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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/10/01

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Eric: You have something you want to say to Ridge?

Massimo: Yes.

Ridge: Look, Massimo, we're having a family get together here. It's my birthday.

Massimo: I know that.

Ridge: Then you also know the last person I want to see is you. So why don't you just beat it.

Stephanie: Massimo? What are you doing here?

Massimo: I'm here to tell something to Ridge, and I'm not leaving until I tell him.

Sally: I knew it. There is something going on over there, I absolutely know it.

Darla: What, so Massimo and all the Foresters are over at the Cafe Russe?

Sally: That's right, honey. And you can bet the rent that they're not sitting down, having a nice cup of tea together.

Sofia: What are you going to do?

Sally: I'm going over there. My friend Massimo may be in trouble and need a little backup. And he's gonna have it.

Darla: Sal, come on, maybe he doesn't want you there?

Sally: Darla, think about it. What is he doing over there? It's crazy. I mean, those people haven't exactly sent him an engraved invitation, have they?

Darla: Well, that doesn't necessarily mean that he wants you just showing up.

Sally: Well, fine. If he doesn't want me there, then he can just ask me to leave.

Sofia: He won't do that, would he?

Sally: You know, he might, Sofia. If he and Stephanie are up to something, he just might.

Darla: I don't know, Sal. I get a really bad feeling about this. I mean, whatever he and Stephanie are up to, he's hiding it from you. And that worries me.

Sally: Well, it worries me, too, Darla. It worries me because I care about him. I really do. I care very much about him, more than I have about a man for a long, long time. And I don't want to see him hurt. And I don't want to see him taken advantage of, especially not by Stephanie. She's just pretending that she cares about him. I know she doesn't. She is just going to use him somehow. And I can't let that happen.

Sofia: She's right, Darla. When you love a man, if you feel he's in trouble, you do something, or you live to regret it.

Sally: Well, you are certainly right about that, Sofia. And I have enough regret going for me, I certainly don't need anymore. I've got enough to fill one of Massimo's supertankers. Now I'm going over there.

Darla: Sally, please. Just please be careful.

Sally: Darla, don't tell me to be careful. Save your worry for Stephanie. Because if she harms one hair on his head, I'm telling you, I will bury that woman.

Rick: How is she?

Doctor: Your wife's resting comfortably. We're running some tests. The results should be here shortly.

Rick: What about the baby?

Doctor: The baby's fine for now.

Rick: For now?

Doctor: As soon as we isolate the reason for the pain, we'll know more about the baby's prognosis. Would you like to go in and see your wife?

Rick: Yeah.

Doctor: Go right ahead. I'll be in with her test results.

Rick: Thanks. Oh, Amber.

Amber: Hmm, the baby's gonna be okay.

Rick: Yeah, sure he is. And so are you.

Stephanie: Massimo, you're interrupting a family celebration. This is our son's birthday.

Massimo: And I have a message for him.

Stephanie: No, you don't.

Ridge: Look, if you've got something to say, you've got a message for me, just say it.

Stephanie: Mass, this is not going to happen.

Massimo: It's out of your hands, Stephanie.

Eric: All right, say your piece, get it over with.

Massimo: I've come here to tell you that --

Stephanie: Massimo, I'd like to talk to you privately.

Stephanie: What the hell do you think you're doing? What are you doing?

Amber: What'd the doctor say?

Rick: They're running some tests, and he'll be in here soon with the results. Amber, have you ever felt this pain before?

Amber: No.

Rick: So there hasn't been any bleeding or anything?

Amber: No, no, I've been fine. You know, except I've just been a little tired. I've been worried about us.

Rick: Well, you don't have to worry anymore, 'cause I'm here for you. I'm here with you.

Amber: That makes all the difference.

Rick: Maybe it was all that hiking around in the desert.

Amber: I should have never taken you there.

Rick: No, no, Amber, I'm glad you did. It was really good for me.

Amber: It wasn't good for the baby.

Rick: Hey, we don't know what caused this, so don't blame yourself.

Amber: If anything happens to the baby --

Rick: Nothing is going to happen to the baby, Amber.

Amber: I just -- I just want to give you a beautiful, healthy child.

Rick: And you will. So I want you to take those negative thoughts and just put 'them out of your head.

