The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 10/22/2001

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Sally: Let me make sure I understand what you're saying, Eric. You want me to keep you posted about your daughter's whereabouts?

Eric: I don't want her hanging around here. If you see her and Tony together, I want you to call me right away.

Sally: Why? What are you going to do?

Eric: Sally, I'm going to do whatever I have to, to keep those two apart.


Tony: Kristen, what are you saying?

Kristen: I'm asking you to be my husband.

Tony: You're proposing to me? I don't believe it.

Kristen: Why? I've wanted to marry you since we first met. That night making dinner in the kitchen, I knew right then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

Tony: Well, that was before I was diagnosed with HIV, Kristen.

Kristen: I want to marry you, in sickness and in health.

Tony: Well, you say that now, but how are you going to feel a year from now, ten years from now? I mean, this is a lifelong commitment.

Kristen: I know. I know. I'm the one making it. Tony, I am ready for this, so I'm asking you. Will you marry me?


Deacon: Wait -- wait a sec. Let me get this straight. You want me to go home and tell Bridget that I want a divorce. Are you out of your head?

Brooke: Deacon, my mind is made up. I want you out of my daughter's life now!

Deacon: Uh, well, Brooke, I would hate to burst your bubble here, but that ain't gonna happen.

Brooke: Oh, yes, it will. Be honest. Deep down, you're not really satisfied. You don't really love my daughter. You're just passing time. She deserves so much better than you, Deacon, and I'm going to make sure that she gets it. Mark my words -- if you don't end this marriage, I will!


Sally: Eric, you do know that Antonio and Kristen are deeply in love, don't you?

Eric: Yes, I do. But Sally, they're deluding themselves if they think that this relationship can work.

Sally: I have discussed this with Antonio. He believes it can.

Eric: So he told you that he talked to a doctor about having sex?

Sally: Yes, of course. I know that the two of them consulted a doctor, and they were both very encouraged by their prospects.

Eric: "Their prospects"?! Sally, Tony's HIV positive!

Sally: They are consenting adults, Eric, and if they think they're safe --

Eric: Well, it's not safe, and to suggest that the two of them can have any kind of responsible sexual encounter is just ludicrous. Now, once they start down that path, there's nothing but danger ahead of them. I sympathize with Tony. I really do. I think it's a terrible tragedy, what's happening to him, but I won't let him risk Kristen's life. The relationship has to end. Now, if you see them together, if you see her with him in this building, I want you to call me. You call me right away.

Sally:  I can't do that, Eric.  This is a private matter between Tony and Kristen.

Eric: Sally, Kristen's life is at stake here. Now, I'm asking you as a parent to help me protect my daughter.

Sally: You're asking me to help you protect your daughter?

Eric: One simple phone call. That's all I'm asking, Sally.

Sally: Oh, is that all? Just a simple phone call, hmm? And what about when my daughter Macy was in trouble, when her whole life had been torn apart because Brooke had seduced her husband away from her, and she was in deep despair, and I was begging for help from you then, Eric?! I was practically screaming from the rooftops for some kind of help! Where were you then? Where were you, Eric, when my daughter needed protection?


Tony: Of course I want to marry you, more than anything in the world.

Kristen: Oh, then let's do it.

Tony: Just like that?

Kristen: Just like that. I'll call the airlines. We'll be in Vegas in an hour and a half.

Tony: Vegas?

Kristen: Yeah.

Tony: No, if we were to get married, I would want you to have, like, a real wedding in a church, you know, with your family, with your friends.

Kristen: No, I don't need that.

Tony: You keep saying that, that you don't need that. You don't need to have sex. You don't need to have children. You don't need a big wedding. I mean, how many more dreams are you gonna give up just to be with me, Kristen?

Kristen:  Tony, I don't see marrying you as giving up any of my dreams. You are my dream. All I want is to be happy, and that's all anybody wants, and being with you has made me happier than I ever imagined I could be. God, don't you see? All my dreams, they've already come true. Marrying you, that would just be icing on the cake.

Tony: Kristen, a wedding is more than a formality. I mean, you're talking about making a lifelong commitment to a man that can't make love to you, to a man that can't give you children.

Kristen: The world is full of people who can't have children, Tony. And not having sex -- well, that's not real extraordinary either. Come on. Think of all the people out there, the couples that are struggling with impotence or paralysis, depression, stress. There are a thousand reasons why people don't have sex.

Tony: Yeah, but with HIV it's different. We don't have an option. We can't do it -- not once, not ever.

Kristen: You need to stop judging it and just accept it.

Tony: Judging what?

Kristen: This virus, your entire situation. You know, you might even start looking for the positive in it.

Tony: Positive?

Kristen: Yes. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Yeah, I know it sounds absurd, and as strange, as impossible as it may sound, I really believe that something wonderful could come out of this.

