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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/14/01

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Tina: Massimo, I feel that the contracts that we have are quite sufficient here.

Massimo: They were, five years ago, but it's time for us to move forward. Let me check my notes.

Tina: Well, you keep telling me that you're gonna teach me how to revolutionize my business, but so far, I haven't heard anything too revolutionary yet.

Female executive: What we're suggesting is more of an innovation.

Male executive: This new system utilizes and improves your existing infrastructure.

Massimo: Ridge Forrester, the new face of old guard fashion. Forrester Creations' young gun is all grown up, and he's taking over the reigns from his father. His father. Eric isn't his father, damn it, I am.

Sally: Hello, Ridge.

Ridge: Hello, Sally.

Sally: It's awfully nice to see you here. We don't see you at the Insomnia all that much. Listen, you don't mind if I sit down do you? Thanks. I did want to talk to you about something.

Ridge: What's that?

Sally: Well, we could start with Antonio and Kristen. Have you heard from them?

Ridge: They're on their honeymoon, Sally.

Sally: Yeah, well, I know that. And they're in Africa. And that's a very exotic honeymoon, isn't it? They are an amazing couple, with everything they've had to face, with Antonio's medical condition, and with your family objecting to them getting married at all.

Ridge: All right, Sally. We've had our reservations about Kristen and Tony's relationship, yes. But we got over that.

Sally: Antonio Dominguez is an amazing young man. And I'm not saying that simply because I adore him. He is. After everything he's been through -- medical problems, all the unpleasant surprises, all of the adversities -- he's faced them all, and he came through like a champion. You know why? Because he knows who he is.

Ridge: Sally, I feel like you've got a point here. Why don't you just go ahead and make it?

Sally: I'm not trying to make a point, Ridge. I'm just trying to make some pleasant conversation. Seriously, Antonio and Kristen were very fortunate to have found each other. And I know they are going to do great things together.

Zendi: Thank you for the card game, Tony.

Tony: Yeah, man, do you want to play again?

Isabella: Perhaps later. Zendi needs to join the others for his meal, and then he has his chores to do. Say good-bye to your new friends.

Zendi: You're leaving? Now?

Kristen: No. No, Zendi, not yet.

Tony: Hey, it's all right. Go do your chores. We'll play that card game another time.

Isabella: I'm sorry. These children can get attached very quickly.

Tony: Really? I mean it's hard to believe, after everything they've been through, it would seem that they would be more guarded.

Isabella: They've grown up in world where they've been ostracized and abandoned, sometimes by their own families. The smallest gesture of acceptance can mean everything to them.

Kristen: But Zendi wasn't abandoned.

Isabella: No, but to a child, the death of a parent can feel like abandonment. Suddenly, they're alone in the world -- unprotected, unloved. Even after four years, Zendi is still dealing with his mother's loss.

Tony: Zendi has been here for four years?

Isabella: Since he was 6, when his mother died of AIDS.

Kristen: And then his little brother?

Isabella: Yes.

Tony: And he took care of both of them?

Isabella: He tried. I remember when his brother was dying, he wouldn't leave his side.

Kristen: He's such a brave young boy.

Isabella: He's very special.

Tony: Yes, he is. It's hard to believe that he's been here for so long.

Isabella: He's such a great help to us. He cooks, cleans, takes care of the younger children.

Kristen: But he can't stay here forever.

Isabella: No, though, I would like to keep him as long as we possibly can. Here he has a roof over his head.

Tony: Well, what happens to him when he's old enough to leave?

Isabella: We'll try to find him a job, maybe an apprenticeship, carpentry, some other type of labor, but the economy is very bad right now. I hope it improves. Otherwise, he will end up like so many of our children -- living on the street.

Tina: Thank you. So what's wrong, Massimo?

Massimo: I don't know what you mean.

Tina: Where's your fire? Your passion? Wasn't it you who taught me that making a deal was like making love? It's all about seduction.

Massimo: Indeed I did.

Tina: But your mind is someplace else. You know what I think you need? I think you need to get away. Recharge your batteries. What do you say, let's just take a holiday, you and me? Hmm? If I call my pilot, we could have breakfast on your yacht.

Massimo: What a delicious offer, but perhaps another time.

Tina: My poor sweet, Massimo. It appears that the rumors are true. It seems as if some devilish woman has managed to bewitch our invincible rogue. Hmm, is that true?

Stephanie: Excuse me, Mass --

Tina: I was just leaving. So listen, darling, if you decide to change your mind and take me up on that offer, give me a call, all right? See you soon.

Stephanie: I was interrupting.

Massimo: No, no, no, Stephanie, you weren't interrupting. Actually, I'm glad you're here. I want to talk to you, too.

Ridge: You didn't come over here to talk about Kristen and Tony. You are up to something, and you want something.

Sally: Of course, I do. I'm Sally Spectra. What do you think? Oh, wait a minute, maybe -- maybe I just came over here to get your autograph?

Ridge: This is fun. This is fun. I'll be going now.