Amber: I'm sorry about this.

Rick: Amber, you have nothing to be sorry about.

Amber: I hope not.

Rick: No really I -- I needed this. Not -- not this, but going to our son's gravesite. It really opened my eyes.

Amber: We're gonna be fine. We're gonna get out of here. We're gonna go back to LA, and everything's gonna be okay.

Rick: Sure it will. Hey, you got those test results?

Doctor: Yes. Sit down, Rick, let's talk.

Stephanie: I can't believe that you would do this to me.

Massimo: I'm doing it for you, for all of us.

Stephanie: Have you lost your mind?

Massimo: Stephanie, that boy is my son.

Stephanie: He is not a boy, Mass. He's a grown man. When are you gonna except that?

Massimo: Could you do it? Tell me, could you do it? If you were in my position, could you turn your back on your own flesh and blood?

Stephanie: If it was the best thing for him, you bet I could and I would.

Massimo: Not if you felt the way I do about my replacement.

Stephanie: Eric is a decent human being, and he's a wonderful father.

Massimo: He's weak. He has turned Ridge into a shadow of what he could be. Stephanie -- Stephanie, listen to me. Ridge could be a leader. He gets that from you and from me, not from Eric. And it is our responsibility to see that he can fulfill his potential. We can't do that if we turn away from the truth. And we won't.

Doctor: Your blood tests indicate a strep infection, Amber.

Amber: Is that harmful to the baby?

Doctor: Not normally. Your doctor in L.A. Says that you're not allergic to penicillin, so that's what we'll start you on.

Amber: You talked to my doctor?

Doctor: Yes, to get your medical history and because of something else we discovered.

Rick: Well, what's that?

Doctor: Your strep infection caused a secondary problem. That's what we're concerned about.

Amber: Well, what kind of problem?

Doctor: The medical term is Glomerulonephritis. It's an inflammation of the kidney.

Rick: Is it serious?

Doctor: It can be if the patient is pregnant and only has one kidney. You didn't tell me about that.

Amber: I just didn't think of it.

Doctor: Your doctor says it was elective surgery.

Rick: Well, yeah, I needed a kidney a few years back, so Amber gave me hers.

Amber: Doctor, is this a threat to my baby?

Doctor: You had temporary renal failure, Amber. Your kidney is functioning normally now. But if it continues to shut down, yes, it could threaten the survival of the fetus.

Rick: So how do we prevent it?

Doctor: The usual treatment is cortisone, but not for a pregnant woman.

Rick: Well, then what do we do?

Doctor: Rest, restricted diet, frequent doctor visits.

Amber: And that's it? It'll just go away?

Doctor: Hopefully, but there's no guarantee. You're still in your first trimester, there's a long way to go. This could be a difficult pregnancy, Amber. As soon as you get back to L.A., go see your doctor.

Eric: Look, why don't you catch up with the others? I'll wait here for your mother.

Ridge: Leave Mother alone with Massimo? No way. He's pushing it, dad. The guy's pushing it. He's heading for a showdown with me.

Eric: I think that's exactly what he's doing.

Ridge: Well then maybe I should give it to him.

Eric: No, no, don't do that.

Ridge: We can't just ignore the guy. Besides, he won't even let us do that.

Eric: What's he up to? What does he want?

Ridge: Obviously, he wants to disrupt our family. Just like he just did.

Eric: No, no, he said he had something to say to you.

Ridge: Yeah. I'd sure like to know what the hell that's about.

Stephanie: You want to talk about Ridge's destiny? He's living it.

Massimo: No, he's not. He's living a lie.

Stephanie: Massimo, it wasn't a lie. We didn't know the truth.

Massimo: But we do now. And it's not too late.

Stephanie: It is too late. He's a grown man. Can you give him a life better that he has? No. All you can do is wreck it.

Massimo: Look, if I felt that for one moment, do you think I would be here? But I don't.

Stephanie: What can you bring to him? He's happy. He's successful. He loves designing. And he adores his father.

Massimo: He doesn't know his father.

Stephanie: Keep your voice down.