Tony: But how?

Kristen: I don't know, but there's only one way to find out, so just say yes. Say yes, and let's just see what happens.


Amber: Is this about Deacon?

Bridget: Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not accusing you of anything. It's just like I said. He's been distant.

Amber: And you think I know why?

Bridget: Something's bothering him, and he won't discuss it with me. Now, if this is just a phase, I can deal with that. But if it's not, and there's something you need to tell me, I want you to tell me now.

Amber: Well, I don't know what to say.

Bridget: You haven't talked to him?

Amber: Well, your marriage is none of my business.

Bridget: Does he ever mention me?

Amber: Well, of course he does. You're his wife, and whatever Deacon is going through, you're going to be there to help him through it, okay?

Bridget: I just don't know what's wrong.

Amber: Well, I can't tell you that, but what I can tell you is whatever Deacon and I had, it's completely over.

Bridget: There was something between you, wasn't there?

Amber: I'll admit. There was a time where I was attracted to him. But he's a very handsome, charismatic man. I mean, you fell for him before you even knew his name. And, I don't know. I guess there's just something about seeing that big, tough guy sitting on the floor playing patty-cake with his son. You know, it's kind of hard to resist.

Bridget: Yeah, it is, huh.

Amber: But Rick's a good dad, too, and now, we're having a baby of our own.

Bridget: You wouldn't have gotten pregnant if you weren't committed to him.

Amber: I love your brother, Bridget. I do. And I've never been more committed to him than I am right now.

Bridget: I'm glad to hear that.

Amber: And I'm sure Deacon feels the same way about you.

Bridget: You think so?

Amber: Oh, absolutely! Come on, he'd be a fool not to.

Bridget: Thank you, Amber. Thanks for being honest with me.


Deacon: Brooke, I don't understand this at all. I mean, you haven't said word one about this in so long, I assumed that you'd accepted my relationship with Bridget by now.

Brooke: This marriage is going to end one way or another! It's just a matter of how and when!

Deacon: Brooke, I can understand why you're not really too hot on marriage right now, what, with yours blowing up in your face and everything, but that doesn't mean that that's what's going to happen to me and Bridget!

Brooke: Why are you doing this? Why are you hanging on to my daughter like this?! If it was a matter of revenge, you got it. You put my family through hell, and you took away my daughter's innocence. She's believes that you love her. You made your point, okay, so why are you carrying on with this?

Deacon: You are confused here. Are you completely forgetting the conversation that we had at the hospital? I looked you in the eyes and told you that I care about your daughter, that I'm committed to her, and you looked back at me, and you said that you believe me.

Brooke: Oh, Deacon, don't you understand? You are ruining her life! Don't you realize that?

Deacon: Has she said something to you? Has she said, "Hey, Mom, I'm not happy"?

Brooke: Well, you're not happy. You're married to an 18-year-old girl. She doesn't understand you, Deacon. She doesn't even know how to relate to a man your age. Do you guys talk? Do you have anything in common? No, of course, you don't, and you never will! It's never going to get any better, and if think you can wait till she gets older so you can develop feelings for her, it's not going to happen. You're just deluding yourself. Come on, Deacon. No matter how hard you try, you are not going to be satisfied!

Deacon: I tell you what, Brooke, you let me worry about being satisfied, all right?

Brooke: Oh, God, please, just listen to me. You have made Bridget suffer long enough. You have suffered, too. Come on, just put a stop to this, Deacon. Put a stop to this madness!

Deacon: Just take it easy. Look, I hear what you're saying. But no. I can't do that.

Brooke: Yes, you can. Don't you see what you're doing?! You are ruining her life! You're killing her! You're destroying her future, her life! Deacon, you've got to stop this! She's just -- she's just so much better. She -- I just --

Deacon: Whoa, shh, shh. It's okay. It's okay.


Eric: This isn't about Macy.

Sally: Oh, I'm sorry. Of course, it isn't. This is about your daughter, isn't it? And I am supposed to help you save your daughter. Never mind that you didn't lift a finger to help me save mine.

Eric: Sally, I'm sorry. I don't want to revisit that with you. Macy's death was a terrible, terrible tragedy. But now, Kristen is in danger! And if we don't face that, if we don't do something about it, we're going to have another tragedy in our families. Is that what you want? Now, if you see Kristen in this building, I want you to call me. Please. 

Sally: Goodbye, Eric.


Tony: I want to say yes. You know I do, Kristen.

Kristen: Well, what's stopping you?

Tony: I'm not sure. I mean, we've decided to stay together. I know that you love me. There's no question that I love you. It's -- it's just marriage.

Kristen: You're not ready for that?