Sally: Oh, now, wait a minute. Wait a minute, Ridge. This is remarkable. I mean, this article about you is amazing. You are the future of fashion, the next big thing, the trendsetter. Forrester Creations back on the map because of you. Tell me, how does your father feel about you getting so close to his throne?

Ridge: Sally, this isn't a competition. Everything I've accomplished is because of my father. I would say, basically, he made me what I am.

Sally: The two of you are so much alike. The same fiery temperament, the same smoldering good looks, the same drive for success. You are definitely a chip off the old' block.

Ridge: Oh, would that be a compliment?

Sally: Well, it could be. Or it could be that I'm just flattering you, because I need some advice from you. You see, I am going to a very fancy affair this evening, and I want to look spectacular. And Ridge, I haven't got anything to wear.

Ridge: That's very good. Very funny. You're pulling my leg.

Sally: Yeah, of course, I am. But seriously, I would think you would be eager to help me out here, or don't you care whether Massimo Marone is out of your mother's life?

Ridge: You telling me, Sally, that you're dating Massimo?

Sally: Does that bother you?

Ridge: You know what, Sally? You and Massimo are perfect for each other, but don't ask me to help you win him over, because, personally, I can't stand the man. It's been fun.

Massimo: I assume you've come here to give me something.

Stephanie: Against my better judgment. I just want you to know that.

Massimo: Your reluctance is duly noted. Now, please.

Stephanie: I want you to understand something.

Massimo: Oh, I understand. I understand. I understand everything. My whole life, everything I've accomplished, it's come full circle, and it all began on that night, on the lake, when you and I made love, and we conceived this child, my heir.

Stephanie: Massimo, don't talk that way.

Massimo: No, it's true. Ridge is my son. His children aren't Forresters. They're my grandchildren. And one day, Stephanie, all of this is gonna be theirs.

Stephanie: No, it isn't. Now we have been through this. Ridge is never to know who you are.

Massimo: Well, maybe not while I'm alive. But after my death, Ridge is going to take his rightful place in the world. You're not going to have to do a thing, because I will explain everything in my will.

Stephanie: Are you not listening to me? When I say no, I mean no. As far as Ridge is concerned, he is Eric's oldest son. He is the heir to Forrester creations, not to Marone industries.

Massimo: Forrester creations? A fashion house. Stephanie, our son is a leader. He shouldn't be sitting around Los Angels wasting his time drawing pretty pictures. With my mentoring, he could become one of the most powerful men in the world. Stephanie, I am not just a businessman. Marone Industries is a global enterprise that serves governments all over the world. I am a leading figure in international trade. I've got a direct line to the white house, for God's sake. It has taken me decades to build and nurture these relationships, to develop technology and a philosophy to thrust this company into the 21st century. It can't end with me. Somebody has to take my place -- someone with my passion, my insight, my instincts, my acumen. And who better to do that than my son?

Stephanie: It's going to end with you. Ridge is never going to find out that he is your child.

Kristen: What are you saying? Zendi could end up being homeless?

Isabella: Homeless children are endemic in this country. Our cities are filled with them, but I have great hopes for Zendi. He is a bright boy.

Kristen: But you can't be sure that he'll find a job?

Isabella: We do the best we can. But with so many orphans, it can be very difficult.

Tony: Well, surely, you get foreign aid.

Isabella: Yes, but the money runs out and parents are dying every day. But Zendi has not been overwhelmed by the despair. He studies hard. He wants to continue school. He understands an educated boy will find better work.

Kristen: But he's only 10.

Bakari: Orphans have to look after themselves. They must act like adults.

Isabella: But inside they're still children. Beautiful, innocent, lovely children.

Bakari: It is getting late. We should go back to camp now.

Kristen: Wait, I just want to say good-bye to Zendi.

Isabella: That might not be a good idea.

Tony: Yeah, we don't want to upset him. I mean, you saw how emotional he got before.

Kristen: Well, we can't just leave.

Tony: Sweetheart, I know it's hard. I think we should listen to Isa. When we get home we'll just mail him the pictures.

Massimo: You just can't cut me out of his life, Stephanie. It isn't fair.

Stephanie: Who's future are you really concerned about? His or yours?

Massimo: I'm his father, for God's sake! I need to interact with him.

Stephanie: Ridge doesn't want that, Mass.

Massimo: And do you know what that does to me? Do you know how that makes me feel, knowing that our son hates me? Yes, Stephanie, he is our son. The product of our love. Something I still feel for you and for him. Oh, God, the two most important people in my life, and I'm not allowed to be close to them. I can't stand it. I'm a strong man, but I can't take this! I've got to have one of you in my life. You or Ridge -- which is it going to be?

Stephanie: Don't do this. You know how important my family is to me. It's everything.

Massimo: Believe me, Stephanie, my love, you give me no choice. I have always been mindful of your needs, and I have kept my distance. And I have never told your secrets. But I have needs, too. Very powerful needs. And these needs must be met. Now, Stephanie. Right now.  

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