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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 11/16/01

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Bridget: You what?

Deacon: I want a divorce.

Bridget: No, you don't. This is a joke, right?

Deacon: Bridget, this isn't a joke. I want a divorce. Our marriage is over.

Clarke: Here, will you take this down to shipping? They're expecting that right away. All right. Sofia, hold still a little bit. I want to -- that's not bad. That's not bad. What is with the long faces here? Come on. We have things to do. Let's go.

Darla: You are unbelievable, Clarke.

Clarke: Darla, we have a deadline. Knock it off.

Darla: Are you kidding me? Are you that insensitive?

Sally: All right, Darla. That's enough. You, too, Clarke. Come on. Don't start, please. Clarke, don't you care at all about what's going on here?

Clarke: With Tony and his parents?

Sally: No, about the Lakers and the Knicks. Come on!

Clarke: Sally, I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do about that. I told Tony and Kristen over and over again that it's not going to work.

Sofia: It is going to work. Tony and Kristen are devoted. They would make a good marriage. It will work.

Clarke: No, Sofia, you are muy, muy romantica, okay? But when Tony's parents find out that he has HIV, they're going to take that boy and take him directly to the hospital.

Sofia: He is not sick.

Clarke: But he is going to be very, very sick. It's only a matter of time. The clock is ticking.

Sally: The clock is ticking for all of us, Bucky. None of us are going to live forever. It's just a question of how we handle our lives, okay? And right now my concern is how those dear people, Antonio's parents, are going to handle what Kristen and Antonio have to tell them.

Liliana: What is it, Antonio? What do Kristen's parents have against you?

Eduardo: Why can't you look at us, son?

Kristen: Mr. And Mrs.. Dominguez, please. This is not what you think.

Eduardo: We don't know what to think.

Liliana: Please, Antonio. What's going on, and why don't you want to tell us?

Tony: Mama, I'm HIV positive.

Liliana: What?

Tony: I have HIV.

Liliana: No. No, Antonio. Impossible, Antonio.

Tony: Es verdad, Mama. Tengo HIV positivo.

Bridget: You're serious? You want out of the marriage?

Deacon: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Bridget: Why, Deacon?

Deacon: Bridget, come on. Think about it. Isn't it obvious? I'm not good for you.

Bridget: Oh, that again?

Deacon: It's the truth.

Bridget: No, it's not the truth.

Deacon: How can you say that? You're a freshman in college. You've got, like, this 30-something year old husband.

Bridget: So what?!

Deacon: So come on. You should be dating. You're in a sorority now, right? You should be going to parties. What are you going to do? Are you going to bring me?

Bridget: Well, why not?

Deacon: Gee, I don't know. I don't know a lot about sororities, but something tells me there's not a lot of husbands there.

Bridget: Deacon, that's only because --

Deacon: It's only because no one else has one! You shouldn't, either.

Deacon: Bridget, we gave this a good shot. This isn't your fault, but it's over. It's done.

Bridget: You're not telling me the truth, deacon. Something else is going on here. What is it? Be honest with me.

Clarke: How do you think they'll react to it, Sally?

Sally: I have no idea. With courage and love I would hope, but I don't know. If someone came to me and said our son had been infected with the HIV virus, I don't know how I would react. I might want to run away. I might want to take him on a ship and travel all over the world with him.

Clarke: Spend as much as you could with him, right?

Sally: Yes, that's right.

Clarke: How about if he told you he was planning on getting married?

Darla: You'd throw a huge engagement party for him, wouldn't you, Sal?

Clarke: No. No, I think she'd do just the opposite. I think you'd do everything in your power to prevent it, because you know that could mean the death of his bride, and you wouldn't want that on your conscience.

Liliana: HIV? No. You can't have HIV.

Tony: Si, Mama.

Liliana: But how? You're not -- ?

Tony: Gay? You don't have to be gay to have HIV.

Eduardo: You can't get this from anyone. A prostitute? Is that where you got this?

Tony: No, Papa. I got it from Ellen.

Eduardo: Ellen? She's dead.

Tony: I know she's dead. She died of AIDS. When we were together, I didn't know that she had it.

Eduardo: But amigo, you didn't use -- ?

Tony: Protection? No, we didn't.

Kristen: Mr. And Mrs.. Dominguez, Tony has a very good doctor, and he's taking medication.

Liliana: No! Antonio! [Speaking Spanish]

Eduardo: You have been a very good friend for helping my son break this news to us. You can go now. Muchas gracias.

Tony: Papa, she's not going anywhere. She's my fiancée.

Eduardo: You're serious about this wedding? You're not just telling us this because you wanted us to come here to tell us about this disease?

Tony: No, Papa. We're serious. We're getting married, okay? This is for real.

Eduardo: But you -- but you can't even -- no, no, no, no! I will not allow this!

Tony: What do you mean you won't allow this?!

Eduardo: This is not love, Antonio. This is pity, and I will not allow my son to get married out of pity.

Kristen: It's not pity.

Eduardo: You're willing to give up your whole life, your future, any hope of ever having children to marry a sick man, a man who will -- who will someday die of AIDS? You cannot do this. Now, I understand why your parents are against it.

Kristen: Let me explain to you why I am doing this.

Eduardo: No. I told you, there will be no marriage. You go now, and you tell your parents that the wedding is off. I'm sorry.

Kristen: Mr. Dominguez --

Liliana: Kristen, please. You're a very beautiful person, and you would have been a great treasure in our family, but there is no way this marriage is going to work. Now please -- please, just go.

Tony: Let me talk to them, okay? Come on. I'll call you in the morning.