Massimo: Fine, fine, fine, he's successful. But is that his passion? To make dresses for the rich and famous? I don't think so. The truth is he is not fulfilling his potential as a human being. Stephanie, listen to me. Ridge -- Ridge could do something special in this world. He's a maverick. He's a leader. But this life that he's been living has lulled him into some kind of a complacency like a -- like a sleeping giant. We could change that. We could motivate Ridge. A life worth living never comes easy.

Stephanie: Is there no convincing you?

Massimo: I have an obligation to my son. Why are you trying to convince me to relinquish that?

Stephanie: Because what you want to do is wrong. It's wrong, mass. All right, you believe in destiny? Do you believe in destiny?

Massimo: Uh-huh.

Stephanie: That's what you keep saying to me. Fine, then Eric was sent to be his father, because Ridge would need him. No mistake, no accident. Ridge is living his destiny. You've got to accept that. You're going to have to accept it. And not for me -- for your son.

Rick: The doctor says that you need to rest here for a few more hours. And then if there's no more pain, we can go home. Hey, we're going to get through this.

Amber: We -- I like the sound of that.

Rick: See, so it wasn't your fault after all. Just like I told you.

Amber: It was nobody's fault.

Rick: Well, I don't know. None of this would have happened if you had two kidneys.

Amber: Hey, I hope you're not blaming yourself for this. Rick, I don't regret for one second what I did.

Rick: Maybe I regret it.

Amber: If I didn't give you my kidney, then you wouldn't be here right now, and then we definitely wouldn't be having a baby. Let me tell you something. If you needed two kidneys, I would have given you both of mine.

Rick: Do you know how much you mean to me?

Amber: I used to.

Rick: Well, let me remind you. Amber, when I hurt because of something you've done, it's not because I'm angry or jealous. It's because I love you so damn much. And it's hard for me to get over it. But I am over it, Amber. Everything that has happened between us, it's in the past now, it's gone. And I'm gonna take care of you and that little baby like my whole world depends on it. Because it does.

Ridge: Hey, Dad, you think Massimo came here to try and smooth things over?

Eric: No. No, I don't. I don't think he would interrupt a family gathering just to do that. It'd be counterproductive. No, he came here to say something very, very important. And he came here to say it to you.

Massimo: What you're asking of me is impossible.

Stephanie: I'm not asking you, Massimo, I'm telling you how it has to be.

Massimo: How do you expect me to live with myself?

Stephanie: And if you destroy his life, how would you live with yourself?

Massimo: Don't underestimate him, Stephanie. He can deal with this.

Stephanie: Mass, you have no idea how much Eric means to him. I do.

Massimo: I've told you, Eric and Ridge can stay as close as they want. I have no intention of coming between them.

Stephanie: Do I mean anything to you at all?

Massimo: You know you don't have to ask me that.

Stephanie: Oh, I think I do. Because you're trying to take my life from me.

Massimo: Darling, you're strong woman, you can handle this. Besides, you're gonna find out it's no big deal.

Stephanie: I'm a mother, I have to protect my children.

Massimo: Do you think if I felt any harm would come to Ridge, I would have anything to do with this?

Stephanie: You're going to destroy his life. I can't let you do that, Mass.

Massimo: Do you know what the role of a father is? It is to guard and to protect his family. It's an instinctive thing.

Stephanie: I'm gonna tell you this straight, and I'm gonna say it for the last time, so please believe me. If you tell anyone, if you tell Eric, I will never speak to you again. Furthermore, I will side with my husband. And we will fight you. The family will close ranks around Ridge to protect him. You will never get near him, never. You'll only defeat your own purpose.

Massimo: So what you're saying is -- I can never have what Eric has. A son who I could love, had I known he was mine. Which I've never had. So no wrong doing on my part, but because I never was told. Where's the justice in that, Stephanie? Where's the righteousness?

Stephanie: This isn't about justice, Mass. It isn't about that. It's about sacrifice and about unselfish love. And that's what a parent is. It's not your fault. It's not anybody's fault. The point is -- you have missed out on Ridge's life. And I'm sorry. But if you tell him now, it won't be because it's for him. It'll be because of your own selfish needs. That's not what a father is. If you pulled the rug out from under him right now and destroy his life, it will only be because it's what you need and what you want. If you really love him, if you are capable of loving like a parent should, then you will never tell him that you are his father. And if you love me, Mass -- if you love me -- you'll never tell him.

Sally: He's your son? Ridge is your son?  

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