Tony: Well, it's not that. I mean, if it were up to me, we'd start making the arrangements right now. Then I start thinking about your family. Your father was just standing here, telling me to leave you alone. I mean, I've caused so much tension in your family already. If I marry you without your parents' blessing, they might never forgive me.

Kristen: I think you're forgetting something, mister.   You see, I am the one proposing to you. If my family's going to be upset at anyone, it's going to be at me.

Tony: Well, I don't want your family to be upset at you. I don't want your family to be upset at all.

Kristen: Well, I wish that was possible. God, I -- I would be thrilled if my family would give us their blessing. But if they can't, then so be it. I don't need their permission to get married, and I don't need them to tell me who or how I can love. I've made my decision. I want you now and forever, and I am not going to let my father or anyone's small-minded attitude stand in our way.

Tony:  I don't think he's being small-minded, I mean, you even said so yourself, that he has some valid points. Hey, most people wouldn't even attempt what we're doing.

Kristen: That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.

Tony: I agree. I just don't think that we should jump into a marriage head first. And if we are going to do it, when we do it, I -- you know, I want to do it right.

Kristen: Okay. You need some time. You have to think about it.

Tony: That's not what you wanted to hear, is it?

Kristen: Well, lucky for you, I think you're worth waiting for.

Tony: Yes, I am lucky. As long as you're by my side, I consider myself the luckiest man in the world. 

Kristen: How's your mouth?

Tony: Good.

Kristen: Yeah?

Tony: How's yours.

Kristen: Good. Ah-ah. Let's not get too carried away.

Tony: You know, I could lock the door, and we can practice some of those techniques that Dr. Craig was telling us about.

Kristen: Mm, that's very tempting, Mr. Dominguez, but I'm afraid I'm saving that for my husband.


Brooke: I'm fine. I just got a little woozy, that's all.

Deacon: Brooke, you just got out of the hospital, all right? You can't be getting worked up like this. Here. Just drink that. Come on.

Brooke: I am fine.

Deacon: What are you trying to do to me? Bridget would kill me if I ever pushed you over the edge.

Brooke: Don't flatter yourself. I'm just tired. I had a very long, unpleasant day.

Deacon: Well then, why are you making things worse on yourself? You know you didn't have to do this tonight.

Brooke: Yes, I did. Because the longer you and Bridget are together, the more she's going to be hurt when you leave.

Deacon: Who says I'm going to leave?

Brooke: Come on. Bridget's not even your type.

Deacon: Oh, come on, Brooke. If we're going to get into this about Amber again, I told you that's it's --

Brooke: You two are finished.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah.

Brooke: She's still the only woman you've ever really loved. You like a woman who is daring, who pushes her limits, takes risks, a woman who knows what she wants and she gets it.

Deacon: Yeah, I do like that.

Brooke: So what are you doing with a girl like Bridget? She's the polar opposite of everything that you find attractive in a woman.

Deacon: Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're selling your daughter short?

Brooke: You know she wants to be a doctor.

Deacon: Yeah, I know. She's always going on about it. "I got to get an 'a' in this class or get an 'a' in that class." Getting into the right ivy league med school.

Brooke: That's probably not going to happen while you two are married, right?

Deacon: Hey, Brooke, a lot can happen. I mean, she's in college right now. She's got what, four years till med school?

Brooke: So what's going to happen in the meantime?

Deacon: What do you mean?

Brooke: Well, I guess I'd feel a lot more comfortable if I knew you two had something in common. I mean, what do you do together?

Deacon: We hang out.

Brooke: You talk?

Deacon: She reads, and I watch TV.

Brooke: What about Bridget's friends? I know you had a party at the house, and did you talk to her friends?

Deacon: I was busy. I was working the grill. It was a party.

Brooke:  So you have nothing to say to them, either.

Deacon: Hey, Brooke, couples can have separate friends.

Brooke: And you two have very separate lives. And you like it that way, Deacon. Don't deny it. I know you. I know you better than my daughter ever will.

Deacon: I care about your daughter, all right? I don't want to hurt her.

Brooke: Well then, let her go. There is somebody out there for her. Give her a chance to find him.

Deacon: Brooke, I --

Bridget: Hey. Honey, there you are.

Deacon: Hey. Hey, Bridget, what are you doing here?

Bridget: (somebody) called (somewhere) and told me you were here. So you know, I figured I'd come by and rescue you from another one of Mom's lectures.

Brooke: We were just talking.

Bridget: Yeah, sure you were.

Deacon: No, we were, and now we're done.

Bridget: Good. I'm going to go say hi to Dad. And can I meet you at the car?

Deacon: Yeah.

Bridget: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.

Bridget: Good night, Mom.

Brooke: Good night. Deacon, you can stop this. Please divorce her. As her mother, I am begging you! If you really love my daughter, you will let Bridget go.