The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 11/5/2001

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Deacon: Hey. 

Brooke: This shouldn't have happened. 

Deacon: Yeah, I know. I know. 

Brooke: No one can ever know. 

Deacon: No one ever will know about this, I promise. 

Brooke: Oh, God. What have I done? 

Deacon: This is -- this is my fault, Brooke. 

Brooke: No. No, it wasn't. 

Deacon: Our lives are -- well, they're complicated, right? 

Brooke: This has nothing to do with Bridget. 

Deacon: I know. I mean, we're just two people who needed each other, and we reached out to each other. 

Brooke: But you're married to my daughter. 

Deacon: No, I'm not -- not after today. 


Thorne: Have you heard anything from the guest house this morning? 

Stephanie: No, although I did look in, because I thought they might need some help with the baby. Amber was asleep on the couch. 

Thorne: And Rick? 

Stephanie: The bedroom door was closed, so I'm just assuming he was asleep in there. 

Thorne: Oh, it doesn't look good, Mother. Thank you. 

Stephanie: They'll work it out. They have to. 

Thorne: Yeah? Well, Rick is angry. He's very angry. 

Stephanie: He's also going to be a father, isn't he? 

Thorne: Yes. I said that to him last night. 

Stephanie: And? 

Thorne: He feels betrayed, again. 

Stephanie: He's making too much out of this. 

Thorne: I wouldn't say that to him if I were you, Mother. I mean, he caught his wife kissing another man. 

Stephanie: She was just saying good-bye. 

Thorne: Do you really believe that? 

Stephanie: Absolutely. She's committed to this marriage. Rick's just got to realize that. 


[Amber remembering] 

Amber: It changed me. It did, and I know it took a very long time and a lot of mistakes, including Deacon, but after all these years, I finally realized that I was worth your love. 

Rick: How ironic -- 

Amber: What? 

Rick: That after all these years, I finally figured out that you're not worth it. 

Amber: Is Eric awake? 

Rick: He didn't sleep too well last night. 

Amber: I heard him crying. 

Rick: Does it surprise you that he knows there's something wrong, Amber? Or are you just gonna lie to him, too? 

Amber: You said -- that you wanted to tell me something last night. 

Rick: Something you weren't going to like. 

Amber: Yeah. That's what you said. 

Rick: You're not gonna like it any more this morning. 

Amber: I can't lose you, Rick. Not like this. 

Rick: Why? Why? Because it isn't convenient for Deacon? He hasn't divorced Bridget yet? 

Amber: I am not in love with Deacon. 

Rick: Then why did you tell him you were? You know what? This isn't even about deacon anymore. If it wasn't him, it would be somebody else. 

Amber: No. No, it wouldn't. 

Rick: You've got a track record, Amber. You can't erase that. I was stupid for thinking that you could. The fact is, you can't be faithful to me. And I'd be an even bigger idiot than I already am for believing otherwise. 


Brooke: Is Bridget home yet? 

Deacon: Oh, yeah. She said she'd be home first thing in the morning. 

Brooke: Be gentle with her, Deacon. 

Deacon: She taught me the meaning of the word. 

Brooke: She's going to be devastated. But you have to be resolute. 

Deacon: Look, about last night, it never happened, okay? 

Brooke: Wrong. It did happen. I don't know the reason why, or how it really happened. But my concern right now is for my daughter. Her future is in your hands. You have to let her go. 

Deacon: I won't let you down. 


Thorne: I don't think I would get my hopes up if I were you, Mother. 

Stephanie: What did Rick say last night? 

Thorne: He gave me the distinct impression that he had had it with Amber. 

Stephanie: He said that it's over? 

Thorne: Well, not exactly in those words, but that was clearly the message that was coming through. 

Stephanie: I don't think he said that to her last night. 

Thorne: Mother, they slept in separate rooms. 

Stephanie: Yes, but they slept in the same house, didn't they? He didn't move out. 

Thorne: True. 

Stephanie: Maybe he's thinking a little more clearly this morning. 

Thorne: Look, I know you want this to work out, okay, and so do I. But you know, Mother, I know what Rick is going through. I went through the same thing with Brooke. 

Stephanie: Well, there's no comparison between Amber and Brooke. 

Thorne: Amber and Brooke both loved other men, and I couldn't deal with it, and obviously, neither can Rick. 