Kristen: You know what? I'm sorry. I don't think so. Mr. And Mrs. Dominguez, I have something to say before I leave.

( Shrill violin plays )

Thorne: Poor kid.

Rick: Bridget will be better off for this.

Amber: You know, Deacon cares about Bridget.

Rick: Yeah, right. He cares about Bridget. That must be why he was all over you for so long.

Amber: He was never all over me.

Thorne: Guys, okay, come on. Come on, now. Cool it here.

Amber: No. I don't care what anybody says. Deacon's as finished with me as I am with him, and he and Bridget are very close.

Rick: Deacon is garbage. He'll do nothing but bring her down. Even he knows that.

Amber: Well then, doesn't that tell you something? He wouldn't be doing this if he didn't care. He's torn, and it's because this girl has gotten under his skin. I just -- I wish he would admit it to himself.

Rick: What, so they can live happily ever after? Come on, Amber. Get real. The guy is a loser.

Amber: Bridget doesn't seem to think so.

Rick: Yeah, well, neither did you.

Amber: You want to keep throwing this in my face? Fine. Deacon is not a part of my life, but he is a part of Bridget's. She loves him, and I think they're good together.

Bridget: You're holding something back, Deacon. Why do you really want to end this marriage?

Deacon: It's not happening for me. You can say what you want, but it's not happening for you, either.

Bridget: Yes, it is, and I don't believe you for a second. You're as happy with this marriage as you've ever been.

Deacon: Yeah? I was acting.

Bridget: No, you weren't. No, you weren't, Deacon. I know you. When you're miserable, you're impossible to be around, and you haven't been that way in months.

Deacon: Bridget, I didn't want to hurt you.

Bridget: So what does that say? Because to me, it says that you love me.

Deacon: Now wait, no. I care about you. I don't -- I'm not in love with you, Bridget. I'm sorry, but you've got to hear it.

Bridget: I don't know why you're saying all of this, but I do know that you love me. The way you hold me, that -- with your arms around me all night, so protective and strong. Deacon, you wouldn't do that if you weren't in love with me.

Deacon: Yes, I want to protect you. I want to protect you from this whole lousy world, but most of all, I want to protect you from me, all right?! Look, I didn't want to say this, okay, because I didn't want to hurt you. But the entire reason I married you, it was for amber. It was to keep amber from marrying Rick. And you know what I told your family? I told them that if they didn't stop that wedding, that I was going to take their daughter.

Bridget: Yes, I know that.

Deacon: What you don't know -- what you don't know is that even after your accident, after I swore up and down that I'd be honest to you, I wasn't. It was still all about Amber. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Bridget -- Bridget, think about this. You deserve so much better than this. I mean, my God, you are so beautiful and sensitive, and you're intelligent. You deserve a guy that's going to cherish you for that, and I'm sorry, all right? I wish it could be me, but honey, I ain't that guy.

Bridget: You never got over it, did you? All those months, you were living with me, you were thinking about Amber.

Deacon: I'm sorry.

Bridget: Just one question. Why didn't you leave me, Deacon? If that's how you felt, why didn't you divorce me a long time ago?

Eduardo: You have something to say to us?

Kristen: Yes. Mr. And Mrs.. Dominguez, I know that you are probably shocked and confused by the news you just heard, and you're probably wondering why I want to be with Tony. To marry a man with an incurable disease, knowing that I can never have sexual intercourse with him, never have children -- what woman in her right mind would put herself through that?

Eduardo: If you're going to tell me that it's out of the goodness of your heart --

Kristen: No. Tony is not some charity case. I'm passionate about him. I love him.

Eduardo: But you can never have passion with Tony.

Kristen: Yes, I can. We already have. We have been to doctors, and they have told us way that we can fulfill each other and still remain safe.

Eduardo: I don't know about this.

Kristen: You can't tear us apart. We love each other deeply, and we will remain that way until the day we die. My family doesn't accept that. They will, because they have no choice, and with all due respect, sir, neither do you.

Eduardo: You are the most incredible person.

Kristen: Thank you, and so is your son. We are two incredible people who belong together for life.

Eduardo: And a strong-willed father has no say in the matter?

Kristen: No, I'm afraid not, sir.

Eduardo: In that case -- welcome to the family.

Amber: Look, I'm sorry. I don't want to argue about this.

Rick: And neither do I.

Amber: But Rick, if deacon and Bridget did stay married, and if he was committed, wouldn't that be good for all of us?

Rick: You want me to sacrifice my sister for the security of my marriage?

Amber: Hey, your marriage couldn't be more secure, but if you don't believe that, maybe you would if you knew how deacon really feels about Bridget.

Thorne: I don't give a damn how Deacon feels about her. I want him out of her life, and I want him out of her life tonight.

Rick: Amen.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right. I should have divorced you months ago.

Bridget: So why didn't you? Did you sleep with Amber while we were together?

Deacon: No.

Bridget: No? So you were attracted to her, in love with her, you even went to all the trouble of marrying me to try and get her back, but it didn't work, and you stayed with me. You didn't leave me. You even begged me to take you back. Why, deacon? Why would you do that if you didn't love me?

Deacon: Because I thought that --

Bridget: No. I think back to everything you said to me when you pleaded with me not to leave you. That was sincere, Deacon. That's genuine. That was love.

Deacon: Bridget --

Bridget: No, you love me. I know you do.

Deacon: Listen to me.

Bridget: There's nothing you can say, so don't even try. You wouldn't sleep with Amber. You wouldn't be unfaithful to me.

Deacon: I was unfaithful. I didn't sleep with Amber. I slept with somebody else.

Bridget: Someone else? You slept with someone else? Who was it, Deacon?  

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