evil spirits?

Zende: I made it myself.

Tony: It's terrific. Thank you.

Bakari: We must get to the airport.

Kristen: Well, can we give him a ride back to the orphanage?

Bakari: Sorry, there isn't time, you'll miss your plane.

Kristen: I'm sorry, Zende. We really have to go.

Zende: That's okay, I understand.

Kristen: Wait. I promised you a picture. Here --

Zende: You look so happy.

Kristen: That's because I am standing next to you. I'd say we look pretty good together. Don't we?

Zende: Yeah.

Kristen: I'll never forget you.

Tony: You take care of yourself, all right, Zende. Bye. Come on.

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