Stephanie: Amber doesn't love Deacon. And as for Brooke, she's not capable of loving anybody. You know, it's more than my just wanting this to work out, Thorne. I think they're very compatible. I realize they're young, but they're very well-matched. And now, they're going to have a baby. I mean, wouldn't that be a real tragedy if they broke up at this point, after they've worked so hard to make this marriage work? 


Amber: You don't believe I can be faithful to you? 

Rick: You haven't been, Amber. I know you said you never slept with him, and even if I did believe you -- 

Amber: It's true! 

Rick: Okay, so it's true. But you wanted to sleep with him. You even admitted that he turned you on. 

Amber: You've never been attracted to anyone but me? 

Rick: No, not like this, Amber, okay? You have been toying with deacon since the day you met him, and before deacon, it was C.J., And before C.J., It was Raymond, and God knows who else. Look, I am sorry if this hurts, but damn it, Amber, how many times am I supposed to put up with this? I keep giving you chances, and time after time, you let me down. I would be crazy not to take this seriously. Tell me something -- if you were in my position, what would you do? 

Amber: I guess I'd do what you're gonna do. You're leaving me, aren't you? 

Rick: Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't? 


Bridget: Hi. 

Deacon: Hi. 

Bridget: Everything okay? 

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. What's up? 

Bridget: I don't know. You just look a little upset. 

Deacon: No, honey. I'm not upset. 

Bridget: You sure? 

Deacon: Yeah. Hey, look, can we have that conversation we were gonna have? 

Bridget: You are upset. And I know why. I can't believe this. What ? 


Megan: And since Ridge doesn't get back from Athens till tonight, I gave the design department the day off. 

Brooke: You did, huh? 

Megan: Yep. Oh, and the sales meeting that was for today -- that's tomorrow. 

Brooke: Then you gave those guys the day off, too? 

Megan: I sent them golfing. That's where they do their best business, anyway. 

Brooke: And what was your reasoning for that? 

Megan: My reasoning for that is that you need a mental health holiday. I'm giving you one today. 

Brooke: I see. 

Megan: Well, it's just that since Ridge has recommitted himself to Taylor, you've been not your usual self lately. 

Brooke: I'm over that. 

Megan: No, I know you're trying. 

Brooke: I'm more than trying, Megan. I'm through with Ridge, and I've accepted that. 

Megan: After all these years? Are you kidding me? You've just accepted it? How? I mean -- wait a minute. Are we in this house alone? 

Brooke: Yes. 

Megan: There's nobody upstairs? 

Brooke: No. 

Megan: But there was last night, wasn't there? Oh, my gosh, there was. Brooke -- who was it? You have got to tell me. Oh, my gosh, you know you can trust me. I would never say a word. You've got to tell me. Who was it? 

Brooke: Megan, it was a one-time thing. It shouldn't have happened. And it's not going to happen again. I have more important things to worry about, like my daughter. 


Bridget: You're mad at me, aren't you? 

Deacon: Honey, mad at you? Why would I be mad at you? 

Bridget: Because of what happened last night. 

Deacon: Last night? 

Bridget: Because I didn't come home. 

Deacon: Oh, Brid -- no, I'm not upset with you because you didn't come home. 

Bridget: You're not? 

Deacon: No. No. Come on, I've been telling you to get a life, you know? That involves making friends, staying out, you know? You can't do that held up here with me. 

Bridget: So it's okay that I stayed all night at the cabin? 

Deacon: Absolutely, yeah, and I want you to do more of that. You're going to do more of that. You've got your whole life ahead of you. You're gonna have a blast. 

Bridget: Oh, thank you. Thank you. 

Deacon: Hey, can we -- can we go have that talk? 

Bridget: Yeah. Where were you last night, by the way? 

Deacon: I was just out. I was running some errands, you know? 

Bridget: Did you miss me? 

Deacon: Yeah, of course I missed you. I told you I wanted to talk to you, didn't I? 

Bridget: I think you wanted to do a little more than that with me. 

Deacon: Oh, yeah? 

Bridget: That's gonna have to wait. Actually, so is our talk. 

Deacon: Why? 

Bridget: It's okay, guys. He's cool with it. 


Megan: You're still worried about Bridget's marriage to Deacon? 

Brooke: He's not right for her. He never was. 

Megan: But Brooke, Bridget's an adult. There's nothing you can do. 

Brooke: Deacon's agreed to divorce her. He's telling her right now. 

Megan: Oh, no. Poor Bridget. She'll be devastated. 

Brooke: Yes, at first. But it had to be done. Bridget deserves to be with somebody who really loves her, and that's not Deacon. I'm more certain of that than ever. 


Deacon: You want to tell me what's going on? 

Bridget: Well, the girls and I had so much fun last night, I invited them over. 

Deacon: This morning? 

Bridget: Yeah, yeah, they're outside in the car. I just wanted to run it by you, you know? Make sure it's okay. 

Deacon: No, no, it's not okay. I've got to -- I want to talk to you, please? 

Bridget: Honey, we just got into the sorority. You know? We're still celebrating. Besides, you keep telling me you want me to do this stuff. 

Deacon: I know, but you know I -- 

[knock on door] 

Bridget: We can talk any time. 

Lisa: I always love coming here. 

Julie: Yeah, it's so cool to be right on the beach. 

Betsy: Yeah, come on in, guys. We don't have much time. I have a 1:00 class. 

Lisa: Oh, yeah, me, too. 

Deacon: Al right, wait, hang on, guys, look. I don't want to be a drag, but Bridget and I really need some time alone, okay? 

Lisa: Whoo, Bridget! 


Julie: Sorry. 

Bridget: Deacon. 

Betsy: Hey, we'll be out on the beach. 

Lisa: Yeah, with our head phones on. 

Julie: Yeah, so we don't hear anything. 

Deacon: Look, it's not like that, all right? 

Betsy: Uh-huh, yeah, sure, deacon. 

Julie: Yeah, we heard all about you. 

Deacon: All right, hey, look, you know, great. Party down. I'll go take care of some business. 

Betsy: Okay, you guys, let's go. On the beach. 

Bridget: I promise I'll make this up to you. 

Deacon: Okay. 

Bridget: Right after they leave. 

Deacon: Great. 


Thorne: Well, I've got to get to work. 

Stephanie: I guess I should get along, too. 

Thorne: Well, why don't you ride with me? 

Stephanie: Oh, thanks, honey, no. I'm -- I'm gonna drive myself. 

Thorne: You just want to wait and see what happens with Rick and Amber, huh? 

Stephanie: Well, of course I do. I mean, they've been here with me from the beginning, haven't they? I know exactly how much they mean to one another. And I know how much they have to give to one another if they can just get past this last hurdle. 

Amber: You're right. I was completely out of line with Deacon. 

Rick: And it wasn't the first time. 

Amber: No, no, maybe it wasn't. But I swear I never -- 

Rick: I know, Amber, you never slept with him. I do not want to get into that again. 

Amber: I guess it's just all I have going for me. 

Rick: So you can see why I can't trust you? 

Amber: Yes. But I just wish I could convince you that after everything that's happened, I've finally learned my lesson. 

Rick: You know what, Amber? I wish you could, too, but there is a price to pay for lying and cheating on your husband, no matter how much you've learned. 

Amber: So -- when do you want me and Eric out of here? 

Rick: I knew you'd see it that way. You and little Eric. Where are you gonna go, Amber? You can't exactly move in with deacon yet. 

Amber: I wouldn't move in with deacon if he was the last man on this earth. 

Rick: Why not? He's the father of your kid. 

Amber: No, he's Eric's biological father. You're his daddy. You are his rock. And now we have this one. Just yours and mine. I guess -- I guess we'll have to work out some sort of arrangement. 

Rick: I won't let you take my child away from me. 

Amber: You want custody of Eric? 

Rick: I'm not talking about Eric. I'm talking about the child inside you. 

Amber: How can you have a baby that's not even born? 

Rick: I can't. Unless you're here with him. 

Amber: What are you saying? 

Rick: I am saying that everything inside me says that I ought to throw you out of here, and I would, Amber. I truly would. And not because I don't love you, but just the opposite. I love you too much. And I have been hurt too often. I just can't do it. Not when you're carrying my child. 

Amber: You're letting me stay? 

Rick: I'm giving you one more chance, Amber. One more. 

Amber: That's all I need, Rick. Just to show you how much I love you. And I swear -- 

Rick: No, you know what, Amber? You know what? Save it. I don't want any more promises. 

Amber: You're never gonna regret this. 

Rick: I hope not, Amber. I hope not. 

Amber: I love you so much.